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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-11-26 12:15:31
Author marcosurbina
Title First time with a MILF
Category had an orgasm
Where it happend Tapelque, Buenos Aires
Age then 20
Age now 59
Gender MALE
Viewed 169
Story Length 1512

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First time with a MILF


I had the big problem with my massive dick, but this lady would soon find a remedy to it!

This story that came to pass in a certain city known as Tapalque, in the province of Buenos Aires , Argentina, it includes myself and an adventurous 65 yo MILF. Besides, she was my Italian neighbor at that time in that particular Village.

I've always lived in my hometown where I grew up, next to Ofelia's house. She appeared to have a gorgeous body, about 1.90 tall, ever since I first met her. She also had wide hips and, of course, a tremendous, gorgeous bubble ass, like globes, impressive, the size of a foot ball. She had been married to Aurelio before, who passed away when she was still a young woman. By this time I was probably 35, and I don't recall having seen her with another man or boy friend since she had become a widow.

I'm quite a mysterious guy, because there's something inexplicable in my penis, of a size too large. This was once a matter for curiosity among doctors when I was born and they registered that abnormality and deformity in my record. Doctors decided to meet and discuss this rare case of such big penis in an 18yo boy. It was 35 cms. long, 6.5 wide when got to its maximum.

Well, it's the moment now to get to the point. As we were returning from the doctor's office -I had an appointment to find a remedy to this calamity or catastrophe- my mom stopped to talk with Mrs. Ofelia and they had a long chat. I wasn't interested in the conversation so I went ahead without my mother.

As she got home too, I asked what would be the conversation topic there, and she replied it was only a typical women conversation.
I lied down in my bed in the afternoon to rest, and after a while I got up and went out; run into my neighbor Ofelia who was cleaning the sidewalk. She approached to me as if to begin a conversation. She then made a comment about something that she considered necessary: If I could assist some duties for her at her home, so I gladly accepted. Once I stepped in, she anticipated if I could lend her a hand at the basement where we'd work to organize it, clean and after discard some trash I was alowed to take home some stuff I wished to keep after disposal.

My answer was to get down there now, so did she. Nothing there would call my attention, for there was nothing extraordinary in this place, but as she turned on the lights I could see better and I couldn't help noticing a king size bed, already assembled, yet trying to ignore it.

Mrs. Ofelia had started a chat about some deal: if I did her more favors I'd get money to buy my own cigarettes for thee week. I offed to do it generously. Besides, my mother wouldn't agree if I charged for my services.

I wondered what would be this deal aboutyet didn't know a damn about, so I’d try to inquire. She replied she had always had a fantasy since she heard over I had a problem with my monster dick and always fantasized and had fantasies seeing me naked and doing a streap tease for her. She insisted over, she'd pay for the strip tease. My disorientation and puzzlement were big at this moment, in total disorientation, standing there in front of her splendorous body: flesh everywhere. She said:

"Com on, Marcos, you just fuck me while I'm lying on my back! I'll teach you how."

I obeyed immediately. Besides, I was wishing for a whore to get some relief to my problem, this way wouldn’t have to get to the local whorehouse. Girls would refuse to. Now it was my chance, I considered this for a moment.

Despite her age, she moved quickly to get prepared and, in seconds, she began to align her pussy opening along my dick. I felt my dick having problems in sliding into her. It couldn't find the way through the beautiful box, but soon her love tunnel gave in to my massive cock until it poked completely inside her. Figured out her vagina would streach and adapt pretty well to any penis size!

After this MILF began to shake her ass and felt comfortable with the monster cock, she began to arch her body for a more complete and successful entrance of my tool. Bingo!!
It's hard to figure out the woman's face expression, like a twisted perverted bitch.

Her pleasure was so great that tears had begun to run down her cheeks with each time my dick went in and out grinding that hole. Perhaps she was feeling a tremendous pleasure inside, for each time it plunged she screamed aloud like ever like any woman ever had.

Suddenly, I felt a pain in my testicles and noticed a liquid that had begun to spurt out. I didn't know what this was, and when she saw this, she made a comment:

"Too much cum load gallons, Mr. Marcos. I'm gonna teach you my first lesson: this all means you're cumming."

She stayed there soaked by the semen repeating over and over:

"What a wonderful dick you have here, baby."

It didn't last too long before my massive dick began to rise again and she noticed this as well, but made this comment:

"Things will change now. It's your turn to try another sex position, boy. Do me a doggy."

She got now in her 4's and parted her meaty vagina lips with her fingers. Grabbed the massive cock and I slowly tried to slide within her. She then said:

"You just plunge it with a single blow. I want you to tear me up. Split my ass, please."

She told me to avoid any disgusting feeling at all, shouldn't see this as something sickening, and get well prepared for my new job. I stood ok in preparation while she grabbed my dick leading it towards the cunt entrance. It was then when I pushed strongly enough as to plunge it to the bottom with only one drive. 90 percent was already inside her making her to scream loudly, impressive screams of pleasure. I was now in the position for enjoying better, grabbed on tit and began to bang her stronger. She said aloud:

"Please, tear me apart, oh, yesss, like that, fuck! Rip through!"

I felt my massive dick wet and going fully inside her pussy while she began to say: "Stop, stop... now, please!!"

I obeyed immediately. I saw as she spread wide for me suck the black hole. It would be a stupid thing to try this, so pretended I was a fool, hadn’t got this, until she said she had saved this surprise for me today: I began to suck the hole and then felt the strange juices taste, unknown to me, while she was happy enjoying. No doubt this woman had everything prepared and said:

"Now, it’s been lubricated with your saliva. Go, put it inside me into my asshole!!"

I grabbed my dick firmly and tried to poke it into that asshole, but whatever effort was useless: it wouldn't work; simply couldn't get any further inside her while she was busy handling this difficult situation with on hand keeping her asscheeks apart. It was then as she screamed aloud:

"Now, babe, go, do it now!!

The head went first. She was now screaming louder than the first time as I gave her long and slow strokes. She slumped exhausted to the bed, hooked by the massive dick and crawling on her four while made a new command: "Now, the asshole, go, go, go, don't stop, harder, come on! Go to the deep end!!"

I obeyed her and she began to bite, crunched her teeth on the pillow to muffle her screams. All was a mess, the MILF even fart as I felt a strange sensation back to my balls again, so I was about to cum. She begged me to hold my cum, turned around and said: "Put your damn dick between my tits and fuck them! Make me cum, fellow!"

My cum load flooded her everywhere and this bitch swallowed it all. We stayed there lying on the bed for a while, then I got home. She made me promise another session for her and my answer was quick: another opportunity would come along the way. I had to keep the secret and shouldn't say anything about this or I'd spoil it all. This was the deal. I still don't know why she had to rest in bed for two days, while I began to jerk off like never before.



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