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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-11-15 09:04:44
Author PRAlien
Title What have I done?!
Category slept with a boy/girl
Where it happend My house
Age then 25
Age now 25
Gender MALE
Viewed 151
Story Length 3125

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What have I done?!


What have I done?!

After a couple of weeks of no action, and watching revealing photos on the internet of my past sex partners, I was kind of horny, so I masturbated but never really reached orgasm or cum because I wanted to save my load. Well one day after a few hours out, I got back home 4-5pm, I entered my house, I never lock my door, so I heard the door opened and close… I thought it can't be my sister or mom, they are two hours away taking some courses, and wont arrive home till late at night, my dad is working 45min away, not including carpool drop off time, so there are few stops before he gets home, and wont also arrive home at late night. My mind immediately thought and burglar, I know self-defense so I went thinking the worst, and ready for a fight. When I got there, my neighbors grand-daughter had enter my house.

I asked her, what she was doing there, she said she saw me arrive, and was bored and wanted to do something, I asked well go and do something, she went the door and locked it, what are you doing I asked? She said I want to do something with you! I was like what? She's a 12yr old girl, she spend most afternoons till 6pm at her grandmothers until her parents pick her up from work. She's a small VERY skinny girl, developing round breasts, a little too big for her body size, barely have a butt… she's looks like a skinny younger Emma Watson, (in fact I'll call her by that name in this story). Very very attractive for her age, but I always thought of her in the future, what she would look like at 18 all grown up, never in a million years at her current age. She's a bit smarter for her age, she knows more stuff most other girls her age don't. Emma told me she wanted to have sex. I told her she was too young, and I couldn't do it… she interrupted me and said, she know, and that I could go to jail etc etc… she told me she knows all that, and that she will not tell anybody, it will be our secret. I was still adamant, and told her no, she then started to blackmail me, that if I didn't do it, she will scream so people hear her and think I'm raping her. Now, I'm still horny, and was actually thinking about it, but still said no. Emma then quickly took off her small jeans and shirt, staying only in her underwear, I immediately picked them off and started to cover her, and get her to put them back on, but hen she started to scream (low scream, like a warning) I covered her mouth immediately, I couldn't believe I was been blackmailed by a 12yr old, she stopped, and I told her I was going to tell on her, she then told me… who was people going to believe the little naked girl or the guy that took her to his house. I was scared… she had a very good point… I don't what in my right mind let me do this, but I said then OK, but it will be our secret. I'm still trying to figure out, why did I said that… I think it was my previous horniness.

I'm almost 6feet tall, she was maybe 5feet tall, she could reach my chest in height… I stood back and dropped her clothes, she then told me to take off mine, while she removed her little panties and bra… exposing her small A or even B perky boobs, her nipple weren't ever erect, and a pussy very very small, couldn't even see her lips, a very virgin pussy, bit of pubic hair. I took my clothes off, except my boxers-brief… I was rock hard, she then told me she wanted to see it… before I too it off, I asked if she had ever seen one, in fact how did she know about sex. She told me she had been masturbating for over a time now, and that had been talking to friends about sex, but she had never seen a cock other than her dad's! I took my underwear off and cock just sprung up, she watched amazed and asked me if she could touch it… I told her, it seems you are in control here, do what you want. Her small cold hands grabbed it, scared didn't know what to with it… I told her to just stroke it, she did so slowly and a little scared, I told her she could kiss it if she wanted, she then told me it was gross, I just told her it's ok, when you are older you can try. This seem to have worked like some sort of reverse physiology, cause after a while curiously she actually kiss it, and I told her some girls liked it and suck it like a lolly pop, but she didn't have to do it. She told he it smelled funny (it may have been my precum coming out), I told her it was normal… she licked it a little, and tried to suck it, but it was too big of her mouth, it would only go a little past the head of my cock inside her mouth, and would bite me a bit. All of this did not last much, maybe a minute or two. She told she wanted me to fuck her.

