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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-06-15 16:48:07
Author Heavensent
Title Perfect First
Category slept with a boy/girl
Where it happend My Bedroom
Age then 14
Age now 25
Gender MALE
Viewed 464
Story Length 2466

(26 votes / 229 points)

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Perfect First


My first memories of young love are complicated. I'll leave out the details of that awful summer (drugs, drinking, so many new experiences as you might imagine), but I will focus on that perfect night.

Jessica and I were true lovers. She was a short girl, small, petite, with dark hair and her soft, olive complexion. She was amazing in so many ways, and we had already had some kinky exploits in the woods, but we had yet to go all the way.

We were always writing each other poetry and flowers, and leaving surprises for one another to find. It was sweet and innocent, cute even. We had fooled around several times and done plenty of things, but parents were always lingering around, and we couldn't do much more then cuddling, making out, and various oral sex play that were never as long as the true expression of our love would allow. With so many of our close friends beginning to start making their discoveries of sexual relations known to us both, we seriously discussed having real sex more and more. Phone sex had grown less interesting to us, and though she was nervous about the dangers of having sex and a woman's pain, she had let me know, she was finally ready.

We set about putting our plan into motion. She frequently slept over at her friend's house, who happened to be a neighbor of mine. Several of us would sneak out at night, got high, drunk, or whatever other trouble we could find, so being bad kids was nothing new to us. Sneaking a girl UP to my room was quite a bit more of a challenge though. Nonetheless, she let me know that February weekend that she'd be staying over at her friend's, and that she bought something naughty to wear. Needless to say, I was extremely excited!

I nervously waited that night for my parents to go to bed and for the phone to ring. At the time, I wrote several poems to capture my trepidation in ink. I had bought some roses the day before and had carefully snuck them into my room. I carefully removed the pedals and laid them out on my bed, lighting candles, and setting the perfect scene for a tender moment. I also turned on some music in my room strategically, as I wanted some cover noise for sneaking up and down the stairs when we'd be walking by my parent's door and in case there may be some passionate noises of two lovers coming together. Needless to say, I was thorough as much as I could be.

I jumped when the phone rang, slightly shivering that the moment had come.

"Are you ready?" she said in that soft, high voice. I could tell she was nervous as I was, but excited as well.

"Yes, I'll be right out."

I quietly passed my parents door and went down the stairs slowly, trying not to knock something over or make any noise. I breathlessly creeped to the back door and slid it open as quietly as I could. As I walked up the street to meet her outside, she was already waiting. She was wrapped up in a jacket slightly shaking in the brisk midnight's air. I immediately brought her close to me, wrapping her face in my hands and giving her a long, deep kiss. We looked up at the moon for a second as we held each other, and then I starred one last time into her dark eyes. She nodded to me, kissed me on the cheek, and we began walking back to my house.

We snuck wordlessly back through the back door, up the stairs, and soon, we were in my room, door locked behind us. She was mine now, and we would have a proper amount of time for our love. She nodded to me again with a smile on her face as she gazed around my room as she saw the rose pedals and the candles and she kissed me hard while putting her hands around my neck and pulling herself close to me. Immediately, I was excited with her being that close, and soon she was taking off my shirt and pants. She moved me toward my bed and set me down, and stood back. She began to rock her amazing hips gently to the music as she slowly started to remove buttons on her top. I immediately saw the first bit of her surprise as her beautiful, white see through bra showed as she danced for me. Her small puffy nipples pushing against the sheer material of the flowery bra made me so hot and hard for her, I was 100% ready to go right then and she knew it. She kept dancing as she slowly undid her jeans. She had picked out a beautiful white thong. I was absolutely floored. She danced around a bit more as she slowly took off that amazing bra, then bent over to give me a full view as she took off the thong. She remained bent over as she rubbed her pussy a bit and shook her ass as she stepped out of the thong on the floor. It was immediately obvious that she had also freshly shaved just as she knew I adored.

Once she was undressed, she crept over to me, jumping right on top of me on the bed and we began to kiss and caress each other gently. She began to trail kisses down my chest, headed down to my extremely erect cock. She teased me slowly up and down my shaft and slowly began to suck me.

"Grab my hair and force me down on it like you always tell me when you talk dirty on the phone. I want it deep in my throat," she breathed as she stroked me up and down and licked the head. She immediately was doing her best to deep throat me, though she wasn't quite able to do it. It felt amazing as she gagged but kept taking it!

I was very concerned at this point, being the normal teenage young man that I was that I would ruin our fun preemptively, so I was careful not to let her please me too long.

Honestly, my favorite thing about sex, even now, is pleasing a woman orally. The perfect vantage point of every flick of my tongue, the squirm of pleasure, the eyes closing and opening, my hand on woman's beautiful chest heaving as I flick my tongue. Add in the sweetness of a stimulated pussy, and yeah, I've been known to do it for hours, or at least until I know the woman is begging for more.

