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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-27 19:27:12
Author Spurvelarv
Title Babysitting Eric
Category had a gay/lesbian/bi-sexual experience
Where it happend Where I was babysitting
Age then 13
Age now 18
Gender MALE
Viewed 794
Story Length 1746

(20 votes / 150 points)

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Babysitting Eric


My first time having a gay experience was when I was babysitting the kid of one of my dad’s friends. I had been babysitting him before, but this time was going to different. I was about 13-14 years at the time. It was summer and my dad and his friends were going out to some party somewhere, so I was asked to babysit. I figured that I since I didn’t have much to do so why not… The kid was a nine year old boy names Eric, brown, buzz cut hair and blue eyes and a lot of freckles!

When I arrived I was told by his mom that they were going to call when they were on their way home because they had to drive me home. Eric had to be in bed by 11, but since he had a babysitter he could stay up a bit longer and that I had to give him a bath. He had a GameCube on his room that we played most of the time but after a couple of defeats Eric began to get a bit mad at me. So I tried to comfort him by tickling him and get him to laugh. It was working out so we quit playing the game and began to tickle each other and play fight. The next series of events happened too fast to my liking… We lay the floor in his room and I had him on top of me trying to hold me down. While holding me down he rubbed my crotch quite a lot and my member was growing rapidly. I don’t believe he did it on purpose, but I didn’t notice before it was too late and even worse he noticed before me.
“Christopher? What is that? And why is it poking me?”
I just thought to myself “Crap…”

“Well… Ehh, that just happens sometimes, but forget that and let’s get back to playing the game or something.” I said trying to change the subject.
And so we did. He didn’t ask any questions right there and then, but a couple of hours later after bathing him it happened again. I was drying him up after the bath and he stood quite close to me with his back turned against me. Again he noticed my hard penis before me. This time it was his naked ass rubbing against my crotch making me come hard…
“Now it happened again… What is that?” he said and turned around and pointed at the bulge in my pants.
“Eric… Sit down” I said while pointing on the toilet seat. He sat down and I tried at my best to explain to him about puberty, the birds and bees and that it was my dick getting hard but that it was nothing to worry about and even more important that he had to promise not to tell anyone because that was a thing others didn’t need to know.
“But… If it gets hard because of puberty, and I am a too young to be in puberty, why is my dick hard too?” he said slowly and pointed down to his own crotch which now there was a small uncut erection pointing straight up. I could feel my jaw drop. After a couple of seconds I tried to pull myself together when he again asked something.
“Was it just me or did your penis just grow in your pants?!” he said a bit terrified while looking at me. And again, he was right. I had no intentions about it but I was getting really horny now and my dick was pumping with blood making it rock hard by the whole situation I was tossed into. The excitement by seeing the now naked boy with his blue eyes and freckles looking on me and addition the hard penis of his had driven my dick to get harder than ever before. Before I could do anything to stop it he had leaned forward and grabbed the bulge in my pants, in pure curiosity, which was my hard and explosively horny dick.
I remember making a weird sound that I afterwards, never have been able to make again, even when trying to. I could feel every drop of semen I had in me shot out of my dick and into my underwear. I fell on my knees and Eric watched me with wide open eyes.
“Are you OK? What happened?” he asked terrified, obviously he thought he had hurt me when grabbing me, but in reality he had made the best orgasm I have ever had in my life! I breathed heavily like I had just run a marathon or something.

“Yeah, I’m OK… I just had an orgasm I think” I said wondering how the heck that could have happened. I was not a virgin and had never had an orgasm by a single touch before. I stood up and now thank God the bulge in my pants was now almost completely gone. Without really thinking about it I took off my own pants and underwear which now was soaked with my semen.
“Wow… Is that how all penises look like?” My own uncut dick was still semi hard and had some semen on it. “Can I touch it?” he asked quickly.
“What? No no no… You can’t Eric.” I said terrified and almost couldn’t believe what he had just asked, but again because of this question of his, my dick began to grow. Both of us watched in silence while grew and got hard and once again he asked to touch it. After a bit of arguing I let him touch it “But just a bit Eric. When I say that you have to stop, you stop” as I said to him, but I didn’t think he heard a single word of what I said. He went on his knees and was now facing my erected penis. He looked on it from every possible angle before taking a good grip around the length of it. I tried to tell him to stop, but he had just touched it so I felt that I couldn’t say stop already. That was a mistake. His other hand also took hold around my dick and with both hand he pulled the foreskin back. Again I tried to say something but this time it was the pleasure holding me back. He now with his right hand he pulled the skin back again while the left were exploring my balls. Soon he began to move his right hand in a pumping motion. I could feel my orgasm building up again and before I could say or do anything, I came, and I came hard too. Not as hard last time, but still my semen squirted all over his face. He stopped and looked up on me with my semen covering his face. He looked almost happy.
“That was cool! Was that an orgasm?” He asked with a wide grin on his face. I couldn’t believe that it had happened so fast, again! I figured that this boy, could make me cum really fast!
“Y-Yeah… That was an orgasm. Did you really think that was cool? NO DON’T DO THAT!” Eric had taken some of my semen from his face onto his finger and tasted it.

“Taste kind of weird… Not bad, but weird. Yeah that was cool! Can we do it again? Can you do it on me? My penis is still hard and I want to try that too!” he said so fast that I almost didn’t get it all with me.
“Well… Ehh… OK. Since I kind of owe you I’ll do it. Lay down on your back on these towels, but first we have to clean your face.” I said and gave him a towel to clean himself with. I lay some towels down on the floor for him to lie on. Once clean and on his back I could see that his penis was almost straight, but curved a bit to the left, just like my own. It was about 9cm with a lot of foreskin at the top. I took a loose grip around it and it felt kind of good in my hand. It was small but the skin on it was really soft! I began to pump my hand up and down a bit to see if he had any reactions to it. He just watched me and giggled a bit every now and then. After a bit I took up speed and was now pumping my hand really fast, but still he didn’t show any signs to getting close to an orgasm. After a while my arm got tired and he closed his eyes and yawned. In that moment I did something that has haunted me ever since. I bent down and took his penis in my mouth and then it all changed. I remember him sitting up and asking me what I was doing, but with his dick in my mouth I couldn’t answer him. He didn’t stop me, but began to make weak moans of pleasure. So yeah, I began sucking him and used my tongue a lot around the tip. I even got his balls into my mouth while sucking him! And soon he began to breathe faster and faster. Suddenly he made a lot of noise, his whole body shivered, his feet went into the air, his hands took hold around my head and his dick even moved in my mouth almost pulsing... And as sudden as it began, it stopped. I looked up on the boy in front of me. His eyes were almost closed. He just had his first orgasm in my mouth. The kid had been too young to have any semen come out of him, but it still had been though. While watching his eyes closed and he fell into sleep, I just had to smile. I carried him into his room, got on him some underwear so that he wouldn’t sleep naked and laid him into his bed.
About an hour later his parents came home and asked how the babysitting had been and if there had been any problems? I just shook my head.
“No, we have been having a great time together. I would gladly do it again sometime.”


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