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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-06-12 11:18:38
Author aquaazul
Title Eres Un Virgin?
Category slept with a boy/girl
Where it happend Her college apartment
Age then 18
Age now 31
Gender MALE
Viewed 129
Story Length 2481

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Eres Un Virgin?


I was a shy kid growing up in the country. While there were a few girls in the suburb where I lived, I was clueless about them. In retrospect, I now realize several girls in school had been trying to flirt with me but I just didn’t get it. I had several male friends and we had lots of fun together, but the group of us graduated high school complete—and I do mean complete—virgins. Our greatest insight probably came when we rented a porn video at the local (medimum sized)town where we lived, using one of our mom’s video cards (before the days of easy online rental tracking history, thank God).

When I was 12 years old I started taking Spanish in junior high. I continued through high school and by the time I reached college, I had completed six years of study. That qualified me to test into an advanced junior 300 level class, something that I did. I had just turned 18 the month prior. It was in a Spanish pronunciation class that I was frequently paired with Sarah, next to whom I sat. We were asked to listen to each other, pronounce Spanish words and to critique and generally practice our fricatives and labio-dentals, etc. This produced natural awkward moments, plus a fair amount of laughter and joking. I got to know her over the semester and she seemed to like me. She was 22 years old, quite worldly, and just this great little package of smart, sexy, flirty, fun. This was her second to the last Spanish class.

One day, about a week before a mid-term exam, Sarah told me in a matter-of-fact tone that she thought my pronunciations and written transcriptions needed some work. She then added that if I wanted to come over to her place, she would help me. Although I didn’t suspect anything more, I admit that I had noticed Sarah’s tight tops and short skirts. The black leather skirts she wore with a zipper going the length of the side always seemed to have me imagining unzipping that zipper and exposing some sexy panties. She was blonde, toned, about 5 foot 6, with small breasts and a nice caboose. I was 5’ 11’’, slim, dark hair, and in good shape from running.

At the time I headed over to Sarah’s place it was 1:00 pm. We hadn’t discussed lunch and, typical of a teenager, I hadn’t eaten anything. I didn’t know what the afternoon would hold, to be honest, and suspected no ulterior motives on her part. I thought she was hot, but I was still very shy and naive. Sarah was in the kitchen when I knocked and she shouted for me to come in.

“I got hungry and didn’t know if you’d eaten so I grilled an extra ham and cheese for you and some soup. Do you want one of these?” she asked pointing to the sandwich.

I thanked her and told her I was indeed hungry. We ate lunch and she offered me a couple beers, which I thought was way cool since I had hadn’t really drunk alcohol at all previously.

I loosened up nicely, we got the Spanish books out and started to work on pronunciation. We were laughing and I remember at one point she was frustrated and reaching over to my mouth with her finger to (I guess) force my toungue a certain place. Didn’t work worth a damn, but we were both laughing and the books fell between us on the couch and she leaned in for a kiss. It was a short peck, then a longer kiss. I was just shocked as hell, especially when she started to probe my mouth with her tongue. I got the idea and opened my mouth a little, which invited her in even more. Our tounges danced, with hers taking the definite lead.

“Maybe a little kissing will help me figure out what’s wrong with your tongue. You’re just not,” she said between wet smooches, “putting it in the right spots.”

As things went along, her hands started to explore and soon I could feel her squeezing on my chest muscles. My penis was really, really, really (you get the idea) hard and snaking its way down the leg of my jeans in a way that definitely announced my horniness. My hands were gripping her arm and she grabbed one of my hands and placed in on her breast. She was wearing a tank top with no bra. Her boobs felt firm and wonderful. I started to roll the nipples between my fingers and without asking (bold for me) pulled her top down.

“Put your mouth on them,” she said, “I like them sucked.”

I began to tentatively lick and apparently wasn’t doing too well. She stopped me and looked me in the eyes.

“Eres un virgin?” she asked with a smile, holding my arm.

“Pues, es posible, si.” I responded, trying vainly to sound coy but also strongly hint that I was a virgin. I didn’t see any reason to try to hide it.

At this point, with both our tops off, she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom where there, in the center of the room, was positioned a queen size bed with a white fluffy comforter on top. When I got to the bed she turned me toward her, looked down and started to unzip my tight blue jeans. Before I knew what was happening, she was on her knees in front of me and giggling a little bit as she looked at my cock sticking straight out of the fly in my boxers. My dick is only a little longer than average, but very big around. Sarah ran her tongue around the head of my dick as she pulled my boxers off, leaving me naked. Then she slipped her mouth most of the ways down my dick and I really felt her tongue on me: warm, wet, raspy. I was in heaven and my head fell back as I stood there receiving her oral. I loved my first blow job and it was obvious that she had given a few of them before. Soon she pushed me back on the bed and knelt by the side so she could work on me. I ran my hands though and around her hair as she moved her mouth up and down on my dick. She would suck it all the way down and then make shorter, fast strokes with her mouth, while maintaining tight suction.

“What about my cum?” I asked.

She just sucked harder.

“It’s coming—it’s gonna to be a lot…very soon,” I said, needlessly concerned. “The cum,” I whispered, continuing my solo conversation.

Sarah tickled my balls which by then had already moved into shooting position, tight against my body. Then I felt the most awesome orgasm take hold.
“Oh fuck. I’m cumming…Uhh, yes, uhhh”

My orgasm seemed to go forever and I shot spurt after spurt into Sarah’s mouth. My question about where it would go was resolved when she sucked it all down without a thought and swallowed every drop. By the time she was done with me I was red faced, sweaty, grunting and gripping the bed sheets.

