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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-06-05 18:04:29
Author Jason2
Title The Hard Massage
Category experienced oral sex
Where it happend 1988
Age then 34
Age now 56
Gender MALE
Viewed 225
Story Length 1531

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The Hard Massage


My girl friend had a very high fever, and asked for my help to bring it down. It was early evening. I felt sure we could get it down to a safe level overnight, then go to a doctor the next AM, if it persisted.

I brought over a bottle of alcohol, with an extra cap, which I pierced with an ice-pick. I was also armed with a jar of Albolene Moisturizing Cream, which liquifies at body temperature, and some vanilla extract.

We padded a long, sturdy table with sheets and towels. She laid face down, then removed and discarded her bra. She now only had on a pair of silky panties. Her ample breasts, being flattened, pushed out nicely on each side - which I am sure she didn't know. Her elbows could not have touched her sides.

The first time I saw her wearing a rather skimpy bathing suit, which I had just helped her pick out, my jaw dropped. My jaw dropped, and I just stared, silently. Having just changed, she thought she had left off something, or had it backwards. She looked down, then looked back at me, with a serious questioning expression.

All I could say was, "I didn't know you were built like that!". I said it with stunned admiration, and we both turned red. It was a dumb thing to say, but was definitely true.

The problem was, when she looked down to check everything, she noticed a tuft of blonde hair protruding from each side of her mound. I had not yet looked that low, and would have missed it, had she not made a big deal out of it. Had I known her better, I'd have moistened them [somehow], and twisted them into a handlebar "mustache". As it was, it was just two blonde [sexy!] curls.

I was glad I was wearing a tight jock strap, under my trunks, or my erection would have been even more visible. I had to adjust it a few times. After my attention was focused there, I could also see a cute vertical dimple, between the two curls. Her suit was tight, and so was mine.

She was petite, and normally wore very tight bras, and loose tops. I would have guessed "B", or "C-", but these were a pair of healthy full size "D".

She rode her bike to work every day, and made 75 mile trips each way some weekends. Her legs were the strongest, most shapely, I'd ever seen. She had been talked into joining the coed softball team at work, and could outrun every guy on her team, or their opponents' teams. They would put her up to bat early, and she would make 1st or 2nd base. Any hit behind her, and she was home.

She was in the Army Reserves, and was called into active duty during the Gulf War. She outran everyone in her platoon. "Nice legs" doesn't begin to do her justice.

Back to the massage. I tried massaging her back from both sides, but had trouble with full access, so I climbed on the "massage table", straddling her. I sat on her butt, and really got into it. Her butt moved sexily as I was busy manipulating her shoulders, neck, back, legs, sides [with a gasp, when she felt what I was feeling on her "sides". It was the left and right halves of those glorious "D's", and they managed to get stroked, no matter what else was being massaged. I have large hands, so that wasn't hard - but I was.

I have a beard. I added a lot of lube to my chin, and used it to give her a "dry brush" massage, which I could tell was appreciated. When I tried to get my chin into her "sides", she thought I was just tickling under her arms, with my nose. As she giggled, & wiggled, I dug into her soft flesh deeper. Fun!

As I was massaging her back, I had been stopping at her panties. Now I continued an inch below, and then two inches below. Finally, I just slipped them down, "so we wouldn't get them greasy." After they were out of the way, I worked the tension out of her tight butt - but from the heat rising from those cheeks, I don't think her body temperature was being lowered much. I was having more problems dealing with sitting on her thighs, or butt. There was a definite problem, which I know she felt, each time I leaned over her. Had she closed her legs, while my whole package was between them, I'd have died.

After I had spent a long time on her back - and kneading her backside - I took a washcloth, tightly wrung out, and fanned her, until I could see little goose-bumps appear. Pushing my luck a bit, I said, as calmly as I could muster, "Turn over so I can do your front".

Wow! I tried to be professional, but after working on her back, and the back of her tight legs, I was really nervous now, staring at bare pussy and breasts. I obviously avoided them at first, massaging below, above, and beside them. I gradually worked my way into her breasts, and smiled back, when her hard nipples waved at me.

I massaged her sides, and inside her thighs. I applied extra lube, then used my chin to playfully brush her bush, making swirls and patterns. Again, I felt the heat build up, and remembered we were supposed to be bringing her fever down. I fanned her with the damp cloth again, until the chill bumps appeared. I folded the very warm cloth into thirds, squeezed dry, and used it to pat her mound. I kept patting harder, until I was actually spanking it - hard - and the skin nearby. After I saw her squirm, and her pussy drool slightly, I almost lost control. I patted the sides of her breasts, then included her nipples - batting them around gently, then harder and harder, with the folded cloth. I fanned her again, and the evaporating alcohol brought on little goose-bumps all over her overheated body.

I had her turn back over, then spanked her butt cheeks - pounding each cheek alternately, with my large flat hands - like a native, beating a drum, but much more fun. I changed the rhythm pattern, and heard her gasp and giggle. After they turned bright red, I gently massaged more lube into them, sprinkling alcohol, and fanned them with the cloth. As I applied lube, I marveled at how fast it liquefied on her hot butt. Cream on, oil running off - out of sight, before I could catch it. Sexy!

I said, "Turn back over - there is something I forgot to do!"

She gave me a funny look [like, what didn't you touch?] but complied. I straddled her again, sitting on her lower legs, after spreading them slightly - enough to allow me to fit comfortably between them. She had her eyes closed - and probably hoped mine were either closed, or would fall out. With a dab of lube on my lips, I sank them deeply into her pussy. I thought she just jerked, reflectively, at the touch, but her hips kept bouncing wildly, and gyrating up into my face. I wanted to joke about vanilla flavored blonde pubes. Not being able to speak, I just enjoyed the intense stimulation to all five senses.

I worried about her falling off of the table, so I grabbed her nice handles, to steady her. I added lube to both hands, and applied more pressure, and twisting motion to her breasts and nipples. I vowed to keep up all of my action, as long as I was getting her exciting reaction. She did, I did, and she kept going. I had not been aware of her continuing slow arousal during most of the massage, but I was certainly being rewarded now, for my earlier efforts.

She slowed down a couple of times, so I went low key. When she began soaring toward another high peak. I then increased my speed - sucking, licking, flipping her clit with my tongue, and leaning into her breasts. I shifted, to allow her to draw her knees up. I was afraid her neighbors would hear her, but she was too far gone to care. With her thighs clamped over my ears, her outbursts were almost muted.

I was tempted to ask later if that was _an_ orgasm, a few _big_ ones, or just one _b-i-g_ one, spread over many minutes. I pulled a fleece sheet over her, and turned out the lights.

She awoke later, with a blushing grin - no longer even covered by the sheet - and stretched lazily. Stifling a yawn, she said,"Thanks. I feel so good now - I think my fever broke."

I remained silent. There were two words that came to mind, but were left unspoken. That was one thing we had never done. She knew. I was still hard - which she also knew. My boxers and tee shirt were not able to hide it.


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