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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-27 19:25:54
Author Jason2
Title Learning From Lynn Part 2
Category slept with a boy/girl
Where it happend My House, tree house, neighborhood
Age then 9
Age now 29
Gender MALE
Viewed 339
Story Length 6820

(26 votes / 180 points)

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Learning From Lynn Part 2


For the background for this story, see my story, "Learning From Lynn Part 1".

I added a few sentences from Part 1 below to help introduce Lynn, but if they seem familiar, skip down to the fifth paragraphs.

Lynn was a close neighbor tom-boy a year older. Because neither of us had same sex playmates our age, and we got along so well, we had just hung out together. We always got along, so our parents just encouraged our friendship.

Kids playing alone usually tire quickly, and pester parents. Our parents had a hard time getting us in for meals. We had to go our separate ways to bathrooms, until we started to wander around in the near-by forest. When we found a private place, with no one around to see us, we peed together. No longer did we have to let that interrupt our play. In fact, exploring each other became an important part of our daily routine.

Dad had built nice swings, a slide, tree house, and a playhouse in my back yard, and we played in my sandbox before we were ready for the other equipment. The play equipment offered a variety of fun activities, and I welcomed her to enjoy them with me.

We had looked into each other's underpants while still in the sandbox, so we knew we were 'different', even though her tom-boy adventuresome, inquisitive spirit, and love of nature - including frogs, lizards, and snakes - set her apart from other girls in the neighborhood, and later, the girls I met at school.

Lynn had somehow learned a few basic things about sex - and she wanted us to 'do it'. We began trying at about age 3 and 4, and kept trying, often, as we got older. By the time we were 9 and 10, we finally managed to fuck - and that became the main focus of almost everything else we did. We had used a number of different 'hideouts' for our pretend fuck-play, and we picked the better ones for our use now.

One day, after an especially satisfying fuck session, I told Lynn I'd rather make love to her than eat. She just beamed, and was glad I enjoyed it as much as she did. It wasn't just the orgasms - it was the whole intimate thing, every second of it. The orgasms were just extra special fun, like icing on the cake. The times we planned ahead were fun, too. This gave us something definite to look forward to - even though we usually did it at least once a day, anyway! I gradually was able to last longer, and this helped Lynn. Otherwise, we would have to keep getting me excited again, so she could get off, too.

One day, while we were playing in my back yard, she signaled for me to get my pack, by reaching over one shoulder with the other hand. I returned to her in my playhouse, and we removed her panties, and stuffed them in my pocket. [The latter had become a ritual for years - soon after we began taking them off.]

We fooled around with each other, getting excited. She rubbed me through her pussy lips, which helped us both to get ready.

She asked if I could still pick her up. I felt her chest, and said, "Your little titties are nice, but they haven't grown *that* much! I hugged her, picked her up by locking my hands together, under her bare butt, and carried her around inside my play house.

She said excitedly, "This is going to work!" She explained that we would get ready on the blanket, and she would hide her bare pussy with her dress as we climbed to the top of my slide. She would sit in my lap, facing me. Then we would fit me inside her, through my open fly. She would lock her legs around me, and we would fuck while going down the slide. I'd pick her up, carry her to the playhouse blanket - while I was still inside her - then we'd finish fucking on the blanket.

I wasn't sure it would work, but we always had fun, anyway. At the bottom of the slide, my hands lifted her by clasping them under her butt, with one of her hands covering her butt with her dress. I carried her to the blanket, and fell on her as I laid her on her back, to remain inside her. She flashed on her big fucking grin. With a 'loud' whisper in my ear, she said, "FUCK ME HARD!"

This had been the moment I'd been waiting for, as it was so difficult to be inside her, without sliding in and out, to enjoy those special feelings. I fucked her roughly, like we played rough while wrestling. I wouldn't have hurt her for anything, but I knew, in wrestling, no matter how rough I got, she could take it - then usually still pin me down, until she made me say 'uncle'. I wanted her to say 'uncle' this time, and beg me to stop - but I wouldn't stop, if she was still having orgasms.

We had our longest fuck yet - even if timed from the return to the blanket. I loved her, and she had been my girl friend since before I could remember - but I pretended I was angry with her now, and was going to fuck her so roughly, she would be angry, and we would probably wrestle at the end.

