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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-15 18:24:04
Author rockwell1976
Title My first Gay deep throat experience
Category had a gay/lesbian/bi-sexual experience
Where it happend His place
Age then 31
Age now 33
Gender MALE
Viewed 122
Story Length 1653

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My first Gay deep throat experience


Where to begin? I have always considered myself straight, I've never been homophobic and completely respect gays and homosexuality but it's not something that ever appealed to me. Simply put I've always found myself most turned on by women.

One day at work, I was idly at a sink cleaning my coffee mug looking out of the window to the quiet street below. It was based in deep inner city London and surrounded by local estates. I saw two teenage lads walk by, dressed in their usual kit of burberry caps and low slung tracksuit bottoms. I thought nothing of it until one of the boys, a tall, lanky, fair boy laughed to his mate and then.. incredibly dropped his trousers to flash his cock for no more than a couple of seconds. He had no idea he was being watched by anyone other than his mate and they both laughed awkwardly and carried on. I was shocked. Try as I might I kept replaying that flashing moment in my mind. The boys cock, long, pale semi-engorged just wouldn't go away. I was surprised at how much this moment had turned me on that I began to consider ways of seeing a guys cock at more close quarters.

Admission time first, yes I am attached. I have a long term girl friend but we do not live together (work reasons) she lives in one part of the country I live in the other. Work allows us time to see one another but we can go a while without and this is when, unfortunately, my mind can turn to mischief.

I started scouring the classifieds on various sites. It was amazing how finding a sexual encounter as a man looking for a man is so simple. I replied to one ad. A masculine guy looking for a straight man to service. He wanted nothing in return, just give me a blow job and then I go. One wet and damp morning I made contact with him and we began exchanging emails. Face pics first. I saw him, he was Scandinavian, very masculine looking but also came across as pretty genuine. We swapped numbers agreed a time and that was it.

So I ventured forth, arriving in his aprt of town I waited at teh meeting point. Finally he arrived. Our pleasantries were strange, cordial, like abusiness meeting of sorts. We began the walk back to his flat. My mind was racing... "what was I doing... was this real?". Our chat was so mundane as to add a surreal element to the whole thing. As we spoke I got the impression he was also attached, though he didn't mention if his partner was male or female. We passed a seedy old shop front advertising a Sauna. He pointed to it saying "that's the local knocking shop" and we both laughed. As we walked down his road he noticed one of his neighbours, what a disaster. Unfazed he said for me to continue walking whilst he engaged in conversation, the woman neighbour was headed in the opposite direction so this would work. He exchanged very brief pleasantries and then she was on her way. He gestured for me to come to the front gate with him.

Finally we were in his spacious ground floor flat in Crouch End. I sat down on the sofa wondering what on earth would happen next. It was still just like visiting an acquaintance. He offered me a drink and I refused. He than came and sat next to me on the sofa. Still unsure I muttered something about, "so how do you want to begin?" and suddenly the niceties were over. "well, how about here" he said with a wry smile over his broad strong face, he reached to my crotch and began massaging the area where my cock was. This was so strange, a man fondling me through my trousers, the first time anything like this had ever happened to me before, me and attached man with a loving partner, but more than anything I was really enjoying it!

I felt an erection begin to swell instantly in my groin. He felt it too and quickly unzipped my fly and pulled my trousers down around my ankles. He reached confidently into my boxers and pulled out my cock. With his soft, but stubby hands he began to pump me, with the kind of pressure and insistence that only a man could know how to do. I groaned with pleasure, seeing me fully erect he got on his knees between my legs. Looked at my rock hard 7 inch cock like it was some delicious meal and wonderfully sunk his mouth down on it. It was truly a pleasurable experience similar to the moment of sticking your cock in a pussy for the first thrust of sex. Hot, wet, accommodating. Slowly he moved up and down my shaft enjoying every inch of me, I felt his tongue exploring my veins and the glans.

Of course I have had a blow job from a female before but this was entirely different, being a man he had a level of expertise in knowing exactly what a man wants from being sucked off. And what was more he really could deep throat! Now this was new to me, no woman I've ever been with would ever countenance deep throat, I'd kind of written off the chances of ever experiencing this. But boy oh boy could this guy give some head! I have only one word for it 'sensational'. It really was like fucking a pussy. And to be honest at this point I was so fucking horny I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between the two. This was so pleasurable I forgot who was doing it and where I was, I was lost in the moment.

The I remembered the lad flashing his cock. I stopped and asked my Scandinavian servicer if he'd let me touch his. He was strangely sheepish about this but demurred. Unzipping his trusers he pulled it out of his Calvin Kleins. I was surprised at how small it was for a big man. I touched it. It's strange to feel an alien cock in your hand, you become so used to the contours and feeling of your own that someone elses really strikes you as so different. Hard yet soft I tried pumping his turgid member to it's full extent. After a bit he asked me to stop, he wasn't getting hard. He muttered something about not being able to. I found this bizarre, but I was very happy to let him carry on.

He toook my cock in his mouth again and started sucking. He stopped whilst nibbling down the shaft to tell me what a big boy I was. I'd never been told this before. (mainly due to my own limited sexual experience). Stupidly I said "really, do you think so?" almost shocked he nodded whilst presenting my full length to me to look at. By now my boxers were around my ankles and as he continual deep throated me he licked my balls. I was losing control. I grabbed his head with both my hands and began fucking his face vigorously, each thrust sending my cock down his throat. A pussy could have been neither wetter or more deliciously tight. Finally I could take the pleasure no more, hoarsley I groaned "oh fuck I'm cumming!" and shot my spunk into his hot wet mouth. I just kept pumping and he kept sucking. Until completely spent he disengaged. Savouring the brackish and bitter taste of the seed that was in his mouth he looked at me whilst he swallowed every last drop. Never has a woman done that for me!

Utterly spent, tingling with pleasure I thanked him. I told him that was unlike any sexual experience I'd ever had and asked how he learned to be so good. He replied that men know what men want and that he really enjoyed doing this sort of thing for the right man. His parting shot to me was... "you can tell the girls how to do it the right way now!"

So 20 minutes of intense pleasure led to extreme feelings of guilt. It was naive of me to have done this with no protection. There is a real risk of STI from deep throat and I was told by a doctor the chances syphilis was particularly prevalent in the gay community at that time, a disease easily spread by BJ. I got so convinced I contracted something nasty I got back in touch with him. It turns out my Scandinavian servicer was actually a nurse himself and he was extremely kind in replying to my worried follow-up email saying I had nothing to worry about as he was tested and was clean. He said that although there was no chance I had caught anything off him I should go to the clinic for peace of mind. I did this and as expected all was clear. It was more a symptom of my personal guilt at unfaithfulness. I can't dress this up for anything other than it was. I was horny, greedy and needed satisfaction because I knew actual sex with my girl was still weeks away. Yes it was an amazing feeling. No I haven't done this again, and whilst this homosexual experience was a lot of fun I know in my heart I am not gay. As a footnote, I did take his advice and mentored my lady in the art of giving head. Whilst I still don't get deep throat (that gag reflex is hard to circumvent) I do get insanely good blowjobs off her now... which is a bonus!


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