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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-19 09:09:04
Author Jason2
Title Learning From Lynn - Part 1
Category slept with a boy/girl
Where it happend Near home
Age then 9
Age now 29
Gender MALE
Viewed 517
Story Length 2092

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Learning From Lynn - Part 1


When I was a kid, I had no other boys my age to play with. My closest friend, Lynn, was a tom-boy, a year older. We had played together since we could cross the quiet street separating our houses. There was also another lot, and tall hedges, between our houses.

I never saw her with a doll or a stuffed toy. She had no girls her age to play with, but sometimes played with two older girls.

Occasionally we would fill our canteens, and go for a hike. As long as our parents thought we were in the neighborhood, and we came home for meals, or if it rained, we were given almost unlimited freedom.

Our fathers both worked, and our moms didn't drive. My Mom had a slight handicap, and almost never came outside. Her Mom taught some classes to older girls, so she stayed inside mostly, either teaching, or answering the phone.

Before we started to school, we played together many hours a day, seven days a week. Since she played some with my older sister, she was sometimes even in my house. We didn't know why, but she wasn't supposed to be in my room. That made it more exciting, but we didn't understand the 'adult' rules. We had played 'show, and don't tell' years before, and peed together in the woods, where no one could see us. My sister's room was two doors past mine, also upstairs, and was a separate apartment. Lynn had to pass my room to get to my sister's room. If caught, she could just be 'looking for my sister', or visiting her.

She often wanted me to 'play house' with her. She could talk me into anything, because she was always fun to be with, even with some of her dare-devil stunts - like when we pretended we could fly off of another friend's high porch, over some thick bushes. [We had to do this at dusk, so we couldn't see the ground - but we always felt it. I was glad when this stopped.]

Her idea of 'playing house' was to strip naked below our waists, have me lie on top of her, then try to get my penis inside her. Her legs were always closed, and I usually wasn't hard, so we didn't 'do it', but it tickled nicely, and was always naughty fun - though frustrating for both of us

With her panties off, and her play dress hiding her, she would sit in my lap facing me, at the top of my high slide. We would slide down, with her little pussy clamped against my penis - through my open pants. At the bottom, we'd often tumble over each other, but we were never caught. I'm sure her bare butt would have been obvious 1/2 acre away.

We 'played house' on my bed, out in the woods, in a cave we hiked to,... I had an old backpack, and we often took one of Dad's old Army blankets with us.

Our favorite place was in a culvert, under the abandoned rail road tracks we hiked along. We did this both going and coming - or longer, when caught in a sprinkle, and the culvert served a dual purpose. This was fun, because we could make our intimate touching last much longer. I would get hard, and there was much less chance of getting caught.

After we started to school, we couldn't spend as many hours together. She and I both learned a few helpful things in school - besides ABC, and 123.

For some reason, we didn't 'do it' for a year, or two. We had a lot of other fun, and would often go off to find a private place to pee together. We felt no embarrassment seeing each other naked.

When she was ten, and I was nine, she enticed me to our culvert 'hide-out'. She then suggested we play 'married'. I told her we had outgrown our 'play house' games [though I secretly missed it very much]. I knew she would talk me into it, because I knew her pretty well after six or more years. She had never given up, or 'chickened out', on anything yet.

We stripped to the waist, and she pulled her dress up to her neck, to show me her puffy little titties. This was something new! Of course I played with them. She asked me to suck them, but I said, "I'm no baby!"

She convinced me that husbands did this, too - and we both had fun! While I was sucking them, and licking, her little nipples got hard. She took my penis in her hand, and pumped it. It felt odd. I almost asked her to stop - but it not only tickled now, it was feeling good! She stopped, for some reason. I urgently asked her to continue. She laughed at my serious tone, but continued her hand work.

The next time she stopped, she spread her legs wide, and said, "Now, let's fuck!" She had called it that before, when we were only touching intimately for years.

I had my penis head [cut] between her little lips, and tried to enter deeper. I ran it up and down her partially open crack - and this felt better than anything we had ever done before. We kept trying to get me in. I had her open her legs even wider, and the sun was almost shining inside. I told her there was an obstruction inside, making it impossible.

We gave up, but realized we had made some progress. I guessed she had to be older, but I would grow, also - there must be some other explanation. We dressed, then I put one hand under her dress, to feel her little buds again. I kissed her, even though we seldom did this. She had a serious, determined expression on her face, but said nothing.

One of the first times she kissed me, was just below the top step, close to my room door, when she and I were sneaking her into my room. She said, "I want to tell you a secret." then kissed my ear, then my lips. Wow!

