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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-12-07 23:41:56
Author craigorkyle
Title My name was Nancy
Category tried a gangbang
Where it happend Frat House
Age then 19
Age now 23
Viewed 340
Story Length 2854

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My name was Nancy


I am a petite Asian girl in my last year of college at a public southern California university. I am a pretty smart girl, but I have made some not so pretty smart choices in my life. One of them was dating Steve. Before I rewind to the beginning let me tell you about myself now.

It seems like all the stories you read have the same formula: I am this and this girl, my boobs are this and this 34, 36, 38 ABCD big, long hair, long legs, short skirt, short bush, etc. So I'm not going to do that. Picture that Asian girl in one of your classes that you noticed on the first day of the semester then forgot about. Picture that Asian co-worker that your best bud at the office is a friend of a friend of. Medium height, medium build. Jet black hair and a plain name. My name was Nancy. Picture that Asian girl who walks her dog down your street in that tight tank top with itty bitty shorts. The shorts scream out that she works out, but her body screams out: I want to fuck. Perky tits that fit right into the palm of your hands. Curvy tender back and juicy rear. Skinny and tight. That's me. Years of swimming in order to get a college scholarship has given me a body that the college boys immediately took attention to. Attention that I was not used to. But I liked. This body is what you see at a club dancing and thrashing about after 3 shots and 4 beers, all before midnight. The tight jersey knit dress is only low enough to tease my mid thigh. Frequently riding up to give the guys a good look. I'm not that drunk, but I act like it so when I dance and the dress rides up, it doesn't look like it's on purpose. My legs tantalize the eyes. My ass makes your feet move towards me. My hands go for your crotch.

I look men right in the eyes and grab the crotch of their pants. I love doing it. It's so wrong, but it gives me such power. Ever guy that dances up to me will get their dicks felt up, but I won't go further than that. I don't want to be the one asking for it. I want them to demand to fuck me. If they don't I just keep teasing away. Rubbing the denim over their cocks, until they back me into a corner and do to me what I tell them i don't want done to me. It's only rape on the outside. So anyways, let me rewind. I'll tell you how I got this way. How I became that Asian slut that teases a group of men until they become animals. And how, now, those animals are the only way I get off.

I began fucking around that first year of college. Sneaked into guy's rooms and rode their dicks. Gave blowjobs between classes. I had a few relationships, a few hook ups, nothing substantial. There was even a professor I fucked that first year. He walked me to my car then got in with me. I grabbed his dick right in the parking lot and got him hard. I slipped off my shorts and climbed on him. We fucked in the passenger seat. His dick felt wrinkly even when it was hard as a rock. It turned me on that I was earning my A in a way I had never done before. I did a couple of jocks, couple of nerds and some maintence guys too. I wasn't a huge slut, I just got caught in some nice circumstances.

This all stopped when I met Steve. He was a year older than me and was in a frat. It wasn't the best frat on campus, but they definitely were a tight knit bunch. They were known for throwing really out of hand parties and the frat bros frequently ended up in a cell for a few nights. Steve was different. He knew how to treat a girl. He went slow and loved me for who I was. Or so I thought. We started dating and I was getting it on a regular basis with him. His cock was sweet and stuffed me good. Ever time I stayed over at his frat house, I made sure to moan extra loud so that all his frat brothers knew how much I loved him. Not to mention, the stares I get on the way out in the morning turned me on. It was like they were there in the room with us the night before. They knew what went on and that was basically sex in of itself.

We continued to date for 3 more months and I grew to love him more. I was especially attracted to him as he became more of a leader in his frat. Eventually by summer, he was voted in as the president. I felt like the first lady and I acted like it too, only in public ofcourse. I made sure to be extra vocal that week he got elected. I screamed out, "Fuck me FUCK ME" and "Oh GOD, give it to me" over and over as he drilled my pussy. Life was good.

