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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-05-14 13:04:06
Author PRAlien
Title Backroom of secrets
Category had sex in a crazy/funny place
Where it happend Backroom Bathroom
Age then 25
Age now 25
Gender MALE
Viewed 178
Story Length 1864

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Backroom of secrets


So, after Feb 14… the slowest months in sales are March and April, not many people go shopping. I have a friend that works at a shoe store at the mall, I was bored one day, at the end of March start of April, and decided to just go for a walk, see some tech stuff and other stuff. I walked past her store, and saw she was working that day. Her store was empty, only two workers that day, she and another coworker of her. Not even the manager was in that day, only both of them where in charge of the store.

She's an interesting girl, 4years younger than me...she's not that skinny, she's actually very fit, or used to be, as she had stopped working out, she was starting to gain weight, but she still look very fit. She has a very flat ab/stomach area, very small boobs, maybe small A or AA size cup, but she has a very big ass and thighs, not fat but big muscly thighs, and separated, they don't touch each other (I've seen many camel toes from her over the years), her legs aren't that ripped anymore, but still look great. She's also prone to acne outburst sometimes, but cute looking ones. We've had sex before a couple of times, separated by big stretches of times, but consecutive in days… I mean, our first time we did it we where on a trip, and we where roommates on that trip, so we fucked for consecutive nights, actually or first time was a threesome with the other girl in the room (that's another story for another if I can remember the details). A year or two later we did again while I helped her with a job. And a year later, here we are. She's no saint, she party a lot, go out a lot, drink etc. You could say she's bordering on been a slut, but she's not a slut.

Well anyways… I entered her store, just to talk and mess around, I was very bored, she presented me her coworker, we talked I even helped her around the store. After a while she had to some work on the back-room or storage area, so she told me to go with her, her coworker was going to stay on the front. We went back, and started to organize some boxes, tying the space up. A few minutes passed and she told me she needed to use the bathroom (a really small one most mall have in each store), but she told me she couldn't leave me alone or let me get out of the storage area alone because those were the rules and there where cameras, and if a customer or someone saw me getting out alone the back-room, she could get in trouble if the manager saw me in the videos, so she told me to accompany her while she peed. I was like ooooook (while I raised one eyebrow), so we enter that small bathroom, maybe 6square feet of space, barely a space for a toilet and a sink let alone for two people. She locked the door and pulled down her pants with her panties at the same time. I asked her if she was trying to turn me on or seduce me (cause watching that ass and pussy I had already entered before), she replied No, why you are getting turned on? I've never been turned on by pee I said, but watching you half naked again is bringing back good memories and feelings, I said. She just at on the toilet peeing with her face facing my cock, as that was a small room. She smiled at me and said… well I wasn't thinking that, but now you are making me think that, while at the same time I heard the pee dripping on the toilet.

After the peeing sound stopped, she put her hands on my now semi hard cock, unbutton my pants and unzipped them. She then pulled them down a bit a pulled own my boxers a bit as well and exposed it, she took it on the hand and said: "I've never had sex on the job before", she smiled again, took her tongue out and lick from the start of my shaft to head of my cock a couple of times, until finally taking my cock in her mouth. She gave a good long suck, I just kept watching her, her face full of makeup covering a few acne pimples, I was almost ready to cum, so I told her I wanted to fuck her, I didn't care if she just peed. She then said, if I had a condom, cause I can't fuck her cause she isn't on the pill that month. I had one, but i hate them, so I lied and told her I didn't, I wanted to see if she would let me fuck her, but it backfired and told me then, we couldn't do it… I've fucked in her once before (the first time we did it on the threesome) so I asked her if I could do it there again. She thought it over for maybe two seconds and said ok… I took down my pants completely and took off her of her ankles. I asked her when was the last time she cleaned her ass or took a dump. She told me that morning she shitted and before leaving her home to work she took a shower, that she was clean. I turned her around, and put the head of my cock in her ass, my cock bended lots of ways and didn't' want to go in, it was too dry… so I told her I was going to put in her pussy for just a second, so I could lubricated it, I said just a second again… she then said ok, but just a second. The minute I enter her pussy it felt so good, warm and wet… I just forgot about the second and started to fuck her, she just silently moaned with pleasure… 20seconds later, while moaning and with difficulty started to try to say no, that I should stop, until she then push me with her hands. Sorry I got carried away I said, she then said me too, but we shouldn't… I said then ok, so I pushed it once more to grind my cock in her and wet my cock as much as I could.

I then went for her ass, she was much more eager now, and her ass was breathing with anticipation… I could see her hole pulse and try to open before I even got to it. This time it was a little easier, still with struggles I was going in, the minute my head popped in… I just slammed her hard and deep in one thrust… she letted out a scream, I think the whole mall heard! I shushed her and told her to keep it down, people will hear, she then told me to take it easy, my cock takes a lot space in her, and she wasn't ready. She was right… but it was really tight, warm and good, I didn't care, I just slowly backed out, to got hard and deep again. She was trying to hold her screams and moans, but she couldn't every few thrust she would let out screams and moans, she also looked so good trying to hold on to something, there wasn't anywhere she could hold on to, her knee was on top of the toilet seat, while the other leg was straight standing on the floor. Her hands could only hold on to my arms, while I hold her by the waist. I kept thinking how much I wanted to see her naked entirely instead of only her ass. A few thrust later I was lowering my intensity, and going on a steady pace. It wasn't going to be long until I had to cum, so I asked her where she wanted me to cum, she told me, she would swallow it all, as she didn't want cum on her body, or on her face as she didn't have to clean it up or fix her make up again. I said ok, and picked up the pace, less than a minute passed and I was ready to unload, I then told her I had a better idea, started to fuck her deep and hard again, she screamed a few times, until I just thrusted really deep and hard and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum deep in her rectum. I told her this way, she also didn't have to clean herself up. I hold my cock in her until the last drop of cum left me, I then pulled it out and with my hands push her butt-cheek together, and told her to keep it there.

She told, she's had anal only a few times before, and that I was the only one that she has ever allowed to cum inside of her ass. The first time on our trip we ever did it, I came in her ass multiple times, but she has never allow anyone else to cum in her. I put on my pants and so did she, before button it, she unbutton her shirt (as while I fucked her pussy, and put my hand inside her shirt and squeezed her small boobs and pinched her nipples, removing her bra inside the shirt), before she fixed her bra, I stopped her and squeezed her more and sucked them like they were full of juice, and helped her fix herself up.

While we exited that small bathroom, she began walking a bit funny, I told her to walk straight or her coworker would know, she told me, she couldn't help it, her ass was a little sore, and she was holding the cum inside of her. Before leaving the back-room we kissed and exchange saliva, and told her I was leaving, I would talk to her later. As we went back to the store, I said goodbye and then goodbye to her coworker that was at the register, she then said "I'm got next, next time", and asked "what?" (I know show knew what we did, "X"'s screams where pretty loud, but I was acting as if she didn't know). She then replied "nothing, forget it" with a playful/seductive look.

Later that night, X called me, again she had been liking cum out of her ass all the rest of the afternoon, and was really horny and turned on by the wet panties, the leaking and sore ass. That night we did it again, she was so turned out, we did it no condom, fucked her in all holes, but came in her face which she licked and swallowed it all.


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