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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-13 14:47:25
Author Monica2
Title First Root(s)
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend Car
Age then 14
Age now 32
Viewed 459
Story Length 2272

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First Root(s)


He was a man my father knew at work. I babysat for him and his wife, and really had a crush on him. One night after they had been out for supper with some friends he asked if I would like to drive. I thought that he was kidding. It was his brand new truck, the one he really loved and he was offering me the chance to drive it. I said okay and said he needed to help me, so we drove out to this country road where there wouldn’t be anyone and I sat in front of him and steered as he taught me how to change the gears as he pressed on the pedals.

I was young and attractive and might have had any boy at school I wanted, but somehow this was all much different, even erotic as his hands began to feel my thighs and rub the muscles as I drove.

That was all that happened. He rubbed my thighs and that was all. The next week when he drove me home he asked if I would like to practice driving and I said of course! We drove to the same place, the same situation, with me sitting between his legs as he was changing gears; and this time as he rubbed my thighs I felt his hand just press against my crotch as if to feel it; that was all. That was all that happened.

It was the first time that I wore a skirt. I knew that I was tempting fate! We did the same. He asked if I would like to practice driving and I readily agreed. Again he rubbed my thighs, but this time his hand was rubbing on my naked skin and not through my jeans as before. He was rubbing me exactly how he knew I’d get worked up, brushing against the outside of my panties upon my clitoris until I suddenly felt the sensation of orgasm, the simple sudden gasps as then my climax came! I said we needed to get home. He said okay and drove me to my house.

I wore a skirt again the second time, accepting his offer to let me drive as before. I knew exactly, so did he, what would occur. His fingers touched my panties then went in. We stopped the truck beside the road, his finger in the entrance as he sucked me on the neck. No words were being spoken as he moved and had me lying on the seat, slipping off my panties as he knelt between my thighs. He was playing with my clitoris and getting me aroused, his penis in the entrance as he looked at me and smiled. I thought about my boyfriend, a boy I knew from school. His cock had given pleasure, but he never got it in!

I thought about his children. His wife was really nice. I gasped! I felt it enter, and his cock then slipped right in! I lay there as he fucked me, then felt his sperm squirt in, and feared I might get pregnant and wondered what I’d do.

He slid his cock from out of me and said that he was sorry, and asked if he had hurt me and I said I was okay. He said he really loved me and helped me with my panties and said that he was sorry, that it never should have happened.

Two weeks later I was babysitting for them again. He drove me home, and took me to the same place where we had been. I said I didn’t want to. He asked if he had hurt me and I said it was okay. He asked about my boyfriend. He asked me if I told. I told him that I hadn’t and asked him if he told his wife what we had done. He said of course he hadn’t. I was wearing jeans, and his hand was rubbing my thigh as we were talking. He asked if I had had my period, and I said it had just started the day before. He drove me home and said he loved me, and that was all that happened.

It was the following weekend when I babysat for them again. We were driving home when he had taken us to that same place where we had been before. I wore a skirt. He wanted to kiss me, and I pulled my head away. I was going with a boy I really liked and felt like I’d be cheating. He was also so much older than I was and it would be like kissing my own father! It was as though something inside of me convinced me that sex was merely a physical act, but kissing was a sense of true emotion, an expression of my love for another! This was different.

I was lying on the seat with him above me, my panties already off as we proceeded to have sex, his erection touching me, rubbing in the wetness of my crotch, then seeking for the entrance to my sex and pushing in me as before. It was pleasurable, unlike the time before when he had hurt me, the sensation of his flesh inside me arousing senses I had never felt before, my body reacting, my hips thrusting instinctively as he fucked me, overwhelming me as then I felt the sudden release of my own orgasm, the spurts of semen flowing deep within me as I came!

He drove me home. I promised myself that I would never babysit for them again, and never did.

Three months later I was lying on my boyfriend’s bed with him beside me. Both of us were naked. We had gotten off school early and his folks were not at home. Bobby wanted to have sex with me and thought I was a virgin. I told him that I wasn’t and said I had been raped. He wanted me to tell him. I told him that I couldn’t and my boyfriend then insisted. I lied to him and told him I was waiting at a bus stop, that some boys I’d never seen before had forced me in their car, and one of them had raped me. I cried they dropped me off and didn’t hurt me.

He lay there overwhelmed with sadness, telling me he loved me, that he’d kill them if he could. I said it didn’t matter, that he was the only person who knew and I also made him promise not to tell another soul.