Then things changed. Steve became more distant. In retrospect I wonder if his given power corrupted him. The more distant he grew, the more I yearned for his embrace, his love, his approval. I wanted him to want me and how else to do it then show him how sexual I can be.

The mid-summer party was in July. Hot enough for girls to wear anything they want, including nothing. Beer flowed freely and no one held back. I was to meet up with Steve at this party and was a little pissed he didn't pick me up and accompany me in. I was beginning to realize the distance between us and started to get drastic. I thought to myself, well if he doesn't want me, I'm sure one of his frat bros will. That'll make him think twice about our relationship. I popped on an almost sheer, yellow cropped top that cut in low. It hugged my breasts and loaded my nipples like springs ready to pop out. I made a mental note to nipple check myself throughout the night. My abs looked great as did my lower back. I had stayed toned with all the fucking I had done. I had made sure to shave my pussy and as I threw on some daisy dukes I spread my legs slightly to give my pussy a stroke. With my shorts up to my knees and my hand on my cunt, I was getting pretty arroused. I loved the way a freshly shaved vagina feels. I played with myself for a bit before I pulled up my shorts. No underwear by the way. I simply love the feeling of having a shaved snatch too much to waste underwear on it. put on some sensible yellow heels to match and I was off.

I entered the house and it was as expected. Beer pong, Beer bong, girls dancing, girls getting high with boys getting high. I walked around and made my way in to mingle and say hi to everyone. I wanted to make sure all the boys got a good look. And boy they sure did. Eyes went straight down when I came in for a hug and eyes stayed glued to me as I walk to the next hug. I'm fucking hot and they know it. This part still makes me giggle. The next part not so much. Steve was around and had seen his boys staring at me. More importantly, he had seen that I liked it. I do not know what combination of emotions caused the next events to be set into motion, but whatever they were, they were strong emotions. Steven grabbed me by the waist from behind. A tight grip that I knew meant he was angry. I saw him smile though when I turned my head. A fake smile if there ever was one. We went up stairs and I was ready to give myself to him, I wanted him to love me. Without saying a word, I was on my back on his bed. He ripped off my shorts and started fingering me. It felt sooo good and I was about to orgasm, but then he pulled his fingers out and grabbed my tits with his hands. I looked over his hands and could see his fat dick pulsating. I loved watching it try to slide into me. The resistance my pussy lips have to his cock is so hot. I moan as he pushed his way in. Then he pounded me over and over and over again. It felt so good I thought I was going to black out. "I love you baby" I said. He must have not heard me over the sound of his bed slamming into the wall. I gasped as I was about to orgasm, but then I felt that familiar wetness in my cunt before I could cum. It was okay though, I felt happy that he approved. His cum in me was his approval I thought.

