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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-11-15 09:06:00
Author Robert
Title Vixen
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend Bed
Age then 17
Age now 30
Gender MALE
Viewed 125
Story Length 3026

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We were kids together. I was three years older. When I turned seventeen she was almost fourteen and aorund that time she began to date my buddy who was the same age as myself. I didn't approve and thought she was too young, but she had started to develop into one of the most attractive young chics there was and had a really cute face and was provocative in the way she dressed and how she acted.

We were at a movie one night and coming home in my car when the two of them got into the back of my car when we were parked and they were making out and then right there, as I looked into the rear view mirror he was pushing off her panties and then taking out his stiffy. She was helping, her blouse then undone, her pert young breasts both naked and they started having sex.

I was blown away, and didn't think that she'd be old enough, but it was apparent that this was not their first time, and she was going at with him like she was really having fun, and then when they were getting done she began to have this incredible orgasm and was squealing and gasping like I had never ever experienced with a girl!

It was interesting that even that first time she didn't seem to care at all that I was there, and would simply smile at me when they were done while she was pulling on her panties and doing up her bra. It was like she didn`t care at all, and then one other night, after they had been doing this for two or three months with me watching in the rear view mirror he got out of the car to get his pants back on. It was night and really dark outside, but the light inside the car was on and Jessica then looked up at me, catching me watching her, and without muttering a word she gave me this devilish smile, and while I watched she placed her hand upon her crotch upon the bush of hair and rubbed it for a moment in the slit and licked her lips while I just watched her do it. I shook my head and then I smiled, and my buddy got into the front seat and then we drove her home.

One night my buddy Steve and I had been with some other friends and he was kind of drunk, and then we went to Jessica`s house and picked her up to go to a movie. She was pissed at him for getting drunk and wouldn`t have anything to do with him as he sat beside her at the movie, and then because he wasn`t feeling well I dropped him off and then started driving Jessica home.

She sat right next to me in the front, and started flirting and being silly and when I suggested we could go down to the lake and park the car she said okay, but so long as I didn`t `have any ideas`.

We parked and started fooling around and I well remembered that time that she had showed me her patch, and then had rubbed her fingers through the hairs, allowing me to see. Her patch was a thick bush of thick black hair upon the top of her mound, allowing for the lips to be seen beneath and not covered, her clit poking out from in between them. I could vividly remember the sight, and the wetness, his sex still oozing from her as she did it. It had aroused me, and I knew she must have known.

I had my arm around her, and as `friends` she let me kiss her, and as we did her tongue went in my mouth like other girls who I had been with and had sex with and not at all like a `friend` would kiss another friend. I asked about her first time with him and suggested that I thought she was too young to have sex. She smiled and then told me it was a month before her fourteenth birthday and he had asked her several times to go out with him. She thought that he was really cute but she`d say no, and then one day when he asked she told him where she was going to be babysitting that night and gave him the address and told him that if he wanted to he could come there around nine and for him to look in the window to make sure that the kids were in bed. The neighbors she was babysitting for were at a dinner party for a friend and had told her that they would not to be back until midnight.

She wanted him. She already had her underwear all off by the time that he arrived and it happened on the floor in front of the sofa where she had been sitting. It hurt, she said, but she was horny and real wet and so it really felt good for her having the sex, even that first time.

I looked down toward my lap, then so did she, and she asked me if I had a `stiffy`. I smiled, and she knew I did, and then she asked if I would show her. I did, and then she let me see and touch her breasts, and then again we kissed as we had done before but with more passion as my hand caressed her gorgeous tits and nipples and then tried to reach into her skirt and touch her cunt.

She then pulled my hand away and told me we should go home, that her folks would be wondering where she was. I didn`t want to. She insisted, and began to do her bra back up. I went to put the horse back in the stable, and then at jher suggestion I left it out, and she felt it with her hand and told me she would hold it as we drove home. She did, and kept playing with it, almost to the point that at one stage I thought that I would come and shoot all over her hand and on my clothes.

I dropped her off at her house and she went in and I went home and got into my bed.

It was about an hour later. I heard this knock on my window and looked out and it was Jessica, standing there in just her nightie and her slippers. She wanted me to come out, and without a word we went out to my car and got into the back seat. I helped her take the nightie off and she was totally naked underneath and began to kiss me passionately the moment she was naked, lying on top of me as I was trying to get my cock out, feeling the wetness of her incredibly wet beaver as my cock then touched her, feeling her wetness and the narrow entrance to her sex as my cock caressed her clitoris and felt or her response.

She was definitely real horny, gasping as then my cock slid into her narrow entrance, my cock almost too thick for her to take it all at once, and then the most incredible sensation as my cock slid in her all the way, her naked tits, her gorgeous face, and the beginning of the most incredible fuck that I had ever experienced began!

It was the first time, but not the last time that Jessica and I would have sex. About a month later, probably at that time when she was most horny, I had a phone call one night while playing on my video games with a buddy and she told me that her folks were out for the evening and asked if I would like to come over to her house.

She told me that she would leave the door unlocked, and for me to lock it as I came into the house. I had been to her house a few times when we were kids and knew where her room was. I told my buddy to go home. He didn`t want to but I insisted, and then I snuck out of the house and went over to her place, inside the back door that was left unlocked for me to enter and down the hallway to her bedroom.

She asked why I had been so long. I said I had my buddy there. She said to take my clothes off and lifted the covers to show me she was naked. I got into and was immediately putting my cock in at her insistence, arching her hips toward me as she tried to hurry the process of entry, then felt her fuck my cock anxiously as soon as I went in her.

