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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-06 10:41:58
Author Jimmys
Title Amazing Tits and Great Sex
Category slept with my boss/teacher/colleque
Where it happend Office
Age then 35
Age now 38
Gender MALE
Viewed 162
Story Length 2844

(6 votes / 55 points)

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Amazing Tits and Great Sex


When we hired Becky, some of the people in the office thought we hired her because of her big tits. But We had hired her from a temp agency because she was a good worker and was an excellent typist. She also happened to young (about 22) and cute.

My male co-workers and I wondered what size her breasts were and most of us agreed they were at least 36 C or D's. A few thought they could be 38 D's. We just enjoyed how she dressed and showed them off. Just a little bit of cleavage, but nice tight fitting shirts and sweaters at times.

She had worked for us for about a year and I had gotton to know her some and she was fun to talk to. The company I worked for had a little health club in our building with a small weight room, a racquetball court and locker rooms with showers and a sauna in the men's locker room. She started to play racquetball with some of the other woman in the office and enjoyed playing. The problem was that the woman were either too good for her and she didn't enjoy playing with them, or the others were about the same ability as her. This meant they couldn't help teach her much and the other woman didn't enjoy playing against her or really want to teach her about the game. She asked me if I wouldn't mind teaching her about racquetball.

So we started to play about once a week and it was nice to watch her move in the court. She first started out nice tight long pants and a tight shirt to play in. She had a nice ass I noticed along with nice tits. After awhile she started to wear some nice shorts which also showed off her ass and legs, so it wasn't a bad time playings some racquetball with her and teaching her a few things.

I hit a strecth where I was working late with all the projects I had going. If I needed help with reports and getting them printed, Becky was always glad to come in and help. A few times she just came by since she was bored and it was a nice break for me. I was getting to know her well and she felt comfortable around me and asked me to help move some things in her apartment. Then one day she asked if I would go with her at lunch for some shopping. I agreed and we headed to the mall where she informed me she needed a new swimsuit for a spring trip with some friends and needed my male opinion. She tried on a few one piece suits saying a few of her friends only wore one piece suits. I must admit she looked good in all of them. Then she tried on a few bikinis. These were pretty tame bikinis, some with the tankini tops or full coverage tops and then usually full coverage bottoms or boy shorts. I told her she should get something sexier than the ones she was trying on since she had such a nice body. She said she had never worn anything like that, but maybe it was time to try some. We had fun trying them on but I only got to see half of them. She said some showed too much skin. She brought a thong bottom once and asked how about this one. I told her to put it on and she just laughed and told me no way. She finally decided on one and I must admit, she looked hot in it and was going to attract plenty of looks on the beach.

During this same time, a few things happened during racquetball that were fun. She would tease me by tugging on my shorts when she walked by and then one time she came up behind me and gave a big tug and they came down to my knees. She just laughed but got a good view of my bikini briefs I like to wear when excersizing. I told her I would get her back sometime and I did a few weeks later. She had on some bikini panties with a little lace on the top and looked great. Then I was in the locker room and she came and knocked on the door, there were no towels in the woman's locker room. I was the only one there and so she came in and I got her a towel. She saw the sauna and complained that the woman didn't have one. I just said she would have to come and share this one. Once she came over just as I had removed the last piece of clothing and just walked in the locker room. When she saw me, she acted surprised and went back out the door saying she needed a towel. I got her one and handed it to her. Then once I was in the sauna and she came into the sauna and there I was, sitting there nude enjoying the heat. I said next time come in and enjoy yourself, but it is clothing optional. The next week, I thought I would help Becky out and take her a towel to save her the trip. So I grabbed a few towels and headed over to the womans locker room. I decided we were on a no-knock policy now so I just went right in. This time I caught her just getting into the shower. She jumped in the stall and told me to get out, but leave the towels.

A few weeks later, I was working late and Becky had come in to finish some editing for the report and print up the copies we needed. After we had finished, I was going to head down to the sauna to relax. Becky said that sounded nice and could she join me. I warned her it was clothing optional in the sauna and nude preferred. So we headed down and I checked to make sure no one else was there and it was just the two of us. So I went in and Becky said she would join me in the sauna after she changed. I stripped down and sat down. Becky joined me a few minutes later and had on her panties and a white tank top. She told me she had to wear something in case someone came in to use the facility. After awhile I looked over and her tank top was getting wet and I could make out the darkness around her nipples and her nipples were outlined nicely by the material. She finally noticed it and said she didn't need this anymore as she pulled off her tank top. I couldn't believe how magnificant her tits were. They were large, firm, and well shaped. I tried to act like normal, but my cock knew differently and started to grow and get firm. I had to look away to control myself and not get a big hard-on right in front of her.

A trip to the sauna and showers became a standard practice for us when we worked late. Once we went down and there were some men in the locker room so we missed out that night. I was disappointed because I really enjoyed seeing her tits and we had some nice conversations before heading home. She always wore a pair of panties and would bring or wear a tank top to the sauna. One night things really changed. She had on her panties and a tank top, but was complaining about being stiff from sitting at the computer. I started to rub her shoulders and neck which helped her to relax. I worked my way down her back with a massage, but the shirt was getting in the way. I pulled it up and she just let me take it off. Her skin was so soft as I massaged her back and neck. I also worked on her arms and felt my hands brush by her tits. I could feel my cock reacting, but didn't really care. Before long I was working her back and the sides of her and could feel the bulge of the side of her breasts as my hands moved across them. Then I worked around to her stomach and could feel the bottom of her tits as I moved up and heard her breathing change. I brought my hand up and just kept on going feeling the bottom of her tits and cupping them in my hands. I gave a few squeezes and her breathing quickened. I then moved on and felt the nicest firm nipples with my fingers. As I continued to play with them, they got even larger and harder. I just started to give her tits a massage and she was breathing hard. Becky turned towards me and I cupped a tit in my hand and took a nipple in my mouth. I sucked and played with it with my tongue. Then moved onto the other nit and nipple.

