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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-06-15 16:46:32
Author jcdobbsie
Title Sues Rules
Category tried bizar sex
Where it happend Girlfriends Basement
Age then 18
Age now 50
Gender MALE
Viewed 190
Story Length 4400

(15 votes / 111 points)

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Sues Rules


Sue and I had been going out for several months but we had yet to go all the way. We had gone pretty far a couple times but Sue had some pretty strict rules. Not against sex, but whenever we got alone and things began to get interesting she would stop me and look into my eyes and explain “ The Rules”. You would think they would be the same rules over and over, but they were almost always different. They would be very explicit, where I could touch, where I couldn't, how undressed I could get, how undressed she could get. What I could lick, kiss, suck on or what she could lick or kiss or suck on. At first they had been pretty frustrating but every time was a little more intense, lately even though we hadn't really done it, the rules ususally included me cumming somehow and if I was really lucky her too! But it seemed to me she was very hesitant to let me make her have an orgasm. I figured she was embarrassed by it because she usually got very loud and very very wet.

This weekend wasnt going to be good though, Sue's best friend, Her next door neighbor Patti was coming back from college. Patti was a year older than Sue and until she had gone off to school they had been inseparable. They constantly talked on the phone (this pre-dates email) So Sue said that both there families were going to their beach cottage, where they went every summer. So I got this idea that I was going to sneak into Sues house and leave a Teddy Bear and a cute “I Love You” Hallmark card in her room where she would find it when she got home. I figured I could head over and leave it for her and then have plenty of time to head to work, I worked at a bookstore. Getting into her house wasnt going to be any problem, Sue had showed me how to sneak in for a late night visit, behind the house the basement was level with the ground and her older brothers room had a sliding glass door that the latch could easily be slipped. He had moved out a couple years ago, and now the room was just a spare bedroom.

So as not to freak out the neighbors, I decided to park up the street and nonchalantly walk by then if the coast was clear duck down beside the house. There were no cars in Sue's driveway so I made my move, luckily there were lots of bushes and shrubs to hide me from the neighbors. I was moving quietly beside the house and came around the corner of the house when luckily I paused to make sure no one was watching, Just then, the back door on the next house over banged open. I ducked back behind the corner and peaked around the house. I had assumed no one would be home in either house as they were all partying at the beach Obviously I was wrong. It was a girl, actually a very cute girl, she was wearing a black and tan trenchcoat and carrying a gym bag. She walked across the yard toward Sue's house and then started up the stairs that ran up to the small deck that was level with the kitchen and den.

Halfway up the stairs ,the back door of Sue's kitchen slid open and to my surprise, Sue stepped out onto the porch. Sue was obviously dressed for the beach, she was wearing a bikini and legwarmers. As Patti came up onto the porch, Sue came out and they hugged. I could hear them talking but couldn't make out the words, then Patti laughed and turned Sue around and pushed her inside. I figured with the way Sue was dressed that Patti probably had her suit on under her coat or in the gymbag, that they were just about to head off to the beach. I figured I would get inside so no one would notice me lurking and wait for them to leave, put the card and teddy bear in her room and then get going.

I easily slipped the latch quietly slid open the door and entered the dark room. There was a big curtain that covered the sliding door so the room was almost totally dark except for the light that came in from the rec-room as they called the rest of the basement. I could hear voices and footsteps upstairs so I was being really quiet. I almost had a heart attack when I realized that lying in the middle of the bed was Sue's family dog, he recognized me right off and was wagging his tail, he was a really friendly German Shepherd type mutt named Bullet. Just to keep him quiet I walked over to the side of the bed and scratched his head.

I heard the door at the top of the basement stairs open and footsteps coming down the stairs. I ducked down behind the bed absolutely sure that the game was up and I had either been discovered or was about to be. I was lying flat behind the bed, sending Bullet ESP messages to keep quiet. He must have gotten them cause the moment I stopped petting him and ducked behind the bed, he just put his head down and went back to napping. Now I could hear the girls voice voice clearly I assumed it was Patti and she was asking “Have you been good?, Did you follow the rules?” Sue murmured “Yes” to both questions and then Patti said, “ok start at the beginning and tell me all of it.”

Sue started talking, and she started talking about us. She described how we met, how I asked her out. Then she told Patti about the first time I kissed her and she went into detail about how it made her feel, that her nipples had gotten hard and she got really wet. I wanted to yell wait! What did you say?” by the time I re-ran what she had just said to Patti through my mind and was assuring myself that she had really said that out-loud, I realized she was now going into detail about the first time I had had slid my hand under her bra and rubbed her breasts, (I would have said boobs, she said breasts).

