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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-13 14:46:53
Author shrash
Title First Roots
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend Lake
Age then 14
Age now 32
Viewed 175
Story Length 2006

(7 votes / 64 points)

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First Roots


had happened as I lay naked on the motel bed, my legs apart, my finger touching in between, the bedclothes all about me on the floor! He'd left me there to get us breakfast. I was fifteen. He was older, a guy who I had met at the arcade. I had never had a cock that was that big, or quite that hard!

His name was Rod. Apparently from what I'd heard he had a girlfriend who he lived with and a kid. He looked after the machines at the video arcade where we hung out, and despite his age he really was as sexy as any guy there was. My friend at school confessed to me that she had been with him. She said that he had offered her a ride and felt her up and wanted to have sex with her. She said that she got scared and didn't let him.

The thought of what occurred aroused me. It seemed that I could think of nothing else. I even told my boyfriend. It was crazy! It was a Friday night. I was supposed to be staying at a friend’s house, but instead I had gone to the arcade by myself and he was there. I was also wearing makeup and a little halter top that showed my breasts, their perfect shape quite visible beneath. My boyfriend might have died had he known what I was doing, as I sat there with my mini skirt way up upon my thighs, smiling when he looked at me and flirting with my eyes.

He came and started talking, being near me as he worked; and then when they were closing he asked if I would like a ride? I told him where I lived. He said okay.

Nothing happened! I was sitting beside him in his car as he was driving, hardly knowing what to say or how to act. He asked about my boyfriend and I told him who he was; and when he asked if I had fucked him I hardly could believe that he would ask me such a question! I looked at him. I smiled. He wanted me to tell him, and I told him that I had.

He asked me then what time I needed to be home. I told him that it didn't matter. My folks would think that I was staying at friends. He asked if I would like to take a drive, down to the lake to see the moon. I said okay.

I had gotten out and we were standing there, looking out upon the lake. His arm was round me as we leaned against the car, and then we kissed, the kissing then intensified by his hand as it caressed my naked breasts inside my bra!

That was how it all got started! He was pushing me against the car, his hand beneath my skirt, inside my panties! I was wet and I was horny! He was taking out his cock! I hardly could believe it! It was almost like a rape! He was pulling me upon him as his cock then went right in me!

We had driven to the motel right after, then had showered and had gotten in the bed.

It was a night of erotic consequences, the most incredible night of fucking I might ever have imagined! My boyfriend didn't like him and had said he was a fag. Perhaps it was a challenge where I'd proved my boyfriend wrong! I thought of things the way they were. At the time of the occurrence I was barely fifteen. He was the first mature adult I had been with, his penis more mature, more aroused than any other I had felt in me before! This was real, the way that a girl was supposed to feel while having sex! I was totally exhausted, overwhelmed by what we'd done. His cock had squirted in me more times than I recalled!

I had been with boys before, just three in total, but this was my first time with an older guy, the intensity of my sexual experience more profound than I might have ever thought before. He knew exactly what to do and how to make me feel and how to fuck me, to feel my climax each time that we had sex. Orgasm was not an experience I had had before, not even with my boyfriend who really didn't have a clue what he was doing. It was not my first time either.

I was just a month shy of my fourteenth birthday when my virginity was taken. I had gone to see a friend from school. She had a brother who was fifteen who came into her room and started hanging out with us.

The discussion led from one thing to another and then sex. It was like sex education at school except the visuals were real, the horny naked penis as he then undid his pants. We agreed that if he showed us we would let him see our cunts. He rubbed it in each one of us, his sister then myself.

It was then that we had heard his mother pull up in her car outside as she came back from shopping. He was suddenly back inside his bedroom and my friend and I were suddenly playing a video game as she walked in.

It was the following week, when their mother was out shopping, that I visited again; losing my virginity when we did it in his bed. Over the next two to three months we did it six more times, and then it was over.

