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Story Info

Posting Date 2011-01-02 15:18:03
Author Roberta
Title Who Was First??
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend Beach
Age then 14
Age now 22
Viewed 453
Story Length 1731

(28 votes / 242 points)

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Who Was First??


The boy that I first had sex with was seventeen and three years older than I was. I liked him a lot. I was friends with his younger sister. He knew I really liked him and one day when I was at their place he came into her bedroom and we started making out. His sister left the room and said that she was going to the store. I think she did it so that she could give us some privacy.

He was playing with me, fingering me and teasing my clitoris and making me really wet as we were kissing. It was not the first time that a boys finger had given pleasure. I knew he had a girlfriend and I asked if he had had sex with her and if he loved her.

He said that they were friends and that was all. I asked him if he fucked her? He said yes. I asked him if she liked to fuck. He said she did. I wanted him to be my boyfriend, not hers and so I slid my hand inside his shirt, then down his belly, touching the naked penis as my hand slipped down inside his shorts.

He seemed surprised, then opened up his jeans to give me access, allowing for his cock to come right out so I could see it. It was bigger than I ever might have thought! I wanted him to fuck me! His sister would be gone for just an hour! He asked how old I was. I told him that I had had my fourteenth birthday 3 days ago, reminding him that at that age I was legal, at least in Canada where we lived.

"I want you to fuck me," I whispered. "The same as how you fuck your girlfriend."

It was obvious that he was surprised.

I stood and took my clothes off, allowing him to see me naked, perhaps convincing him that I was ready for such a thing!

I laid upon his sisters bed and watched as he took off his clothes, then raised my knees and opened up my thighs.

He knelt there, placing his cock in the wetness of my crotch, seeking for the entrance to my sex.

"You're real wet," he said to me. "How many guys have you fucked already?"

"I haven't."


"You're my first."

"You sure."

"I wouldn't tell you that if it wasn't true."

It was then that I felt the swollen knob of his erection as it found the entrance to my sex and then went in me.

"You lied," he said as it went in.

It was obvious that the cherry had been taken previous, that another cock had entered previous. He didn't really care, feeling my hands upon his butt as I pulled him to me and locked my feet behind his ass.

It was then I started fucking him and caused for his response, the urgency and passion of a fuck not yet complete, my hips rotating rapidly and squeezing on his shaft! It was pleasure not imagined, beyond even my wildest imagination, and when I felt him cumming I squealed and moaned in pleasure and felt him squirt his seed!

It was the best first fuck that a girl could have, a guy I really really liked and a cock that had the stamina to make me cum.

We lay there on the bed when it was over and I told him that I loved him and he said that he loved me. He asked again if I'd been fucked before. I told him that I hadn't.

It was a technicality perhaps. In my own mind I was still a virgin, though the cherry having been taken by another.

The following are the circumstances related to an event that had occured just a year previous.

My family had rented a cabin at the beach. It was the first time that I had seen the ocean. For me it was the experience of a lifetime. I was twelve, and certainly not ready to be having sex. There was this girl called Monica that was there who I became friends with and we started hanging out together. She was sixteen and really pretty and she was someone who I felt I wanted to be like. She liked guys a lot and would flirt with them all the time and I thought that it was fun.

She said that she had a steady boyfriend back home in Iowa where she was from. I asked about sex. She said they did it all the time and that she liked it; but she said that she was raped the first time that she did it by two boys at a party, and that the hardest part was waiting two more weeks for her period, the fear that the boys who did it to her might have gotten her pregnant!

I asked her what had happened, for the details and she told me. They were drinking, smoking pot and hanging out. She should never have been there in the first place! She remembered that she felt light headed and then this boy had helped her and had taken her to a car and then that was where it happened.

I knew that I did not want to lose my own virginity it such a manner. I wanted it to be consensual, to be loved and to really want for it to happen when it did. It did not appear to however to have diminished her desire to have sex since. She described vividly what it felt like to have sex with her boyfriend and how she'd squeeze his cock when he was in her!

Monica related several incidents in detail, even arousing my own desire to try it. One day when we were lying on the beach and sunbathing we met this really cute guy called Trevor.

He was lying on the beach with us, telling each of us how cute we both looked in our bikini's. My breasts were really quite small and I was definitely impressed that he had noticed my figure at all.

It was Monica who suggested that we get up and take a walk. We had walked up into the sand dunes behind the beach when I noticed that Monica and Trevor where holding hands, as though he helped her.

We found this place that was really private, amongst some bushes in the sand dunes and we sat down. He suggested that we all get naked and then sunbathe in our birthday suits!

I didn't want to get naked. I told him no but then Monica agreed and began to take off her top and then her bottoms. I looked at him, his shorts coming down and his penis gradually exposed for us to see it. It was definitely much larger than I ever might have thought! Both of them were now naked and then insisted that I do the same.

I finally agreed, hoping that he might not look but knowing that he would! Perhaps I was embarassed. Unlike Monica my cunt was still not fully covered in pubic hair and the lips of it were mostly still exposed with a small amount of fluff upon the top part of my mound.

We lay there naked on our towels, and then I watched as she then turned to him and touched his cock, rubbing the top part of his shaft as the thing went stiff and really hard!

It happened quickly, the male erection, the longest stiffest cock I'd ever seen in all my life! Monica was not all shy by her desires, forgetting perhaps about her boyfriend back in Iowa as then she straddled it, holding the shaft of the anxious cock as she guided toward the narrow entrance of her sex, watching his reaction as his cock began to enter!

I watched. I lay right there right beside them, watching every detail of the fuck, witnessing the thrusting of his cock, the urgency and passion of two people making love. She was gasping, saying she was on the pill and telling him to keep his cock inside her when he came! The momentum of the fuck increased, the murmurs and the gasps and sounds that people make when in those final moments or orgasm! I could tell that he was cumming; he was squirting in his seed, her hips rotating rapidly and squeezing on his shaft!

Too soon it was all over. They were fucked and both exhausted. She kissed him and got off of him and said the fuck was great!

Time passed. I was playing with myself, gently teasing my clitoris with my finger when he turned his head toward me and suggested we might fuck. I looked at him. I smiled, for his cock was small and soft. He came to me and fingered me and teased my anxious clit, then placed his face between my thighs and teased it with his tongue.

It happened really quickly! I began to fuck his tongue, the urgency and passion of a woman wanting cock! He knew that I was horny and wanted to be fucked, then looked at me and smiled and knelt between my thighs!

His cock was partway in me. It had taken of the prize! Monica was anxious and telling us to stop but his cock continued further and all of it went in!

Suddenly we heard them!! The sounds of people coming made us stop what we were doing, then quickly find our clothes!

We lay there, just like nothing was happening as they walked past, an older couple who were taking their dog for a walk in the dunes.

He wanted to come back to me, to fuck me as he had fucked Monica. Suddenly I became scared. I was hurting where his cock had broken the hymen as it went in. I told him we were done. I got up and walked away from them, turning to see him kneeling between Monica's thighs, his cock going in her as I turned away and left them. The fear of getting fucked by him had suddenly overwhelmed me.

It was the following day that we departed, and I did not see Monica or Trevor after.


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