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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-19 12:24:43
Author john1
Title Mary and Cherry Show
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend my apartment
Age then 17
Age now 44
Gender MALE
Viewed 254
Story Length 1753

(11 votes / 89 points)

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Mary and Cherry Show


Mary and Cherry
My roommate was Cherry and she had a friend, Mary who came over from time to time and the three of us goofed around together. Nothing wild or unusual, we would just go get pizza and watch TV, that kind of stuff. Mary was cute, a little “butch” but other than that she was well put together. I enjoyed her jokes because it would always have a really raunchy punch line.

Anyway, I came to the point where I called them the “Mary and Cherry Show” just as a kind of cute little nick name. I would even say, “I’m going to go to a movie with the Mary and Cherry Show!” if someone asked what I was doing that night. One night the three of us went to a restaurant which had just opened. It was a mom and pop family owned place not a chain. We really had a good time there laughing and telling stories but I had to go to work the next morning so I suggested we leave.

The three of us sat in the front seat and Cherry drove. I liked sitting up front with the girls and sometimes I even sat in the middle if we were taking Mary home. I liked to fantasize about the two of them both running their hands across my hard on while I played with their pussy. Nothing like that ever happened except in my imagination.

What did happen was that on this night all three of us went back to the apartment and started watching TV. I said I was going to take a shower and go to bed. I went in the bathroom and showered and put a towel around myself just to be a bit modest. As I walked from the bathroom to the bedroom Cherry said, “Hey! John come here a minute!”

I stopped and looked at her. I mean she could plainly see I wasn’t exactly dressed for a social setting. Then she asked again, “Come here will you? We want to ask you something.”

I might have taken one or two steps, I mean we were already in the same room together so I wasn’t going to walk right up to Cherry and stand an inch from her face. She looked at me with a sheepish grin and said, “Mary and I want you to settle an argument. Show her how big you are.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She wanted me to expose myself to her friend? I just looked at her with confusion and she repeated the request. “Come on show us how big you are!”

Well, I felt like if I did as they had asked, I was going to be the butt of a joke. I knew they were waiting for me to take my towel off and then they were going to start laughing and say “See! I told you guys are perverts! They’ll take their clothes off anytime, all you have to do is ask!” I just stood there in dumb silence. Again Cherry urged me forward, “Come on! You can show us…it’s all right!

Then Mary spoke up and assured me, “It’s okay John we just want a comparison!” I relaxed and knew this was no hoax. I tugged at the towel and it came away revealing my limp cock. I stood there for a minute and let them stare at my cock. I mean I was sleeping with Cherry but this was the first time Mary had seen me naked. I even turned a little each way so each girl could study my anatomy, and studying me they were. Mary was leaning forward as if she was memorizing every detail and Cherry was looking as if it was for the first time.

I started to put the towel back on and Cherry said, “No, John…ummmm we mean we want you to show us how BIG you are! You know, when you have a big one!?” I didn’t know if I could get a hard on, I felt really uncomfortable, as if any minute the punch line was going to come crashing down on me. I just looked at them trying as hard as I could to judge for certain if they were serious. When I was satisfied they were sincere I took the towel off and set it on the coffee table and walked over between them.

I sat on the edge of the coffee table and started playing with my cock. I had thought about jerking off in the shower but I didn’t want to walk through the living room with my left over hard on so I dismissed the idea. Now I was getting a hard on while the Mary and Cherry Show were watching. I tried to give them commentary as I went along, “It takes a minute to get erect! If you watch real close you can see my testicles moving in my scrotum. All guys jerk off, those who say they don’t are liars…”

I just kept stroking my cock and telling them about my penis. Both girls seemed to enjoy what I was doing and even made observations of their own. Mary asked Cherry, “Have you ever shaved him? You should try that sometime.”

Cherry made comments too, “His cock is fatter around than Steve’s but not as long and doesn’t have that bend at the top.”

Now I knew who the other point of comparison was. It was Steve, Mary’s old boyfriend. They must have done the same thing to him once before and now they were having me give them a private show.

Cherry was almost authoritative and said, “Take your hand away and lean back so we can see how big you got.” I obeyed and leaned back so they could inspect the extent of my manhood. Cherry added, “He’s not hard yet but he’s getting there. Come on John, get a nice big hard on. I told Mary how big you are so come on and show her!”

I laughed a little and said, “I’m trying but I might need a little help. Rub my legs and put your hands on me.” Almost instantly both girls put their hands on my legs and my cock sprang up straight and tight bobbing and weaving in response. I kept stroking my cock and I told myself that this was nearly a lesson in how to correctly jack off a cock. I was kind of performing a public service for all the guys these girls would ever know. I slowed my stroking down and moved my hand to the very base of my cock so the head of my cock was peeping out of my fist. I wanted those girls to see everything.

I guess the commentary and the modified strip show went on for ten or fifteen minutes and then I noticed some of my clear fuck juice leaking out of the tip of my cock. This was a little embarrassing and I took it as a signal to stop. I mean, I didn’t want to be pounding my monkey up and down nearly jumping off the coffee table and then squirt hot spunk half way across the room. Unless, of course, that’s what the girls wanted. I wanted this to be dignified, sort of scientific, and studious.

I just said, “Okay girls I have to stop now.” Cherry looked at me and again instructed me to take my hand away and lean back so they could inspect the progress of my erection. This time I was very self conscious since I knew I was leaking cum and the thick syrup was making a long sticky drool. Still, I did as I was instructed.

“What do you think Mary? Cherry asked in a scholarly tone. “Yeah!” Answered Mary, Steve is bigger but John has a fatter cock!”

“Okay John, Cherry said calmly, We have to measure you so…stand at the end of the coffee table and see how far you can make it go.”

“Make what go?” I asked just to be sure I understood.

Mary looked at me and said, “We are going to see who can shoot the furthest!”

This was definitely a contest I wanted to be in but it felt so odd with these two girls watching me I was unsure if I could really cum and squirt my sperm like I knew I was capable. I tried to plead my case. “Look I need a little help. Cherry could you jerk me off while Mary rubs my balls?”

The two girls immediately went into a team huddle and whispered to themselves. Finally Cherry gave the decision. “No! You have to jerk yourself off but we will both hold your balls.”

I stood at the end of the coffee table. I was stroking my cock as the girls knelt beside me and played with my balls. Mary reached from behind with her hand around my balls and her wrist nudging my ass. I knew it wouldn’t be long. Again I tried (even though I knew I was going to cum). “I need to see you both naked or I can’t cum!” It was a lie. My cock was already drooling a puddle of juice, some of which was collecting on the coffee table right below me.

Mary pushed her thumb against my asshole and I felt the first gush of sperm as it shot like an arrow from the tip of my cock. I watched as it arced across the table and landed on the floor. Again another convulsion, almost like a seizure, ripped through me and I sent another splurge of hot white semen onto the table. My knees were trembling and I was breathing heavily but I could not stop stroking my cock and what remained of my sperm drooled out the mouth of my cock and ran down between my fingers like lava from a volcano.

Anyway, I have never had sex with two women. That is as close as I ever came. I did ask Cherry who won the competition between Steve and I and she said that in some categories I won and in some Steve won. So, I guess that is life. I really did have fun though and it was pretty harmless evenif I was the only one naked.


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