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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-03-24 21:29:33
Author jmb1947
Title Stanley and Lisa and Lynn in London
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend London
Age then 57
Age now 57
Gender MALE
Viewed 108
Story Length 3658

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Stanley and Lisa and Lynn in London


This Story is to go with LynridSkinrids and Lisa2009 story of a London visit.

Lisa and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months. It is rare that two people meet and instantly find that elusive bond of friendship and lovers, but I had with Lisa. Lisa knows I am married and that my wife and I have been estranged for years. It seems after the second child she was through with sex, her two children her and my legacy would live on. I was okay with no more children but I was no okay with no sex, but her and mine strict catholic upbringings were not going to allow for a divorce. I think even if the Pope came over to our house and said the marriage was annulled she would not budge. Lisa knew this and accepted it.

I was asked to attend a conference in London on terrorism and I asked Lisa to go with me. We could spend a couple of days lounging in the hotel and sightseeing. Lisa broke the news to me that she has a friend in London named Lyn who she would really like to see. I thought well, at minimum a free tour guide and someone else to drive on the wrong side of the road, so I said okay call her. Next thing I know we are staying a Lyn’s and I am on a train to the conference, not what I wanted but Lisa was excited to get to see her friend and would have something to do while I was at the conference.

We arrived at airport, got through customs and went out to the meeting area. Lisa quickly spotted Lyn and headed straight for her dragging me along. I must admit that I was less than excited about spending time with Lyn than Lisa was but it made Lisa happy. Lisa introduced me to Lyn and we shook hands, hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. Well, Lyn’s picture did not do her justice. She had a tight body, perky breasts and a killer butt. Lyn loaded us up in her car and we took off in her A5.

When we got to her place she opened the garage door and be still my heart she had an Aston Martin, a Porsche 911, besides the A5. I commented on the Aston Martin and Lyn explained it was her Aunts, but it was her 911. We bantered about a bit about which was better but Lyn was not to be convinced that she was wrong about the 911 so I left it alone.

Lyn showed us our room and I excused myself to the bathroom to shower and get to bed for the conference tomorrow. Lisa changed clothes put on a robe and went to talk to Lyn. I got out of the shower dried and slipped in the bed nude; I wanted Lisa that first night in London, a special relaxation before the conference tomorrow. Lisa came in the room saw me laying back on the bed the sheet tented over my cock and she dropped the robe to reveal her naked body. She came over to the bedside and grabbed my cock and stroked it. There was already a stain of precum on the sheet. Lisa lifted the sheet put her head under it and took me in her mouth. The warm wetness felt so good as she ran her tongue over the shaft and fondled my balls. Lisa knows my hot buttons and she was punching them all. I moaned and put my hand on her head as she bobbed up and down. She finally threw the sheet back and straddled my cock sliding it easily in her, her pussy now as wet as her mouth was. I reached up fondled her breasts pinched her nipples and Lisa began riding my cock like it was last time she was ever going to have sex. We were both moaning and fucking with a passion wanting to each other to cum. I could not hold back any longer and grabbed her hips and thrust my hips forward and came in her. Lisa looked me in the eyes and moaned out “Oh Stanley, Stan yes” and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her pussy juices run down my cock. Lisa laid on my chest, both of us trying to catch our breath from the love making session we had just had. We heard a little moaning from the next room and a gasp then silence. Lisa looked at me and we both smiled, maybe we had been a little too vigorous and noisy, but we hoped Lyn had enjoyed herself. Lisa whispered in my ear “Maybe Lyn can join us tomorrow, if you are up for it.” “I am always up for it” I replied and we feel asleep.