I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Slowly I raised my head up from behind the bed. The bedroom door was also a sliding door that slid into the wall and it was wide open. Opposite me was the bedroom closet and it was a mirrored door floor to ceiling. I realized from my spot behind the bed, I could look across the room into the mirror door and see most of the basement room. I could clearly see Sue standing at the bottom of the stairs her eyes were closed and her head was laid back. Patti was right behind her, Sues head was leaning back on Pattis shoulder, Patti's arms were around Sue and each hand was cupping and rubbing one of Sue's just mentioned breasts. It took me a second to take all this in especially as I realized Sue wasnt wearing a bikini she was wearing the sexiest red bra and panties I had ever seen, and what I had thought were leg warmers were fishnet stockings that came up to her thighs and stopped.

At that moment I didnt care if they could see me in the mirror or not I had to watch this. And for the next 10 minutes or so Sue proceeded to detail for Patti exactly what we had done. It was weird hearing about all these things from Sue's point of view. I mean I remember the first time I slid my fingers into her panties and the first time she sucked on my dick but to hear her describe it and what it was like for her was totally different. I had no idea that when I put my hand down her panties that first time, I had made her cum. The moment she said this, Patti interrupted and asked “Did you follow the rules? Sue groaned and hung her head forward then said “Yes Miss!”

Patti Said “Good! Go on.” Sue kept talking and as she related these stories, Pattis hands roamed all over her body including into her panties, at the same time I could see her nuzzling Sue's neck. While Sue spoke Patti undid her bra and was pinching her nipples (I know Sue liked that a lot) Whenever Sue said she came, and it actually happened more often then I realized, Patti would ask, “Did you follow the rules?” And Sue would say “Yes Miss!” I could see whenever she said that she blushed, Sue had a very pale complextion so when she blushed it was really obvious. Then as Sue finished and described what we had done just the other night including how I had licked her pussy. Patti pulled down her panties so they fell around Sue's ankles and sue was standing there naked except for her stockings.

Patti said “OK, lie down.” I panicked again thinking she meant sue to come in the bedroom and lie down on the bed. I almost ducked behind the bed again but Sue went over to the Weight Bench that was near the back wall of the basement. I had to move to the foot of the bed to keep her in view. She turned around and sat down on the bench facing me. Thats when I noticed she was wearing high heels. I had never seen Sue in High Heels before, She was more of a Jeans and sneakers type. I decided right then I liked high heels on Sue. She laid back on the bench and put her hands on the uprights that held the large set of weights resting across the weight bench. From my point of view I could see right between her knees straight into her pussy, I could see her nipples pointing up but her breasts had flattened and almost dissapeared. I had never seen her lying down like this without any clothes on. Usually we were sitting in a car or on a couch. Her pussy hair which was normally soft and blonde and fluffy was dark from being wet.

Patti stepped up next to Sue and she had her gym bag, which she set on Sue's stomach. She unzipped it and pulled out some pieces of rope. She knelt down beside Sue and took her hand off the upright and moved a little so her wrist was against the upright and she tied it in place, then she did the same with the other wrist. By this time my fear of being caught had diminished and I unzipped my pants so I could give my poor cock some breathing room, for the last 10 minutes or so it had been threatening to rip through my jeans and pop out anyway.

Patti then got up and walked around to stand in front of Sue. “No! I thought now I cant see anything.” Patti put out her hand and I could see Sue lift her right leg. Patti grabbed her ankle and then lifted sues leg and bent it back toward the weights. She ran a rope around sues ankle to the bar. And then she did the same thing to the othe leg. Poor Sue was tied to hands and ankles to the weight bench and her legs were up in the air above her head , she was bent almost double and here pussy was wide open. As Patti walked around the bench to survey her work I noticed I could see right up inside Sue and she looked really wet and I had no trouble seeing her clitoris even from the next room.

Patti reached into the gym bag and pulled something out at first I thought it was a black feather duster but then she waved it around and I could see it was a short handle with about 10 or 15 shoelaces hanging from the end of it. Later I saw it up close and found out it the handle was shaped like a penis and the shoelaces were suede thongs about a foot long. Patti started swatting Sue with the laces and every time Sue would moan and squirm. I wasn't too sure about this development, but then I recognized Sue's moans and those were definitely her 'I like it' moans.
Patti started to call Sue names, telling her she was such a slut and asking her if she liked being a bitch. Sue would moan and say “Yes Miss!” Patti said “You like following my rules dont you?” A little light went on in my head, All Sue's rules were really instructions from Patti. I could see Sue tried to nod, but Patti said I cant hear you and swatted at sue's nipples. That made sue jump and the gym bag fell off on the floor. “Yes Miss!”, Sue gasped it out.

