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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-15 12:50:54
Author Lynridskinrid
Title Rosie rides again and again
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend Hampshire
Age then 27
Age now 27
Viewed 264
Story Length 2213

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Rosie rides again and again


I finished early on a Friday. I start early and Peter meets me at a South West London Tube station to take us all the way to the Hampshire house .This particular Friday he had a family meeting to attend .

The family estate is set up as a limited company. With all the Children and their parents as shareholders it is a closed private company this means that they do from time to time hold proper board meetings and discussions. That never used to happen. The old practices lent themselves to fraudulent practices. they are properly set up now , and although Peter wanted me to attend as a silent witness , I feel that as I already do the accounts , after their bookkeeper has prepared them ,It is not appropriate to attend the meeting .

We arranged to meet later in the Village Pub and he dropped me at my mother’s house.
As he turned in the driveway, I heard some very strong language from under the bonnet (Hood) of an old Jaguar, sticking out of one of the garages. I made a remark about as a mechanic; I thought my father was a good bricklayer. I got told to shove my head up my arse , so I decided that my mechanical skills were not required , and therefore breezed into the kitchen .

My mother shone as she saw me , she made a welcoming coffee , and made her excuses as she disappeared to a hot soak in the bath . This left me awkwardly with my niece Rosie. Damn, I had been stitched up with the family tart. Rosie smiled awkwardly, and I noticed that she had been tearful. Shit, I thought, I do not need this.

She turned smiled even more deeply and started to blub.
Rosie had more failed relationships than anyone else on the planet. She went to the local Village School and then on to the local comprehensive (Junior High) and the local six form college (High School).

Rosie was known as the Schools Training Bike , on the grounds that more boys had learned to ride , on Rosie than anywhere else .She blew them and laid down for whatever they desired from year nine onwards . Her first blow job, she confessed was when a boy showed her an erect penis and convinced her that he would die if she didn’t suck it until it went soft. She, like her mother before her fell for every stupid boy that wanted to relieve his sexual tensions somewhere this is unusual in our family, we are all so sceptical normally. I am too young to remember Anna, Rosie’s mother’s exploits, but my eldest brother James regards her as a family embarrassment.

One of the many stories that he has told was to do with her being excluded from her mixed, expensive, private school. She had , as the story goes been found by a tutor across a masters desk , her panties around her ankles , being taken “doggie” style by two boys in turn . James was at the same school and endured a lot of teasing. Especially as “Doggie “was unconventional, but meant that you didn’t have to look her in the face and that could be a sour vision. So the other two females in the family were sent to a single sex school, thanks Anna, my education was disturbed too.

Anna’s husband was a family joke , and although father set them up in a house , he retained a tight grip on the deeds , which after only weeks of marriage the poor unfortunate found out when he tried to put a huge mortgage on the property . The wedding was of convenience as Rosie was on the way, and did not last forever. The relationship was off and on over nearly fifteen years. On when he had nowhere else to go, off when he had better choices. I just thought that he was a perverted Jerk. I was sure that the jerk had touched Rosie too , but every time I voiced that I was silenced by Mother . She knew more than she let on, but whatever the cause, Rosie was a promiscuous tart of the loosest kind but so mixed up. She thought every owner of every erect cock that she saw was deeply in love with her.

I was left to console this wild child, whilst my mother soaked in foaming hot luxury upstairs. I tensed and reluctantly asked what the matter was. She squealed that she loved him, and he didn’t respect her. This was a usual revelation , boys didn’t show her any respect because when asked if she fucked , she responded with when , not why .

I had lost respect for her a few years ago when sleeping the granny annex , I opened the door and saw her stretched across the settee her underwear around her ankles and her too short skirt shoved over her waist . The loose belt of abdominal flesh dangling in mid air and wobbling as she supported her shoulders on the settee back, her bra was pushed up and her ample breasts were waving in the breeze. Her legs were spread, and the stable manager’s son was banging his scrotum against her swollen labia. I was incensed with this as he had been betrothed since his school days to a girl from the village, and unfaithfulness is something that I abhor. I have too many memories of my mother choking on tears as she sat silently waiting for my father as he banged yet another young conquest , who had become besotted with his wallet and not his youthful good looks and virility . I for one from the moment of acceptance of Peter’s proposal have not even had an adulterous fantasy, never a reality.

She looked at me and cried. Oh, I know I have that effect on people; she lifted her top and bra. The saggy 36 DD breasts dropped from their housings and the erect deep brown chunky nipples were erect as though permanently enhanced with silicone. She had bruising around each breast, and arcs of bruises around the aureoles. I asked the obvious question, had she been bitten. She had, her tits had been roughly handled and her ample teats bore teeth marks. Her sick boyfriend had tortured her. I had no comment , if she was so stupid as to allow this abuse , I was at a loss as to what to do , to help her gain herself respect . I was stood in my mother’s kitchen with a white floppy stretch marked breast in each hand, wondering what went through this girls mind.