I woke up early and Lisa was laying against me. My cock was hard and I was thinking about last night. I rolled Lisa over on her stomach and ran my hand between her legs and a finger into her pussy. It was still moist from my cum the night before and Lisa moaned. I pulled her hips up and brought my cock up to her pussy lips and gently began to push in and out until she was wet enough for me to slide my cock into her fully. Lisa loves it when we do it doggy and I reached around rubbed her clit as I pounded my cock in and out of her. It did not take me long before I came and Lisa took my cock in her hand stroked it as it went flaccid. I had to get up and headed for the shower. Lisa laid in bed playing with her clit, watching me shower, knowing it was driving me nuts.

I got dressed and headed into the kitchen where Lyn had the coffee ready. She took me to the train station. On the way I said “Hope that we were not to loud last night?” Lyn laughed and said “well at least you were quieter this morning”. I know I turned red, smiled and said “Oh”. Lyn dropped me off and I told her I would take a cab home in the evening from the station, but Lyn insisted that she pick me up.

The conference went well and Lyn was at the DLR as promised. We drove back to the house and we made small talk about what she and Lisa did that day. A little shopping but mostly Lisa stayed in bed and tried to get over a case of jet lag. I went into the room to change. Lisa was laying in bed and I leaned over and kissed her on the neck. She rolled over and kissed me back. “Did you have a goodtime today?” Lisa said they had caught up on things and she put her hands around my neck. “We might need to be a little quieter when we make love though.” “Yeah I know, we got busted. Maybe Lyn will want to join us?” Lisa smiled and said “Lets wait and see, she getting married and this Peter guy might not be as open as us.”

We went in for dinner and Lyn had made Bloody Marys. After a couple of them, no food and the jet lag I was feeling the effects. Lisa must of also as she leaned over put her head in my lap. I ran my hand through her hair, I loved it when she snuggled with me. I ran my hand inside of her blouse and over her breasts, pinching the nipples and listening to her begin to moan. Before I knew it Lisa reached up unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out. Lyn walked in and stood there watching Lisa as she took my limp cock in her mouth and began sucking me hard. Lyn stepped closer to me and I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse to. Lyn turned around I reached up unsnapped her bra and let her breasts free. Lisa took her mouth off my cock and sucked on Lyn’s breasts then back to me. I reached over and took one of Lyn’s breasts in my hand and brought it to my mouth. I saw Lyn reach down and down Lisa’s pants into her crotch. Lisa was lost in sucking my cock, I was concentrating on Lyn’s breasts and Lyn was fingering Lisa. Finally, I came in Lisa’s mouth as Lyn brought Lisa to orgasm. Lyn watched Lisa go limp and release my cock. I was still hard and I took Lyn by the waist and brought her over me and sat her down on my cock and I felt it slide right into her. She was tight and wet. Lyn began to ride me but I wanted her doggy so Lisa could watch me fuck her. Lisa loves the doggy position and I knew she would enjoy watching me fuck Lyn in this position to. Lisa got in front of Lyn spread her legs so Lyn could eat her pussy as I rammed my cock in her. I watched Lyn as she ate Lisa and I was pounding my cock in her. Lyn was in heaven from the look on her face, when she came up for air. Finally I felt my orgasm cumming and I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard against me as I came and Lyn moaned, Lisa moaned and I exhaled as my cock slipped out of her and my cum dripped out of her.

We all got up and went to the bedroom where I quickly fell asleep. The next morning I again woke up with a morning erection, but I needed to get going. I went to the shower and suddenly the door opened and Lisa and Lyn got in with me. They were soaping each other and me. Lisa took some soap and ran it down Lyn’s ass, then she took my cock in her hand directed me to run my cock up and down Lyn’s ass. I put my hands on Lyn’s shoulder and pushed her forward a bit, then pushed my cock against her ass hole. Lyn protested a little but by then I had the head of my cock in and then I pushed the rest of my cock in. Lyn’s protests grew quiet and then became rhythmic panting with each thrust of my cock. I pushed forward and pulled Lyn back against me as I came again. Lyn was leaning against the wall as I pulled out and cum leaked out of her ass. Lisa took my cock in her hand and washed it off, then she washed Lyn. I got out of the shower as they finished up.