She gave me a funny look - to see if I was really angry - so I kissed her, and couldn't keep from grinning. She beamed me her big 'fucking smile'.

My pretend anger, and rough manner, must have taken my mind off of my sheer pleasure, and I kept pounding her through her first orgasm. She said loudly, and brokenly, "St o p! st o p!"

I kept going, even trying to pick up speed. She said,"STOP! STOP! - NO! - DON'T STOP!"

I was just ignoring her anyway, as long as I could last. Her orgasm came, stayed, returned, then kept going. She was really shaking now. She bit my ear, she beat her fists on my back - hard. I grinned, and she just hit me harder. [I never learn!] She flashed scowls and smiles. We kissed hard. I knew I was almost finished, but wondered if our wrestling later would get me ready again. We had to continue this!

I spasmed over and over, as deeply inside as I could push. My twitches set her off again, and I enjoyed more of her hard squeezing orgasms. She yelled in my ear. "FUCK! - YES! - - FUCK! - YES!"

I gave her a big silly grin, and she beat her fists harder on my back - but I felt elated, like I had just won a 'fight'. Having my orgasm during part of hers had been super. She held my face between both hands, and kissed me. She formed the word 'Thanks!' and kissed me again. She wasn't the least bit angry! It was like she had beat an orgasm out of me, to get me to stop. It was one of our closer, more tender moments - among many.

We cleared a small space in her detached garage loft, for an additional hideout. It was exciting, because it was so close to her house. If her brother came in for a nail, a ball, or some tool, we would have been in plain sight, if not for the little loft space. I also kept a small, clean rubber ball in a baggy, in my pack, so we could mute her outbursts. She asked, "Am I that loud?"

I told her that if we were outside, at most of our close hideouts, she could have been heard in her own yard. Of course, inside her garage, we had to be silent. We mostly opted for our more remote places now, where we could be more certain of not being heard, or caught. The extra privacy was worth it. We usually approached individually, from slightly different directions. If we saw anyone, we'd change course, then return later.

When I saw Lynn at school, if we were both alone, in the hall, or on the playground, she would flash me a brief smile, and often pretend to scratch her back - her sign to 'go get the blanket'. It always brought smiles.

Scratching was appropriate, as that old wool blanket often made her butt itch, after squirming around on it. She was tough, though, and never complained once. She was the best sport of any friend I ever had, from our earliest years, on. If we were having fun, slight discomforts seldom bothered us enough to even comment.

It was a pleasant afternoon, and Lynn and I wanted to try something new. The blanket was already spread in my play-house, and her panties were in my pocket. We both knew what was going to happen, but hadn't worked out the details yet. She had on one of her short play dresses. [We called them her 'fuck' dresses.] We got all ready to fuck, but hadn't plugged me inside her, then went to my tall swings. With my underpants down, and fly wide open, I sat on a swing seat. She stood outside of my butt on the seat, then sat in my lap facing me, with her legs straddling my hips. The fun was starting!

She rubbed me all over her pussy lips, and got me inside. She was warm, tight, and felt great. We began to pump the swing, as we pumped into each other. Her dress covered our intimate coupling.

She immediately turned on her 'fucking smile'. When she felt me sliding in and out, as we swung higher and higher, she gave me some excited outbursts - in my ear, trying to keep our noises local - and this encouraged me to pump higher. We went higher and higher, until the swing ropes were horizontal. This put us into a moment of free-fall - jamming penis in pussy very hard and fast. We just giggled, fucked, and pumped to reach the next free-fall.- and the next. If anyone saw us, we were hoping we would just appear to be two kids who were having a lot of fun - and it *was* fun!.

Since this was so exciting, we were going to try to finish this way, if possible. We both had learned how difficult it is for either of us to stop, once we began. This applied to each fuck session, and to our overall fucking relationship - we just couldn't imagine stopping. We each were willing to do it as long, and as often, as time permitted.

Her Mom was small,. She sang - and taught singing -, and had a strong voice. She used Lynn's nickname, and would first yell West, then South, and North, if Lynn wasn't seen running toward home. Lynn always finished fucking though - then we'd get her dressed fast, and check her clothing, before she zig-zagged through the neighborhood, to avoid being seen so often leaving my yard.

