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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-16 15:37:26
Author john1
Title Karen
Category had sex in a crazy/funny place
Where it happend Pantry of a Restaurant
Age then 16
Age now 44
Gender MALE
Viewed 286
Story Length 1517

(12 votes / 109 points)

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We were all at Philip's house having a party, hmmm, maybe about ten of us all together. My friends were there with their girl friends and we were drinking and listening to music. One of the guys had stolen some beer from his dad so we were smoking cigarettes and having a grand old time. Danny said that Karen, his girlfriend, got off work at ten and asked if I could go and pick her up since he didn’t have a car. I agreed and told him I was ready to go but Danny said he was going to stay and party while I went after Karen.

Yeah! So, I am driving half way across town to pick up my buddy’s girlfriend and to make matters worse it was pouring down rain! How did I get fucked into this situation? Oh well, I just chalked it up to being a sucker. I got to the restaurant where Karen worked and went in. There were no customers, none! Karen, who was the manager, and the cook, Eddie were the only ones there. I told Karen that Danny asked me to pick her up and she seemed puzzled that he did not come along.

Karen told Eddie that he could go and she would close up so, Eddie took off which left just the two of us at the restaurant. Karen was doing her routine of closing, locking the doors and such, then…the power went off! The restaurant was lit up only by the emergency exit signs. A minute later, the sirens sounded announcing severe weather. Karen said, “John, we have to take shelter! It’s part of the procedure.”

I wasn’t too thrilled about this since I wanted to watch the storm from inside the dining room of the dark restaurant. However, I followed Karen to the kitchen where she called the owner on the telephone and told him the restaurant was closed and secure. Then she motioned for me to come into a pantry like room which had a large door with a kind of bolt. It looked more like a refrigerator than a pantry and maybe it was at one time and then converted to a pantry.

Anyway, if it was dark before it was absolutely pitch black inside there! I could see nothing. Standing there beside Karen I could smell her hair, my arm brushed against her. I could hear her breathing, I grew an erection at the idea of being this close and so alone with her. I had always desired her but she was Danny’s girl. I would masturbate from time to time thinking about her.

I think Karen tried to make small talk with me while we waited out the storm. “Who all is at the party?” That kind of stuff. I answered her questions but my mind was telling me, “…just reach out and put your arms around her and draw her close to you. Kiss her sweet beautiful lips. Press your hard on against her. Let her know you desire her.”

It was stupid. I knew she would push me away and yell at me to stop, maybe she would even tell Danny and then he would want to fight or something like that. I resisted the urge to touch her for as long as I could (maybe three or four minutes) but then I yielded to my impulse and did as my imagination suggested. I extended both arms in her direction and brought them together until I felt her fold into my embrace. I drew her close to me. I could feel her warm breath on my neck. I leaned forward and kissed her. I found her mouth and our tongues danced wildly with passion.

I pushed her shirt up and ran my hands up under it. I felt her warm flesh, my fingers traced along the edges of her bra. My cock throbbed inside my jeans as it pressed against Karen. I tried in vain to undo her bra but I managed to lift it enough to get one hand inside and massage her breast and feel her nipple. She must have enjoyed what I was doing because she did not protest or tell me to stop.

I could feel my cock oozing the cream of desire but I didn’t know whether to unzip my pants or to try and remove hers. I was not a virgin but I might as well have been. We continued kissing and I started running my hands all over her back and down to her sweet ass. I felt the outline of her underpants through the tights she wore as part of her uniform. I ran my fingers up and down the crack of her butt and tried to ignore my own bulging throbbing hard on. I brought my hand around to the front of her pants and wiggled my way inside. The tips of my fingers felt the edge of her pubic hair and I knew I was close to that magic place.

Karen was not a bystander and she dropped her hand to my crotch squeezing and kneading my cock like it was bread dough. I pushed my hand deep into her pants and felt her warmth and the moist, puffy flesh which hid her honey hole. I wanted her badly and I tried as hard as I could to push her pants down with one hand but I couldn’t.

Karen stepped back away from me and I thought, “Uh oh! This is it! She’s going to say ‘That’s enough!’ “
I waited to be admonished for going too far, instead I felt Karen again and now she was naked. She had removed her top and pants. I felt foolish with my pants still on so, I removed them in what must have been record time. My cock felt so good to be released from the confines of my jeans, I know it was bobbing around and dancing in the darkness. Then I felt Karen’s hand around the shaft and I became still and didn’t move a muscle.

Karen said, “hmmmmmm! Do you like that?” I nodded to myself and I am unsure why I had my eyes closed since it was completely dark but I finally managed to say “Oh yes! YES!!”

Then Karen let go of my cock. Almost as if by instinct, my back arched forward, pushing my cock in direction of her retreating hands. The tip of my cock felt the soft warmth of her wet slit and I wanted more. I grabbed my cock at the base and I rubbed her pussy up and down with my cock. She soaked my cock with her juices and, it eventually just eased it’s way inside. Again we kissed, motionless, just feeling the deliciously firm grip she had on my cock.

I wanted to cum. I wanted to squirt a gallon of white hot sperm up her hot little pussy. I didn’t want it to last, I wanted to feel my juice flood out of me and into Karen filling her up so much that it would run down her legs! I started rocking my cock in and out. The lights came back on. It was blinding and revealing. There was Karen impaled on my boner, her head now tilted back. She wanted me to cum and fill her pussy with my oily grease.

I rocked harder and Karen whimpered and tightened her pussy around my cock. I was trying to pull my cock out and slide it back in again but each time I tried to pull back a little, Karen would push forward forcing my cock even deeper into her hot pussy. I tried to warn her, it seemed noble or something, “Oh, Karen, I’m going to cum! I’m going to shoot my sperm…It’s coming…!”

She just fucked me harder or, I fucked her harder, I really don’t know which it was. But soon I felt the swelling inside me, the invisible hand reaching inside me and pulling my guts out. I felt the unstoppable irresistible urge and then I felt the pounding release of energy as I pumped my jizz into my buddy’s girlfriend. I rested my head on Karen’s shoulder, the sweat running down my face, as I drank in gulps of air and tried to breathe.

Karen stopped squeezing my cock with her pussy and slowly pulled away. I felt the cool air on my wet cock. We both got dressed. We got into the car and I was trying to think of what to say when Karen turned to me, “John, you have to promise me…this never happened! Don’t tell anyone okay!? Don’t say a word to Danny okay!” I just looked at her and said ,”okay!” I tried to put my arm around her on the way back to the party but she wasn’t having any of it. So, I guess it was a “one night stand”.


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