Lyn took me to the DLR again, this time I leaned over to kiss her with passion before I left and Lyn turned her head rebuffing my advance. I was a little puzzled but maybe she did not want to be public.

When I got back to the DLR that evening I called Lyn and she and Lisa were still sightseeing and would be home shortly. I should take a cab and she told me where I could find an extra key. I decided that we needed to go out tonight to celebrate last night and see if we could do it again. I had thought about last night with Lyn and Lisa and really wanted more of Lyn. She was an energetic lover and she knew how to please a man. At the noon day break I had gone to the men’s room and jerked off thinking about last night and Lyn.

When they got home we went to the pub but I really wanted to head back home and continue last evening’s activities. When we got home, I motioned for Lisa to sit next to me on the couch. I took Lisa’s hand and placed it on my crotch. Lisa looked in my eyes and she unzipped my trousers and put her hand inside. Lisa had talented hands and it was only a few seconds until she had my cock out and in her mouth. I looked across at Lyn and she had her hand down her pants, her head leaned back and her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. I pulled up Lisa into the doggy position again and slide my cock all the way in her. Lyn, stepped over and grabbed my balls and squeezed them as I thrust in and out of Lisa. Finally I knew I was going to cum again and Lyn moaned louder than Lisa as she brought herself off, as filled Lisa with another load of my cum. It was getting where my loads were almost nothing I had cum so many times in the last couple of days. We all laughed and then we decided to go to bed, in our separate rooms. As Lisa lay in bed next to me I whispered to her “Do you mind if I go to Lyn’s room tonight?” Lisa paused then said “I really want you to myself tonight. Make love to me all night long, lover.” I spread Lisa’s legs and ran my hand over her then slipped in a finger feeling her wetness. I climbed on top and slide m cock into her. Lisa smiled put her hands on my ass and pulled me deeper. I knew she wanted me and wanted to please me. All men should blessed with a woman who loves them this much.

I woke up a couple of hours earlier than normal and went to the bathroom. I put on a robe and headed into the kitchen. I saw that Lyn’s bedroom door was open so I stepped over to look in. Lyn was laying in bed asleep so I opened the door stepped in and closed the door. I sat on the edge of the bed and ran my hand over Lyn’s breast. She moaned rolled on her back and opened her eyes. She started to speak but I held my finger up to my lips in silence. I pushed back the sheet and ran my hand over her perfect body. She was almost half my age but I wanted her. Lyn whispered “What about Lisa?” It is okay with her. I stood up and dropped my robe, naked underneath. Lyn reached up and took my cock in her hand and stroked it. It was getting rock hard and I laid on the bed next to her. I ran my hand in between her legs and found her clit. I rubbed it then I leaned down and put my mouth over it and sucked it. Lyn moved her hips and stifled her moans as I took it in my mouth and flicked my tongue over it again and again. She brought her legs up and locked them around my head and pushed me down harder with her hands. She tasted so sweet, almost virginal. My face was covered in her pussy juices as she finally came to orgasm and released my head. I looked up and she was smiling at me. She spread her legs as I came back up the bed and put my cock in her. She was running her hands over my body as I thrust in and out. Finally, I came and Lyn and I lay in each others arms. “Stanley, this can’t happen again. Lisa is my friend and I am getting married.” Lyn whispered. I got up and went back to my room and showered. Lisa was still asleep as I went into the kitchen. Lyn was making coffee and she looked embarrassed as if we had done something wrong. I put my hands on her shoulders kissed her neck and she pulled away from me. “No Stanley we can’t.” she said. “Okay” I replied. I went to the DLR and went to the conference.

Lisa called me at the break and asked me if we could have dinner tonight with Lyn’s fiancé and his father Sir Peter. I knew that name from the conference and decided that maybe it would be advantageous so I said yes.

