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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-08-11 21:19:02
Author Lynridskinrid
Title Claudia , never fais to shock me
Category had a voyeur experience
Where it happend London
Age then 26
Age now 26
Viewed 271
Story Length 2045

(8 votes / 64 points)

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Claudia , never fais to shock me


I have another four weeks with my Fiancé stuck in Italy watching the variety of Balkan contractors attempt to create income streams from various scams , but it is a good exercise . Peter has a loving nature and he always wants to believe there is good in people , and he gets taken in easily with a sob story , he has toughened up out there , the fiddles are enormous , steel , cement , spoil , everyone has a go at creating income from a stroke of the pen . Since Peter’s employers have had a team out there, the costs have fallen and the correct specifications have been rigidly adhered to. Peter now believes in people, but still tests the concrete, and when he finds the wrong mix he is disappointed for believing in people, but still rejects the load. Two or three rejections and the drivers get penalised, they also issue tickets for spoil off site, and the waste had reduced by over 50%.

This means that he has earned a great bonus , handy for November and he has found a remote , quite luxurious Tuscan Farmhouse , with an indoor pool and Gym , that is a cross between a villa and a small five star hotel . The food is , apparently , superb and he booked the last two weeks in November , for a Honeymoon , he has booked MY car on the ferry and has an overnight stop arranged at a hotel in France . All without asking, so I don’t know what he has been drinking to cause a brave move, but I was quite impressed.

I still find phone sex a bit odd , and despite his little boy lost pleas , I communicate by Skype , but my clothes stay on !. I am not sitting in front of a laptop with electronic displays of me naked flying through space for anyone with a Wi-Fi computer and an ability to hack to see. I asked my trained IT nerd Tim , a great guy , who thinks computers are better than sex how secure things like Skype were , and he said he had reservations , that normally means , give me ten minutes and I’ll be In there .

So I play Golf, and check on that equine delicacy the Belgium’s love so much, whilst my parents are away. She rents out the stables, but still likes a member of the family to go and see her precious horses are happy. Why me , I’ll never know , but I get lumbered . I went there yesterday afternoon, and the Arab Stallion was serving a mare that someone had bought in from Yorkshire. Mother collects £400 ( $600 ) every time the grey 15.2hh stallion mounts a mare . She could have made a fortune renting my Father , if she charged some silly little office girl that amount every time he had mounted one . Anyway , there is a mountain of paperwork . They not only have to be SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorder) free and have proof of it , the mare’s owner has to fill in details of the intention for the foal’s future . I suspect that adopting a child is slightly easier than having your mare mounted by an Arabian horse . I actually then have to hang around watching the animal do the deed . It is huge though , and it goes sort of glassy eyed and adopts a stupid sort of horse grin , typical male I expect .

This lull in my usual weekend of carnal lust , and chasing around has given me a chance to catch up on the private work that forms a small amount of my work . I have done the company books for last year , but as I keep the Family Firm’s paperwork up to date , mother filing everything so neatly that didn’t take too long . I then have a short list of clients , with my company’s approval . This list includes the notorious madam Celia and her friends . None of their activity is illegal in the UK , and they pay well for what is a relatively straightforward work load . I don’t charge Celia , but she sends a donation to a local charity of my choice , and because of that , I , and she are happy . There has been an odd gift arrive by mail order , paid for and delivered and the card , is timely and signed from Santa Claws . So I have always guessed the source .
I set Saturday afternoon aside , and on my way to Hampshire to supervise the Horsed , called in with the final year’s accounts for her to sign and send . Despite the year’s downturns her investment portfolio has done above average , I do not manage that , thank goodness . She has also managed to meet with her previously estranged daughter , met her grandchildren , and even confessed her occupation to them .

She has semi retired , but having your coffee served by a man in silk panties and fishnet stockings , under a short French Maid’s outfit is somewhat unnerving . Darling she said in an exaggerated voice reminiscent of the Gabor’s in old movies . She read the documents and wrote a large cheque to HMRC signed the papers , sealed the envelope , and detailed the weird creature to post it .

