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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-07-15 18:19:40
Author john1
Category had sex in a crazy/funny place
Where it happend In a car
Age then 19
Age now 47
Gender MALE
Viewed 107
Story Length 1385

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It occurs to me that the amount of first time stories one has is finite and, to that end I am near the end of my time revealing unique experiences which I’ve had. I mean, how many times can you have sex for the first time? At least, how many times can you write truthfully about it? Anyway, I’ve been searching my brain to try and find something that I did for the first time and let you know about it here. I remembered this experience and thought I would share it with you.

Cheri and I had driven to a town about ninety miles away where I met with an employment service and she came along for the ride waiting in the car. The meeting only took about forty-five minutes, Cheri waited in the car and listened to the radio. After the interview I took Cheri to dinner where we talked about the meeting and my job prospects.

It was dark when we headed back from the city, I was driving while Cheri played with the radio. The road was not busy, just the customary car or truck here and there. I sort of resigned myself to a tiring drive and listening to the radio. Cheri scooted across the seat and sat next to me. I could smell her hair and feel the warmth of her skin through the sweater she was wearing. I was very comfortable and relaxed if not a bit aroused.

Cheri put her hand on my thigh and let it drift up and down the seam of my pants. I wanted her to feel me and witness the growth of my erection within my pants. I reached for her hand but she quickly took my hand saying, “Uh huh! You keep both hands on the wheel!” This confused me, I wanted something to happen but I wasn’t sure what could with me driving the car.

Cheri reached over my lap with her hand tugging at my belt and pulling it free. She undid my snap and I realized that I had a hard erection which surely was not unnoticed by her. Cheri unzipped my pants ever so slowly, teasing me really, and I sort of arched myself up in an involuntary response to her touch. Now only my white underwear concealed my cock and it ached to be comforted and held.

Cheri put a finger in the waste band of my underwear and pulled it outward in an exaggerated fashion nearly tearing the fabric and kind of peered down into my lap. “Oh, you got all hard didn’t you?” she said stated kind of matter of fact. Cheri took the elastic and lowered it under my testicles and then sort of sat back to admire her handiwork. I glanced down to see my position and my penis, although erect, was strangely dwarfed by the confining configuration of space. Still, I was erect and I could see my cock throbbing and kind of bobbing around as if it was trying to reach out on its own.

Cheri ran her fingers through my pubic hair, only occasionally touching my penis and the teasing was driving me wild. I desperately wanted her to seize my hard on and squeeze it with all her might, to jerk it up and down until I gave up my sperm. However, Cheri must have gauged the distance and time of the trip and decided that this little “car game” was going to last.

As the lights of passing cars filled the inside of our vehicle with a momentary glow, I caught glimpses of Cheri as she studied my manhood with an almost scientific curiosity. One time a car pulled alongside in a slow pass and, although I did not look to see, I felt the driver was looking at us in a kind of voyeuristic admiration. At last Cheri took my cock in her hand and held me, she wiggled herself almost sideways so she could get one hand fully inside my pants and under my balls while holding my cock with the other. She didn’t just start stroking me but held me firmly and with a tight grip.

I wallowed in the feeling and wanted to enjoy this to the fullest. I was tempted to close my eyes but thought the better since I was driving. I thought about taking a turn and trying to find a place where I could stop the car and tear off her clothes. I began to talk to Cheri, “Oh, Cheri! You make my cock feel so good. It feels so damn good, your hands are so warm around my cock.”

Cheri continued holding me and when she would adjust her fingers or move even slightly it sent a lightening bolt of pleasure searing through me which resulted in a kind of spasm within my cock. “Oh, you like that? Cheri asked, want me to jack you off and make you cum while you drive?”

“Oh fuck yes! I replied, jack me off, make me cum, make my sperm come out. Jack me off Cheri…please!”

Cheri just continued to hold me, cradling my testicles in the palm of her hand. Now she was kneeling on the seat, sitting on her heals. She bent forward and kissed me on the neck, squeezing as hard as she could on my cock. A truck following behind us was getting an eyeful. If I sped up, so did the truck, if I slowed, so did the truck. The driver must have been watching the silhouettes ahead of him with intent interest – I did not care.

My cock was oozing and leaking cum. Cheri squeezed me again and asked me, “Did you cum you bad boy?” I said no and again tried to put my arm around her but she again let go of my throbbing erection and warned me to keep both hands on the wheel and to watch the road. She resumed her hold on my cock which felt naked without her gentle hands. Cheri found one of my testicles and pinched it firmly between her fingers. The testicles shot out of her fingers inside my scrotum and caused me to wince in pain. She knew what she was doing to me.

Slowly Cheri began to stroke my cock. I mean so slowly the movement was almost indiscernible. Mile after mile she would rise her fist up my cock, stop, then descend in a slow patient torture. Every once in a while I could not help but offer a moan. Cheri increased the tempo as we passed signs indicating how many miles to home we had to go. When we were but a few miles from home and, after stroking my hard on for over an hour she frantically began pounding my cock. In and out of her fist the tip of my cock bounced. Up and down my cock her hand massaged a growing need for release. I was going to cum.

I held my breath and stared straight ahead. I studied the road and tried to ignore the electricity which shot through my groin. I wanted this delightful pleasure to last a long time but I wanted it to end right now both at the same time. I could feel my bubbling, boiling cum getting ready to explode out of my cock. “I’m cuming Cheri! I nearly yelled.

Cheri just kept stroking my cock with a determined passion and told me to cum for her, be a good boy and show her all my sperm. “Come on she urged, where’s my sperm? I want to see all you have been saving up for me. Come on…..come on….come on……..!”

I was pushed over the edge and came in spurts. Pulses of pleasure released from torment and pent up from teasing. “Oh yeah! Cheri commented almost like a sports announcer, Oh you have lot’s of cream don’t you? Oh you made a lot of sperm, yeah, that’s what I like mmmmmmmmmm.”

Well, we finished the drive home and it was the first moving car sex I ever had. Now you know what I mean when I say that my first time experiences are beginning to test my memory.


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