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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-12-07 23:43:02
Author Robert
Title Husbands Younger Brother
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend Bed and sofa
Age then 24
Age now 27
Viewed 233
Story Length 1501

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Husbands Younger Brother


I was 24 and married with a baby. My husband was a geologist and was often out of town and was working on one of the rigs somewhere in the Burmese jungles. It was a two month assignment and because of where he was I had no contact with him and I was lonely and had not seen him for a monthe.

It was Spring break. My husbands brother who was seventeen had come to stay with me for the two week school break and was also there to help me with the loneliness of my situation, being by myself. We got along real well and after a few days together we had had some very confidential conversations about things that we had done when we were stupid. We were both fourteen the first time that we each had sex, and one night after watching a particularly heavy show we kind of got right into all the details and what had occured and so forth, the conversation being somewhat of one of the most erotic I had ever had with a man, or for that matter with anybody else.

The baby had woken early that next morning. I was aroused, thinking about the details of the conversation we had had the night before, thinking of the first time I had sex with an older boy while still at school, the way I felt as his penis broke the hymen and went in me all the way. It hurt, but he was kind and the next time that we did I had climaxed, feeling of his pleasure as his seed had squirted in! It was fortunate he didn't get me pregnant when we did it, and after that we
started using condoms every time.

My brother in law was the same age now as he was then, his rugged looks, his handsome face and skinny body. He was even more handsome than my first boyfriend who I made love to. I fed the baby, thinking of all that had occurred on that occasion allowing myself to get aroused, and then went back to bed and masturbated, the surges of orgasm overwhelming my body as then I went to sleep.

I woke to hear him in the shower. The steam was such that we would leave the door just open just a bit otherwise you couldn't see because of all the steam and fog and condensation. I could see him, standing there behind the opaque glass, the lines unclear and blurred, but he was naked as he washed beneath his arms. I thought about his naked cock, the strength, the size, the first time he'd been fucked; an older girl who lived just up the road. Her boyfriend would have killed him had he known!

My body felt the sense of lust and wanting. I waited as he turned the water off, knowing well he'd open up the shower door and then step out completely naked. I tried to stop myself. I knew quite well, and didn't want to, then thoughts about my husbands cock, the stiffness and the strength and size of how it was when he woke up. At times I'd take advantage. He'd be lying there, not quite awake and gently I would take advantage, surprising him as then I'd straddle it and hold it and watch him as his eyes rolled back as then I'd put it in me, an inch and then one more and then another, the wetness of my flesh embracing it as it went in.

The fuck would always be the best when least expected, then he'd rush
and he'd be late for work and he would cuss me, then we'd laugh. I hadn't had a fuck in four long weeks and I was horny! I heard the squeak, the shower door as it then opened, and saw him step from in the shower, the stiffness of his naked horny penis poking out. He hadn't even realized I was there!

Things crossed my mind throughout the day. We flirted not just once but several times. I knew he liked me, We were sitting on th sofa watching television that evening. I sat beside him, then I laid upon the sofa with my head upon his lap and he had rubbed his fingers in my hair. His fingers rubbed my shoulders and I told him not to stop and felt his fingers gently touch my breasts.

The baby cried. I then got up to feed him, then sat upon the sofa as
the baby sucked my breast. He saw the naked nipple on each tit. I didn't mind. The baby went to sleep. I put him back, then showered and put on a robe. I wondered if his cock got stiff, then went and sat with him again, my body naked now beneath robe.

He rubbed my shoulders once again and touched my breasts each
time he rubbed the front. I closed my eyes and told him not to stop and felt his hand go further in my robe!. I moaned just softly as he touched them, my nipples and the softness of my breasts, his hands upon them. He leaned his face toward me and we kissed, our lips just touching, not our tongues.

I asked him if his cock was stiff? He said it was. I said 'I wish' but that was all I told him. He asked me what I wished for? I didn't say. I liked the way it felt as he caressed me, my robe just slightly open down the front so he could see. I asked him if he knew that I had seen him? His cock was bigger than I thought for one so young. I asked about his girlfriend, if he missed her. Was it her or was it sex he missed the most?

My head was resting on his lap, his stiffness pressing up against my head. He said it was the sex he missed, not her. I sat and dared for him to show me. He smiled and his hands undid his pants and took it out!

I touched it, then I looked at him and smiled. He was willing. His cock had gotten sucked by girls before! I licked it, then I put it in my mouth. His hand went down my robe and felt crotch, his finger fucking slowly as I brought him to his peak and then he came!

The pleasure was intense and overwhelming! I swallowed as his cum spewed in my mouth, his body overwhelmed by what I'd done! We sat there and I said that I was sorry. He smiled and he said it was his
fault, not mine. I told him we should go to bed and watched him as he closed his bedroom door.

I lay upon my bed and knew I'd cheated. My husband who I loved must never know, the feeling of a cock inside my mouth, his finger giving pleasure as my tongue was giving pleasure to his shaft. I wished it was his cock and not his finger! I lay there still awake and heard his footsteps in the hallway, the door as then it opened, and watched him as walked toward the bed. I smiled and I opened up the covers as he came. No words were being spoken or were needed. We snuggled, then we fucked. He fucked me well. I came as I had never cum before!

That was how it started, how my younger brother in law and I became best friends during a Spring Break. I never told my husband, feeling really bad for what I'd done, but it was carma, and he confessed that he fucked a girl in Burma. The young masseuse was horny and real cute. She lay upon him naked as she rubbed his chest and arms. He could feel her naked cunt against his shaft, the wetness and sex beneath the hair. Her lips embraced the naked shaft as she continued. He could not help himself and fucked her! He was sorry. She seduced him for the money.

I could have told him what I'd done with his young brother, though if I had it would be the end and his brother would never be welcomed in our home again, and in addition my husband was going back to Burma in several more days just after he told me these things and I'd be lonely, and summer holidays and school vacation were not too far away.

My husband left a few days later, telling me he loved me and was sorry that he had to go, and promising me faithfully he'd never get another massage, though I really didn't care too much at all. The Burmese girls just liked to fuck for money and I just liked to fuck for fun.


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