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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-12-12 17:25:15
Author e-monster
Title Flirty Roommate
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend California
Age then 25
Age now 46
Gender MALE
Viewed 173
Story Length 2159

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Flirty Roommate


After college there were weekends when I'd spend at my girlfriend's house. We'd have dinner, have a few drinks, and kill time watching late night TV. Then we'd go to bed and often have a good fuck before falling asleep. My girlfriend would get up early on Saturday mornings to go to her job leaving me in her house alone.

Not completely alone, it seems. Her roommate, Felicia, was sometimes there as well. Felicia was a flirty 20 year old girl with flaming red hair and long legs. She was the skinny type that wore denim miniskirts and cowboy boots and occasionally peppered her conversations with sexual innuendos and jokes. She didn't hesitate to flirt with me whenever my girlfriend's back was turned. Felicia would bat her eyes and grin at me while snapping her gum. Sometimes she'd leer at me and lick her teeth with her tongue. I'd even occasionally caught glimpses of her sneaking from her bedroom to the shower dressed wrapped only in a towel.

On some weekends Felicia would linger at home. On other weekends Felicia would be out with her friends and I wouldn't see her at all. She didn't seem to ever have a steady boyfriend around. One thing was for sure: her presence in the house was unpredictable. Sometimes she was there but most of the time she wasn't.

Felicia was attractive but I figured she was probably just an overgrown teenage flirt who enjoyed teasing older men. I really didn't take her innuendos seriously. All just innocent fun, right? I knew she was a flirt and I'd seen this kind of catty behavior between women roommates before.

That all changed one Saturday morning when I was home alone (or so I thought). I was in the shower with the water running and was contentedly lathering myself when I was totally shocked to hear the bathroom door squeak open. Then I heard Felicia's voice announce above the sound of the water "I'm coming in. I have to pee." She didn't even wait for an answer before she marched in. Through the foggy shower door I saw the blurry outline of her body as she strode in, pulled down her running shorts and sat on the toilet to do her business.

I was just totally shocked she would be so bold as to just waltz into the bathroom while I was showering. But then my shock soon turned to thrill as I thought about the situation. We were totally alone together in the house and nude (or nearly so) in this steamy bathroom. As I stood there in that hot stream of water my cock began to grow quikcly despite having cum in in my girlfriend less than an hour before.

I hoped Felicia would try to play one of her flirty jokes like yanking open the shower door and "surprising" me. If she tried that, she was going to get an eyeful. I began stroking my cock quickly to get it as big and hard as possible if she dared to take a look. If she stared through the shower door she could still probably see it. But then I heard the toilet flush and I could just make out her torso and red hair as she stood up and wiggled her shorts back up. She chirped "bye" and then strode out, closing the bathroom door behind her.

She was gone from the house by the time I got out of the shower. Damn. Maybe she really did just have to pee and there was nothing more to her foray into the bathroom than that. Just my over-active imagination. I certainly didn't mention anything about what had happened to my girlfriend. All I knew was I was looking forward to next weekend to see what Felicia would do.

I won't deny the prospect of being alone in the house with flirty, catty Felicia dominated my thoughts all week. By the next weekend I was totally horny from fantasizing about getting alone with her. I was so horny I fucked my girlfriend hard the next morning before she left for work. We made the bed creak and she moaned alot when she orgasmed. We were loud enough that anyone in the house could hear us and I hoped Felicia was catching an earfull of it if she was at home.

After my girlfriend had left for work I was at last ready to see if Felicia was home and what would happen.

As luck would have it, we quickly encountered each other. I didn't even get a chance to get into the shower. Instead, I was in the kitchen rummaging around through the refrigerator when Felicia suddenly appeared dressed only in tank top and panties. Her red hair was mussed up, she had no make up, and she still smelled like cigarettes from her previous evening clubbing. In other words, she looked extremely hot. And now we were in the house alone together. I'm standing there in only my briefs.

We both stood there and stared at each other for an electric moment. Was it just a co-incidence that we both are in the house alone together in our underthings? Was this all just my fantasy or not? I still wasn't really sure whether she'd run back into her room for clothing (like most women would) or would she continue the flirty game she had been playing for so long.

She didn't run back to her room.

Instead, we both stand there in the kichen and start chatting as if its the most common encounter in the world. We're just mutual friends of a friend, right? Nothing sexual about us having an innocent chat in our underthings, right? Yet the enticing sense of sexual awareness was overcoming us both. I noticed her nipples had became erect, jutting out against the thin cotton of her tank top and I began feeling that familiar stiffening in my groin as my cock began growing against the material of my briefs.