He promised that he wouldn’t; then I straddled him and felt of his erection as it touched my pubic hairs, rubbing it against him as his cock get really stiff. I knew he was a virgin, unsure what to do or what might be expected. I reached down, feeling the warmth of his flesh, guiding it inside the pubic lips toward my sex, looking at him smiling as his cock then slid right in me.

At this time I was on the pill, my mother having suggested that it would be a wise precaution ‘just in case’. It was coincidence perhaps that she suggested it. She herself had gotten pregnant at a young age and didn’t want the same for me.

It was about three months that Bobby and I had gone to see a movie at the local theatre in town. There were kids that we knew and we were hanging out together and we had gotten tickets to see a movie called the ‘The Princess Bride’. It was a movie that our parents would have approved of, however we decided not to stay and then snuck into a movie that was rated for adult audiences only called ‘The Lover’.

I was definitely aroused, watching this young girl as she had sex with a man who was much older than herself, the way he fucked her and the totally erotic theme of all that happened. I had never watched a porno flick or any other, and this was definitely as erotic as any movie I had seen! I was horny and aroused, my senses overwhelmed by all I’d seen.

We had come out from the movie theater and were hanging out with other kids when this boy we all knew, who was older, came up on his new motorbike and all of us were hanging around him. He was likely nineteen or twenty and really rough, but rather handsome. I asked if I could have a ride. Bobby didn’t really want me to but I got on and Bobby stood there waiting till I returned.

His name was Johnny. I had never been on a motorbike before, experiencing the thrill of the wind rushing through my hair. Of course we didn’t wear helmets and I was just in a short mini skirt, and we were doing 100 miles an hour or more when suddenly I thought he’d lost control as we came around this bend too fast for him to handle it. I was screaming, the bike almost coming off the highway when I realized he had gained control, my heart pounding in my chest so hard I thought I’d die. I even peed myself!

He asked if I was okay. I said I was, and happy to be alive right then as I held on to him. He slowed the bike and took it off the highway toward where the lake was and then stopped. We got off. I was shaking. I said that I had peed myself.

We sat down on the grass. I took my panties off because they were wet, and put them inside my purse. He put his arm around me then he kissed me. I kissed him, the sudden thoughts of what I’d seen in the movie going through my mind as he then felt my sex and pushed me back upon the grass, taking out his penis as I opened up my thighs for him to fuck me; feeling perhaps as the young girl in movie had done as his cock slid into me, the sensations overwhelming me as suddenly I felt the sensation of perhaps the most incredible climax I had ever had!

I lay there, completely overwhelmed by what had happened, looking up into his eyes as he pulled from me, filled with the warmth of male semen coming from me as he opened up my top and then pushed down my bra to see my tits.

He took me back to where Bobby was still waiting. He was the only one still there, and I lied to him said we’d broken down. We then walked home. The movie had affected him as it had me. Prior to taking off on the bike with Johnny I had suggested to Bobby that I couldn’t wait to have a fuck. We could do it in the vacant lot, amongst the grass. It was a place not far from where I lived, where we had fucked a dozen times before. He wanted to. I told him no, that I was tired.

It was after that that my relationship with Bobby began to deteriorate as I began to see his faults and imperfections. A friend I went to school with whose name was Monica with had said that she was going into Halifax the following weekend and wanted me to come with her, and said that a French warship was coming to the harbor at Halifax and that a lot of very good looking sailors would be hanging out and looking for girls to be with.

I thought it would be fun and lied to my parents about going there. We left town early, catching the first ferry to Halifax for the one and a half hour boat ride. We had covered ourselves with makeup so as to look older. It hardly took us long at all to get picked up by four of the cutest looking Frenchmen I had seen. We saw the sites of town; then rented this cheap motel on the outskirts and smoked cheap pot. It was the lowest point of my entire life, as then we all got naked, feeling first one cock go in me, then another. By the time we were ready to leave and catch the last ferry we had both been fucked so many times our cunts were sore and we were hurting. The boys had been at sea for several months.

It was the lowest point of my life. They had treated us like two young sluts; the fact being is that that was what we were! It was the first time that either one of us had done anal, or sucked upon a cock as we were fucking another. I cried as we were going home, knowing well my life would have to change. I thought about disease. I didn’t want for that to happen.

Bobby and I fucked two more times then it was over.

It was a brief period of my life for which I am ashamed. I kept away from heavy dating after that and was celibate for the next four years, wanting for the time to come when I’d get married and have kids. The fear of what might have happened while in Halifax, having sex with four men in a cheap motel room and smoking drugs was all too much for who I thought I’d like to be.


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