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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-06-06 11:47:48
Author john1
Category kissed a boy/girl
Where it happend Friends house
Age then 12
Age now 47
Gender MALE
Viewed 187
Story Length 1400

(13 votes / 109 points)

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Rolled up

It was an ordinary day. School was out and, for the most part I had nothing to do except some odd jobs for my parents. I still had some coins from lawn work I’d done for the next door neighbors. They were very nice people and paid me more than I was worth. However, the real benefit was that I had a little extra money and I was sure to return to their needs when they wanted me since they paid quite well for a youngster.

Anyway, it must have been around the first of June and the days were lazy, filled with boredom. A few of us boys would walk to the corner store and contemplate buying candy. The whole process took well over an hour just because we had nothing else to do. We were walking slowly and talking about the stupid things boys talk about like what the best gun would be to kill an elephant or where you would have to shoot it. Really good stories always seemed to start with the words, “this is no shit!” and go on from there.

We were sitting out in front of the corner store with a bottle of Dr. Pepper (it provided the loudest and most frequent burps), and some candy, when several girls from our class walked up. I really think they were riding bicycles now that I consider it. In any event several of the boys in our group started talking to them and acting stupid. Steve, my friend came over to me and said, “Hey, John! Candice says she likes you!” The words almost struck fear into my heart. What was I to do now?

We all talked and slowly I joined the group of two boys around the three girls. We jabbered like nervous monkeys laughing at jokes and one of the girls, Melody, invited us over to her house to hear a new record which she had only purchased that morning. The girls went into the store leaving us boys alone and we mutually decided to go to Melody’s house and listen to the record.

The girls came out and all six of us walked the bikes slowly up the walkway. I think I talked to Candice but I was more concerned that I might be called names by one of my buddies so our conversation was very matter of fact and expressionless. We got to Melody’s house and all of us went inside. Her folks were both at work and the air conditioning felt really good and refreshing.

We went downstairs where there was a kind of bar with loungers and a corner couch. Melody put on music and the girls seemed to be having the time of their lives even dancing with one another and laughing while we boys sort of sat like dumb mopes on the furniture. I was about ready to leave on my own when Candice asked me if I would dance with her. The other boys had danced with Veva and Candice but I dreaded being labeled so I said I did not want to even though the idea of being close to her was exciting as hell.

Steve and Dennis encouraged me as if I was on a high diving board. “Come on John, you can dance! You can do it!!” So, I finally relented and apologized in advance for my clumsy feet which I was sure would betray me. I held Candice in my arms and I could smell her sweet teenage perfume. Her hair brushed against my face and the firm bra she wore under her t-shirt pressed against my chest as my heart pounded. It was a slow dance and we just swayed in gentle motion, undulating to the rhythm and closing our eyes. I could feel her heart pounding or else it was mine, I am not really sure but I know that as we danced I grew an erection of immense proportion. At least it was bigger than anything I had ever experienced before at my own hand. My cock, separated only by a few layers of clothing was rubbing against the pussy of this dream girl and I really wanted her badly.

As the song ended, I saw Steve kissing Melody as they sat on the couch. Dennis and Veva were nowhere to be found and had left the basement altogether. Candice and I sort of left the room with the same feeling of giving them some privacy. We went into the laundry room which was just off one corner, a big pile of clothes was heaped there in the middle and we sat waiting for an all clear signal from the other room. Both of us laughed at this situation and that is when I bent toward her and we kissed.

Our lips met with a passionate hunger, each of us judging the others experience and delicate taste. I put my arm around her and she pulled me close to her. My heart was racing and I felt some shame for having such a hard on at such a beautiful moment. I remembered that one of the boys once said he opened his eyes while kissing and it was really weird so…I opened my eyes. It was no big deal!

Candice pulled me to her and soon I was pressing myself against her as she leaned back into the pile of clothes. I was still holding her and we reclined together. She pressed her thigh into my crotch. I could not mistake this and I felt her as she massaged my cock with her leg. I was breathing hard but I dared not stop this kiss. I wanted her and I wanted to finish this moment and cum. It seemed I kept holding her tighter and tighter while she worked her thigh against me and rubbed my cock up and down with her muscled leg.

She knew what she was doing. I was getting “dry humped” and by that measure it was okay if I dry humped her back, so I tried to work my leg between hers but it wouldn’t work. I lowered my hand and tried to sneak it into her lap. Candice did not protest and I felt the front of her jeans where the zipper was. I rubbed it gently and carefully expecting her to burst into a “what are you doing?” at any moment. She didn’t and just kept rubbing her leg into my cock.

I was hard as a rock, my cock bulging and throbbing. I could feel the pressure growing and I knew if she kept doing this to me I would cum and probably squirt sperm all over the inside of my jeans. I did not care. I had one hand on her pussy and she was rubbing my hard on, I was going to cum. Should I tell her? Should I ask her if I could take my cock out so she could see it cum? I did not know what to do so… I did nothing. In a moment I felt a thundering buzz like sensation as if my jeans were filled with a million bees. I felt a cross between peeing without control and a warm relaxation.

I wanted Candice to know I was going to cum so I pressed myself against her, my cock firmly formed to the contours of her thigh even though concealed inside my jeans. I felt the convulsion begin, a riveting explosion, and I knew I was discharging my hot sperm into my white underwear against this pretty girls leg. Candice did not stop but massaged my cock with patient, caring, love like strokes until she had milked my cock of every last bit of seed. We finally sat up and that is when I noticed that I looked like I had spilled a milk shake in my pants. Candice had a wet spot on her leg where my cock had rested against her. Both of us were panting and breathing hard and that was the first time that a girl ever made me cum like that. I think we were about twelve or thirteen. The funny thing is that for a long time after that I would jack off closing my eyes and image that Candice was rubbing my cock with her leg.


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