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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-03 21:02:49
Author Lynridskinrid
Title The Future Plan Part 7 ( Bridesmaids , who wants Bridesmaids anyway
Category fell in love
Where it happend home
Age then 25
Age now 26
Viewed 42
Story Length 1824

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The Future Plan Part 7 ( Bridesmaids , who wants Bridesmaids anyway


The Future Plan Part The Future Plan Part 7 ( Bridesmaids , who wants Bridesmaids anyway ?)
Whatever I did if Jenny wasn’t matron of Honour , she would sulk , big time , I thought her and Angela , were sort of similar and by the time we gathered nieces under twelve that made six . That is enough to defend Thermopylae , the Spartan nature of my nieces . I now got dragged into the colour of their dressed , Ivory , I suggested . No that wasn’t the right answer , so a maternal convention convened and the answer was reached , over Tea in Guildford . The fact that it was a nice shop , and the cake was Home-Made , seemed to have made all the difference .

Poor bridesmaids were to be draped in a Peach voile and Organza concoction , and they had seen the dress . It was Mariana Hardwick 'Dora' dress and it was under three thousand pounds . Saves me looking I thought , but no , I had to approve , but they , the mothers knew I would . It struck me that I could get married in Jeans and donate the twelve thousand pounds spent on dresses to a disaster charity somewhere , as they were a one day wonder . I went , tried it , It looked good , apparently with my figure and height I really show it off . There was a full couture department at the design studio , and there were as usual a few things to change . I had already had comments on veils , but that seemed that I was destined to have one even if only for an hour .

I thought our mothers were destined to hate each other , they are very much alike , but they get on like old dormitory friends from schooldays . One of his mother’s friends is half Greek too , and mother knows her . I think that there is part of my family that deeply resembles the Bride’s family in “My Greek Wedding “ .

The Church was arranged , and the Marquee that would sit on the splendid rear Lawn at Peter’s house were booked , a year in advance . I had suggested that the caterer ,could deep freeze the canapés , but apparently I was to stop being flippant . As the youngest in each family , this occasion is like a final last fling of the maternal bonds , before old age strikes and they start playing Bridge , or go a whole round of golf from a Buggy . Me ! I am only the Bride , what would I know . I deigned to their vast experience ,and the fact that compliance was simpler than defiance .
This meant that my weekends were in Hampshire , same as when I was a child , in my old room , the Granny Annex being occupied by Rosie , who had abandoned her dysfunctional mother , and was now working at the stables for pocket money . I knew Jessie the lady who had a commercial venture at the stable , as far as lessons and tack , go , in return for looking after Mothers four remaining Arabs . I did ask how Rosie was getting on , but Jessie , just answered , strange one that girl .

I never delved further , but I gather she took a keen interest in helping the stallion to mate . An unusual interest , I was told . Oh ! , I better keep that one quiet before Anna her irate mother culls the horse .
Over a year to go and I was beginning to associate the word Bride with some Medieval torture . I had gone to Rigby and Peller myself and sorted the underwear , If I was going strapless , and had to pretend that pushed tight together , my boobs could form a cleavage , I needed the best support that I could get , and Rigby and Peller were the best as far as I was concerned . So bra and knickers sorted , and let the rest sort out everything else . I knew that catering would be next , but was leaving that one to the wise and wonderful to agree on , I was practicing “yes mummy “ every weekend .

The trouble with my childhood bedroom was the problems on a Saturday night of sharing it with Peter . I just didn’t bother to tackle the subject ,the lecture even at the ripe old age of twenty four was not worth the question . But we had Fridays and Sundays together , so it wasn’t too bad . I had driven to Guildford and left the car at the station , I had got on the train with Mummy and my father dropped Peter over at the building site . One of my brothers would drop him back at the family homestead later . Mummy ! , I said , having kissed Peter goodbye and shoved in the aged Parents Range Rover . Darling , she shouted , and we purchased tickets for the ride into Waterloo Station , then the Tube to Knightsbridge . I know it sounds ungrateful , but I did like the weekend with Peter , and the Annex was Okay , but , I felt my childhood room , may be a push too far .

