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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-03-31 16:23:36
Author dnelzon
Title Caught Her Purple Handed
Category got caught masturbating
Where it happend Her Room
Age then 22
Age now 26
Gender MALE
Viewed 239
Story Length 1658

(15 votes / 120 points)

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Caught Her Purple Handed


It was summer a few years after my earlier story about fulfilling a good friend’s rape fantasy. I hadn't seen the same girl in a long time and being back at home during the summer can be so boring when you're used to late nights, lots of booze, and always someone being available to hang out with.

I was cruising around and decided I'd swing by her mom's house to see if she was awake. I figured I'd look up to her balcony and see if the light was on and maybe try and scare the shit out of her by knocking on the window.

As I parked I quietly closed the door to make sure I didn't wake her mom and I walked around the house. Luckily the light was on and I figured she had to be awake. I hadn't spoken to her in such a long time that I didn't know if she had a new b/f or not. I tried calling before climbing her spiral staircase but there wasn't any answer. I almost backed out right there but decided I was bored and there wasn't anything else to do.

I quietly crept up the staircase and entered her screen-in-porch. I walked around to the door and glanced in. At first there was nothing in view but as I looked to the left I saw a beautiful sight! There she was on her bed, lying on her back with a purple vibrator in her pussy. She was slowly thrusting it in herself. I backed up just a bit into the darkness and looked at the door. It was cracked open and with one push I'd be inside.

I thought I was busted as she sat right up and looked out her window. However, she was actually changing positions and got on all fours. I didn't have the best view anymore but I did have a great side profile of her sliding it in and out of her.

Now I wasn't sure if she'd still be up for being forced or not so I decided against it. I did want to scare the shit out of her so I waited until I heard her start to moan and get even more into it. As she did I slowly applied pressure to the door to try and open it without a squeak. The rusty old hinges were going to make noise no matter what so I attempted to move it every time she moaned. Again, this just wasn't going to work. So I did the only decent thing and waited until she was about to cum. As soon as she seemed to be almost at the point I busted in and said, "Need some help with that!"

To say she screamed would be an understatement. She pulled her vibrator out and threw it at me saying, "You are such an asshole!"

"Are you ok?" came from downstairs due to her screaming I'm sure. She yelled back that the wind blew her door open and all was calm again. Although I'm sure her mom had a pretty good idea what was going on.

She finally laughed and started to cover herself up. I came up behind her and pulled her close. I wanted her to feel how hard I was from seeing her show. As I pulled her close I reached down and kissed her ear, her neck, and shoulder. She leaned back into me and sighed. I later learned that she had been trying to not have sex for 6 months after her last breakup.

I lightly pushed her on her bed, rolled her over, and kissed her. I then worked my way down her body making detours at her nipples and eventually I gave her pussy one strong lick from taint to clit. She let out a low groan and I continued my assault on her pussy. I stayed away from her clit until I heard her really start to get into it. As she was grinding her pussy on my face I slid two fingers into her.

I then came up and she kissed me deeply. She always loved the taste of pussy. She pushed me back and slid my cock into her mouth as far as she could go. After a little gag she started to give me an amazing blowjob. After I moaned and started to feel that pressure building I grabbed the top of her head. I know most women hate it when I guy starts pushing the girls head down but this girl didn't mind a bit. I was practically face fucking her until I came deep into her throat. She came up for air, and I pushed her onto her back once again.

I slide my cock right into her soaking pussy which got quite a moan from her. I started slow and eventually drove as hard and fast as I could. I love fucking a girl right after I've cum once. Things are so sensitive but dull at the same time. I was enjoying this action as I started to pound her for all I was worth. Her moans grew louder and louder. I covered her mouth so we didn't wake up her mom but I'm sure she could still hear her screams. She came so hard and clamped so tight on my cock that I surly would have came if not for the blowjob earlier.

As she came down from her high I continued to slide in and out of her. Eventually we went into the spooning position and I entered her from behind. For at least 20mins we continued gently fucking while I held her close. Eventually things started to speed up and I started to pound her. The angle wasn't helping so I pushed her on her stomach. I kissed her ear and back as I fucked her hard from behind.

She pushed me back and got on all fours. I reentered her and started to pound as hard as I could. As the water bed moved in a wavy rhythm I felt something hitting my foot. I reached behind me and found her purple vibrator. I turned it on and reached around and hit her clit with it. She moaned but then stopped me as she was too sensitive for it right now. I brought it back and teased her back with it and slowly slipped it down to her asshole.

As the vibrations hit her little tight hole she jumped and slammed back into me. I took this as a good sign and angled it towards her hole and slightly gave some pressure. But there was no way it was going in without some lube. I slid my cock out of her pussy and slid the vibe in a few times. It was nice and wet but needed just a little more. I gave it some spit and got the tip nice and wet. I slid my cock back into her pussy and I could tell she was a little nervous of what would happen next. Her moaning had stopped and she had stopped thrusting back into me.

I spit a little more in my hand and got my finger nice and lubed up. I began to thrust into her harder and harder to get her distracted. It worked as she started to rock back into me and moan once more. I slid my finger to her hole and easily slipped it in. She moaned even louder and I started to feel her pussy clamp onto me. It was time to try the vibe so I lined it up and gave it some pressure. As it started to enter she reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart to allow for easier entry.

I kept thrusting slowly as I worked her dildo in her ass. Eventually it was all the way in and I held onto it so it would mimic the same motion as my cock.

The moans continued and her pussy kept clamping. I could feel the vibe every time I angled it downwards. As I started pumping faster I realized I forgot to turn the vibe on. I started to turn the knob and could feel her entire pussy start to vibrate. It felt amazing so I cranked it up to full blast and immediately her pussy clamped so tight as she came. I pushed her face down into a pillow to muffle her screams and drove into her as hard as I could.

Each time went deep I could feel the vibrations slide up my cock. It was too much and I drove as hard and deep as I could while I came deep into her pussy. Her pussy milked me dry as it convulsed and clamped down. She completely collapsed causing the vibrator to come out of her ass. I threw if off the bed and looked down at her gaping asshole. I kept my cock in her pussy and gently slid in and out. I finally pulled out and rolled her over. I slid my cock to her mouth so she could taste the mixture of both of our cum. She eagerly sucked my cock and licked my balls until all was clean.

In or past we had anal sex a few times. It was never as exciting as this experience and I prefer the pussy anyway. However, this was a new found pleasure that satisfied us both. And for the rest of the summer we rarely talked, and I would just show up in the middle of the night several times a week to fuck her as much as I wanted. We played with the vibe several times but like always, nothing was ever as great as the first time.


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