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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-12-15 14:54:40
Author Robert
Title Boyfriends on the side
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend car
Age then 15
Age now 30
Viewed 231
Story Length 1454

(13 votes / 103 points)

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Boyfriends on the side


My body was responding; his shaft was thick and long. He was holding me against the car and fucking from behind, one hand upon my buttocks and the other on my breasts. I was young and I was stupid. He was almost twice my age! I thought that I could trust him when he offered me a ride!

He had asked about my boyfriend. His hand had touched my knee. I really should have stopped him as his hand caressed my thigh. He was rugged; he was handsome; but I knew that he was married with a wife and two young kids!

I t was a warm summer evening in July. I had gone to visit my boyfriend and was waiting for the bus home when he came by. I was barely just fifteen when all this happened. My boyfriend was a year older and was the only person who I had had sex with previous. It was that time of the months when a girl’s sexual appetite is normally at its peak and I was horny, doing homework, playing softly with my clitoris as I was thinking about him when I had phoned him. He likely knew what I was wanting and had told me to come over. I caught the bus. We had gone into his bedroom and we fucked. I had taken off my panties and instead of putting them back on I had put them in my purse.

The bus was late. I wondered if I might have missed it. I was wearing just a mini-skirt and halter top and nothing else. It was starting to get cool and I was grateful that he stopped. His hand slipped further up my thigh. I knew that I should stop him! I thought about his wife; then tried to push his hand away suggesting he should stop.

His hand was far too strong for mine; a finger touched my bush of pubic hairs, the wetness in between my lips, and then the entrance to my sex. His finger teased my clitoris. I liked the way it felt. My boyfriend liked to fuck me but didn’t do much else!

The car drove off the highway. I was scared. He stopped the car. He said he really liked me then pulled me from the car. I asked him not to hurt me. I was faced toward the car. I could feel his cock against me as it touched my pubic hairs, the wetness of his penis as it slid within my crotch!

I gasped! His cock went in me! Then he fucked me really hard, one hand upon my pussy and the other on my breasts. A finger teased my clitoris. His cock was really long, my body now responding as he slid it in and out! My boyfriends cock was shorter and only half his size! I’d never had a climax, nor felt a fuck this good! I gasped! I could not help myself! His penis gave me pleasure as his finger teased my clit and I felt myself responding to the thrustings of his cock! I thought about his wife and kids and knew that it was wrong, the thrusting of his penis, his breath against my neck! He was asking if I liked it; I could only nod my head! His cock it seemed got larger. His hands now grasped my butt! He was pumping like a demon as his cock slid in and out! I was moaning; I was gasping, I was cumming like a whore! His cock was squirting semen! The fuck was almost done! His hand caressed my pussy as he finished squirting seed!

I turned to him. He kissed me. We got back in the car. I thought about his wife and kids and realized what I’d done. I didn’t want to fuck him. The climax was intense. I thought about my boyfriend’s cock, the way it felt with him. No words at all were spoken as then he drove me home and I thought I really hated him for it was we’d done!

I never did tell my boyfriend, and I didn’t want to have sex with him as much anymore either. He kept asking me and finally after a month of his persistence I succumbed. We skipped the last period of classes and went to his house. I was naked, lying on his bed with him on top, my thighs apart. His cock went in me. The clock was on the wall behind and fifty five seconds later he was squirting in his seed and it was over. I had hardly even felt his narrow cock when it was in! My period had just finished and I was horny and asked why he had been so quick, then wanted to go home.

I phoned the garage where he worked, the man with two young kids. He asked my why I’d phoned. I said I wanted to say Hi. He asked what I was doing. I said nothing. He asked me where I was and I told him and said he’d pick me up, for me to wait.

It took him twenty minutes. I was sitting in his car as he was driving. It was quiet, neither one of us it seemed knew what to say. He drove the car off the highway, down a road that no-one hardly ever used, and then he stopped the car and we got out and walked into the woods and found some grass where we could sit. He told me that I looked real cute, then kissed me and undid my top. I took my bra off and then undid the buttons on my jeans for him to take them off. I slid my panties off and watched as he undid his jeans, removing his enormous shaft, the mushroom head now peaking out beneath. His cock was long and hard and stiff and was bent upward, not straight at all like my boyfriends cock when we had sex. I wondered how it ever might have penetrated me, the thickness so much more than what I thought. I spread my thighs and raised my knees and smiled at him, watching as he knelt to put it in me, feeling his finger going in me, then playing with my clit. My wetness was indication of why I’d phoned. My boyfriend had done the deed and gotten me ready! I was hardly able to think anything else but what had happened just a month before.

I gasped! An inch of it went in me, then the rest! We fucked as we had done that time before, the climax as intense and overwhelming. I thought about his wife. It didn’t matter. I wanted him to fuck me just like her and wanted him to fuck me just as hard!

It was an affair that lasted until I finished high school three years later. The affair had also seen me going steady with three boyfriends, having sex but always using condoms, just in case. Sex with my married lover was usually a monthly occurrence, that time of month when my period was just finished. I was guaranteed to climax once each month and hardly ever with my boyfriends who were all around my age. We always fucked without a condom. I always liked the feeling of his warm semen as it filled me, as I would squeeze his cock to take it from him as I climaxed. I liked to fuck, but never did I like a fuck as much as when I was with him, the married man who raped me up against the car when I was young, that night that he had picked me up at the bus stop and offered me a ride. He saw me grow into a woman, my narrow youthful breasts as they developed into those of a young woman. He had seen my naked crotch as well, the small ball of pubic hairs upon the top part of my lips as they then thickened and then covered me all over. He had teased my clitoris each time his cock had fucked me, giving pleasure each time that we had sex.

I was pregnant by the time I finished high school, to his penis which squirted in his semen every time that we had sex. My boyfriends’ cocks had condoms on each time I did it with them. I didn’t want to guess if I got pregnant! I graduated, two months pregnant, still not showing. My folks then moved to Boston. No one knew. The child that I had was then adopted.


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