Darling , I don’t know why Peter doesn’t stay on a Saturday , she said . You always look so sad when you abandon him to your father and Brothers to their weekend . But … I stammered . Darling , You are nearly twenty five , she replied to my unasked question , and I am sure that by now you are capable of deciding on your own morals , she smiled . I am not having intercourse with him , mother , I whispered through clenched teeth . Darling , I am sure that you are capable of deciding what and when you do , whatever you do . Darling , don’t try and play with words as technicalities , she , was not stupid , I thought . I went to open my mouth , but she touched my lips with her index finger . Lynne !. I knew when to quit , so I did . At least you know more about contraception than I did at your age , she muttered as she sadly gazed out of the window . Lynne , I do actually believe you , but you changed the wording over the last year from sex to intercourse , so you have mastered your own confession , haven’t you , she said , like a wise old owl , in a fairy story that I read long ago . Ring Peter , if you want , she was smiling , that pang of regret that her pregnancy long ago broke her studies now gone . I told him , and mother says it is okay to share a bed , too ! , she looked a little shocked at my interpretation . and laughed .
We shopped , and caught a train home , Daddy and Peter were in the car park , I changed Peter into my car , and drove to the family home . Daddy was to take Peter and I to the pub for a drink , whilst mother cooked dinner . Darling she said , before you drag your father to the pub , be an angel and tell Rosie , dinner will be at eight sharp , so she will be ready , .
I entered the Granny Annex, I hadn’t knocked , and wished I had . Across the large wooden Kitchen table was the bent over shape of my niece’s ample rear , being mounted by Jessie’s son , Tony , the young lad , who had accompanied me to deliver a horse recently . he was sans Culottes , and gripping on to her tits as a hand hold as he frantically screwed her to the table . her legs were wide apart , and the angle of his legs gave me an uninterrupted view of the act . He was hammering about ten strokes into her vagina from the rear , pulling out and hammering ten more into her gaping ass. Whilst he was shafting her holes in turn , his hand was whipping her buttocks , to turn them a glowing bright red .

It was not the best sex study that I have studied , but as he was mounted , his weight was fully on her , and he was fully home on the end of each stroke , the change over hole to hole was quick and accomplished . He was hauling her tits out from either side of her chest , like a tug of war team sensing a victory for their respective side . He pulled off , turned her to a kneeling position , stuffed the rather unhealthy sausage , coated in whatever bacteria he had been transferring from Rectum to vagina , into her mouth , pulling out triumphantly and spraying her face like a stud in a cheap X X X video .

I rated the whole performance about a five out of ten , so clapped accordingly as her face took strand upon strand of his thick plentiful male seed . She looked horrified , and Tony , lost his erection quicker than I had ever seen a man lose one before . Rosie , dinner is at eight , be there on time , I reminded her . I turned , and the whole scene was a bête noire , a dark beast unfolded in my vision , believe me it was not that erotic .

I was chuckling as I jumped into the rear of the Range Rover next to Peter . I couldn’t erase the thought from my immediate recall . I was tight lipped , as daddy placed the Gin and tonic in front of me . What has got into you Lynne , is this because Peter is staying . I shook my head , still closed mouthed . Is it something from shopping . I couldn’t contain my laughter , it was a macabre scene , It was making me overcome with laughter . Lynne ! , daddy was persistent . I cannot discuss it , I spluttered . He gave me a quizzical look . I could actually he was far broader minded than mummy . I have just walked in on Rosie , and she had a boy with her , I have just witnessed a odd scenario ,. I said . He shook his head , Peter looked amazed . What is that silly cow doing , he asked . Daddy you don’t want the detail , I promise you , I said , but it was surreal . Who ? , he asked . I felt it unfair to name Tony , but he looked down his aquiline nose at me , Jessie’s boy ? , he asked . Shit , I have a real problem telling lies . but my face had answered for me . He reached over and ruffled my hair , despite the French Plait . Lynne , Oh what am I t do with her , he asked rhetorically . At least we don’t have to shoot the stallion , do we . Peter knew about Rosie’s indiscretion with their family pet , and had just taken a mouthful of lager as daddy made that statement . He lost half of it to the carpet . Peter , I said as I punched his shoulder . At least it wasn’t your mother walking in , and then I would have the whole weekend of Anna , he said . Did she know you were there , Lynne he asked , Yes ! ,Mmm, I replied , I gave them a four out of ten and left .

Between you and your brothers , you all need a sense of humour removal , he shook his head as Peter refilled the glasses

Love Lynne

7 ( Bridesmaids , who wants Bridesmaids anyway


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