When she looked down she saw a hard erect cock standing straigt out. Her hand found the shaft and she grasped it tightly, then released, and moved her hand along the shaft to the head. Then tighten her grip and moved back down the shaft. Before long she had a nice stroking motion going and I had to sit back and just enjoy the site of her and her stroking. She bent over, put her lips on the tip and gave it a nice kiss. I wanted her to take it in her mouth and she must have known that. She opened her mouth and her lips slid over the tip, around the head, and part way down the shaft. Then she backed off and repeated again and again. She worked on me for a good five minutes and I thought I would explode. She pulled off me and I moved my hand down to her panties.

As my fingers moved down the front of her panties, I could feel a nice wet spot. I knew it was either her juices or just some sweat. But the smell wasn't sweat, it was definately her juices. I slipped a finger under the top of her panty and could feel a little bush of hair. Then I had two fingers under and was brushing her bush with my two fingers. Then my hand went down and all the way to her labia folds. She was definately wet from her own juices and it was nice and slick. My finger found the fold between the labia and went right between the two labia. To do this right, I needed to get rid of the panties and so I started to pull both sides down. She raised her ass and I pulled them down uncovering her nice patch of pubic hair, then I got the first look at her vulva and hesitated to enjoy the view. She was looking at me when I looked up for her gorgous pussy. I then pulled the panties off. She laid down on the bench and spread her legs giving me an even better look at her pussy. It looked delicious and so I just had to taste her. I put my lips on her labia and she lifted her hips up so her pussy pressed harder against my mouth. I went to work on her and licked and sucked on her sweet pussy listening to her moan and rock her hips. I moved up to her clit and slid two fingers in her wet vagina. She was moaning and if anyone was close to the locker room, they could of heard her pleasure noises. With a little more work, I felt the muscles in her vagina tighten around my fingers, her ass was tight, her breathing was short, and her moans were pure pleasure. Then I felt a release of moisture and new she was cumming. The sweet feel and sounds of orgasm were wrapped around my fingers, pressed against my mouth, and pleasant sounds to my ears. She finally released and I felt her body go relaxed. I pulled my fingers out and stood back gazing at some of the nicest tits I have ever seen. Her bush was shaved at the sides, trimmed about an inch in length, and extended down to her mons.

She looked up and saw me enjoying her sexy body and with my hard erect cock standing at attention. She moved over and took it in her hand and started to pump away on it. She cupped my balls with her other hand and would squeeze and play with my sack as she stroked my cock. I just relaxed and let her take me for a nice hand job. I could feel it building and knew I was close. A few more strokes and I started to shoot cum and I didn't care where it landed. I looked and saw some had landed on her tits, down to her legs. She pumped every last drop out of me with her hand and watched as it fell to the floor. My cock slowly went limp and we were ready to get out. We went to the women's locker room and showered and got dressed. I gave her a kiss goodnight and we left, knowing we would see each other in the morning and anticipating the next time we could get together.

It only took a few days to get back together. Another late night, but we seemed to work even faster trying to get done. We headed right down to the locker room and once inside, started pulling each other's clothes off. Under her dress she had on a nice matching pair of panties and bra and I unfastened her bra and started right in on her tits. We kissed as she unfastened my pants and broke our kiss long enough for her to pull my pants and underware off. My cock was rock hard and she pressed her tits against me as we kissed some more. My hand went to her ass and I could feel her nice soft panties covering her ass.I grab one of her ass cheeks as we kissed long and hard. I pulled her panties off and into the sauna we went. We traded giving each other oral and I couldn't believe how tasty her pussy was. I hated to leave it, but after some 69 action, I needed to bury my cock in her pussy. She laid down on the bench and I brought my cock up to her bush, slide it down her labia, and parted her labia with the head of my cock. We were both so wet with juices that my cock had no problem sliding in her. I took it slow, savoring the feel of her pussy enjulfing my cock. A little at a time and then back out. Back in and go a little deeper, then back out. A few strokes like this and I couldn't control it any longer, I burried my cock deep in her pussy. She was moaning and I was pumping away telling her how good her pussy felt on my cock. When I pulled out, she moved me to the bench and I laid down. Watching her straddle me and then take my cock and guide it into her pussy almost made me cum right there. But she started to ride my cock and I watched as her tits bounced with each stroke.

She was getting close and so was I as we moved into our last position. She kneeled on the lower bench on all fours with her ass in the air. I came up from behind and slide my cock between her ass cheeks to her waiting pussy. I could feel the head of my cock slide past the labia and enter her opening. She pushed back to get my cock in her further and we went at it. Her ass slapping against my legs and stomach and my cock buried in her pussy. It didn't take long and I released my cum. I could feel it squirt in her pussy and I kept pumping away. She was rubbing her clit with her fingers and with the help of my cock and her fingers, she came just after I did.

We spent many more times together enjoying the sauna, taking showers together, and having some incredible sex. It ended when she took another job. We got together for lunch a few times, but could never meet up at the right time for more sex. I'll always remember the incredible sex with the woman that had the most amazing tits that I have ever seen and enjoyed.


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