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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-19 09:05:49
Author riotpriest
Title The Camel is Denied the Tent
Category had sex in a crazy/funny place
Where it happend Campus Learning Center
Age then 24
Age now 41
Gender MALE
Viewed 53
Story Length 1828

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The Camel is Denied the Tent


I’d been out of prison for a little over two years and I’d taken two scores with my brother Alec and my cousin Del. Bucks-up, I also worked to finish an associates degree at community college before transferring to university. Summer on the Texas Gulf Coast is hot as hell and I walked across campus in oversized track shorts, (I could still wear oversized clothes in those days) a Rocket’s jersey, and a pair of Jerusalem cruisers.

On my way to the LRC, (learning resource center, a dusty closet sized room filled with dusty cassette recordings of languages, dusty math workbooks, and various exercise for all courses of study on two dusty computers) I met Dina.

“Where you headed, Rip?”

“LRC, want to come?”

“I’d love to come,” Dina teased, “but not with you infidel-pig.”

I’d known Dina since I enrolled at community college. She worked in the registrar’s office and helped me with admission and paperwork problems. Cast out by her family and then by most other Saudis in her circle, she didn’t wear the veil or conform to their traditional ideas.

“Fine, then, go to Bassam, the pious. May he put you back in the hijab or better trade you to Israelis for couple cartons of Camels and I mean cigarettes.”

Bassam her Palestinian boyfriend was the man of her dreams, progressive, thoughtful and supportive.

Dina laughed as she walked away. “Nasty-fucker, you just want to get your camel into my tent.”

The wind tugged at the lime colored wrap dress she wore, whipping the skirt away from her brown thighs. I let loose a wolf-whistle before walking into the oldest, least used building on our inner-city campus with the site of those thighs burned in my memory.

Dina wasn’t what most would consider beautiful or pretty. Still she exuded sex-appeal. At five four, she weighed 95 to 105 tops. A large nose, her most prominent feature, dominated her small face and drew attention to her expressive eyes. She wore her thick hair short and raggedly cut. Next to no hips or shape, Dina’s breasts were A-cups at best, but seeing her toned thighs, I knew what the subject of my nightly jerk would be.

Situated on the third floor of the former high school, few students knew of the LRC and fewer still used it. Putting Dina out of my mind, I set to work on finite math equations and matrix functions. After an hour, Eunice, the elderly LRC monitor said she wasn’t feeling well and asked me if I would lock up.

“Sure Eu-Eu,” I said. The old girl and I were friends going back to her helping me pass a standardized assessment to stay in college. I’d helped her with a crooked mechanic.

“Just slide the key under the door, Rip.”

I went back to interest accruals and probability calculations on old computer programs. I heard the door open but didn’t stand up, which was the only way to see around boxes and file cabinets.

“Rip, are you here?”

From her voice I knew something was wrong. “Yeah, Dina.”

She rushed around the boxes and cabinets. Sobbing, she flew into my arms.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Bassam,” Dina sobbed. “I saw him, he, he—”

“Calm down. He what?”

“He was talking to that slut Philomela.”

Andromeda Philomela flirted unendingly with everything that wore pants. She was a stripper and a second year student still a year away from her two year degree. I know now that she’d been endowed with ridiculous double D cups. At the time, I only registered that she was fine but would be fat in five years.

“Bassam didn’t talk to her,” I said. “She talked to him, she talks to everyone. He endured her, talking to him.”

“But he was smiling and laughing.”

“At the stupid things she said,” I consoled. “I swear, he is true to you. We’ve talked and he tells me how you two are the same, cast out from family and tribe, strangers in a strange land. He cannot wait to propose to you, to make a family with you.”

“You lie very well,” Dina said, still hugged to me, my arms still around her. “I know he wants to marry me. He says he’s waiting for the money to get us an apartment together.”

Both Bassam and Dina lived with multiple roommates. Both scraped by on meager college work-study jobs.

“But I know he likes to flirt and he’s transfixed by a pair of tits,” Dina continued. “That slut, Philomela, loves tall dark men. She’ll use him for her amusement…”

“And cast him aside for the next tall dark man or fat wallet,” I said. “Bassam knows that, too. He won't sleep with her. I’m wouldn't lie about that. She only ruins your relationship if you let her.”

Dina laid her head against my chest. “Rip, you’re so kind. I treat you so bad but you know I like you, right?”

“I know,” I said, unable to pass up the opportunity to tease her. “You treat me bad but you really want my camel in your tent.”

