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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-27 19:28:04
Author Beej
Title A Few Fleas
Category had sex in a crazy/funny place
Where it happend Grandparent's farm
Age then 12
Age now 42
Gender MALE
Viewed 273
Story Length 2188

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A Few Fleas


During summer vacation, I was spending time on my grandparent's farm with my cousin and step-cousin (?). My cousin, Jack, was 12, like me and his stepsister was 10. They were visiting from Michigan. My home was only 15 miles away. My aunt and uncle were in Memphis for a few days, so it was just my grandparents and us three.

After lunch one day, the three of us were in the barn looking for a new littler of puppies. Grandad had told us that Molly, his cow dog, had had puppies and he wanted us to find them, and move them to the back porch. Jack, Clara, and I crawled all over that big building looking for the puppies. About the time we found them, Jack just passed out! He immediately woke up and I helped him to his feet, but he was very dizzy.

The three of us started for the house when my grandad saw us and came running. He immediately picked up Jack and headed for his truck. He yelled to our grandmother that Jack was having an allergic reaction and he was taking him to the emergency room. They left as grandmother got to me and Clara. We didn't know it but we were absolutely covered in fleas. Apparently, my cousin was allergic to their bites. I didn't even feel them. Apparently neither did Clara.

My grandmother led us to a small equipment shed nearby. She pulled out two of those large, old metal tubs. She dragged them over to an overhead fuel tank they used to fuel their farm tractor. Grandmother pulled down the nozzle and started filling one of the tubs with diesel fuel. She told us to start taking off our clothes. Clara said, "right here"? Grandmother said "yes, here. You can't go inside covered in fleas. The diesel fuel will kill them."

I pulled off my socks and shoes, my shirt and shorts. But I stopped at my underwear. Clara took off her shoes and shorts. She was left in her shirt and panties. I thought her panties were sexy. Grandmother then said , "get naked and get into one of the tubs". I pulled off my whitey tighties and quickly stepped into the tub. My dick was completely erect, thanks to Clara's sexy yellow panties, my full 4 inches sticking straight out. Clara was staring at me until I sat down and my dick went under the oily diesel fuel. (Diesel fuel is not like gasoline. It is much oilier, and seems much dirtier. It is also almost impossible to wash off.)

Clara was still standing partially dressed when grandmother told her to take off the rest of her clothes. She asked if she couldn't wait until I went inside. Grandmother replied, "This is probably going to take a long time. You may as well strip now and get the embarassment over." Life is funny. If Clara and I decided to get naked in front of each other, we would have been severely punished. But, here was my sweet little grandmother ordering us to strip in the back yard.

Clara peeled her shirt over her head. Her boobs were just barely raised. Her areolas were way oversized, with little pink nipples poking straight out. As she started to pull down her panties, she turned her back to me and quickly sat in the tub with her back to me. I was cheated out of the chance to see her pussy. But the sight of her tiny, round butt was almost worth it. Even though it didn't seem possible, my dick got even harder.

Grandmother told us we had to submerge even our heads under the diesel fuel. She said to be careful not to get it in our eyes or mouths. She also said to rub the liquid into every nook and cranny, to get the fleas off. Then, grandmother headed into the house to call Jack's parents and to wait for a call from the hospital. She left Clara and me soaking naked in metal tubs of dielsel fuel.

When grandmother got out of earshot, I started laughing. Clara glared at me over her shoulder and asked what was funny. I told her I would never have guessed how we would spend our afternoon. She said it's not funny. I told her I didn't know what she was so upset about, that she had an extremely hot body. She muttered thanks. I told her I was surprised a 10 year old girl would already be growing breasts. Clara said different girls start at different times. She said she had one friend that was already an A cup. I asked her to turn and face me so we could really talk. she said I would stare at her breasts. I said no more than she had stared at my dick when I got undressed.

We sat in sailence for a few seconds. Then I started sloshing the diesel fuel onto my ches, shoulders, neck, and arms. Clara turned and faced me and started doing the same. I tried not to stare at her boobs but it was tough. As she splashed the diesel on her upper body, I saw her areolas get smaller and her nipples get more pointed. Since she had turned to face me without comment, I really wanted to get a look at her butt and pussy. So, I stood up with the pretense of rubbing the fuel into my nooks and crannies (around my dick and balls, in the crack of my butt). I did all this not 3 feet from Clara's face. Her eyes stayed glued to my groin, which still sported a serious boner. I asked her if I had missed any places. She said I had missed part of my back and a spot on my chest. I stepped out of my tub and next to hers and asked her to rub the diesel on the missed spots. She scooped the diesel in her hands and rubbed it onto my back. Then I turned around and faced her. Clara stood and put the diesel high up on my chest. I glanced down at her pussy. It was absolutely bare nad her slit and puffy lips were very sexy. I stepped back to my tub and sat down. She did the same. She looked toward the ground and asked me why "it" was so stiff. I told her it always gets stiff when I'm excited or turned on. I looked clara in the eyes and said, "I've never been so turned on in my life."

