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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-08-11 21:19:55
Author dnelzon
Title A late night surprise...
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend My room
Age then 26
Age now 26
Gender MALE
Viewed 249
Story Length 3223

(23 votes / 202 points)

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A late night surprise...


For the last few weeks I’ve had a friend stay at my apartment. I’ve got a 3 floor town home with two roommates. I live in the basement where there is the laundry and second living room like space. We’ve got a couch there and from time to time friends have slept on the couch while traveling through or after a late night out drinking. Recently a friend was coming into town to work at a bar until late at night. I’ll call her Kay. She’s smoking hot and man I’d have done anything for a chance at dating such a beautiful girl. She’s got an amazing smile, beautiful eyes, nice C cup chest and is really into healthy living. Her body shows it as she’s athletic but has a great tight body. Her ass sticks out in a nice bubble shape and her ability to booty-shake is awesome! So one or two nights a week she stays at my place on the couch. I offered the bed but she declined and said she comes in too late, just wants to shower and get to sleep. Who could blame her.

I have another friend that I recently found out was Bi. She claims she’s just curious but there’s no way… she’s Bi. We’ve had some interesting experiences with me and another friend but nothing to extreme until this one night.

Like a lot of good stories in my life we were all hanging out drinking (me and a group of friends). Things were getting late and people were starting to wind down. By Bi friend Anna and I were jokingly flirting all night. I’d walk up behind her and grab her ass. When we danced she stroked me through my jeans. All was fun and games but we were getting seriously turned on. As more and more people left Anna asked to sleep on my couch. I said of course and the last few people left for the night. I said fuck the couch you’re sleeping with me and came up behind her. I reached down and kissed her neck as she leaned into me. I reached up and grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed roughly only to hear a moan.
We moved downstairs and as we got into my room I started to slip off her clothes. She kissed me deeply as I undid her belt and she reached for my pants. The whole taking each others clothes off at the same time always sounds romantic but it never fucking works. I pulled her hands back and pulled her close to me. I kissed her and reached behind her. I slipped her jeans off of her cute sexy ass and slid my hand down her thong. I reached up and inside her shirt and snapped her bra strap off quickly.

Then in one quick movement I lifted up her shirt and bra. She was totally naked so I pushed her back onto my bed. She was surprised and fell back spreading her legs. Her sexy shaved pussy turned me on even more as her legs parted to get her stability. But the time she had I had dropped my pants and taken my shirt off. She rolled up and ripped my boxers down to my knees. Before I could even get them off she had my dick in her mouth. One of the first people she fooled around with was me. She wanted to know how to suck a cock and although I’ve never done it myself I taught her what others had done to me and in just a few short weeks she was the best blow job queen I had ever met.

As she sucked my cock I reached down and played with her nice, full, and perky b-cup tits. She moaned onto my cock and the vibration felt wicked. I slid my boxers the rest of the way off and laid down. She never missed a beat and sucked me harder. As she got more into it she started to go deeper until I felt her chin on my balls. Girls who can fight that gag reflex are so fucking awesome and in my experience love to swallow. And this she did. I thrust forward and exploded down her throat. She wiped her mouth and swallowed what didn’t go straight down her throat. She pushed me back and worked her way up my body until she straddled my face.
I enjoy this minus the challenge to breathing when the girl gets so into it. This time she got what she needed to get her juices flowing and slid back down until my cock slipped inside. She started a good pace but needed something more. I flipped her around and started to fuck her reverse cowgirl. Now this girl knows how to ride and I was getting really worked up. I reached around and started to rub her clit. Finally, she arched her back and reacted just how I wanted. If wouldn’t be long until I came in her soaking wet pussy.

About that time I heard a noise. It was the door upstairs opening and closing. My mind raced and I looked at the clock. It was around 4am. Fuck, my friend is coming to stay at my place tonight! I thought about stopping but decided this might be funny/fun/or crazy so I’d go with the flow.

Now you don’t just fuck a girl and suddenly freeze with out her wondering whats going on. I thought about telling her but decided she might get shy on me. We were at the edge of the bed right infront of the bathroom. The light in there was on from earlier so there is no way you’d miss us as you walked by. I knew Kay would walk in, drop her stuff off, and head right into the bathroom in my room. In this position she was going to get quite a show.

