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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-19 09:08:32
Author FCDobbsie
Title Learning from Kathy - Part 2
Category experienced oral sex
Where it happend her house
Age then 14
Age now 50
Gender MALE
Viewed 504
Story Length 2708

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Learning from Kathy - Part 2


Part 2
At school the next day, every now and then I would glance over at Kathy, not once was she looking my way, It was like she didn't even notice I existed. So technically everything was normal, by the end of the day I was beginning to think maybe I had imagined the whole thing. After school, I was talking with some friends and I saw Kathy and the other cheerleaders heading for the Gym to practice. I want with some friends to an arcade, but really my mind was on racing. I decided one of several things had happened.

1.Lack of any kind of a sex life had caused me to go insane and I had imagined the entire thing.
2.This was a huge conspiracy and Kathy was setting me up.
3.It had happened exactly as I remembered it but when I get there tomorrow she will have changed her mind.
4.Well 4 was I had hit the jackpot, but I really really didn't think it was possible.

Actually I was really really leaning toward 2 but figured I had to take the chance. I mean wouldn't you?
So the next day was the same as normal she and her friends acted like me and my friends did not exist. Except near the end of school I looked up and she was looking at me. And as I watched she took her finger and brushed the hair out of her eyes. Then she looked away and was talking to one of her friends. When the bell rang I put my books in my bag and looked around and she was already gone.
I had 30 minutes to kill and it only took 10 minutes to get there. So went out to the basketball court and watched some guys playing horse. A couple of Kathy's cheerleader friends walked by talking about drivers ed lessons. Everything seemed so normal. Twenty minutes crawled by. Finally I grabbed my backpack and headed out quickly. It was exactly 2:58 when I got near her back gate. I looked up and down the street. Nobody was in site, Nobody had followed me from school, I had walked backwards quite a bit of the way. I opened the gate and went into her overgrown jungle of a backyard. I dropped my backpack in the ferns by the gate and walked up to the Porch door. It was propped open. Rather then knock I pulled it open and went in. My eyes were still getting used to the darkness after the bright outdoors. I heard her voice say “ lock it” so I turned and flipped the little lock switch on the screen door. She came out of the house onto the back porch she had changed her clothes since school, she was wearing a bathrobe. I walked up to her. Her hair was up in a pony tail. And she smiled. “I'm glad you came , I was worried you wouldn't”
I said. “ I couldn't wait for today!” that made her smile.
She suddenly got serious “Did you tell anybody?”
I shook my head “Absolutely not!”
“You know what will happen if anybody finds out!” I nodded.
“OK she said, take off all your clothes.”
I thought” I knew it! Its the conspiracy. Her friends are hiding inside watching.” and I opened my mouth to object, when she turned away from me and as she turned she undid the belt of her robe an it fell down over her shoulders and hit the floor. As it fell it uncovered more and more skin ,no clothes just skin. And in a second I was looking at the backside of a naked girl. My clothes hit the floor just about as fast as her robe did. She bent over and picked up a box and turned around well I had been hard since I got up this morning but now that seemed like nothing. She nodded toward a big overstuffed armchair and said sit down, the chair had a matching footstool so I stepped over it turned and sat down.
She set the box on the stool and then turned and picked up my clothes.
“Im going to set these here by the door. If my mom comes home we will hear her car no problem. Just grab your clothes and go hide in the backyard bushes and get dressed and leave through the gate. But don't worry, she never comes home early and if she does she'll call first.”
I nodded and as she walked toward me I couldn't believe how pretty she was. She moved the box to the floor beside the chair and straddled the stool in front of me. She pointed at the box.
“This is our supply box .t has some towels and some lotion and stuff we might need. Keep it in the box, if my mom comes home I can hide it out here on the porch quickly. OK?” I said “Got it.”
She reached out and put her hand on my knee, “I know about sex, all about girls and sex, what I don't know is about boys and sex, Well I know the generalizations not the details, You on the other hand know about Boys and sex. So I will teach you all about girls and sex, and you teach me all about boys and sex But I'm the one in charge. For this to work, You do what I say, no arguing , there's no being bashful or embarrassed. I tell you everything you tell me everything and nobody knows but us. Its not fair but If anybody finds out about this. You will get slapped on the back and everybody will go Wow good job! And I will get labled slut and be ruined. So this absolutely has to stay a secret forever. OK?
I said “I'll never tell” and crossed my heart.
“ Now she said, “Sit back in the chair, and hook your knees over the chair arms. I leaned back and lifted my knees she put her hands on them and spread them wide so my legs dangled over the arms and I was spread wide in front of her. Then she reached one hand up and pulled the chain on a floor lamp that hung over the chair and I was lit up like I was in a dentist chair.
Kathy leaned over and she said. “wow.” and smiled at me. Then her hands slid from my knees down onto my thighs and it made me jump. “Relax, I wont bite. She said how does it feel to be so hard like that” then before I knew it she had reached into the box and pulled out a polaroid camera and snap. Out shot a picture of me in this position. I almost jumped up.
“Relax! This picture is my insurance policy that you will keep quiet. No one will ever see it but me. And she dropped the camera and picture in the box. I guess that made sense.
So I answered her question, “It feels good but sometimes in can ache. Especially if you stay hard too long or if you get really hard then don't jerk off. That can be uncomfortable. And that started her asking questions. “ how often does it get hard, what is it like when it's soft, where is it sensitive? What does it feel like when you cum? How often do you jerk off? When did you first jerk off? How long can it stay hard, how long does it take to get hard again after you jerk off. “ And at least a dozen others. The whole time she was examining me like a doctor would. She looked at my balls and then my butt and then she even looked at my nipples. Then she said show me how you jerk off. I took my right hand and said “ I told it like this, and put my fingers under the head here.”