Patti said “Oh no! You dropped Bobby! She reached down into the bag and pulled something out of it. I couldnt see what, She had her back to me. She stepped between Sues legs obstructing my view. And then she said “Its ok, he's fine.” and I could suddenly hear a buzzing noise. And a second later it got muffled. Patti moved to one side and bent down to get something else from the gym bag. At that moment I noticed two things almost simultaneously. The first was Patti had put something into Sue's pussy because I could see it sticking out a couple inches and second when Patti bent over her coat rode up and I could see she her pussy clearly, she was naked under that coat, - at least her bottom half. Patti had gotten a roll of duct tape out of the bag and she took a strip and ran it across Sue's pussy from thigh to thigh. “There! Now Bobby wont fall out.” then she reached up and pinched one of Sue's nipples and she walked around the bench to Sue's head. I ducked down really low because I figured if she just looked into the room I was in she might be able to spot me. I probably looked pretty silly crouched behind the bed trying to be inconspicuous, by this time my pants were around my knees and I was rubbing myself.
Patti just threw her leg over Sue and straddled her face one hand was holding on to the cross bar and the other was flicking the little whip thing across Sues nipples and tummy. Not hard, but everytime she did Sue would jump a little. Things got quiet for a little while as Patti stood there and rocked back and forth I could see she was smiling and had her eyes closed. Sue on the otlher hand was rocking and rolling as far as the ropes would let her move

Patti started asking things like “you like sucking him dont you?” Every time Sue answered “Yes Miss!” but I could barely hear her because her face was covered I could see Sue was getting really wound up, her skin was flushed, she was breathing faster, She was flexing her hips up and down. Patti said “Oooh youre going to cum, you know the rules!” Sue groaned and yelled “Yes Miss!” and then she started to cum. When she cums she makes these sexy grunts, and she starts shaking and her hips move in rythmic waves. I'd only seen it a few times but I thought it was the sexiest thing ever. Know I know better, cause when Sue started moaning, Patti started moaning too and saying “Right there, Right there! Drink it all!” and Patti started shaking all over. Then the room was quiet except for heavy breathing and that muted buzzing,That was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

After a minute Patti unstraddled Sue and I could see Sue's face was slick and wet. Patti walked around and ripped the duct tape off in one pull. Sue screamed and Patty pulled “Bobby” out of Sue's Pussy. Bobby was a pink vibrator about 8 inches long. Patty did something to the end of it and the buzzing noise stopped. She said “You know my rules, you came!” then Patti called out loud, Bullet!, Here Bullet!” Like a shot Bullet jumped off the bed and ran out into the basement, He was jumping a around Patti very happy to see her. Patti opened her coat and Bullets nose went straight to her pussy and he began licking her, she grunted and pushed him away, she turned around and bent to get something out of the gym bag. When she bent over Bullet started licking her from behind and she held that position for a couple seconds.

I could hear her go “MMMMmmmmmm...” Then she stood and in her hand was one of those little plastic squeeze bottles shaped like a bear. She popped off the top and pointed the nozzle at Sues breast and drew circles of honey around each nipple. Bullet went straight for the honey and started licking. Sue had lifted her head so she could watch him, her mouth was open and she was still breathing heavy. Every time he licked across her nipples she would close her eyes for a second. Then Patty dribbled honey all over Sue's pussy. Bullet was beside himself trying to lick everywhere. Patty capped and tossed the honey bear into the gym bag, and walked aound to kneel down next to Sue's head. She picked up her little whip thing and began rubbing the handle over Sue's lips. She was talking quietly but I could hear her pretty well. She asked Sue, you want to fuck your boyfriend don't you. Sue hissed out her answer “Yes! Miss!”

“You've been on the pill since summer. You know my new rule. Before you can let him fuck you, You have to tell him about the other rule!”
Sue shook her head and said “No, I couldn't!”
“You dont have a choice. You have to tell him what a slut and bitch you really are. If he still wants you after that, then you can fuck him.”
Sue wailed “I can't, I can't.”