I told Anna I was getting to close so I had to hold off a second. She moaned and picked up speed. I knew a moment killer was soon to arrive so I started to meet her thrusts and pound into her pussy. She reached back and put her hands on my abs. I grabbed her to hold her still as I drove in deeper and harder each time. She was lightly moaning but not to loud. Just then the door opened quietly. Kay walked in looking down and Anna just froze. I watched curiously as Kay finally looked up and saw what was going on. We all froze.

After some awkward silence I spoke up, “Shit, I forgot you were coming. We were all drinking and well you get the point..”
Kay responded, “Oh I’m so sorry! I can give you a few minutes! I’m so sorry!”

She was headed out so I stopped her. “Hey you just got off work, don’t mind us! Go for the shower! We don’t mind!” After I finished this I noticed Anna was still in a state of shock. I pulled my dick mostly out of her pussy and slammed it back in. That brought her back to earth and Anna said, “Ya sorry we’re almost done. We don’t mind!” I slowly started to pick up pace once again.

Kay just stood there for a second. I then realized she hadn’t stopped staring right at us and especially right at my cock inside her exposed spread pussy. She finally realized she had to make a decision and said, “Ok! I’ll be quick!” I laughed and said, “Not too quick! Unless you want to watch.” With that I gave her a playful wink. I sat up the rest of the way and started to fondle one of Anna’s tits. She moaned and started to bounce back on my cock.

Kay had to walk right up to us and turn right to head into the bathroom. We were so exposed and it was so hot being watched. I kept my eyes on her but she never once looked at me. She just started at her pussy with my cock sliding in and out. Just as she got to the point where she’d have to turn her head I realized this was an opportunity I’ll never get again.
“You know… you can join us if you want. It’d be fun!”
I held my breath.

“I just got off work and am really tired and smoky… sorry”
I’m sure my disappointment was shown on my face and I could feel Anna’s body relax in a disappointed way as well. Kay sure didn’t notice either of these actions as she was still transfixed on my cock in her pussy. I slid back and popped out of her cunt. Anna reached down and guided me back in. Kay didn’t miss a beat at this and stared intently.
She finally made it to the bathroom, ripped her eyes away from us and closed the door. I figured oh well and went back to fucking Anna as hard as I could. She flipped over and I entered her doggy style. As we were picking up speed the hot smack of her ass meeting my hips was getting so loud. Her moans and soon her fingers rubbing her clit made even more noise. I was going to cum. I hate beating a girl off but sometimes it’s just to hot to stop. I was driving into her and getting close to letting loose when the door behind me opened.

Kay looked out and shyly said, “You know, you could just join me in my shower…”

That’s all we both needed. I slid out of her and pulled her up to me. We kissed, she smiled, and I winked at her. We kissed again and I let to go first. I smacked her ass playfully and we got in the small bathroom again.
Kay was starting to undress and I stopped her. “You just got off work let us do the work now.” We each took a set of clothing and started to take it off her. I started the shower and Anna got in, then Kay, followed by me in the back. Girls like the water and it seems we always get screwed when it comes to the hot water but believe me, I wasn’t going to complain.
Once we were in there was a nervous energy in the air. No one knew where to start. I grabbed the soap and rubbed it on Kay. She was tired after a long day and needed to relax. After I got her soaped up I started to massage her shoulders. She moaned and leaned back into me. I looked forward and Anna was just watching unsure of what to do next.

I turned Kay around and had Anna take over my massage. I reached in and kissed Kay and started to massage her breasts. This had an immediate effect and she leaned back towards Anna. I then broke my kiss and leaned over to Anna and kissed her. This turned out to be a great transition as Kay looked over to see what I was doing. As I broke my kiss it left the two girls facing each other. Both had made out with plenty of women but they needed this introduction. Their lips locked and the sexist kiss I’ve ever seen two women do ensued.

I leaned in and kissed Kay’s neck, back, and shoulders. I kneeled down and kissed my way down to her pussy. She lifted a leg up on the bathtub wall as I found what I was looking for. She never once stopped her embrace with Anna. Their hands roamed each others bodies and breasts as I found her clit. I licked in small circles varying my speed and intensity. She was getting worked up and it was great!

Finally, they stopped kissing and Kay pulled me up to her. I leaned in and kissed Anna deep and gave her a taste. She smiled wickedly at me afterwards and kissed Kay. Soon Anna was working her way down Kay’s body. She took my place and licked her pussy as hard as should could. It was amazing to see my Bi friend get Kay off so fast. She moaned, leaned back into me, her back arched, and the hand she had wrapped around my cock had to be removed due to her squeezing. Hot but still painful!

