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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-11-15 09:03:43
Author Person99
Title She tries to force him
Category was sexually harrased
Where it happend After school
Age then 13
Age now 60
Gender MALE
Viewed 182
Story Length 1914

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She tries to force him


Jenny wasn’t what you call a typical girl. At 13 she was tall for her age and bit of a tomboy. She liked competing against boys in school yard match ups. She was reasonable attractive and was starting to emerge into a young woman. Her breast were firm and seemed to pop out at you, though not much bigger than a “B” cup. She had beautiful eyes and shoulder length strawberry blond hair and lately starting wearing short shirts some times. She was very popular with the girls, who seems to look up to her, since she stood up to the boys who dared taunt her or her friends.

I wasn’t the most athletic guy, but I joined in the school yard games, least I be called a wimp in front of the girls. I was a bit short for my age, but I heard by the grapevine that “I was easy on the eyes”.

I was just started to get interested in girls and there were a lot to choose from, but for some reason Jenny took to me. We were both in a school play together and I won a special recognition by the drama teacher and maybe I won Jenny’s heart.

When Jenny was surrounded by her friends, all girls, she would say comments to me like, “Hey, good looking come over and sit by me”. I tried to ignore these provocations. She was persistent. She would come over to my locker and hold it close when I tried to open it. She was a little bit taller than me and would hover over me and say what “wrong”, while holding the locker closed. I would feel a bit intimidated, but I couldn’t help looking at her in her short shirt, when she did wear them.

One day she came up to me and said me right out of the blue, “I want you to meet me after school”. I was shocked at her boldness and sort of start stammering. She said, “Well are going to meet me after school or not”? She seem very impatient and wanted an answer right away. First, I started to chicken out and said, “I don’t have a ride home”. Jenny sounded peeved and said, “Yes, you do! You can get ride with your Mom who works down town.” She had me cornered, I said, “What am I going to say?”. Jenny said, “Tell your Mom that you have to meet with the drama teacher after school about a new play”. I gulped and said, “Oh, okay. When do you want to meet?” She said, “Tomorrow right after school, I’ll meet you at the bicycle lockup stand” As she walked away, She said, “You better be there or I tell everyone you like Irene”. I said to myself, “Not Irene, she was a real ugly girl at school and was a sort of nerd. I would never live it down”.

I head was spinning, “What did she want with me? What did she want to do after school?. Part of me couldn’t wait till tomorrow, she was attractive and I was having a hard time taking my eyes off her breasts and short shirt. But... she was really bossy and I did not like that at all.

Tomorrow came and after the last bell I raced off to the bicycle lockup area. When I got there, I didn’t see her. I looked around and no Jenny, well the joke was on me. A voice behind me startled me, “Hey, your late!”. She was standing in the shadow of pillar that support the overhang. She quickly walked over to me and said, “Let’s go.” We headed down the street that would lead to where my Mom worked. We didn’t talk much and as we past some shrubs that lined the side of the street, she took my hand and pulled me behind them. We weren’t very well sheltered and some people in the passing cars could see us if they looked at the right angle as they passed.

We talked for a couple minutes about school and things. She seemed bored, then out to the blue she said, “Kiss me”. I was taken aback, I hadn’t kissed a girl, since the first grade behind a stair well. I wanted to kiss her, she was attractive and I was having a hard time taking my off her budding tits.

Unfortunately, she was a bit taller than me and I was feeling weird having to step on my tippy toes to reach her lips. As soon as I brought my lips near hers, she reached out a grabbed me and mashed her mouth against mine. It was a bit rough and kind of hurt. Her tongue darted out and pushed into my mouth. It was all a bit too sudden and too rough. I broke the kiss and said, “I should get going it getting late”. I think she sensed my uncomfortableness and said, “Let’s sit down”.