Back to the swings. I had an orgasm, and gradually slipped out of her. We played with each other for a few minutes, trying to keep her 'ready' while getting me hard again, until she could get me inside again, as she was very anxious to 'get off' herself. While she rubbed me on her pussy lips. I felt up under her dress, & played with her little tits. She soon put me back inside, and we just pumped the swing now, with every motion rubbing us together. When my second orgasm came, we pumped the swings like mad, and her orgasm joined mine. We pumped, giggled, fucked, orgasmed, and stared seriously into each other's eyes. We couldn't kiss in public, but we sure fucked, hidden under her little dress.

If we were still swinging as dusk came, we were able to keep a wary eye out, and kiss while fucking. Along with other things, we had 'discovered' kissing, years after we began our 'pretend fucking', and found it helped the overall experience a lot. It certainly added to the tender, loving nature of it all.

We carefully stood up together on the swing seat, and I held her while she tucked her dress down. I also closed and straightened my clothing. I pumped us up high, but she worried her air-cooled bare butt might be too much on display. I teased her about putting her panties on, while I pumped and held us on, but she declined. "We will want to do it again, on the blanket, anyway." I smiled - she knew I'd be willing, any way, any day, any time, anywhere we could get away with it.

The swings had been one of our most enjoyable and successful sex experiments. We repeated it a few times, when we expected my back yard to offer enough privacy to get away with it. The one facing my house had to be on the lookout for anyone who might be approaching. With fences and dense hedges on both sides and rear, they presented no problem.

Somehow, we got along so well, that we seldom argued about anything. We didn't care about the source of an idea. If it worked, or might work, we tried it. If something looked unsafe, we looked out for each other. There was no person I'd rather have had for a partner, for any game or project - and especially for our intimate fun. We were both so imaginative, and so inventive, that life was just fun when we were together. We were both self starters, and willing to go along with most of the other's ideas. Sometimes, the crazier the idea, the more fun we had carrying it out - or shared good laughs at our unsuccessful efforts. There were few overall failures, because we often had even more fun on some of the ones that didn't work. We shared the ability to laugh together, without appearing to make fun of the other.

One day when I had to cut the lawn, with an old reel push mower, the grass was tall, and very wet after a heavy rain shower had moved through. I couldn't leave the yard until I had cut the grass. [I had skipped it the week before, which was why it was so tall.] It was too wet to cut, so I had Lynn help me rake it. The wet grass just laid over, and stuck down. It looked really nice, from the house - extra green, and uniform.

Lynn hadn't been too enthusiastic about this 'solution', but she couldn't come up with a better one, so she went along with it. We wanted to hike to our rail-road culvert, as the weather had cleared, and we figured with so little rainfall, the culvert would be dry inside. If not, we had the cave. By the time the grass dried, and I cut it, it would have been too late to hike to the culvert. We each wanted to have our intimate fun, ASAP.

By the time we got back home, the grass that had been plastered down so neatly was sun-dried and tall again. I was restricted to my yard the following day, and part of it was spent actually cutting the grass, plus other chores that were added. Lynn smirked, as she helped me, but stopped short of saying, "I knew it wouldn't work." We had had our fun, and now had to pay for it. We did have a few minutes of fun in the playhouse - even though that hadn't been an assigned task.

One male friend went with me to the river to 'check it out' after a recent flood. He decided it was too swift to swim in, but it just looked fun and deeper [and very muddy] to me. I shed my clothing and went in. I was a pretty good swimmer, but the current just swept me downstream. I hollered, "Help!" He ran along the path downstream, and ran ahead of me. I saw him chewing on a large vine that hung down from a large tree. I finally stopped fighting the strong current, and gradually angled over toward the bank.

I hobbled slowly along the path, with very tender feet hurting with each step. When I finally saw him, he was still gnawing on that vine! He was glad I hadn't drowned - or been washed into the next county. When I asked about the vine, he said he was going to use it like a rope, to pull me to the shore. Had he finished cutting it with his teeth, the 4' section went deep into the ground. The free end was secured high up in the tree. He had already tried to pull it down, and failed. Every few steps we saw dead limbs that had fallen, or washed ashore by the flood - no chewing required. His mechanical skills were lacking, as was his instinctive ability to quickly size up a situation, and immediately take the most effective action.