When I got home I changed into my Dinner clothes and we piled in Lyn’s car and took off for the restaurant. I was impressed, Gordon Ramsey’s newest place and it was impossible to get reservations. I know I even had the CIA try with no luck. About half way through dinner, Chef Ramsey comes out of the kitchen and greets Sir Peter and the rest of us. Well, Lisa was beside herself, she never missed Kitchen Nightmares, or the F word on television. She had even heard he wore size 15 shoes so she speculated about his other over sized features to. Pictures were taken and Lisa was in heaven. I love it when she gets this excited about something. It reminds me of how much she really is like a big kid and how much I love having her in my life. After Chef Ramsey left Sir Peter and I got down to business talking about world economic issues. I know Lisa and Lyn were bored but I really enjoyed talking to Sir Peter and his son. His son was a bright man who had a firm grasp on the issues, he was going to be a valuable contact in a few years.

We got back Lyn’s and Lisa and I excused ourselves being tired. In the morning I woke up with another erection and Lisa was spooned against me. I reached down to adjust myself and Lisa turned around to me and kissed me. Her hand wandered down my chest, stomach and onto my cock. She leaned down took it in her mouth and began to give me a blow job. Her sweet mouth worked my cock up and down and over my balls until I could not take it any longer and filled her mouth with my cum. She looked up at me swallowed it all. “Good God Lisa I love you with all my heart.” was all I could say. She said she loved me to as I got out of bed and headed for the shower. I had the day off from the conference and Lisa and Lyn had a full day planned for us. I would just as soon of stayed at Lyn’s making love to Lisa and Lyn all day.

We got back to Lyn’s and Lisa was as horny as ever and after the way she was looking at Lyn all afternoon I was beginning to wonder if I was not the third wheel in this relationship. Lyn got a call from Peter and he was not going to be able to join us tonight. After we got back Lisa and I sat on the couch and Lisa was letting her hands wander all over my body and over my crotch. I looked at Lyn and said “The other night was only in your dreams.” Lyn giggled and turned a little red. I realized then Lyn had a naughty side, not everyone knew about, especially not Peter. Lisa then reached down unzipped my trousers and pulled on my cock, slipping it into her mouth. I looked up at Lyn and she looked at me and said “No penetration this time. none!” She leaned down as Lisa got up and she took my cock in her mouth. I pulled Lyn around so I could 69 with her. Lisa watched and ran her hands over Lyn’s body. Finally, I could not hold back any longer and I came in Lyn’s mouth and she shuddered as she orgasmed under my tongue. I fell back on the couch as Lyn got up and Lisa took her place on my cock. I was all fucked out but Lisa was determined to bring my erection back. After a few minutes I was fucking Lisa and Lyn was running her hands over Lisa’s perfect body. Lisa orgasmed and so did I. I collapsed as Lisa and Lyn fell together next to me. Lisa and Lyn both were fondling my lifeless cock. We finally got up headed for our rooms and went to bed.

I got up after a couple of hours and headed back to Lyn’s room. The door was open and I went in closing I after me. Lyn was laying in the bed naked. I sat on the edge and ran my hands between her legs and up her pussy. She opened her eyes and looked at me sitting there and said “no not tonight, not ever again.” I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock and Lyn squeezed it but she again said “No, no more.” I stood up ran my hand over my cock and stroked it then brought it up towards her mouth. “Can’t you help a guy out here?” Lyn sat up and pulled the sheets around her. “No get out.” I stood up and left back to Lisa.

We got up and packed and Lyn took us back to the Airport. Lisa and Lyn hugged and kissed and I leaned over to kiss Lyn goodbye. She gave me the cheek and a cold shoulder. Lisa was excited about the visit with her friend and I was to but Lyn had changed in the short stay we had. She was falling in love with Peter and knew that the fling she had with Lisa and I was not what she wanted. Lisa and Lyn still email and talk on the phone but my emails are never answered.


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