We sat down in the grass and then she pulled me towards me and she started kissing me on the lips again. This time not so forceful and I after a few minutes of french kissing I was starting to like it. This time Jenny broke the kiss and looked me in the eye and said, “Take off my bra and feel me up”. This request shocked me. I started to stammer, “ahh ahh, people can see us from the road!” She rolled her eyes, “Don’t worry they are going bye too fast to see anything”. My heart starting racing, I said to myself, “she wants me to touch her breasts.” I reached under her shirt and reached behind her and started trying to undo her bra, but after two or three minutes I was getting nowhere. She sighed and said sharply, “I’ll do it”. She undid her bra and unbuttoned the front of her shirt. Her two perky breast smiled out at me and her nipples really stood out.
I reached for them and started to caress them and she closed her eyes. This was more like it.

A car beeped it’s horn and jumped us. I stopped caressing them and it was then I noticed the time. My Mom would be leaving work pretty soon and I would have to run to make it. I told her I had to go. Jenny looked wild eyed and said “I don’t want you to stop”. I started to get up and she grabbed my wrist hard and hissed, “No”. I pulled my arm away with difficulty and go up and started to leave. She said, “Okay, okay leave, but let’s meet tomorrow. I said, “I can’t my Mom knows we don’t have drama rehearsal every day. Jenny looked upset and got in my face and said, “When!”. This unnerved me and I stammered, I’ll have to get back to you”. Jenny said, “You better”. She got dressed and just as we stepped out from behind the bushes, she pulls me too her and says, “Where’s my goodbye kiss”. I quickly kissed her and started running for my Mom’s work. I heard her shout behind me, “I’ll better see you tomorrow”.

I lived almost four miles outside of town. Later that night my parents told me that it was too difficult for them to arrange transportation and told me I would have to give up the drama club. I was really disappointed and later that night, I thought to myself what am I’m going to say to Jenny. She was expecting for us to meet after school and I lived too far from her home to go see her. What was I going to say to her?

At school the next day, I avoided running into Jenny. Two days later I heard by the grapevine that Jenny was looking to me. Luck was not on my side, she caught me during class change and she was not happy. She grabbed my arm and pulled me off to the side. “Hey, where have you been.” “Are you avoiding me?” Jenny is not a girl that cries, she just gets very angry. I told her what my parents said and that we won’t be able to meet. She just looked me in the eyes and said, “You are going to meet me after school at the “Rundlett cemetery”. I started to protest, but she wouldn’t listen. She said, “You got a bicycle, then you can bike to the cemetery.”
I told her is was a long way, then she said, “you got an hour get there.” “You better be at the cemetery by no later than 4:00 pm or else, I’ll tell everyone that you like, skinny butt, Irene.”

I was cornered and almost in a whisper I said, “Okay”. Jenny said, “Good, don’t be late. I’ll be in the back of the cemetery”. She stepped hard on my foot to make sure she meant business.

After school I told my sister that I had no homework and I was meeting Tommy to play flag football and wouldn’t be home till almost 6:00 pm. I then jumped on my bike and started riding toward to the cemetery as fast as I could. I got there before 4:00 pm and Jenny was waiting impatiently for me.

She directly me toward the back of cemetery behind some thick shrubs where there was a small secluded area with some grass. Once we were settled in she come real close to me and looked me in the eyes and said, “I want to see it.” Someone could of come up to me and hit me with a 2 x 4 and the shock would of been the same. I just stammered and looked stunned. She just repeated herself, “Pull it out, I want to see it.” This was not my idea of romance. I said, “I’m not ready.” I did not have a hard on and was a bit shy. I had to admit my penis at just over 5 ½ inches long wasn’t the biggest in town at my age and I when it was soft it didn’t seem to be very big at all as compared to the older boys.”

Jenny, with some irritation in her voice, “What do you mean, your not ready.” I said you need to kiss me before I show it to you. She kissed me roughly for about a minute. It was not a tender kiss at all and I didn’t get a hard on.

This was not love and I knew it. I pushed her away and said, “NO!” “You don’t love me and your mean and bossy.” With that speech, I turned around and headed toward my bike to go home. Jenny, she went crazy, “Your never live this down. I going to tell everyone, everyone that you love, love Irene”. “Leave get the hell out of here.” I left quickly.

The next day Jenny lied to everyone that I was in love with, Irene and I was teased mercilessly for a very long time.

I heard Jenny a couple years later hooked up with an older guy and got pregnant. I hope life has changed her for the better.


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