Had Lynn been there with me that day, she probably would have been the first in the water, and we'd have washed downstream together. I'm sure we would have angled to shore, as I had. With her tough feet, she would have gone back for my shoes - then smirked at having to rescue the tender-foot!

OR -

If she had been on shore while I was washed downstream, she would have run ahead, grabbed a long stick, and pulled me in. My barefoot hike back would have been much shorter. There was no way she would stand on the bank, and chew on vines!

I found a second Army blanket, and made a shelf to store it just under the roof. There were tiny cracks in the walls we could peep through, to see if anyone was near-by. Dad's old roof was still shedding water away from the walls. He had used shingles left over from the house, and the roof had a nice slant, with an overhang.

Lynn used a new gesture, that meant, "Let's Fuck!" She pointed an index finger straight up. If no one else could see it, she pointed it down toward her mid body region, or she made a small circle, with left thumb and fore-finger, and stuck in her right index finger. This always brought wicked, excited smiles. We put a scrap of wood near the top of the tree-house, with a nail in one end. If one of us was up there, waiting for the other, the board was turned up - like the #1 [or our 'fuck' 1-finger symbol]. When the second one climbed up, the blanket and partner were both ready.

Lynn's practical mind instantly figured out how to best solve almost any problem. Some of that was just her natural mechanical ability, and willingness and skill to work with her hands. She didn't mind getting her hands dirty. I don't think she had ever picked up a hammer before, but she could pound those nails hard and straight while we fixed up our tree house. Mechanical, practical ability seemed more common among boys, but she was certainly an exception.

If we had enough time, and good weather, we still hiked to the culvert - cave area. We loved the hiking, and had time to look forward the fun we knew we would share there. We also just enjoyed 'getting away'.

With the safe tree-house, we could now even get in a quick one before school, by planning ahead. She went out in the early AM for a 'bike ride'. After a few minutes, she would ride into my back yard, hide her bike, and go up to the tree house. If I wasn't there yet, she put the signal board up, which.I could see from my upstairs bedroom window. We worked on each other fast, to get ready, and not waste any time. We didn't do this often, but it sure was the best way to begin a school day!

We had been so intimate for so many years, we seldom blushed. However, passing each other in school, or on the playground, soon after making love earlier that day, always brought immediate red faces. One such morning she stopped long enough at recess to say quietly, "It feels like you are still inside me!" We must have both turned beet red! She held up 4 fingers, and I half nodded. [We would meet in my back yard at 4 PM, after school.] This gave us something to look forward to during the remaining school day - although we'd probably have gotten together then, anyway. We had spent most of our spare time together for years, and it had become much more important for both of us recently.

At times, in school, we'd get in a word or two. "After school", or "Not this afternoon", or "Tomorrow morning." Another signal we used in school, if we had something that needed to be discussed, was put a finger to our mouth. Then we'd go to the closest water fountain, or a quiet one, and pass a few words, or a note.

One such Friday, I had learned before school that my parents, sister, and brother were driving to the big city Saturday, for doctor, shopping, and lunch.They allowed me to stay home, but warned me they would be gone at least eight or nine hours. I was given a few instructions, but #1 on my own list was to pass the word to Lynn ASAP, then fuck her all day in my bed. I suggested a 'hiking lunch', so she wouldn't be expected home midday. Most of the info was passed verbally, but I had written a brief note, "Home alone tomorrow. #3 all day. Bring lunch". I gave her the note anyway, and she smiled and blushed, adding a short nod of approval. [Years before, during our play-fuck days, we had used #3 for 'fuck'.]

Lynn rode her bike around the neighborhood Saturday morning, until she saw our car missing. She then hid her bike in my back yard bushes, and came to the back door. I locked us inside, and put her lunch with my PNB & jelly sandwiches in the refrigerator. I then locked us in my room. I set my clock alarm for late afternoon, so we'd be outside before my family returned..