My second 'experience' was with a boy I met while on a band trip. He was a high school senior from another town and one of our chaperones on the trip. I sat beside him on the bus and leaned against him as I slept. It was a wilderness adventure, a band trip that we were on to a retreat in the mountains. It was several hundred miles away from home and we had sat beside each other throughout the entire trip, enjoying each others company as we sat close to one another, our bodies touching.

It was our first night at the camp when he came to me when we had finished supper. We had walked into the woods together holding hands, pretending we were looking at the trees and at the flowers. We sat down on a log and then we talked, and then I turned to him and then we kissed.

It had started innocently. He was a boy who I really really liked. We were best friends, but he was from another town and he was older. He really liked me, I could tell, but he was also a chaperone and he was older than I was and because of all of that we couldn't allow for others to know the way we felt. We used to sneak away into the woods right after supper where we would kiss, and that was all.

It was the last night. I knew that when the trip was over, and because of the difference in our ages, our friendship would be over. We arranged to meet right after it got dark, then went into the woods and started making out. It was our first time together, without the fear of others finding us. We kissed, and as we did I felt his hand as it slid up my belly to my breasts, feeling the warmth of my naked breasts inside my bra. It was the first time that he had dared to touch me! He asked me if I'd miss and I told him that I would, and we kissed like we were lovers as his hand caressed my nipples and then slipped into my jeans.

His fingers touched my pubic hairs. My jeans were far too tight for him to go further! I pulled myself away from him and then undid the buttons, allowing him to push them down and touch the sex between.

It happened rather quickly as my jeans then came right off, as he knelt right there between my thighs and rubbed me with his cock. He asked if I'd had sex before. I told him that I had, and his cock then slid right in me as he felt of my response.

We sat together on the bus going home, snuggled up to one another throughout the trip. We promised we would keep in touch, but such did not occur. We were lovers for the moment, and it only happened once.

My current boyfriend was the biggest slut in town. He had fucked more girls than I could count, and at least three of my girlfriends and some other girls I knew at school had felt his cock go in them the first time they had sex.

He was definitely the most sought after guy there was in our entire school, as smooth and handsome as any girl might ever want. I was fortunate perhaps that he might have had any girl there was, but he really did like me and we made promises together and started going steady.

It was during my relationship with my current boyfriend that another incident occurred while at wedding. I was fifteen. It happened shortly before the incident in the motel. It was a family occasion and we were there in another city at the reception.

I was dancing with a cousin, the brother of the bride. The punch I drank was spiked with vodka. I was giggling, being stupid; he had taken me outside. We were lying on the back seat of his parents Cadillac, half undressed and making out. I said I wanted him to fuck me, and felt his cock go in me. It was all that I remembered. I started to pass out.

That was the extent of my relationships with boys, prior to lying naked in a motel room, having been ravished the night before by a man who was much older than my years. He was getting breakfast and I was lying on the bed with nothing on, awaiting his return when it seemed as though a revelation came to me.

I suddenly became aware of my demise, realizing that this was really not what I wanted for my life. I'd been following my hormones, not my heart and not my brain! I wanted to go to college, and enjoy life and then get married, but who would want a whore to be his wife!! I showered, and then quickly started getting dressed. He came into the room carrying breakfast and asked what I was doing. I told him I was leaving and when he tried to touch me I cried and said I couldn't and I wanted to go home.

Fortunately for me and my family my dad then got a job in a different city and my folks decided they would move. It happened quickly. We were moving at the end of the month. I would soon find out that I was pregnant and didn't have clue which one to blame. I had fucked three different cocks in just two weeks and each had given of their sperm, and thoughts of what I had become were difficult for even me to comprehend.

The baby was adopted and was born shortly after my sixteenth birthday. I am happy to report that I was able keep away from boys until I got myself an education and became a registered nurse. I am also now married. We have three young children of our own and I hope that what I have learned might be of value to others who might walk this path where I once walked before.

I am offering this story through this site, preferring to keep the details of who I am confidential, and appreciate the opportunity to speak out.


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