After this I suggested we go to the bed. We all dried off with towels as fast as we could. We got to the bedroom and I gabbed Anna. I pushed her down and pulled her head onto my cock. She loves being dominated like this but I then turned to Kay wondering what to do with her. She smiled and me and got on her knees. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is hotter than two sexy girls taking turns sucking your cock. When they kiss at the head it looks like something from a porn movie but way fucking hotter!
After a short time I laid down on the bed. Kay got up and straddled my cock while I pulled Anny onto my face. She wasn’t sure what I was doing but soon figured it out quickly. I had seen this in porn’s and was ready to give this a shot. Feeling Kay’s tight pussy was such a great feeling as she slid herself down. As Anna found her place on my face she leaned in and started to kiss Kay. I reached up and played with Anna’s tits and finally rubbed her clit. I reached over at one point to find Kay’s clit but found it occupied by Anna’s hands.

After this continued Anna wanted to switch. I was excited to taste Kay again and in no time my cock was deep in Anna and my tough was searching for Kay’s clit. She stated to grind her pussy in my face as she was kidding Anna even more deeply. I wanted a picture of this moment but wasn’t going to stop to suggest one.

Kay ground her pussy in my face and soon arched her back. It was hard to breathe and my tong was starting to cramp up but I wasn’t stopping. She came harder and harder until she practically jumped off my face. She moved over nad I got some deep breaths. I felt Anna speed up on my cock.
I pulled her off me and pushed her down on the bed. I grabbed Kay and had her suck my cock. She eagerly did and seemed to like the taste of Anna on my cock. I bent Anna and Kay over on all fours and stood up at the edge of the bed. If this was really happening I figured I needed to do all I could to make this a memory for a lifetime. I slipped into Anna and fucked her hard. As I did so I tried to fuck Kay but I’m sure my rhythm was awful. I soon switched and started to fuck Anna while fingering Kay. I enjoyed it so much and soon saw the girls start to kiss and play with each other’s tits.

I was picking up speed and was going to cum. I pulled out and slammed into Kay. She let out a yelp of surprise but didn’t seem to be in any pain. I fucked her harder and harder. I felt a weird feeling on my balls and dick and realized that Anna was rubbing her clit for her. I drove deeper and deeper until I drove as hard and deep into her as possible. She had been silently screaming until I finally unloaded my cum into her soaked pussy. As I felt her cum right after me I noticed Anna’s hands were wildly rubbing her clit, he body arched and he hips slammed back onto me. Her soaking wet juices poured out onto my balls and on the side of my right leg. I grabbed her hips and pulled away. She fought to stay tight on my dick but after I pulled away I slammed back in. She screamed and I did it again. She screamed again. Finally one more time and she arched her back and came again. She quickly grabbed Anna’s hand and pulled me out of her due to sensitivity.

As she pulled out I pushed her over. We all laid down together on the bed. I looked down and saw my cum slightly dripping out of her snatch. I smiled and felt so spent.

After all was said and done we realized we needed a shower. We all hopped in and took turns using the soap on each other. I got somewhat hard again but not enough to keep going. Anna was still interested in fucking again but it just wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. We headed to bed all cuddled up. Anna in the middle and her holding Kay.

The in middle of the night I felt hips grinding onto my cock. I reached forward and put my hands on Anna’s tits. She slid her hand down and grabbed my cock. I slipped it down and she guided it into her cunt. I slid in and out ever so softly but forceful. We did this for what seemed like an hour. The slow speed seemed like the nice thing to do for the girl we kept up almost all night. She moaned and finally came on my cock. I felt her contract and unloaded my cum into her pussy. I’m sure that load didn’t match the previous one but it still felt great!

I looked at the clock. It was now morning and not night. We had fucked the night away and finally once more in the morning. Kay stated to wake up as we started to fall asleep. I she tried to proposition me but I told her I was spent. I probably should have told her what had just happened but the thought slipped my mind. She smiled at me and slipped down under the sheets. Anna jumped and then moaned as Kay was going down on her.
Kay suddenly popped out of the covers and asked if I had just cum in her. I said, “Oh shit, ya I did.” She laughed and said, “Well it’s really not as bad as I thought it’d be!” She went back down and licked her to orgasm. I was hard again and soon was fucking Kay one more time. It took me forever to cum and honestly the feeling had been dulled down. It was sweet to get to cum one last time before she had to go to work…
While Anna wont be there in two weeks when Kay returns.. I’m still hoping for a night of fun 1-on-1… we’ll see…


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