Being able to slowly strip each other, with plenty of time ahead, was fun. It was great having the time to fully explore each other's body. Her breasts seemed to be a little larger now. I saw a few dark hairs down below, and gently pulled them, teasing her about 'growing up'. She wrinkled her nose, and said we would both be sorry, when we had to use rubbers - but we knew it would be worth the trouble, and we'd figure out how to deal with it, when confronted with the problem.

She asked me a strange question, "Has your sister begun her periods yet?"

I told her that I didn't know - that she had seen my sister's pussy years ago, the same day I had, when several of us played, "spin the bottle" in my room. My sister had a 'streak' of bad luck! My sister is about a year older than Lynn, and Lynn was wondering when her own time might come. She asked if we could look in my sister's bathroom. We snooped around [still naked], and found Junior Kotex pads hidden under towels in her closet. Two or three were missing, but earlier boxes may have been used. We put everything back, and returned to my room.

I told her that my cousin [female], a year older than my sister, had visited from out of state a year before, and she had already begun her periods, too. Lynn was interested in knowing how I knew! I told her she had slept in my room, and her period started while she was there.

Lynn got a wild look, and I thought I was in for another fight, but I hastened to explain I slept in my brother's room that week, but had gone in 'my' room when my cousin was out, to get some clothes. I had stumbled across her pads, and saw one was missing. The next day 2, then 3!
[I had gone back to check!]

Lynn gave me a hug, then started beating me on my back - the only place she ever hit me, and usually when I wasn't fucking her fast enough. She never hurt - but sometimes put a lot of energy into those little fists! She was often yelling in my ear at the same time, if we really had privacy - like in my room that day. Fucking on my bed, and actually going to sleep naked, with our arms and legs wrapped around each other, was a lot of fun.

We also enjoyed just leisurely fooling around on my bed while naked. I sucked on her chest buds, and it was really exciting when I saw how it affected her, while she was stretched out beside me. She rubbed my penis head between her pussy lips, alternating with pumping me with one hand. We looked at each other, and swapped smiles, then kisses - and more kisses. We just basked lazily in the luxury afforded by my bed.

She said, "There is something I want you to try - but you may not like doing it."

She knew she could get me to do anything, just by hinting, asking, or forcing me, by beating me up - or threatening to. "What is it?"

She said, "I want you to kiss me - down here" - and she touched her pussy.

Now, I loved her, and I loved her pussy, so it wasn't difficult to do. As I kissed it, she opened her legs wide, and pulled her little pussy lips apart, so I was soon kissing inside her pussy.

It tasted a little salty, but very easy to get used to - and what fun! I thought she was pretending to have an orgasm, to let me know she appreciated it, while I was licking her, but she was shaking harder than I'd ever seen her. Goose bumps appeared all over her chest and her cute little titties got hard on the tips of her nipples.

She hollered, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

I tried to come up, so I could fuck her, but she held my head just where she wanted it. I kept on licking, kissing, and sucking, until she couldn't stand it any longer - but I still ran my tongue up and down her slit. I moved up, and she held her lips open while I slid inside her. Her orgasm started again almost immediately. We had been relaxed, and comfortable, but now she gave me her 'fucking grin', and almost yelled her command, "Fuck me!"

We always had fun, even if she was a little bossy at times, but this was double or triple anything we had ever done before. I bounced her little butt into the mattress on each down thrust, and tried to double-fuck her on every bounce. She wanted to roll over, so she was on top. Normally we didn't have space for this, but soon her butt was up in the air, and she was banging mine into my mattress. Her hips were heavier, so she really came down hard. I put my hands on Lynn's chest. and played with her little nipples. She shivered, then sank her chest into my face, centering one tit in my mouth. I sucked, kissed, chewed gently, and could see - and feel, deep down inside - her twitching reactions.

This was fun! She was doing most of the work, but I let her know I was actively interested, by fucking up into her. She knew by my grin that I was enjoying this just as much as she was. She was the one who usually had to lie on a hard surface, while I pounded her butt into the ground, wooden floor, concrete, or rough, solid rock cave floor. She did have a cuter, rounder, bouncier butt, and my hands were all over it right now. I had no idea her butt skin was so soft, or would feel so nice to rub and caress. It was a tough, muscular butt, too, that had spent years of fun with me. I told her, "This is great fun! I lie in this bed for hours many nights, wondering what it would be like fucking you here. I wish you could sneak up here some night - or even to the tree house."

