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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-05-03 21:19:25
Author john1
Title Hand Job
Category got caught masturbating
Where it happend Garage attic
Age then 12
Age now 47
Gender MALE
Viewed 492
Story Length 1530

(19 votes / 154 points)

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Hand Job


Dennis was my best friend and we did everything together. We did not know about jacking off but he had discovered that by holding onto his cock he could get a hard on. We had a secret club house in the top of a neighbor’s garage where our neighbor stored his storm windows in the summer and his window screens in the winter. We would go up in the top of the garage and engage in all types of adolescent behavior. Mostly this amounted to reading comic books or trading candy. However, on occasion we would pull our pants down and show each other our cocks.

On this particular day, Dennis wanted to show me that he had discovered a way to make his cock grow and promised it was “really weird”. We went to the garage and he instructed me to remove my pants and pull my underwear down, he did the same. We sat there with our limp little hairless white cocks sticking out and Dennis said, “Here, you hold mine and I’ll hold yours and just watch what happens!”

It seemed kind of harmless so I reached over and wrapped my hand around his cock squeezing it and feeling it pulse in my hand. Dennis did the same thing to me and we sat there talking and watching the wonderful transformation as our cocks grew hard in each others hand. It felt good but we didn’t know what to do with our hard cocks after we got them that way. Over time we added a couple of other boys to our exclusive club house, and each of them added an interesting element to our informal meetings.

Tom taught us how to jerk off, and we became experts at watching each other jerk off. It was fun to witness one of the other boys cocks when he would remove his hand and say “Look at it!” There his cock would be, throbbing and bobbing up and down when he removed his hand. Steve managed to steal a Playboy magazine from his dad and it became the prized possession of our club. Of course we were all sworn to secrecy since we were afraid of being labeled “fags” by other boys.

One day a girl in our class, Lorna, walked home from school with us. We told her that we had to leave because we were going to our clubhouse and she begged us to come. At first we said no because we all wanted to jack off then we said, “okay” but gave her the warning that it was a boys club and swore her to the same secrecy we all held.

When we climbed up into the attic of the garage we sat in a circle on the floor, Dennis, Steve, Tom and I along with Lorna. Tom brought out the Playboy and Lorna was just as interested in looking at it as we were. All of us were rubbing our cocks through our jeans, trying not to let Lorna know what we were doing. Soon she asked us if this is all we did up here? Steve said, no, that we sometimes took off our clothes. Lorna asked us to show her and ignore the fact that she was here. We told her that if she ever told anyone we would make her pay for the mistake.

Lorna assured us she was just as curious as we were and told us it was okay. Steve took off his pants exposing his cock which stood straight out. When the rest of us saw that we did the same. We told Lorna that usually we would hold each others cocks and look at the book. Then, one by one we would disconnect from the group and jack off. That is just what we did and when Steve said, “I’m ready” and let go of my cock to begin stroking his own. Lorna sat in the circle and reached over to hold my cock.

I wished that I was playing with the front of her jeans like Tom was, instead of holding onto Dennis’ cock but I am sure that the others all wished that she was holding onto their cock. Pretty soon Dennis announced he was ready. Part of the ceremony was to stand and jack off so everyone could watch the finale where the little bare cock was dancing and bobbing around in orgasm. When it stopped bobbing around we would go back to turning pages of the Playboy.

Lorna asked us why we did not jack each other off if it felt so good and we told her that we were not queer. It was okay to hold a guys cock as long as you did not start jacking it off. It was just one of the rules of the club. Anyway, when I was ready I started to stand up and Lorna asked, “Can I do it?” I didn’t know what to say but I stood up with my hard on sticking out and she stood beside me studying my cock and holding her fist tight around it. She began shucking my cock and making it feel better and better.

I thought I was going to explode, I was holding my breath trying not to cum (even though none of us made sperm yet), and then I announced “I’m ready! I’m there!” but Lorna just kept fisting my cock until I made her quit because it ached. Then Tom stood up and nearly begged, “do me, do me”. Lorna turned to Tom and did the same thing to him as we all watched.

In no time Dennis and Steve had grown hard again thinking they might get their cock rubbed by a real live girl. They did and Lorna assumed the status of a protected member of our special club. We bought her candy, soda, and anything she wanted but made it clear that she had to remove just as much clothing as we did. Lorna willingly accepted this rule and really seemed to delight in jacking off two cocks at once or in watching us masturbate. She even allowed us to closely inspect her pussy but not to put our cocks in her.

The only exception was that every once in a while she would ask one of us if we wanted to play “horse”. When that happened we got to stand behind her and put our cock between her legs with the purple knob sticking out between her pussy lips and pretend we were fucking. It felt good but it was real hard to cum that way and Lorna seemed to like it a lot more than we did.

The garage club went on for a year or so before anything happened to change it. We all noticed that Steve had begun to grow pubic hair around his cock and then, when he ejaculated what looked like bubbly spit onto her hand while she was stroking him, Lorna was VERY grossed out. She almost left right there for good but we talked her out of it and calmed her down. We all agreed that once one of us started shooting sperm Lorna did not have to jack them off anymore.

One day in the fall I noticed that I had begun to ooze after I finished jacking off. A few days later, when I jacked off, a little drop of white cream came out and I knew that when Lorna saw this I would be done. The next day I went looking for Lorna, I found her playing ball with some other girls in the school parking lot. I asked her if she wanted to go to the store which was code for using the attic above the garage. She said okay and we walked to the store and then to the garage.

I told her I wanted to play horse so, we looked at the Playboy for a while and then began to undress. I stood behind her and held her hips. She clamped her thighs around my cock. It was hot in the top of the garage and sweat was running down my face. I looked over her shoulder and down at the head of my cock sticking out between her pussy lips. I felt the familiar sensation of my cock getting ready as I rocked and pretended to fuck her. I could smell the dust of the attic, I could feel Lorna’s throbbing pussy wrapped around my cock. Then I erupted in a convulsion, sending a little mini squirt of hot white cock cream jetting out in front of us. Lorna saw the cum and only said, “Oh you’re gross! You’re done!” and pulled away from me. From that point on I had to join the others jerking my own cock because Lorna wouldn’t do it to me anymore.

We still enjoyed looking at the Playboy and Lorna would still play with us but when it came time to cum we were on our own. The next summer Lorna moved away and the club sort of dissolved after that.


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