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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-13 23:12:21
Author Lynridskinrid
Title a make over
Category fell in love
Where it happend london
Age then 27
Age now 27
Viewed 99
Story Length 1935

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a make over


Bonuses are a contentious issue in the U.K. because of the banking sector , well we are on a bonus structure that takes the departmental turn over , subtracts the costs , profit margin and wages , and divides the excess of predicted profit between the company and the workers in the sector . So the harder your division works the better your bonus, the more you keep costs down the better your bonus. This seems fair to me. Extra is based on performance of the department, so when guys work unpaid overtime to get the job done they get rewarded.
We have four teams on the road who this applies to; I prefer to take mine as company shares as the Tax situation is advantageous. We have four backroom staff who support the teams , this small group comprises of David my secretary , Lisa the input clerk , who types up the verbally sent reports , files the copies and organises the paperwork . Davina who organises travel and hotels , car hire, car servicing and logistics of equipment and people , and Samantha , she is the general dogsbody who types , files , fills the coffee machine , changes the water bottles in the cooler , photocopies , and does everything that no other person wants to do .

That lot get no bonus, because no matter how much we all depend on them they are fixed hours, and are an expense not an income stream. I don’t function without my first coffee, so no Samantha effectively no fully functional Lynne. Well I stuck my scrawny neck out at the Chairman, and suggested a good present for them. He also insisted that it wasn’t cash. I thought we are all about the same age group and all girls together, so I arranged a makeover, photo shoot, and a meal at a very nice country restaurant. I no David isn’t exactly a girl, but for a man he is very clean and tidy , has great fashion sense , is really well organised , so as he has no girlfriend , nor ever talks about one ,then I assume that he isn’t interested in females at all .
The makeover was great , hair clipped and styled , head moisturised and I had spent two hours on Oxford Street spending company money getting them , including David a couple of outfits each . The Photo-shoot is how the salon makes their money and three photos each and a group one added £1000 ($1500) to the bill. The hair and make over was jaw droopingly under £100 for the four. The big sell is on the Photos, but like everything I was working to a budget.
Whilst my four musketeers were having the treatment, I sat in a corner of the salon sipping coffee. The manager came over and asked if I would like to pass the time and have my hair styled. One of their international Directors sat me in the Chair as I enjoyed the free gift, knowing that this was a softening process to get me to buy more photographs. Cut it and I’ll scream I warned, to the amusement of the outrageously gay stylist. He did a fantastic, if very complex arrangement

After the makeover David still looked his usual elegant self, if he fell down the stairs, his hair would never fall out of place, like the old James Bond Movies, he never has a hair out of place. The casual shirt and white Chinos that he had as a Photo shoot outfit made him look like a survivor of an Fifties movie . The silk Cravat was a touch of colour against the light tweed jacket. Peter is awful with Cravats, He ties them and they fall off, I tie them for him and his face goes a red colour due to lack of oxygen to the brain, so I avoid them. One of these days I will get David to show me how to tie them elegantly.
Davina looked her usual gorgeous self; she has the classic long blonde hair and cute button nose that disguises the fact that she is the mother of two young children. She works part time, but has on many occasions in the middle of the night arranged air travel from all kinds of places, and hotels to suit. She was a travel consultant with a London agent booking first and business flights for several years, before marriage and Children, her 11:00 to 15:00 suits us both. She sees the Children into school and gets back in time to collect them. Tonight her mother baby sits, but she has phoned hourly to ensure they are happy and well. Her husband is a pilot with one of the International airlines. She looked so gorgeous that I thought I might spoil the group picture.

Lisa is a fancy free girl about town, and the hair stylist and make up specialist actually toned down her style a lot. The makeup made her usual dark tone paler and her hair was without its usual chemical spray to hold it in place like a straw basket perched on her head . She had beautiful hair , jet black displaying the Lebanese inheritance of her father. Her eyes were very dark brown and she looks as though she was from the eastern boundary of Europe, rather than betraying her mixed race. Her first name was Shade, but since her parents had separated whilst she was very young she hid her origins behind her second name and her mother’s maiden name.
But this whole story is about Samantha. Samantha is a larger young girl , size 16 UK which is American 14 ( I Believe ) Her hair is scraped back and she locks the pony tail into place with a rubber band from the stationary cupboard , usually yellow . Her mid length hair looks self tended and is dull and lifeless as though soap is her shampoo substitute. She wears overly short skirts which often reveal more of the traditional big pants than she or anyone else would like on display. The tops tend to ride up and often a band of belly falls over the tight skirt waist band. I handed her over to the shopper in Liberty and she came back with three amazing outfits, none of which looked as though they would suit her. I was annoyed as I thought the “Shopper “had advised her badly.