After a couple of minutes of mundane chat she suprised me by grinning and chuckling that she heard me and my girlfriend rocking the bed during our sex this morning. My heart really started pounding at the direction this conversation was going. Then she reached out and gently pushed me on the shoulder, saying something like "You stud. You really made her moan" with a sexy smirk. I knew she was manipulating me but, despite myself, I turned red in embarrassment because our sex noise had been quite loud (according to my plan). The touch of Felicia's hand, the smirk on her face, and the whole mood between us sent electric shocks through my body. I couldn't have stopped my erection now even if I had wanted to. It was straining my briefs outward impressively.

Felicia didn't withdraw her hand as she continued chatting. She moved even closer toward me and the sexual tension in the room became overwhelming. I could feel her breath on my face and her body scent filled my senses. My boner was making a huge bulge in my briefs that was pointing right at her waist. My vision deteriorated to a blur and I couldn't concentrate on what Felicia was saying because my heart was pounding so loud and my breathing was constricted. I could only focus on her face and lips right in front of me along with the feel of her hand on my shoulder.

Then I felt her other hand gently massaging my stiff shaft over the cotton of my briefs. Her fingers roved and up and down it very lightly and then she gently cupped my balls, carefully holding them. Despite the fact that I had cum in my girlfriend less than an hour ago, my balls were already swollen and full in her palm. She was standing so close now that the bulge in my briefs was actually touching the waistband of her panties.

Through the blur of my building excitement and the roar of my pounding heart I could hear Felicia's sultry voice again as she whispered "Did you save any for me?" as she gave my swollen balls another gentle squeeze. I could feel her nipples nudging my upper arm as she leaned closer. Then the tip of her tongue was in my ear and she continued "I want to suck your dick and I swallow."

I croaked some lame reply because I was powerless to do anything other than watch as she stepped in front of me. I was totally under her spell. Then I felt Felicia's hand struggling to stretch my briefs outward but my boner was too huge. She had to pause and use both hands to pull my briefs aside before letting them drop on the floor. My erection sprung out and actually slapped her on her panties. She giggled at the small drop of pre-cum that stained them. Then she settled down onto her knees in front of me and got hit again on her nose by my fattened cockhead.

She didn't waste any time. In a moment her mouth was encircling my cock and she was slobbering on it like a pro while gripping the base with one hand. I put both my palms on the kitchen counter and thrust my waist forward while stepping out of my briefs which had been tangled around my ankles. Felicia paused while I did this adjustment and then she continued sucking and slurping even more eagerly, cramming as much of the head and shaft down her throad as she could accomodate.

I was engulfed in total wonder and pleasure. Less than an hour ago my cock was filling my girlfriend's pussy with cum. Now it was crammed into Felicia's mouth. The sheer, raw lust of the whole morning was almost too much to believe. Two women in one hour, one of them my regular girlfriend and the other her catty roommate. I knew it was unfair to cheat on my girlfriend like this but the temptation of Felicia had been just too strong to resist. I was savoring every moment of it while it lasted.

Felicia's kitchen blowjob carried on for quite some time. I enjoyed watching her head and hair bobbing back and forth and the feel of her tongue, teeth and throat on my cockhead. Several times she turned her head aside to peek up at me and smirk while she worked. The slobbering and sucking noises only added to the enjoyment. Thankfully, the sex earlier in the morning allowed me to last longer before cumming than I might normally would have.

All too soon I felt that tingling sensation spreading outward from my balls as I got ready to blow. I placed my hands on Felicia's shoulders and began thrusting my waist, giving her a break from doing most of the work. My rhythm increased rapidly and my body tensed up while she kept her head still as I pumped in and out.. My cock swelled up even more as the first surge of sperm arrived and she grabbed my shaft with one hand as I came. There was an explosion of pleasure from my groin and I could feel her gulping madly as I pumped wad after wad of semen into her mouth. True to her word, she labored madly to swallow it all.

As my body untensed afteward her lips remained locked around my unit and I could see her mouth was full of semen because her cheeks were bulging outwards. I watched her swallow the rest, scraping the inside of her mouth (and me) with her tongue. When she was finished she remained on her knees and looked up while smacking her lips. We both grinned at what had just taken place. Catty roommate or not, fantasy had just become reality in a big way.

I was wiped out from the intensity of my orgasm. Sweaty and hot and breathing hard, I leaned back against the counter, savoring the tingling heat still radiating from my cock. She continued gripping and massaging it, squeezing the last of my semen out as it began to soften and droop. Bursts of pleasure from the touch of her fingers continued to stimulate me and my body occasionally shuddered as I stroked her hair with my fingers.

But then she was back on her feet. She planted a kiss on my mouth and out tongues rolled around together briefly. I could taste my own cum (never bothered me) and I reached out for her waist to pull her closer. But she slithered out of my grasp, smirking, and the moment was gone. She'd gotten what she wanted and so had I.


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