Just then Bullet, who had been busy licking everywhere jumped up with his paws on Sue's side. He was basically humping the air I could see his doggie dick was out of it's sheath and hard. Then he jumped down and ran around between Sue's legs. I thought uhoh, Patti better get up and grab bullet but she just sat there. She lifted Sue's head up and grabbed the gym bag and put it under her head so Sue had a better view. And they both watched as Bullet jumped up between Sue's spread legs. Patti said “Good Boy! And Bullet started humping. I could see him get closer and closer to Sue with each thrust and suddenly he found his mark. Sue let out a cross between a screech and a grunt. Bullet was going to town. Patti said.” Before your boyfriend can fuck you, you have to tell him that every time he makes you cum, you have to go home and let your dog fuck you. It's the Rule! If he still wants you after he finds out what a bitch you are, then you can fuck him all you want. If not, he's not the right guy for you.”

Sue let out a wail, I thought because of what Patti had just said but then she started grunting and I could tell she was about to cum, when suddenly she threw back her head and shouted “He's tied, He's tied!” I had no idea what she meant but I could tell she was really cumming now. From my point of view it was over really quickly Bullet stopped humping and just sort of stood there panting still inside of Sue. I could here timer buzzer ringing upstairs. Patty jumped up, and said “It's time for me to drop off those books. I'll be back in about 10 or 15 minutes, Maybe he'll be done by then. If your lucky maybe he'll want to go again. In the meantime you think about telling your boyfriend about all this.”

Patti put one foot up on the bench near Sue's head and she took the handle of her whippy thing and pushed it inside her pussy and took it out. “Mmmmm, thats nice. Open your mouth. Sue opened her mouth and Patti put the handle into Sues open mouth. “Leave that in there! It had better be there when I get back or I'll use the other end on you.” and then she walked over to the stairs slipped on some flipflops that had been there and she went up and I heard the door shut and a second later the buzzing alarm stopped and then I could hear footsteps and the back door slid open and closed.

For a couple seconds everything was absolutely quiet, then Bullet tried to get off of Sue. Every time he tried Sue squealed. It was almost like he was stuck inside her. He tried about 3 more times. It took a several minutes but finally there was a loud slurppy noise and he got off and he ran back into the room jumped on the bed and stated licking himself. I looked from him to Sue's pussy which was red and swollen and dripping doggy cum. Then I looked up at Sue and realized she had been watching Bullet as he came into the room and jumped on the bed and now she was looking straight at me in the mirror. Her eyes were really wide. I pulled my pants up, jumped up and ran into the room with her. She looked stunned and then she flushed brighter red then I had ever seen her. And I looked into her eyes I though she was going to be furious. But then I realized what she looked was scared. I think she was really afraid I was going to hate her for this.

I stammered for a few seconds and then held up the little teddy bear. “I didnt think you would be home! I was going to sneak in and leave this on your bed! And this I held up the card. She looked like she was going to start crying any second. I stepped closer to her. I was right between her legs. “Listen, “ I said, “I hope your not too mad I watched. I now I should have respected your privacy. I've told you before, I love you, I really mean it. If you will share yourself with me. Thats great, I realize you and Patti are close, I didn't realize how close, but thats okay too. And I love your rules, I always have. I just want you to be happy.” Now she really was crying but this time she was smiling around the whip handle in her mouth. “You can do anything you want, I don't mind, just be sure to let me watch...”

Even with her mouth full I could hear her laugh. I stood there looking at her for a couple of seconds and she just watched me look at her. Then I carefully put the teddy bear down on her chest right between her nipples. And I knelt down in front of her she didn't make a sound or move. I pulled down my pants and my cock stood tall. I looked down at her pussy it was a lot redder and more puffy then I had ever seen it. Her clit was sticking out. I rubbed my cock over it and then just pushed inside. It was hotter and tighter than I though it would be, I started to rock back and forth and suddenly Sue was cumming. She started groaning and shaking . The little teddy bear was jumping up and down and then I started cumming too. I collapsed on top of her squishing the bear between us. It took me a moment to catch my breath. But I jumped up as soon as I felt something touch my naked butt,. It was Bullet.

He was coming back to check out what we were doing. The moment I got out of the way, he started licking her pussy, I could see it was like electric shocks , I reached over and grabbed the teddy and the picked up the card from where I had dropped it. I turned around and put it up on top of the bookshelf behind me where she could see them. By the time I turnd around Bullet was up and trying to hump her again she looked at me and I said “You know the rules. Just as he connected. I knelt beside her head and took the handle out of her mouth I could see it was shaped like a penis. I kissed her hard and she started grunting. I stood up and glanced at the clock.

“oh my god! Im going to be late for work! She opened her mouth to say something but I put the handle back in.” I bent down and kissed her forhead. I said “I really really love you!” and pinched her nipples like I knew she liked and then I jumped up ran into the bedroom. At the door I turned around and looked at her one last time. Bullet was looking over his shoulder at me and I swear he was smiling as he humped away. I realized that she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I was only a little late for work.


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