The Photo shoot was over and they had picked there photographs, David appeared with Lisa and Davina looking very classy. I was thinking oh no! They have tried to con Samantha into more Photographs. I entered the studio viewing room and there was only the photographer the sales girl and an assistant,
“ Sorry ! ,” I said , I was looking for Samantha , the Assistant looked at me . “She must have gone,” I said having met a wall of silence. The assistant smiled, she was very pretty if a touch overweight. The penny dropped , she was Samantha , but she looked entirely different , not a little different , totally different . “Samantha? “. I asked. She thought that I was joking, and grinned. “Samantha, I didn’t recognise you! “ I said stuttering.
“You are joking “she said.
“No!” I wasn’t “, you don’t look the same “, her hair shone and flowed, and the clothes fitted and clung to a buxom but proportioned figure. I made a mental note to get my large and not to fashionable sister this treatment for her birthday, and would ring my middle sister with the Idea the very next day.
David nearly broke his neck to sit next to Samantha in the Limousine and pulled her chair back at the dining table depriving the attentive waiter of his duty. Every conversation we had David tendered Samantha’s thoughts, and he looked at her with the amazement of a princess kissing a frog only to find that it was really a handsome prince.
I was being collected, Husband in his nice A3, was to pick me up from the venue and we were going back to the house for the weekend. I had arranged a Limousine to drop Lisa and Davina in Hounslow on his way back into London , Samantha into Wimbledon where her flat was , and then on to Tottenham for David .
“As it is late David “Samantha said, “and to save the driver having to go all the way to North London, you can stop at my place tonight “.
Well I couldn’t believe what I was hearing as David agreed, but he was gay so she was safe.
Monday, I was in the office obscenely early, Peter had dropped me off on his way to work in Stratford and I would get the tube home. David was first in, “thank you for Friday” he said, “It was so good to all have time together “. I smiled, that had been the hardest part to negotiate, and the condition was that if the world blew up, my mobile was on at all times.
He was wearing his work clothes from Friday and his shirt was not so precisely ironed. “Sorry for the appearance, I haven’t been home yet “he confessed “, I have been at Sam’s all weekend “.
My shocked look betrayed what my brain was thinking. “Nothing like that he said, but we have had some very long cuddles “. he smiled . Sam appeared at the door. I was lost for words; she was in the new elegant mode. She was a new woman.
“We are taking it slowly “she said “after all at 25 we are still both virgins “. David’s face turned a beautiful streaked sunset red. . He coughed, and she turned and skipped out of the office. David looked at me and leaned forward “I would appreciate it if that was regarded as confidential “, he Said.

That was three weeks ago, and Samantha came into the office this morning. She has given up her rented flat and is sharing with David at the one he is buying. So fast I thought, but these two very personal people seemed to actually reach out to each other. “We still haven’t done it “. She said, but we have had a lot of fun learning about each other’s bodies along the way “. Her mother had been a single Irish catholic girl, and she had left her native Ireland when pregnant to avoid bringing “Shame “on to her family. Samantha had been told from an early age, that to put anything inside her vagina would cause all kinds of bad things to happen to her, and the conditioning that she had been bought up with had coloured her mind until now. David she explained had been bought up in a children’s home, and he had his own dark shadows to overcome, pasted back into his childhood.
She stood there and explained that for the first time her clitoris had been discovered and just playing with it had made her body shake all over. I was keeping a straight face as she described her first ever orgasm at the age of 25. I walked to the local Waterstones shop and bought a copy of The Sex Book: A no-nonsense guide for teenagers. I placed the copy in its paper bag on her desk as I returned from lunch. As I sat back at my desk she put a coffee in front of me and smiled.
So not a story to get excited over, but today in London there are still 25 years old people who are virgins. I smiled and felt that the world might be a nicer place than I thought.


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