I asked if she was really sure, she said yes, and to stop wasting so much time. She sat on my sofa with her legs spread… I went in to inspect her… her pussy was really small, I felt like I was playing with a doll, her small nipples weren't' that erect, I grabbed and sucked them a bit, it felt wrong, but was really getting me horny. I started to finger her pussy, it was really small, I don't think I could get inside of it without hurting her, it was really wet, so she indeed was ready… as I fingered her and "kissed" her pussy I saw she indeed was a virgin. I told her that I was going to sit on the sofa, and the she would be in control, as I didn't want to hurt her. I sat on the sofa with half my body out, so she could position herself. I almost came as I saw her getting close to me. I was so horny I didn't even think of getting a condom.

She started to try to get it inside… just watching and feeling how that pussy was been stretched for the first time, was almost enough to make cum. She was struggling saying it hurt too much, I just told her it was all her idea, I wasn't touching her, just sitting there. Little by little gravity was doing it's job, it was starting to get in, her eye were watery and dripping tears, all of a sudden she broke her hymen, she let out a small scream, her muscles tightened around the little of my cock that was inside of her… I just felt the cum going up the shaft of my cock, I had to stiffen to hold off my orgasm (I've done it a couple of times during masturbation, hold off my cum, but it takes some times) so I just grabbed her really small waist and hold her in place, so she wouldn't move or come out. I really stayed still trying to get me not to cum, it took me maybe 30sec but I mange to do it, but the cum that was already in the shaft on my cock, I felt it come out inside of her. She asked through tears, what I was doing, I told her just holding off my orgasm. She asked what was that? For the sex things she know, she didn't know what an orgasm was. I ended up explaining to her, while she was still sitting on my cock, she told me she's never had one, that every time she got "that" feeling she got scared and stop masturbating. I changed the subject and asked how she was feeling, she said it still hurt, I told her she can stand up a bit and take it and go back inside when she's ready. As she stood up, I saw blood on my penis, combined with the white cum of almost pre-ejaculation.

She asked what the blood and white stuff was, she was scared… I had to explain that the blood was what happens when a girl has sex for the first time, and the white stuff was my milk, that men produce it, its' called cum… I didn't fully explained it was what got women pregnant… I think I was horny I didn't want it to end yet. She touch it and said it was a little sticky, I said it was normal, that she could tasted if she liked. She said it looked gross, and told her some women like it others don't, she licked the small part on her finger, and said it didn't taste like anything. I asked if she wasn't going to stop putting my penis inside of her anymore, she said no, she wanted to try it again, and started to sit on me again, and like before began struggling to get inside, but not as much as before… still with tears on her eyes, this time she was going deeper, I felt her cervix wall hit the tip of my head, she was almost sobbing, and my cock wasn't entirely in, part of it was still outside… I guess that's what those really long cock in porn feel like when they don't go completely inside… I don't know how they feel when they can't feel the full warmth of been completely inside a vagina.

She started to slowly go back and forth, she was still in a little pain, very slowly gaining to pleasure, but not fast enough. She said it still hurt, I grabbed her, and stood up… he was really light, didn't weighted at all, I'm used to fucking adults not kids. She weighted maybe 60-80pounds, I turned her around while my cock was still inside of her, and put her on the sofa. She was so light and small, I felt I was fucking a sex toy, or that I was going to break her. Very slowly I started to fuck her, the moment I felt her cervix I would pull out, she was sobbing and very slowly getting pleasure. I stopped to wipe the tears of her face and ask her if she was ok, she said it hurt but not that much anymore, I gave her a little kiss to her very small mouth, and looked at my penis, wet with the bubbly cum of my previous pre-cum combined with her blood. I don't know how something so wrong well so good. I started rub her round perky boobs, with plush nipples, barely sticking out erect. My previous holding of my orgasm, left me feeling like I could fuck her for hours without cuming, so I slowly started to fuck her again, the moment I saw there was more pleasure that pain, I started going deeper, didn't care if I was already hitting her wall, my horniness took over, I was now looking out for me. I was still going slow but deeper. Until I just forgot about her and started going faster and harder, I wanted to break her, she was starting to pain moan, and almost scream… but didn't do anything to stop me, I told her to grab a sofa pillow, so people wouldn't hear, few seconds later, she said she wanted me stop, she was getting that "orgasm" feeling and was scared, I told her to embrace it, she was going to like it, few seconds later, she was saying stop stop stop, I kept at it, until she tensed up and I felt her pussy muscles expand around my cock, she began to scream, I grabbed my hand covered her mouth, while she had her first orgasm. She started to hyperventilate a little and roll her eyes… I was a little scared, until she started to come around, a bit tired and sleepy… I asked if she was ok? She nodded yes, and just hugged me. I pushed her back again and began fucking her fast again, I then notice she was so skinny and small, that the angle I was fucking her now, I could see her lower stomach bulge a bit in the shape of my cock as I entered her a bit, I even put my hand to feel it, that got me so excited, with the combination of seen her very tight pussy lips hug my penis as it went in and out, sticking to my shaft… her little perky boobs moved up and down as I slammed her, it was just a matter of seconds before I had to cum…. I kept fucking her fast and hard, her eyes crying I just gave one last push and came deep inside her virgin pussy. I remained pulling her to me until I felt the last drop come out.