“Thats where you said its the most sensitive.”
“Right” then I slide my hand up and down.”
“Show me”
I started moving my hand up and down slowly. “I usually start slow but then go fast at the end.
She bent over and watched me intently. I could look down at her watching me and I could see past my hand and dick to her boobs and her little tan nipples they were hard and pointed right at me. I started moving my hand faster and my breathing faster. Her hands moved down my legs and she cupped my balls in her hands and started to feel them gently,
“Is that okay?” she asked quietly.
I sort of grunted “uh huh” then she ran her other hand up my dick and covered my hand in hers. She looked up at me, and said, “Tell me when your gonna cum. OK? I looked at her eyes and said “I'm gonna cum”. She leaned even closer to my dick, so she wouldn't miss anything and I closed my eyes and it hit. It was the biggest orgasm I ever had. I started grunting out loud. I'd never done that before. I could feel the cum shooting out of me. Finally it stopped and I collapsed back into the chair.
I opened my eyes and she was looking at me. My stomach was covered with cum my hand was covered Her hand was covered and there was even some on her cheek just by her lip. She sat up and looked at her hand. I thought she was grossed out.
Then she smiled and said in a really low voice, “That was so cool.” then she stuck out her tongue and tasted my cum on her hand and made a little face and said,” its not too bad.” then she reached down into the box and pulled out a small towel and wiped her hand then tossed it on to me and said “Clean up” while I was wiping up the mess I made she stood up and I could see her lick her lip and the next time I looked at her face the spot of cum was gone. She said “Lets change places” so I stood up and moved out of the way so she could sit down in the chair. I looked down at the stool and I could see where she was sitting was wet. I sat down and I could feel the wet spot on my balls. It felt good.
She sat back in the chair like I did and didn't hesitate to spread her legs like I had done. Then she lifted both her hands to her boobs and lifted them a little . “These are my breasts, you can call them titties or tits but don't call them boobs. Thats insulting.” I nodded happy I hadn't made that mistake out loud. “ When a girl gets turned on her nipples get hard”and I could see they were, then she pointed down to her pussy, and her pussy gets puffy and wet. I looked down where she was pointing her pussy was spread wide open and glistening wet.
She pointed at the top of her pussy where the folds of skin all came together. “This is where my clitoris is, a girls clitoris is the most sensitive part of her pussy. These are the outer lips and these are the inner lips. She spread the inner lips a little more and this is the vagina, and she pushed her index finger inside her. This is where a boys penis goes when you're fucking. She said right here wiggling her finger inside her is where a girls hymen is. I looked up with obvious confusion on my face. Its a piece of skin that is inside the vagina. If a girl has never put anything insider her vagina or she's never fucked its a sign she's a virgin. I got rid of my hymen a while ago, I used my hairbrush handle, but I'm still a virgin. Then she pulled her finger out of her vagina and moved it down to her butthole, this is my asshole. On a girl it can be almost as sensitive as your pussy. Any questions?
I shook my head.
“Ok this is how a girl plays with herself.”
Girls get just as turned on as guys, but for guys its a lot faster.” She started rubbing her nipples. “So you start out slower with a girl, you dont just jump right to the clitoris, Touch places that are sensitive. The ran one finger around her inner lips, The idea is to go slow and steady and as a girl gets turned on, you go a little farther. When she's turned on her pussy will be wet and her nipples will be hard., Sometimes it feels good to pinch them and she did. Then she slid a finger inside her vagina, Her breathing was getting harder. I leaned over her pussy to get a better view.
“Sometimes it takes a long time to get a girl turned on, but sometimes It can happen fast too, like right now I am really turned on.” then she put two fingers on either side of her clitoris and began to rub really fast, while her other hand slid a finger in and out of her vagina. I looked up at her face and her eyes were closed. My face was within a foot of her fingers and they were flying over her clitoris when she said “I'm cumming” and arched her back which caused her pussy to fly up right into my face.
Just for a second but it was great, I thought it was like she gave me a big wet kiss. I could smell her wetness on my lips and I sat up a bit, and licked my lips Kathy was moaning and shaking , but she was still rubbing. Then she sort of relaxed and for a couple seconds I thought she had passed out. oh my god id killed her!I was just about to really panic when she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me. I grinned back at her.
She pointed at her pussy. Which was wet and pink and said “taste me,, I tasted you” I guess she had been to busy to notice that I already had. I leaned over and ran my tongue right by her finger, which caused her to jump and say “ooo too sensitive!” I sat up and smiled and said “Not too bad” and licked my lips. She smiled I picked up the camera out of the box and held it in front of her. She said “OK, but the picture stays here. “ before she could change her mind I snapped a picture of her. I dropped it in the box with the camera. Right at that moment there was a loud ding from the box. I looked in side and saw there was a timer in there.
She stood up and said “Times up” I stood up and for a second we were face to face inches apart but not touching each other. We both looked into each others eyes for the first time I realized she was exactly as tall as me. She leaned closer and her two nipples touched my chest. And when she did that I realized I was suddenly touching her too down below. Then the moment was over and she moved around me and picked up her robe. I stepped over to my clothes. She shrugged her robe on and I pulled on my pants. I had to pull it up over my hard dick again. She stepped up to me and put her hand on my arm. “3:00 Friday?” she was looking at the bulge in my pants.
I said “no matter what! She laughed and unlatched the door and held it open for me. Friday was going to take forever to get here.
End of Part 2.


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