She sobbed that this wasn’t the worst part. They had been at a party and as her boyfriend leaned against the kitchen worktop chatting to his mates, she brushed past him on the way to the toilet. He triggered a memory in his tiny empty head that he had a girlfriend, and demanded an instant blow job. she had dropped to her knees and with the audience of his wonderfully supportive friends , she sucked his sweaty knob dry as she swallowed every drop down , just to please him . The active show obviously worked as he had her suck his three yahoo friends off to climax as well.

I was despairing , and longed to plunge into the hot foam , displacing my mother who I am sure had left me with this self depreciating harpy as some kind of punishment for a long past misdemeanour . I thought enough, enough the maiden cried, my curiosity was more than satisfied. She regaled the story in every gory detail. She having relieved the urine and sweat impregnated boy toys of their immediate needs , her boyfriend decided that her exposure would amuse his mates , and she unbuckled her bra to give them all a show . The bra fell off followed by skirt and panties. She then bending over to accommodate her boyfriends penis in her ample but sloppy vagina , she found a second penis pushing against her face to be stiffened from a flaccid state to arousal and then relieved of its stiffness , yet again . The boys were totally enjoying her free spirit and with one boy on two kitchen stools inserted in her vagina , her boyfriend encircled but y her anus , and a third boy in her mouth , she provided the porno amusement for the male element of the party . Several boys then joined in and she had been caked with drying seminal fluid across her face and limbs as her hands shook the male spirit from any boy in reach. I don’t ever recall knowing a backache model before , but Rosie certainly had a serious attempt at being one .

This had little effect on her , what had upset her was they flung her from the party , after several girls had not only objected to her tart like behaviour but to their boyfriends looking for a hole to stuff or a hand to fill were becoming distracted by Rosie’s free availability . She landed in the snow with her clothes flung after her . The door shut and the assembled crowd were laughing as she redressed . Her question , did I think he still loved her . I had an answer , but reserved it . I was thinking of the medieval method of committal to an abbey where the abbess would have her locked in a cell and fed solely on minimal food by an army of silent nuns .

The family board meeting at the Big House would have been superior to this revelation . Time to call in a favour I thought . I sat and asked the stupid child what she wanted , anything but the unrequited love of her tormentor . Time and distance , resulted in a call to the Sky flight agent and a ticket to Greece , she was after two phone calls packed off to my great Aunt in the Mani . her chances of sex there were minimal , and on her way s he would get a Chlamydia test and a Gonorrhoea test , and the required antibiotics , as she flew out . mother looked on surprised a s I spoke to the Greek relations and packaged them Rosie as a girl who needed space .

Your Greek is still quite reasonable mother said as I sent Rosie out to my father to get her packed for the journey . There is a instant results clinic in the aptly named Love Lane in London , so that was her first port of call ,they were open until 19:00 and with Father picking up her suitcase from Anna , and her passport , she would make that and the early morning BMI flight to Athens , she would be met there by car and cast into the depths of the Mani peninsular . A month in oblivion without a return ticket may help her rehabilitation . I was several hundred pounds lighter , and she was out of harm’s way . Maybe the month was a minimum term , maybe if I was in control of her parole she may get a longer term . Anna showed her usual amount of interest in Rosie’s future , and dismissed my efforts with an If you think so statement . I got fed , father got a trip to the station . And mother seemed to show some amusement at my dealing with it .

Well at least I got fed , mother has a Greek nature that goes something like show her a person and she cooks them dinner , well the chicken that Father was to have was mine and delicious it was too , and by the time he got back Peter was pulling up outside ready for the last drink at the village pub . He looked at me , and I mouthed the words Rosie again , he slid into the driver’s seat , father into the passenger seat , and me into the back . At least a white wine may be celebratory at what might be a success in dealing with the family’s black sheep .

As I walked into the pub , my nightmare was stood at the bar , the animal boyfriend and his cronies . I took out my purse and ordered , getting replenishments for my brothers sat at a corner table at the same time . The local lout shouted across the bar , hey is your niece around , causing guffaws of laughter amongst his friends . I ignored it , but full of confidence at putting down a relative of that stupid girl , he sauntered over and stood in front of me , hey ! didn’t you fucking hear me you tart , he said . I saw Peter heading rapidly towards me followed by my siblings , but they were too late . My knee hit the target as the simple boy fell to the ground clutching his nuts much to the amusement of his friends . The landlord seeing the happening , banned the idiot as my brothers helped him to the door . They were gone just a few minutes , and my father held Peter by the coat collar as he attempted to assist . Peter was no match for the aged parent when it came to strength . When we explained the story to the landlord , my brother ordered a bottle of a much fizzier wine a s a celebration .

Rosie , well she will improve her Greek if nothing else .


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