“Pig,” she half-laughed-half-sobbed and punched my chest.

I smiled, looking down at her, down the top of her dress. “Feel better now?”

“You feel better now. I can feel your camel pressing against my tent.”

True enough, my erection strained against my long shorts, pressing between her skirted thighs. “I don’t see a problem with that.”

“If I let you touch me, will you promise not to go too far?” Dina whispered even though we were the only ones in the LRC.

“No, I don’t. What’s too far anyway?”

“I’m a virgin,” Dina said.

“You’re shitting me? After all that sexy talk and rebel-without-a-tribe act, you’ve never done the deed?”

“Rip, don’t tease,” Dina husked. “I’m so hot right now.”

“I’ll make you a deal, tit for tat.”


“You get me off, I’ll get you off,” I interrupted, lowering my face to her face, my lips to her lips. “And I’ll leave your little tent intact for—”

Dina reached up and kissed me. Sweat as it was, I wanted more. She resisted at first but finally allowed my tongue into her mouth. When she darted her tongue out, I caressed it with my own. Emboldened, she explored my mouth with her tongue. When I sucked on hers, I thought she’d lose her mind.

As she folded her body against mine and I groped all over her little round ass, rubbed her nearly non-existent tits and gnawed at her neck. Dina ground her pelvis into my thigh as I pulled on her skirt.

Dina said. “If you try to enter me with fingers or your—”

I spun her around. My right hand under her skirt, my left down her dress, with one tug her cheap thin panties gave way. In the same motion, I snatched the smallest bra I’d ever seen on an adult off her chest. Dina took a sharp breath.

Between bites on her neck I said, “Stroke my cock or it goes in.”

She rubbed my boner through my track shorts. Reaching up, she stuck her right hand down the waistband, as I fondled the lips of her pussy. “You shave, you nasty girl?”

“Yeshh,” Dina slurred around fingers on my left hand, violating her mouth before lubing her nipples with her own saliva. Once wet, I took my pleasure pinching and pulling on them as she quivered.

Meanwhile Dina stroked away and only once slipped, hitting my balls. I message her slick little box, teasing the opening and clit. She tried to lean over the desk but I didn’t trust myself not to plug her from behind.

I sat down in my chair, put her on my left thigh and pulled her skirt all the way up. Using her clit to practice shooting marbles, I licked all over her dark brown nipples, sucking her entire tit in my mouth. She did her best to work my cock in the awkward position but it’s more frustrating than anything else.

Dina squirmed through a shuttering near orgasm but my fingers weren’t doing it. I sat her on the desktop and proceeded to eat out that smooth, pretty little cunt. Her legs draped over my shoulders, her hands in my short hair, I continued to pinch and pull on her exquisite little nipples.

She clamped her thighs tight and repeatedly loosed a high pitched squeal, like a sneeze. Then she began to shake and pulled on my head to draw me to her. I held her for a while as her shaking subsided.

“I want to do that again but this time with your fingers while I stroke your fat camel.”

I untied her wrap dress to expose her entire body and my cock sprung up again. As I messaged her little snatch and she tugged my cock I used my left hand to stroke her glistening, sweaty thighs, firm belly and jiggling little mounds.

Drawing her leg up, I propped her calf on my shoulder.

“You’re trying to get to my pussy, aren’t you nasty boy?”

She worked my cock with both of her small hands.

“You hope I’ll tell you to put that sick thing in my little hole but I won’t. It’s not for you white boy. It’s only for Bassam. Oooh but maybe I’ll let you touch it.”

She touched the tip of my cock to her steaming hot pussy and I pressed her clit against the crown. Dina slumped from the desk, again emitting her little sneeze/squeals.

On the floor, rocking back and forth on her little sandals, she pumped my cock in earnest, she tugged and jerked and pounded away with both hands. “What do you want nasty boy. Do you want to put this fat camel in my little tent? I won’t let you. Do you want to push and cram it in my ass? You’d like that wouldn’t you, nasty boy? I might let you do that another time. What do you want now?”

I took my phallus from her hands and cock slapped her face and she lost control. Grabbing my cock she wrenched on it as if trying to pull it off.

“Lay back,” I said.

As she did so, she rubbed the crown between the lips of her pussy and I shot a burning load all over her. Cum covered her snatch, belly, and tits. One stream even hit her chin.

Dina convulsed and came again as well, her juice mixing with my own, running down her glistening thighs.


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