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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-03 21:01:28
Author Lynridskinrid
Title The Future Plan Part 10 ( Phone sex isnt fun )
Category got caught having sex
Where it happend home
Age then 25
Age now 26
Viewed 54
Story Length 1560

(7 votes / 57 points)

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The Future Plan Part 10 ( Phone sex isnt fun )


The Future Plan Part 10 ( Phone sex isnt fun )
The apartments are “U” shaped around a central open space , which is the back of the shops , and an external balcony , and , walkway for the Flats on the other floors . The front is about four feet of the building front and has a handrail and a parapet wall . This is only accessible from patio doors in the lounge area . A wall in the centre gives privacy between each of the two apartments . This is where the three bedrooms are served by a corridor which passes the first two . Each is En Suite . My bedroom is at the end of the corridor , and the Bathroom adjoining the next apartment . The frontage of each apartment is about sixty feet long . My en suite is a 16 x 20 bedroom with a 8 x 10 bathroom and a 8 x 10 dressing room . The lounge is 20 x 20 and the dining room and kitchen are the same . They take up the long side of the building .

The rear leg is as yet a roofed over space 40 x 25 , with the lift shaft at the edge . Peter and I have decided that we want to start a family from our wedding night , and I will carry on working , so it will be time for a Nanny , An English schooled one from Chiltern College or somewhere similar . This means that our bedrooms need a rethink . Peter has designed a corridor to the existing hallway on the outside , and a twenty by twenty foot one bedroom , bathroom , lounge kitchen/diner , open planned to the lounge , with its own external door for Nanny quarters , and two bedrooms bathroom and a small play area for our future family .

I hope that I can get pregnant after all these years of avoiding it . Brothers Grimm are doing the infill walls and decorating , so we really have them stretched , with the renovations in Hampshire , Peter’s fathers holiday village , and now the flat . The advantage here is they can work here on rainy days without any effect . The materials were all delivered and sent up on an external lift which was then taken away .

My aunt and Uncle’s place echoes mine and they have offered twenty feet of their open area , as an additional part of our extension , and we can share the other twenty feet as a communal and barbeque area . I think we will accept their offer , and expand into the available space . Their Children are all grown up and married , so they will have no foreseeable use of the space .

The company that Peter works for were so impressed with him that he was now doing bigger jobs , and he was thriving on the work that he was being given . His salary has gone up too as he is now working alone not as an assistant , so he is well pleased . He still has six months to go before he gets his licence back tough , and we have discussed cars , He wants something to get around the area with te occasional fifty mile trip , so we are thinking Ford Fiesta . The insurance will be high though because of his stupidity .

Our main home will be here , and we will spend the weekends in Hampshire , so we pretty much have our future mapped , I want to spend time with Children at weekends too , so .it should all work Okay .

Rosie has been sent a to a sex addicts clinic where they will attempt to cure her nymphomania , best of luck to the psychiatrist , I firmly believe her idiot father caused her problems ,and watching him get strung up would be a better cure . My silly immature but ever so virile cousin Martin has managed to get his girlfriend into a state of pregnancy , I am so glad that the obviously high virility man juice ,never got next to any unprotected womb bits on me . Their wedding has been arranged , Eighteen and your life a balls’ up , without the fun of those intermediate teen twenties years . I loved so much . Anna has a new boyfriend , a bricklayer , who seems to have gelled really well with her , and even Rosie approves , so all is well there . I have had no more petty jibes from the brothers Grimm since I exposed their bet .

Peter and I got quite a few nights together , and he has moved into one of the spare bedrooms , I still like my own space but I do like having him around . And he is getting on with some of the work in the new area in the evenings too .

He is learning to adapt t my catering skills too , I cook a mean chilli rich curry , with Tamarind , and fresh toasted ground spices , fresh coriander and garlic . I buy the onions from a local Indian shop and they are sweet pink Indian onions , that are so delicious ,the tomatoes fresh and organic from the same shop , the rice is finished in Ghee with fried onion and Garlic . I don’t do the yellow sloppy girl curries that look like turmeric flavoured yoghurt m and old roasted chicken . Mine have fire and spice . I know they are good , my uncle and Aunt have appeared at the door more than once for a Lynne Curried Lamb .My uncle calls it a lamb lyndaloo , on the grounds that when Lynne cooks one he spends the next day in the loo .

It was our routing weekend , I was laid on my bed having just showered , we were gong for an evening stroll , and to eat out , nothing special , but a walk by the river and food . I had dried off , but my hair was drying in a towel before I hit it with the dryer . peter said , have you got a manicure set , I have just snagged a nail . Bedside drawer , I said , I was in conversation with Annalisa my middle sister . She was moaning about the stress that having rosier had put the parents under . She could not grasp the idea of Nymphomania , I mean Lynne we are all red blooded females and we all like a little bit , but the dog , the stable lad , anything else she can get her hands on . I was thinking of the time I once caught her stuffing a pretty pink vibrator ass she stuffed herself on her bed whilst I say on the toilet in the interconnecting bathroom . Peter was sorting his manicure , and I had forgotten the contents of the drawer . He was waving Jessica Rabbit at me . I was holding the deep conversation with my sister . The bastard pulled off my panties , and despite the fact that my knees were locked together , he got Jessica past my lips . I was holding a serious conversation , but as he quickly learned the controls , Jessica responded by thrusting and squirming her way inside ,me. I must have had my body set to automatic lubrication as my wetness helped this invasion . Bastard stuffed it in , and my ass was wriggling against my locked knees . Annalisa was waging a one woman anti Rosie campaign , sent the silly girl to one of those American Brat camps for six months ,, I can always deny myself she said . My ears were bursting , as my body involuntarily took hold of my passion . I was keeping a straight line in vocals , Yes Lisa , no Lisa , she is a dirty cow Lisa , but the bloody rabbit was fucking me senseless . He started sucking at my nipples too , and I had a full blown orgasm , whilst the conversation continued .

I was choking myself not to burst into a fit of panting . We carried on , the chat , what are you two up to tonight , where are you eating Sunday , are you going to church . Lynne are you alright , she asked with a concerned tone in her voice , No this bastard thought it funny to try and get me off whilst I am holding a serious conversation , and I am going to kill him in a minute . She laughed out loud . Lynne remember when I caught you spying on me all those years ago , Yes , I said , knowing her next line . Well I have just got payback , she said .

Lisa , you aren’t funny either . Are you still not bonking him until your wedding night she asked . Mother I thought had told everyone every intimate detail . Yes , I said , he can wait , I replied . Sounds like you can’t , she laughed . I’ll let you get on , she said . No you are alright , I said , I can talk now . Oh ! Lynne did you Cum , she asked . Bitch , I answered . I’ll take that as a yes then , It is a good job it was me , James and Jonathon , would think their good looks and charm was doing it . Lisa , don’t you dare tell them , I pleaded . Don’t you worry baby sister , I wouldn’t let your little secret out .

She kept the secret , but when she ran to greet me at mother’s house on the Sunday she leaned into my ear as she kissed my cheek . Oh! Lynne , Oh ! Lynne , How are you . She was giggling .
Peter thought it hilarious though , and he won’t be doing it again , I dont have phone sex with my sister .

Love Lynne


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