Being very aware of my desire for her, I pulled her off of me, picked her up in my arms and laid her across the bed, with her legs dangling off the edge. I have no doubt she knew my intentions, as I had told her several times of my love for the juiciness of a woman's scent and taste. She had since then taken to gathering a bit of her wetness generated during a make out session at the movies or elsewhere and putting her finger in my mouth, teasing me. It was usually sudden, and I was immediately overcome with her taste. I was hot and she knew it. It usually lead to us doing naughty things in any place or bush we could find cover. This time however, she'd be mine with no interruptions in a private place.

As I spread her legs, I immediately smelt that heady aroma of the most secret places within a woman, and I was extremely aroused. I slowly kissed and tickled her thighs as I drew closer to her wetness. She instinctively began to gently rub her clit, and thrust a finger insider herself and brought it to my mouth. Delicious. I dove into her, slowly licking and flicking over her clit while I worked my own finger into her slowly. Not too deep, I was very gentle. I had read that women who were much more stimulated experienced much less pain during their first time, and I was doing my best to stimulate and lubricate her to prepare her tight little pussy for my large intruder. She began to close her eyes and softly moan as I ate her out. I wanted very much to make her cum once before we began, but as she heaved and turned about squirming, she began to say, "Make love to me now, please. I can't stand it any more, I want your hard cock inside me right now." I could barely wait any longer myself, and so I grabbed one of the condoms I had at the bedside ready and slipped it on.

She whispered to me as I readied myself, "I love you. Please make love to me. Be gentle."

"I will. Please let me know if I need to stop or slow."

I kissed her gently as I slowly put myself between her legs and began to enter her. Her legs wrapped around me, I held her close to me as it became so tight around my hard cock. I realized it was now that time.

"Breath in, I'll go slow."

I pushed slowly and she immediately tightened around me and held me hard and moaned. I felt myself fill her, and I stopped. I knew, I had popped her cherry. I held her close, us joined as one, and tried my best not to move as she caught her breath. I waited a few minutes for her to give me a sign.

"Go slowly, in and out. It's not hurting so much any more."

As ordered, I began to thrust into her. I worried because I knew it was still hurting her a bit, but she was kissing my ear and moaning softly as I began to increase my pace. She bit my ear and began to moan a little louder, so I began to really began to fuck her faster and faster. Ohhh, it was still so tight and wet. It was an amazing feeling. My mind went blank and as we made love like that for what seemed like forever. I tried to vary my pace again, because I wanted to last as long as I could, but her tight little pussy was making it so hard not to cum. She must have picked up on my breathing, so she caught me off guard when she pushed me to the side. I was not prepared for this sudden change, but she mounted me quickly and began to move up and down. Oh god, this was amazing. A sliver of moonlight shown across her body from a gap in my blinds. She was amazing as she slowly ground her pussy on top of me. I held her hips, amazed, and she worked me at her pace. Her amazing tits bouncing and heaving in her motions. I was hypnotized. She bent to me and began to kiss me again as I moaned in her ear and licked her tits. She knew I was quickly reaching the point where I wouldn't last much longer. She whispered to me exotically, "Grab my hips hard and fuck me. Cum deep inside me."

I realized at that point that I wasn't the only one who was close. I did as she instructed, pounding hard as I held her hips and ass in just the right position. I heard her breathing coming in sharp quick breaths as she said, "Yes, yes, keeping fucking me, good boy, make me cum. Shoot your hot load in me."

Naturally, the dirty talk made me fuck her harder and harder and I was getting so close as I felt her shudder and she biting my shoulder and digging her nails into my back. She whispered loudly in my ear, "Oh baby, yes yes, I'm cuming, I'm cuming......."

That was all it took for me as I made a few final thrusts and I began to cum hard myself as I was seeing stars. I filled my condom and we laid there together for so long, both of us wet with our passion intertwined with bedsheets and rose pedals, some of them crushed and balled up. I stayed inside her as we laid together as we kissed again. I looked into her eyes and felt whole and completely warm inside for the first time in my life. It was a holy and sacred feeling, and still remains the truest memory of passionate love making that I can remember to this day.

After an hour of dozing with each other naked, we knew it would be troublesome if she didn't return before sunrise. It was a tragic reversal of our previous closeness as I helped her get dressed. She was very sore, as I had expected her to be. We slowly walked downstairs and when we were outside, it was still night but it was obvious daylight would soon be coming. We sat down on our porch a bit longer, not wanting our magical night to end. I kissed her again and again. I tucked one of the poems I had written earlier into the back pocket of her jeans for her to read later as well. We knew it was time to go, so we slowly strolled back to her friend's window for her to jump inside. We kissed one last time, said we loved each other, and she hugged me close. She whispered in my ear, "Remember forever, that which we've given and taken for each other. I love you." She handed me something magical, something I still have to this day, her very wet panties. Dry now, but still covered in her scent. Once and awhile, I dig in my drawer and breath them deeply. They still take me back to that night.

We had plenty of love making sessions beyond that day, but recapturing that perfect night just wasn't possible. Though our love eventually faded and we moved away from each other, I've never forgotten that amazing moment as she made me promise I would not do. Each and every detail remains locked in my mind, and I'll never forget her as long as I live. The first love, and our first love making together will forever be apart of me. Thank you Jessica, I hope you remember it as fondly as I do for the rest of your days. I'll always love you as I did that night.


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