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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-11-26 12:17:46
Author PRAlien
Title From photo session to sex session.
Category slept with a boy/girl
Where it happend Her apartment
Age then 25
Age now 26
Gender MALE
Viewed 182
Story Length 1686

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From photo session to sex session.


A few months after doing it a third time with my neighbors grand-daughter Emma (I may or may not post the story), I've been finding myself wanting to do it with her again, but well… I've been having second thoughts about our "relationship", since I can basically go to jail, even though she's the one that started it all, and with all the arrests and stuff happening lately on the news, tv shows featuring this kid of activity, I was getting scared.

Well, to clear my mind, and lust… horniness, whatever, I've been doing a lot of my hobbies, between these photography. After positing those photos online an old high school friend of my sister contacted me, she's a model and she wants to update her portfolio and she asked me if I could help her, taking photos for her. I told her I didn't have any light equipments and only photography using natural light. She said it was perfect, cause the ones she want to update are her swimsuit photos.

She has an amazing body, since I know her from when she went to high school with my sister, she was skinny, perfectly round ass, and relatively big/normal breasts. Well between the years she gained a weight, and just a few months ago she lost the weight again, going skinny again, but something great happened the weight she gained on her breast stayed, and she now has bigger boobs than before. She used to be a good big size B, now she's a good C size breasts. Skinny body, great marked abs, and still perfect round ass. She looks stunningly beautiful, long black hair, white slightly freckled skin… she's a true supermodel.

We set a date, and basically hang together all day, it was fun day, we had breakfast together, and lunch together…. just the two of us, since sunrise till sunset, a lot photos were taken lots of GBs in memory. So when night came, we had dinner as well together, and we headed to her apartment to download all the hundreds of photos I had taken in the day. During the download and while we analyzed the images on the computer, I just kept complimenting her and everything, and she just flirted back at me (we did all day so nothing different to me) but this time she was body flirting with me, touching me and everything. She even sat on my lap while we analyzed some images. One thing led to another, and while on my lap she just turned her head and kissed me. I have no idea why I did this… but I asked her what she was doing? She told me since she was little she always had a crush on me, but since I am three years older and her friends brother, she didn't' say anything. I didn't know what to reply, I've also had a crush on her, but didn't say anything to her, I just told her, it doesn't matter anymore, and kissed her back.

She then stood and told me she was going to take a shower, get all the salt water and sunscreen still on her body, and began taking off her swimsuit in front of me. Again with my questions, I asked what she was doing? She just replied I've seen her in her underwear and glimpse at her naked before (back when she had sleep overs with my sister), and even that day, I held her close to me, wrapped around on a sheet on the beach while she changed clothes for the photo shoot, glimpsing part of her naked body. She just undressed and headed to her bathroom, turned on the shower and jumped in. I stayed on the computer, after less than a minute, she yelled from the bathroom (with open doored, completely visible from where I was) that I should also clean myself up, since I also like her spend the whole day on the outside. Still asking me WHY I said this, I told her I didn't have any change of clothes I was fine. She told me it doesn't matter, I should clean myself up. And again with the stupid replies, I told her I would wait for her. She just told me to just shut up and get inside with her.

I took my clothes off and approached the bathroom, the moment I got neared the shower she just pulled me inside, told me to wash her back… I began at her back and then just embraced her and began washing her front, while she still gave me her back, my hands moved all over her stomach and breasts, even going down to her pussy, as my head just rested on her shoulders, and her on my head, and my cock was squished between her lower back and me. She then began stroking my cock with out even watching it, then turned around kneeled and began sucking me. After a while with me close to cuming we change positions and I began liking her, and even though I was giving her a lot of pleasure I could really taste her juices that much with all that shower water rushing down and mixing in my mouth. After a while of wasting water, we shut the shower off, she dried herself threw me her towel and headed to the bedroom, I used the towel and did the same, and went after her.

I entered the bedroom and she was laying in the bed one leg stretched the other bent, smiling at me, I approached and began kissing her, this was not going to be only a fuck session for me, I wanted to make love to her. I kept kissing her, stopped only for a second to put my penis inside of her. With one trust she let a low deep moan, and hugged me by the neck. Holding me tight… as if finally fulfilling a life long dream. I began slowly to fuck her while she kept holding me by my neck. After a few seconds… she let go and I kept fucking her slow, but deep, began holding her by her gorgeous waist and ripped abs. Her gorgeous natural big breast with small nipples moving up and down while they hanged to the side a bit, and even one of them is slightly bigger than the other. I kept going slow and deep, matching my movement to hers, every now and then I would bend over to kiss her. She was so into to it, that she had a quick orgasm very fast, I could felt her walls throbbing against my cock, as they got wetter and wetter, I could see white coming out, I could even say I had just cum inside of her, her moans sounded like angels singing. I kept fucking her through the orgasm, she was so sensitive that she stopped me from fucking her, pulled towards her and gave me a sweet passionate kiss. We kiss for a while, my cock still submerged inside of her warm/hot pussy, hugged by her wet walls. I could even cum in there without any friction at all.

We kissed there for a while, I caressed her smooth body and breasts, and then she got on top of me, facing me. I had to close my eyes for a second, or I would have cum in that instant. I sat up with her and kissed while I was still inside of her. After few seconds I laid back, and began just watching her as she jumped up and down on my, supporting her hands on my chest… I grabbed her by her waist, squeezed her jugs while they jumped up and down with her, she would take breaks jumping just to grind me, smile at me and kiss me. I began thrusting her and fucking her while she sat on me and it wasn't long until it was MY time to cum. I told her I was going to cum, through those musical moans of her, she just barely manage to say "don't stop, cum in me". I just couldn't hold on and gave one last thrust and exploded inside of her, this must have sent her in to orgasm as well, cause just seconds later, she had another beautifully sounding orgasm with me. I kept spewing cum as her pussy walls palpitated around me cock, our juices mixing inside of her… her pussy was really red, and her face blushed, she then collapsed on me, as my cock kept expelling the last drops of cum and going soft inside of her.

It was a bit late then, but I asked her if she was on birth control… she replied to me, that her mother's a doctor, what do I think? She looked at me with her cute happy no make up face, we kissed and she hugged and cuddle me, while my cock slipped out and released all the sticky liquid on top of me, her an the bed. It was a long day, so she immediately nodded off, and was going to get up the bed, but I just closed my eyes for a second, and the next think I knew I was been woken by a morning sun in a comfy warm bed, my arm asleep due to been used as a pillow and comfort around her. And it was the best feeling in the world to me… waking up with a goddess in my arms. I just closed my eyes again and went to sleep. An hour later, we woke up simultaneously, and cuddle while we talked. That morning I spent it at her apartment, we both on the nude, I made her breakfast, we made love again, and then I left. We've been talking for a while now, I just don't know if to pursue a relationship with her, with my sister and her history.


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