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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-07 14:24:18
Author shrash2
Title Rooting boys when we were young
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend Lake
Age then 13
Age now 27
Viewed 487
Story Length 1354

(14 votes / 124 points)

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Rooting boys when we were young


The boy that we were talking to was older. He was waiting for the bus when we arrived and my friend knew him well. He was friends with her older brother, and she was flirting with him. He was cute. There some bushes round behind the bus stop and we had gone in there. They were kissing, making out, his hand rubbing her thigh and then progressing up into her shorts.

He was feeling her up as they were kissing as she began to rub her hand on his crotch, feeling his erection inside his jeans. He took it out. I saw it, the giant head upon the top much bigger than I’d ever seen a boy before!

She was rubbing it as he undid her shorts, pushing them apart and telling her he liked the way it felt. She asked about his girlfriend. He said it didn’t matter and then a moment later she was licking on his penis, and then sucking of its strength inside her mouth.

It was the first blowjob I had witnessed. He was lying on the grass as she gave head.

A few minutes passed before they finished. He had cum, then they had gotten dressed; and then the three of us got up and went out of the bushes; then waited for the bus.

Monica and I were the same age. We had known each other forever and she had always been the real spoiled kid who in the eyes of her folks could never do anything ever that was wrong. I was different and always getting into trouble and my father used to drink a lot and so my family had a reputation that caused for a lot of people to avoid my younger brothers and myself. My mother however was quite protective and wouldn’t let me go anywhere without supervision, but then Monica was a girl my mother trusted to be a good example for me and so the restrictions were lifted and for the first time ever I was allowed to spend a Saturday afternoon and evening away from home and was allowed to stay at her place overnight.

Monica on the other hand came from a family that was quite well off and well respected, and she always had the best clothes of anyone, and I just had clothes from the thrift store. Sometimes though, Monica would let me use her clothes. It was the kind of thing that kids did at that age, wearing one another’s clothing; all except our underwear of course! We were both just turning thirteen and were attracted to almost any boy there was with a cock between his legs that would show it to us if we wanted, and that was how our first Saturday afternoon and evening was spent as we were picked up in a car by some boys that neither one of us knew. They were older than we were, perhaps in high school, and were from another town.

Monica was in the back and I was in the front. The boys had driven us to a lake not far from town and we were parked. We were kissing, and I could feel his hand upon my breasts as we were kissing. I helped as he undid my bra, my top partly open, and then a moment later I was helping as his hands undid my jeans.

I looked across and peeked, and saw what they were doing in the back. His pants were all undone as she caressed the naked penis with her hand while they were kissing.

I was wetter than I’d ever been. His finger went right in. We were kissing as he fingered me and felt of my response. I didn’t try to stop him. I helped push of my jeans. I whispered that we shouldn’t and he said it was okay. I laid across the seat for him and opened up my thighs, and watched him take his cock out and rub it in the wetness of my naked pubic lips.

I asked him to be careful. He promised that he would, and suddenly it happened as he pushed his cock right in!

That was how it all happened. Monica, the biggest slut I knew at school who talked of nothing else but boys, and whose mouth had already given pleasure to several, was still a virgin when the boys dropped us off at the shopping centre south of town. I was bleeding just a little, my pubic hairs all sticking together from his semen as he had finished and tried to take it out when it was spurting out its seed.

We walked home. I felt real dirty, disappointed that I had allowed for him to do it to me, scared as well that I very well might have gotten pregnant, and I knew his name was Pete and that was all.

That was how my first time happened, and no, I didn’t get pregnant or ever see him again and waited two more years for the right boy to come along, and this time I really was in love! He was older, more mature. He was handsome and real cute. He was in fact Monica’s older brother. I had teased and flirted with him all evening at a sleepover at their house, and when I told him I slept naked he suggested that I lied, so I turned to him and whispered he could find out for himself.

That was how it started. The door was left unlocked. It was sometime after midnight when he snuck into the bedroom and got into my bed. He felt that I was naked. He was anxious for a fuck and I felt his hands behind me as they grasped upon my butt. His penis touched my wet part; then slid right in my cunt! I knew he had a girlfriend. I really didn’t care. I really didn’t like her and I wanted to be fucked!

It seemed that he could not get enough of me, and while still cheating on his girlfriend he would contact me on occasion, then we would meet.

There were three more boys after that, a boy from school I really liked who was a virgin when we met. We dated for a year and then broke up. There was another guy who I also had a crush on who unfortunately was married. He worked for my uncle at the bakery downtown. He was Swedish and had the most attractive curly blonde hair of anyone I’d ever met! My uncle had gone home early one evening and he was in there cleaning up all by himself. I happened to come by to see my uncle, and had knocked upon the door. He let me in. I flirted with him; then he kissed me and my tongue went in his mouth. It was quick and unexpected! His hand went in my jeans, discovering my wetness as I helped him push them off! He took me to the office and we did it on a desk! It was the first time that I had ever climaxed during sex, an orgasm so incredible I was almost overwhelmed! It happened only once which was quite sad. It was shortly after the event he moved away.

It was after that that I had another boyfriend. We finished school together, fucking regularly, almost daily throughout the last semester as we helped each other with our schoolwork. He left for college. We promised we’d be faithful. He fucked another girl and I found out and it was over.

I’ve never done group sex or fucked a teacher, and I’ve never ever cheated on my husband and three kids. Monica got married. She fucked her husbands friend, then got divorced. She tells me things and still sucks cocks and takes guys home from bars and has likely fucked more guys than I can count. For me that part of my life is now over, for which I am thankful.


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