The more I thought about her butt always being on a hard surface, while I had her warm, soft, naked body padding me, I resolved to surprise her with my latest idea for the tree house. When getting the boards from the attic, I had seen two large waterproof plastic cushions, that were all that remained from an old porch glider. After Lynn left that afternoon, I brought them down, cleaned them, and hauled them up with the rope ladder and our haul line. I found an old sheet in Mom's rag bag to cover them. No more blanket burn! We could just use it for cover when it was cold.

We planned to meet in the tree house after supper. If we were up there when my family came home, with our bikes hidden, they would never guess I was riding Lynn, instead of my bike. Once inside the house, I'd pull down shades on two windows that had a good view of the tree house, then have one up and one down in my room, to signal her I was going to distract my family, so she could get away without being seen.

We had to constantly be in 'stealth' mode, since the older neighborhood boys [including Eva's older brother, and several other boys], had caught us with our pants off, and fooling around. We were behind a row of bushes, but could be seen from three other directions. We were just in our own little world, until they appeared, and put our clothes up high in a tree. She asked them not to tell her brother - but he appeared right after she mentioned him. She begged him not to tell their parents. He said nothing. We were much more careful after that. Had he told on her, I'm sure my parents would have been notified a few minutes later - regardless of the hour.

That night, we planned to meet again, after our families were all asleep. We just couldn't get enough - but we sure tried! It was a long time later that I figured out the more sex we had, the more we wanted.

I went to her bedroom window. Her shade was up an inch, and she had a tiny light light on, by her bed. Clothing was on the floor, covering the crack under her door. I could see her across the room, lying on her bed. I scratched gently on her window screen.

I watched her instant grin appear. She stood up, and pulled down her gym pants to tease me. She slipped on tennis shoes, slid her window open slowly, and unlatched her screen. She climbed over the window sill, and stepped into my clasped hands - which she seemed to know would be there. Had it been light, and she wasn't being stealthy, she would have jumped, tumbled, or just flipped out. As she stood on the ground, I closed the window, with the screen behind my head. Her window smelled strongly of baby oil.

After we snuck away from her house, she told me the window was squeaky, and hard to open - thus the baby oil. [I hadn't yet mentioned it.] We went up to my tree house, and didn't bother to go through the usual ritual with the ladders. If we were quiet, with no flashlight on, no one would guess we were up there.

She and I were fucking a couple of minutes after we were in the tree house. She squealed her delight in my ear when she felt the soft cushion under her whole body, and a sheet under her bare butt. She was twice as energetic when fucking back up to meet me. She more than rewarded me for my efforts, that one night alone, without even speaking a word. My knees now had padding, which I hadn't even thought about. Kneeling between Lynn's legs was so much fun, my red knees had never detracted from it - but this was an unexpected bonus for me, and my skinny knees.

We fucked three times, and cuddled under the blanket between each. It would have been too easy to just cuddle, and wander off into dreamland together. We both knew this, and wanted it, but we had to sneak her back into her bedroom before we were caught. Her father was a prominent man in town - everyone in the whole county knew him. If Lynn had turned up 'missing' the next morning, the police, volunteer firemen, and probably the dog-catcher, would have been combing the neighborhood in less than 30 minutes. My property would have been one of the first searched, because it was well known she spent a lot of time there.

I could have found her window with my eyes closed. I suggested she wash off the excess baby oil with paper towels the next day. She probably would have, anyway.

We opened her window, and I propped her screen behind my head. She gave me a silent kiss, stood in my hands - knowing where they would be, even in the dark - and stepped over the sill with her cute butt in my face. I gave it a gentle love pat, and she wiggled it into my face. I resisted the temptation to bite it. She turned for one more kiss, & we closed her window. She pointed to her bare wrist, and held up 5 fingers. She pointed first at her pussy, then toward my house. I nodded, & flashed a smile she probably couldn't see.