She asked if I peed inside of her… I told her it was my milk…. then at that moment it hit me… what have I done? I just fucked a 12yr old, and came inside of her! I will go to jail! I asked her if she's had her period? She then told me not yet, lots of her friends had but she still hadn't… it was a slight relieve but still was scared about the illegality of our actions, of my pedophiliac actions… I told her she really couldn't tell ANYBODY, not even friends or even her pet. I could go to jail. She told she knew and that will be our secret, and that she doesn't want to lose me. I wiped the cum coming of her with my shirt, and got her dressed. Told her to wash herself really well and that we shouldn't do it again, she told me, that she wants to do it again, and that we will. Even if I don't want to… now I'm stuck been blackmailed… On the other hand, I have the opportunity to make another sex nympho out of this girl, since my last two girls don't want to cheat their boyfriends, and Emma have the looks of a girl that will really blossom really soon!

--I wrote this story in May, but never posted it--

In the summer Emma spend most of her days at her grandmother's since both her parents still work on summer. I spend two weeks alone in July at my house, cause my family went on vacation, I didn't cause I was suppose to be working, but found myself unemployed thanks to downsizings. She spends some moments bored alone outside playing with her doggy, others with the other neighbors kids. Well… one of her bored moments and purposely called her, making small talk at first and quickly went to sex talk, told me she hadn't told anyone that I shouldn't worry and that after our first time, she's had orgasms masturbating, but doesn't beat feeling it as much as it did that first time. One thing led to another and we were back again inside my house doing it again. We started just as last time, asked her to suck my cock she did a little, but wasn't that much in to it, I gave her a first pussy licking (which she seemed to enjoy a lot) I then sat while she in control took it inside of her. This time she was more into it, her nipples were erect, and wasn't struggling as before, and she seemed more stretched as she was taking it deeper than last time before I would hit her inner wall. But still the tightest pussy I have ever entered, her vagina was stretching as nothing had ever done it before. We fucked like that for a while, her pussy lips sticking to my cock as it went in and out.

I then told her to get on her knees, she asked me if I was going to fuck her ass, I told her no, it just a sex position call "doggy style". One she liked as she came mid through it! I was amazed by her small butt as I fucked her, I could almost grabbed both her cheeks completely in my hands. I also couldn't hold myself to stretching her butt apart and applying pressure with my thumb on her asshole, I figure if we are going to keep doing this… I may teach her all the crazy stuff I used to do with my other girls, I can not wait to teach her about anal and stretch that very small butt hole. We finish like last time, she on her back while I went crazy on her pussy, and unlike last time, she wasn't crying she was in pleasure. In our previous conversation she told me she's had her period, so I didn't cum on her, since I didn't know her cycle days and her un-fertile days like I did with my other girls, instead I told her to open her mouth, and came inside her mouth, she's already had a taste of my cum before, so she just sucked me dry as I came and swallowed every drop. She smiled while we both laid there on the floor, and I caressed her little body and perky breasts. She gave me a cute kiss with her small lips, and we got dressed… and again agreed not to say a single word. It took us two months for a second time… let's hope it doesn't take as much for a third time. I'm getting used to this, but I do have to be careful, there's been a lot of arrests on the News about sex with minors lately.


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