She could tell from my face that cross dressing is a mystery to me , and always will be . She laughed , I am as I keep reminding people, inherently shy , and get easily red faced . Her earnings from the active business were small in comparison to her investments , and she had amassed a property portfolio that had good returns . She kept ill treating these pathetic men because she liked doing it . I passed a remark that I cannot believe that a woman would ever pay to be so humiliated and ill treated . She fell into raucous laughter . Lynne you for a 25 year old business woman , just so niece

Then she related the following story , which I am going to treat seriously . Because I believe it to be totally true . Claudia was approached by a young woman , who knew that the business involved tying up fat , respectable old men and ill treating them . She was the daughter of one of Claudia’s clients , now deceased . Claudia thought this excursion was a digging exercise on her father’s past , but it was an enquiry from the girl herself ,

What the girl wanted , was to be taken into Claudia’s dungeon , tied with her hands behind her back , and left tied to a chair or bed or whatever was available . I was still in disbelief that a woman would want mistreatment like this , I have seen some get treated badly by boyfriends and husbands , so cannot understand anyone’s desire to get abused .

She shook her head and led me by the hand into the next room where she put a DVD into the player attached to a 54” screen TV . Wow it was a u=interview with the girl detailing what she wanted . And then the shot moved to the dungeon . She was kneeling , when six men ,., all young and fit entered the room . The girl was blindfolded . They stood her up and handled her quite roughly . The camera was fixed so it was I assume sat on a tripod . The guys unzipped and dropped their trousers , they were well picked , and fit , not only fit but hung . Claudia skipped large amounts of the repetitive stuff . I find porn movies okay but deathly boring , everything seems to take ages when you are watching , but sufficient to say that each man had lost his load three times at the least .

She was bent over a chair and her bottom ravaged in turn whilst she sucked hard at the other end . The whole handling was rough , One guy , a large mixed race young man with a very fat cock actually twisted her tits in a grotesque shape , just for fun . He must have , grabbed firmly , held , then and turned the flesh almost 180 degrees . Her nipples were pinched and hauled on stretched right out till they were two inched long . Odd clips were applied and the nipples pulled further , she never cried out ,but whimpered , and gasped . She was grasped , squeezed , spanked , and fucked in every hole without mercy . They also took her rear , and pushed then their cocks into her mouth , a practice that consider so unhygienic . I think the girl must have known it was filmed because of the introduction and closing video’s , but the men turned her so her anus was in centre stage , it was open , like the muscle had not relaxed and returned to the start , there was a trail of cum dribbling down her thighs .

She was laid over the mixed race guy’s knee as he sat on an office chair , and her rear paddled with a leather strop . Her body was stretched , fingers in all multiples forced into her , she was lifted bodily as her vagina was encasing a guys whole hand , I was thinking wow , that must hurt . Her tormentors were relentless in her treatment , she took whatever they gave her .

Her vagina was flushed red as the lips had been tortured and the hole widened by over enthusiastic men . A tall skinny guy with a long but almost pencil thin cock actually bit her nipples , leaving a deep indentation that marked the skin . I shuddered is horror .

She then after what must have been two or three hours , was taken into another room and videoed , to say she had a great time . Her tits were bruised with fingerprints and her bum cheeks were a scarlet red ,. She did a naked pirouette , to say that all that had happened was consensual .

I was shocked , and stunned , I know my eldest sister got abused from the smack head that she married , and I know some girls who like it a little kinky , but this was a total mind fuck .
Claudia smiled again at my discomfort , and refilled my coffee cup , then she said what did I think , well it wasn’t my scene at all . I never knew that women could enjoy being taken like this , at all . I certainly won’t try it . Claudia asked if I had my account worked out , I asked her to donate to a charity , and stunned finished the coffee .

She offered to show me a DVD of a black actress who loved being gang fucked by white guys , who racially abused her whilst they took her , but I declined the offer to see that one . The actress has a make-over , different hair , etc , and is not recognisable , I was reassured , but the declination was repeated .
The charity will be happy , but I don’t suppose they would be too pleased to know the source of the money . I thought by my age I had seen most things , but I wonder how much more I have to learn . I found the story a little sad though , that some person male or female can only get their thrills through getting humiliated . Still I suppose it takes all sorts to make the Human race .

What is even sadder , is I know the girl , she is a really snobby cow , she is so stuck up that her little set of friends , never talk to the likes of me , I am far too ordinary . I left Claudia’s wishing that she had not shown me that , but she thought it might amuse me . I am sure she knew that I would recognise the girl . She is part of the old aristocracy , and has a “ The Honourable “ in front of her name as the younger daughter of a baron . Well she will always be miss stuck up who likes it rough , in my eyes from now on . I told Peter last night , and he roared with laughter , and asked if I got a copy of the DVD , the dirty sod , will be disappointed , I think that is safely locked away in Claudia’s , “destroy in event of my death” safe .

I have off loaded the rest of Claudia’s associates to a university chum who has started his own practice , and needed the work , Claudia , because of her connections with our Chairman , looks like being mine for a few more years .


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