The following day, she had me get my pack and Dad's old Army blanket, and we went back to the culvert. With blanket spread for padding, we stripped naked below the waist, then she played with me. I didn't mind, as I remembered how much fun we had the day before. I just didn't want her to be disappointed again. I felt like it had been my fault - although she had not blamed me - ever, not even the hundreds of times we had just touched as little kids.

She pumped me, and I felt her little tits. About the time her hand began to feel good, she said, "Let's fuck!" This time, her legs were really wide - and I went right in! I gave her a big kiss - this was what we had been trying to do for six years!

She was tight, slick, warm, and her folds of skin inside were so soft! I moved a little in her. She moved a little on me. Together we said, "We're fucking!" We fucked. She gave me a special, heavenly, sly grin. Later, I called it her 'fucking grin', because she only used it while fucking.

We still didn't know what we were doing, but it was fun. I had never heard of an orgasm, but I had one - and spasms jerked my penis inside her. She giggled, and knew I had just felt extra good, deep down inside her pussy. She said, "You tickled my pussy just then."

She wanted to do it again, but somehow knew we would have to wait a few minutes. We felt very close, and kissed. I played with her chest bumps - knowing it tickled nicely, down inside her, and I enjoyed it, too.

She started pumping me again, then tried to get me inside too soon. I hadn't been fully hard, but sliding me through her warm, wet pussy lips finished the job. She had been very patient, until that second, "Now Fuck Me!" [A very serious command!]

We fucked longer this time, and I just kept obediently gliding in and out. We kissed, we grinned, we laughed, we tickled each other - under arms, and secret places we had discovered in years of play.

This time, she was the one to have a good orgasm. It hit her like a hammer - just slammed into her. I thought a rock or nail had stuck her from under the blanket, and I stopped mid stroke. She hit me with her fists, frantically yelling."Don't Stop! Don't you dare stop! - FUCK ME HARD!"

We had just been going slow, relaxed, and really enjoying ourselves, but I knew she was serious now. I sped up, because she was having her spasms now, and I wanted to make her happy. [I also didn't want to get beat up!]

She wiggled her butt, she bounced, she hugged me against her chest, she squeezed me with her pussy muscles, she kissed me, she yelled inside my ear, she beat on my back - and had a mean expression on her face most of the time. I kept going, until I had my orgasm, and she responded to it for another 30 seconds.

I collapsed on top of her, and she kissed me - looking deep into my eyes. We hugged tightly for a few minutes. We hiked hand in hand most of the way back - as long as we dared. We had been close for years, but now felt very close.

We seldom made plans for the next day. She went outside, and I went outside. She usually walked over to my back yard, where my swings and slide were. We saw each other, and we just took off together, often without even a word. We had been looking for each other, we'd found each other, so our world was complete.

From that day forward, our relationship changed. There was no longer a need for one to ask, "What do you want to do today?" If I wasn't wearing my pack, she put one hand over her shoulder, patted it once, and walked off toward one of our intimate spots. I'd get the pack and blanket, and guess which place she had chosen. If it was a distant location, she would quietly say, "cave","tracks", or "woods", etc.

I asked her later if it all felt good, or if sometimes it hurt, when she had her orgasms. She stopped, took both of my hands, kissed me, and said, "It is the most wonderful feeling you can imagine, then 1000 times better! Couldn't you tell?"

I kissed her - so she wouldn't hit me - and said, "You should have seen your facial contortions!"

I asked her why her pussy seemed to be blocked one day, then we fucked the next day, with no problem. She said that after I told her she was not 'open', she had used a hand mirror, while sitting on the commode, and saw her problem [her hymen]. Using Vaseline, and her hairbrush handle, she had played with herself, until it went in, bled a little, then felt good. She added, "Not really good, like when you're inside me, just good."

Our culvert became very popular. We often approached it individually, and the first to arrive would wait for the other. We could fuck until we both had orgasms, hike to our cave, and do it again, then stop back at the culvert.

Sometimes we convinced our moms to let us pack lunch, for an all-day hike. We would each bring a sandwich or two, plus canteen and paper towels. We had a routine worked out. We'd fuck, then cut a sandwich in half, and share one. Then we fucked again. We shared another sandwich, fucked again, then split a third sandwich, or a piece of fruit, then fucked again. We didn't really count, but one 'fuck' would be when she had an orgasm, even if it took me two or three times before her fireworks went off.

I gradually was able to last longer. Often, we would rub me through her pussy lips, to help us both to get ready.

See "Learning from Lynn - Part 2"


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