At daybreak the next AM, we made love again, in my tree house. She was already bouncing her bare butt on the cushions, pumping into the air, waiting for me, when I got there. I wondered why the rope ladder seemed to be moving while I climbed up. I almost fell into her, she made me so excited. I believe she would have still been this eager, if we had spent all night making love up there. Being in the dark with her had been fun, and different, but this was even better, as I could see her sexy body by the early dawn light.

We would have made love while standing in my two swings - or had fun and laughs trying - if we hadn't worried about getting caught. Why we didn't think to try it in the dark I don't know, except we were probably too busy doing what had became so natural to us.

Her father was a big man - in every way. One summer day, when we were much younger, and had been going through our 'pretend fucking' in my yard, I helped her put her little panties and play shorts back on, and we played around in my back yard. We had no definite plans, but we would have been back horizontal soon, without any interruptions. All of a sudden, she said, "Uh oh!" and stuck a finger down the back of her shorts and panties. She said, "I have to go home, to the bathroom, and clean up. I have the runs!"

She hadn't returned to play after about 30 minutes, so I walked over, and knocked on her side door. Her father opened it, and said, "Hello Jason. Lynn can't play right now."

I asked, "Are you going to give her an enema?" I wanted to know that her problem was being taken care of - and that's the way my parents would have handled it, often with baking soda added.

He seemed angry, and just slammed the door. I hadn't thought about him not being overjoyed at my knowledge and interest in her bottom. I was intimidated by him, anyway, and this didn't help. I reverted to our usual practice, and just waited for her to find me in my back yard. The following morning, she came over, and said she had taken Pepto Bismol several times, and was now OK.

A few minutes later, after we took her panties off, she caught me glancing inside, before putting them in a pocket. She was angry - or pretended to be - as she smirked, and said, "I told you! I am OK now!" We soon made up for the time we were apart the previous afternoon. We had discussed several times that we really missed each other if we were not able to spend as much time together as planned, during one of our 'sessions' of intimate play and contact.

This had to be one of our record weeks when it came to the number of times we had sex. The long hours spent on the tree-house had kept us on edge, because of the hours of being together, and the shared goal of looking forward to celebrating inside it. Now that we had such a great place, we kept on celebrating.

Now when Lynn came over, and I was in my back yard waiting for her, she just climbed up the access ladder. If I wasn't fast, she was already naked by the time I arrived, swapped ladders, and let the door down. She seemed to enjoy helping me undress - or maybe she was just in a hurry to get started.

As I recall, our ritual of putting her panties in my pocket began years before, after we had taken them off in my playhouse for a pretend fuck, then got busy swinging and playing in my back yard. We had completely forgotten about them, and just happened to see them later on the floor. For convenience, and to help avoid an embarrassing situation, I came up with my pocket solution. Even if we walked to another hideout, her panties were always handy. I would have thought the air fanning her fanny would have been a clue they were off - but they were off during so much of the time we spent together, maybe it just felt natural - or sexy.

One evening I attended a grade school musical-talent show, and watched / heard Lynn sing a solo on the stage. During intermission, I was in the boy's rest room using a urinal. Lynn's father came in, and began using the next urinal. I glanced over, and saw the largest flaccid penis I have seen in my whole life. His wife was a very small woman, and it must have been difficult - or, perhaps, a lot of fun. I couldn't help wondering what he would do if he knew how many 100 days his daughter and I had spent playing with our genitals together. [Many more 100 were to follow.] I wanted to congratulate him on his daughter's performance, but that was the wrong place, and I figured he didn't need to know how I'd been affected by her rendition of "Indian Love Call", decked out in two black braids with red ribbons, plus an Indian costume - a leather shirt and skirt, with rawhide cord decoration all over, and hanging from the hem. Her performance was the only one that received a standing ovation - and the only one I even recalled, after the show ended.

I later talked her into singing it for me, when we were deep in the woods. She looked right into my eyes during the whole song. I just stood there like a statue, after she finished - spellbound. Uncanny! She brought me back to life with a kiss. I'd love to have a recording - I'd enjoy replaying it often.

- - - - --------- - - - -

See my future stories "Lynn - Eva Part 1 - The Set-up", "Lynn - Eva Part 2 - The Connection",and "Lynn - Home From College". Vote, or drop me a line, if interested.


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