The next 10 seconds are the scariest in my life. I look over at the door that was slightly ajar and saw two pairs of eyes peeping in. Steve walks over and gives them both a fist pound and utters something. I was too overcome with surprise to process any spoken words. Then Steve motioned over to me and the two guys came over to me. Max was a dark skinned Mexican and was big. He held me down by my right shoulder with one hand as he undid his shorts. As he got his dick out, Jeff was kissing down my thighs and already got his dick out. Jeff was hard and as I kept staring, noticed that he was long. It was like a broomstick handle from my point of view. Then he moved his dick towards my pussy and I freaked out. I did not want this. I screamed for them to stop. Max was surprised by my strength and lost a hold of my shoulder. He replaced the one hand with both hands. and held me down while jumping onto the bed. Jeff pulled on my legs so now my ass was hanging off the bed. Then he rammed his dick in me. It felt wrong. He kept pumping away as I kept saying stop, but in between my stops, I was moaning. I moaned louder and louder as he went faster and faster. Jeff stopped and jerked a bit. He must have just came in me, i couldn't tell because I already had Steve's cum in me. I stopped to catch my breath as Max replaced Jeff's place. Max grabs my thighs and puts his big cock in me. It really stretched me out. I move my body up to try and get up, but was met with what seemed like 6 black hands. As Max rams his dick into me, I had to take account of what was going around. The room was filled with men now. The ones in front were Austin, Tyler and Eric, three black brothers that were in the frat. As they held me down I noticed out of my periphery that they were jerking their dicks. I was really panicking now and I wanted it to stop. I looked at their dicks as they grew and grew. Tyler's dick was especially big. It looked clownish and I would have laughed at it if I was not in this situation. Max came quickly. Before I could finish my thoughts on all the men in the room, he pulled out and came on my stomach. It was a huge load and felt warm. I gave up struggling by this point as fear overcame me. My next thoughts were please, don't let Tyler fuck me. I guess God is not comlpetely cruel as Austin went first. i was still on my back and he slammed his dick into my pussy with no regard for me as a human being. He just fucked me hard and fast. The thoughts of the dozens of guys in the room in addition to the big black cock in me moving like a piston must have cracked me. Because I came hard. I bucked and lost control and screamed out sounds of lust. I heard a girl's voice say, "fuck me you bitch." It might have been my voice. It most likely was as there were no other girls in this very very cramped room. I was gasping for air and screaming in pleasure. The black man slapped my ass and pulled out. He didn't come. Then I saw Tyler move in. This was when it all started to become a blur. As Tyler slapped my clit with his monster of a dick, I felt like I was going to cum again. His dick must have weighed 10 pounds. It looked like black maglite and it was going to light me up. As he slapped my clit, his dick got harder and harder. When he became satisfied with the slapping, he placed his head right on my pussy lips. I held my breath and felt a tear roll down my eye all before he began to push. I could hear the crowd in the room cheer as he advanced his dick into me. spreading my outer lips at first, then the inner lips then the walls of my pussy. I screamed out, "OHHHHHH YES". The "Ohhh" was a painful oh, but the "yes" was a surprise to me. He got all the way in me, but I could tell there was lots of dick left on the outside. Then as he began to slide in and out, I orgasmed. It felt so good then. As the cum of the previous men lubricated his massive cock inside me.

Time blurred and all I felt was dicks all over. At some point someone flipped me over and onto the floor. I was sucking dicks as guys pounded me from behind. I remember some cocks not cumming before they were pulled away from my hands or mouth. I no longer felt my pussy, but could feel the cum dripping down my thighs. I came a few more times and fell to the floor after each one. Each time I came and fell to the floor in exhaustion, i was picked back up by one of the frat brothers and held up to get face fucked. Gagging woke me up and I return to blowing the dick. I remember not much else other than getting loads and loads of cum shot into my mouth and onto my back and ass.

I wake up the next morning on the floor next to the bed, naked and cold, there was a puddle under my tits and ass and as I rolled over realized it was a collection of semen. All i could do was roll over. That instantly sapped my energy. I blacked out again and the next thing I remember was being in the hospital and being treated for over exhaustion and dehydration.

I had many thoughts that week, but I came to one conclusion. I loved being gangbanged. I sought it every weekend from then on, never asking for it. I wanted the gang to come to me. I wanted to be held down and fucked hard then left in a puddle of cum in the morning.

This is why I grab men's dicks in clubs. Then walk away, letting them take a good look at my ass. I'll keep doing it until they can't take it anymore and become an animal. I've worked on my rhythm to the point where I'm able to get 5 guys or more coming at me on the dance floor. It could be right there, or later at a hotel. Or even in the back alley. In a cab or on the sidewalk. I would get fucked, the way I wanted to get fucked. The way Steve wanted me to get fucked. Each time I get gangbanged I felt a something. It wasn't quite a sense of satisfaction or success. It was like... an approval of some sort.

My name used to be Nancy, but i don't know anymore. I feel like I'm just a collection of men's approvals. How could you give that a name? But I don't need a name. Not for what I do. Even tonight, after I write this last sentence, I'll be out on the town looking for able-bodied men.


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