“Hmm…that WAS a lot. Horny boy’s not jerking off enough,” she said.

“I’m 18. I can tell you for sure that’s not the problem,” I said, recovering. “It’s all you.”

“My turn,” she said as she pulled off her skirt and panties and lay down on in the center of bed.

I went over to her and just kind of naturally started to lick and suck her breasts. Her pink nipples got very hard and stuck out nicely on her smallish breasts. Sarah was softly moaning. I just was swirling my tongue around her right breast and running the left nipple between my index finger and thumb. She was squirming around on the bed a bit. After awhile she pushed on my head and told me to go lower. I looked down and could see her parting her legs for me. She had trimmed her blonde bush into a landing strip. I moved my head lower and started to run my fingers over her pussy, I’m sure clumsily.

For some reason I was surprised that she was wet down there. I mean I knew the mechanics of sex, but I remember her juice on my fingers caught me off guard. I put my tongue down there and just started to lightly lick with the tip of my tongue. There was a definite odor, unlike anything I had smelled before. The smell of sex I would say now. I loved it and I noticed my body starting to respond naturally to it as well.

Sarah liked what I was doing but wanted more and was mashing my head down into her pussy.

“Go higher. Lick my button,” she managed between breathless gasps.

Once I found the spot I put my whole mouth over it and began to run my tongue over it. Both of Sarah’s hands were on my head and her fingers were digging into my scalp. As I licked, Sarah’s movements began getting frantic and her hips were bucking up off the mattress. That threw my mouth off her a little bit, but I kept at it.

“Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good. Don’t stop! “ she yelled.

“Put your fingers inside too,” she instructed.

I lifted my head and put two fingers in her and began to move them in and out. Sarah immediatey pushed my head back down.

"And keep licking too," she said.

I resumed licking her while fucking her with my fingers. The smell was intoxicating and with all the licking I had gotten really hard again. I continued swirling my tongue around Sarah’s favorite spot, and after a few minutes and with her guidance, I could tell she was going to make me give her an orgasm.

Her heals were digging into the mattress and causing her to squirm around. My face was completely wet with her pussy juices.

“Shit,” I’m gonna come,” she said, breathing hard into the comforter she had pulled to her face. “Ahh, yes. Yes!” she screamed.

Pussy juice began to run out of her freely and I could feel her pussy clenching at my fingers. A few more “Oh fucks” and ‘shits” later, Sarah stopped moving around on the bed and laid there. I noticed her cheeks were flushed red and she looked peaceful. She looked at me; both of us were smiling.

“My God,’ she laughed “your face is soaked. For a virgin you’re a good little pussy licker.”

Then she noticed my boner.

“Hmmm. Speaking of virginity, come up here and give me a kiss,” she said.

I moved up and started to kiss her. As I did, she spread her legs and pushed my body in between her legs. She then reached down and grabbed a hold of my dick.

“Move up a little,” she said, guiding the tip of my dick inside her pussy.

I got the idea and got on my hands and pushed my dick farther into her. She tilted her hips a bit to accommodate me. Her pussy fit my dick like a warm, wet and tight sleeve. What an awesome feeling.

I began to slowly move my cock in and out. At first it would pop out and then I adjusted the position a little and got into a rhythm. I went down on my elbows and I felt Sarah wrap her legs around my waist and butt. As I stroked in and out going faster now, I could feel Sarah clenching and loosening her legs around my body. The contact was super tight and the feelings incredible. My first sex was exciting my every sense.

I continued stroking in and out of Sarah. God she felt good. I was starting to perspire lightly as the closeness of our bodies made our sex slippery and hot. I think the blow job earlier helped me last longer, although it was only a couple minutes at most before I felt ready to cum and I told Sarah.

“No, not yet,” she said, loosening her vise-like grip. “Lay on your back,”

I reluctantly laid back and Sarah took her time adjusting herself, which gave me a little time to cool off.

In a minute she straddled my body and positioned her pussy over me. She grabbed my dick and sank down on me all the way down so her pelvis was tight against my body. Then she began to move in circles on my dick, clearly getting herself off.

“Oh, you feel so fucking good, “she said. “I’m gonna ride you.”

With that she began to bounce up and down on my dick, leaning forward slightly. As she did this I began to play with her boobs, twirling her nipples between my fingers.

She used long strokes, going all the way up and then sinking her whole body down against mine. The sounds of our wet bodies slapping together aroused me even more and I found it a little dirty. Unfortunately, I became a little too aroused and as Sarah rode me I began to cum. My whole body tensed as I thrust up into Sarah and began unloading my sperm.

Sarah, felt it, I’m sure, and began riding me really fast now. Her hair fell down over my face as she slumped forward, hands digging into my chest, using her hips to move quickly and work herself on my dick. I was completely spent, and held on as Sarah rode me. She continued for another minute or two and I was still quite hard. Then she fell forward, her face next to mine and stopped moving. Her nails dug into my chest and she was still except I could feel her pussy spasming on my cock. It felt wonderful. I put my arms around her, pulled her tight to me and waited for her orgasm to end, which it eventually did. That was the first time I experienced the intensity of a woman's orgasm. I remember as an 18 year old I felt awesome to think that an older girl had just fucked and cum all over me.

Sarah and I continued our little “study” sessions, but I think we ended up practicing more English swear/sex words than Spanish pronunciation. Thanks to Sarah, by the time the semester had ended, I for sure had a different answer to the question, “Eres un virgin?


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