I lay there exhausted after the deed, knowing well that she was wanting more as her fingers kept playing with my penis. She asked how many girls my cock had fucked. I told her there were seven, and then at her insistence I told her who they were. She wanted lots of details, and I gave them. Had I ever fucked a black girl she was asking. I said yes. Was she good. She was, but not as good as she was. Her tits were bigger and she had a lot of hair around her cunt. The youngest girl I fucked was my cousins `girlfriend`.

We were all just kids and he was younger than I was and so was she. We were out back in the woods and were sitting around in amongst some long grass, and when he told me that they were having sex I looked at her and didn`t believe him, but she smiled and I knew from how she smiled that he wasn`t lying. They started making out it seemed to show me and to prove that they weren`t lying and I watched them, and then she took his cock out and played with it while they were kissing, and then her shorts and panties came off and he got on top of her.

His cock was really hard and skinny as compared to my own, but it was stiff and ready for the action, and I then I watched as I saw it actually go into her and they had sex and I saw her cunt when they were done with just a glimpse of pubic hair upon the top. They`d fucked before, of that there was no question.

She put her shorts back on. At fourteen I was likely too old for her, but watching them had made my cock real stiff, and when I told them what had happened she looked at him and smiled and he looked at her and did the same and then she came next to me and began to rub my thigh, and then I took it out for her and she went down on me and put it in her mouth as then I closed my eyes and let it happen.

It was a few days later. They had a farm and we were in the hayshed. I put my around her and when I went to put my hand into her shorts she actually undid them and pulled them down a bit to let me touch her. I looked at my cousin and he shrugged his shoulders and smiled and said he didn`t care, so I helped her take her shorts and panties off and knelt between her thighs and rubbed it in her wet spot, arousing the clitoris as she reacted to the feeling.

She was almost coming to a climax when I pressed against the narrow entrance, thinking that it might be far too big, but then suddenly it seemed she opened, her muscles allowing for my cock to go right in her all the way!

She seemed delighted that she now had two of us to fuck, and my younger cousin seemed not to care that he was not her only `lover`!

Jessica was aroused by the story, going down on me and causing for my penis to extend the moment that her tongue began to lick the glanns, and then before it was too late she sat on top, and guided it inside the narrow entrance of her sex, fucking the horny penis like it was the first time she had had the experience.

We were half asleep when we heard her parents car come up the driveway. I grabbed my clothes and shoes and tried to get them on as I was running toward the back door. We hadn`t realized that the time had gone so fast! My nuts were aching sore, having ejaculated four times during the course of a three hour fuckfest, three hours of having fun while naked in her bed!

I went to bed, thinking of the black girl I had spoken of. She was seventeen and I was fifteen. We`d been swimming. Her figure was as perfect as any girl I`d seen and we had caught each others eye and were throwing rocks out in the ocean, and then diving in and seeing who`d be first to get it. We`d struggle with each other beneath the water. Her bikini was the sexiest I`d seen and then one time as we were struggling her top came off, and I had seen her tits and liked what I had seen!

We had gotten out and went somewhere where we could smooch, and quite soon I found myself on top of her, the crotch of her bikini to the side as my cock discovered what was hidden beneath the bush of hair that covered her pussy. She was wet, but she was also still a virgin and told me to be careful not to put my penis in her! I obliged, and rubbed my horny penis slowly up and down inside her wetness as she told me of her boyfriend back at home where she was from.

We stopped. She didn`t try to stop me as I began to pull her pants down, her bikini bottoms now lying on the grass, her cunt the biggest I had seen, the lips poking out and covered by an enormous bush.

The town where I lived was approximately an hours drive from where the beach was. She lived in a town about two hours distant in the other direction. We would likely never see each other again! My cock was playing with her, teasing up and down within her wetness and feeling the entrance to her sex, the knob just going in sufficient not to break the tiny piece of skin.

She closed her eyes and liked the way I teased her. We kissed and I could feel her body liking what we did, of her reacting to my penis as it stroked against her clit, as though she wanted more, but could not let me! Suddenly, when it seemed she would not stop me if I tried I pushed it in and felt it enter, squeezing in where no mans cock had never been before!

She gasped, as though surprised by what occured, her virginity now taken by a boy she`d never met until this day, as thoughts of what her boyfriend might say if he found out, and what excuse she`d give the first time they had sex! What would happen if this stranger got her pregnant! Such thoughts were racing through her mind as now we fucked, her hips reacting to my cock, the gasps, the moans of pleasure as an unexpected climax rose within, the feeling and the pleasure as she fucked the horny cock that was inside her, knowing well she was a whore for what she did! He was younger than she was by several years, but he was cute, he made her horny and she liked the way it felt when he was in her!

She had fucked well, considering it was her first experience. I told her I was sorry I had pushed a bit too hard. She was pretty. Rubbing my penis inside the slit, without fucking her would have been something that I would always have regretted. She said she liked the way it felt when I was in her, but was worried what would happen if her period was late.

I couldn`t help her. I didn`t know what she should do, looking at her lying naked on the grass, her cunt a soaking wetness from the fuck. Her hand reached down and touched the place where I had hurt her, then showed the blood for me to see I was her first. I could see my parents in the distance on the beach, gathering their stuff to take it home. Her parents would be looking for her too. We kissed, then parted and went back to where we were before we met.

Jessica and I fucked occasionally, but not often during those formative years of our youth. As years passed we met one day and talked while at a wedding in another town. Her folks had moved to another part of town and she had become involved in a steady relationship with someone that apparantly she thought she loved, and then broke up with him just prior to the wedding. She had changed a lot and by now was already going into University.

Over the next while we began to develop a romantic relationship with one another and then moved in together, fucking regularly until the day arrived that she declared that she was pregnant. We had two children together, and then finally decided to get married. My friend Steve was the best man. That was five years ago. We now have three kids, a wonderful marriage and a great relationship. The bottom line is that it all works out if you work at it, and we did.


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