At this point, grandmother came back out and said that the hospital called and said Jack would be fine. They had given him a shot to halt his reaction. He and grandad would be home in a few hours. Grandmother picked up our clothes, dunked them in the diesel fuel and told us to scoop out all the dead fleas from our tubs, and then to dunk our heads. she said she would be back out as soon as she got the fuel washed out of our clothes. I looked at the diesel in my tub and saw hundreds of fleas floating around. Apparently so did Clara, because she hopped out of her tub and started scooping them up with her hands and throwing them in the grass. I had a perfect view of her on her hands and knees. I took a moment to stare at her perfect little butt with the sexiest pussy between her legs. She looked over her shoulder and grinned and said, "I guess we don't have many secrets do we?" My blood pressure got higher and my dick got harder.

After we got the dead fleas out of our tubs, I dunked my head under and rubbed my hair thoroughly while I was holding my head under. When I came up, I was sort of scared to open my eyes until I had rubbed and rubbed them. Thankfully, the diesel didn't sting my eyes. Clara's hair was not very long, probably six inches at it's longest. Clara bent her head over her tub. I moved over beside her. I told her I would help rub the diesel in her hair and that it wasn't painful. She submerged her head and held her breath for a long time while we both massaged the fuel into her scalp. When she raised her head out, she squeezed the excess diesel out, and rubbed her eyes before opening them. When Clara opened her eyes, they were only about a foor from my dick. She looked at it and looked up at me. She asked if it was going to stay stiff all day. I told her it probably was.

After we returned to our prospective tubs, grandmother called me to the back porch. She handed me a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo. She told me to hang a garden hose on a nail overhead and put the nozzle on it to make a homemade shower. Grandmother said we had to shower until we got the diesel off our skin and out of our hair. She told me it would probably take several scrubbs to get the oily fuel of of us.

I repeated grandmother's words to Clara and then went about setting up our makeshift shower. I was getting somewhat comfortable with my nudity. In fact, whenever I could, I would brazenly display my dick for Clara's curious eyes. She had stopped trying to be sly about looking, too. When I had the water turned on, I stepped under the spray nozzle. The water was incredibly cold. My dick instantly deflated from the shock. Clara said, "it finally went down." I told her it was because of the cold water. Clara joined me under the spray and her nipples got extremely erect. They stood out about 3/4 od an inch. I told her cold water kills my erection and gives her one.

We started soaping and rinsing and the diesel fuel started to disappear little by little. I turned my back to Clara and asked her to do my back. She scrubbed my back several times and then moved down to my butt. It was incredibly erotic to have her rubbing my butt cheeks and even my crack. I bent over at the waist and she actually spread my cheeks and rubbed her soapy fingers over my asshole. I almost climaxxed right then. She then asked if I wanted the soap in my butt. I squeaked out yes and she stuck one of her fingers up my butt an inch or so. It felt wild, but great.

I turned around and thanked her. My dick grazed her belly as we stood closely. She smiled, turned around, and said, "It's my turn". I thoroughly washed her back and shoulders. This was a dream come true. I told her to bend over. She bent at the waist and put her hands on her knees. I started soaping her butt and upper thighs. Gradually, I started washing her crack when the most amazing thing happened. Clara reached back with her right hand and pulled her cheek as wide as she could. Then she said, "Put your dick in my butt. I want to see what it feels like." I couldn't believe this little 10 year old girl would say that.I glanced at the back of my grandparent's house. My grandmother was nowhere in sight. I moved behind the bent over Clara. I asked if she was sure. She said she would tell me if it hurt of if she wanted me to take it out. I grabbed my small dick and put the head against her asshole. I pushed with a little pressure and nothing happened. I started pushing harder and the head of my dick moved past her butt entrance and disappeared. I pushed another bit into her and stopped. Clara asked me if it was all inside her. I told her no, and she said to put it all in. I slowly pushed the entire 4 inches into her. The feeling was incredible. As soon as I was all the way in, I started coming. She knew something was happening, because I was not breathing and was pushing against her as hard as I could. She asked what was happening. When I caught my breath, I told her I came, I squirted my come in her. I asked if she was okay. She said she was great and told me to start fucking her butt. Since I was still hard, I started an in and out motion when I heard the back door slam. Grandmother didn't see anything because if she had she would have killed us. I quickly pulled my dick out of Clara as she stood up.

Clara and I had only this one adventure. Thie entire story is true. (Except the part about the sex.)


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