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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-03-14 10:50:55
Author Lynridskinrid
Title The second year of College Ends Part 3 The cottage
Category had a voyeur experience
Where it happend home
Age then 20
Age now 25
Viewed 40
Story Length 2020

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The second year of College Ends Part 3 The cottage


The second year of College Ends Part 3 The cottage
On the Monday after a great weekend I drove the new car towards the Sussex bungalow where Fathers Friend peter had a home office . I had sorted and catalogued his files the previous year , and was to put the data on to a hard drive at his place . Some of the stuff was fairly confidential so it wasn’t the sort of job that you could put out to a temp .
It was about half an hour’s drive in the early day , just after the rush hour when all the coast crams the A3 road to London in a mass immigration that puts the people behind their desks before nine AM . I was enjoying the smoother ride in the new car and was soon in the drive of a large bungalow across the Sussex downs towards Lancing .

I was greeted at the door by a familiar face , The girl I accused daddy a year ago of having an affair with answered the door , she was wearing a cabin crew uniform of a major flag carrier . hi Lynne , I have just got home she said , Mummy will be here in a minute , take a seat , would you like a coffee , she said . I accepted and she expertly poured and served a delicious cup , I must get changed she said , and disappeared . The matronly figure of Myra , Sir Peters frightening PA appeared . Oh Hello Lynne , she said has Angela seen you she said . Oh yes thank you , I replied , assuming that the mystery girl was Angela , she is just getting changed . Yes said Myra , she flew in from Australia and only just got home . She is my Daughter , she said . My mind did a replay , daddy had said Peter’s daughter , well this was a surprise , the formidable Myra and Sir Peter had been if not still were long term lovers . I knew he had a wife , from whom I assumed he was estranged , but wasn’t in possession of the facts , so was jumping to lots of conclusions .

Myra showed me into a beautifully furnished office , all custom built of a dark yew wood with a white all wool Wilton carpet and a desk that looked like it belonged in large government office . there was a low lying sofa and coffee table with matching arm chairs and glass door book cases full of a huge library of vellum bound red leathered books with gold embossed lettering .
A flap on the huge partner desk opened to show a screen and keyboard . This was the workstation to die for , it was the ultimate . I was to scan and type in records into three sections , there were Family records , there were private records for Sir Peter and some business records . I was to sort out the three databases . Angela reappeared , Oh I see you have met mummy she said . I smiled , Angela commented that she seems a bit frightening at first but the first twenty years are the worst , she mellows after that . Myra gave her a glare which could strip paint .
I saw the files in the new cabinets , but much as I sorted them last year , I got stuck in and worked up until about one o’clock . Myra had vanished towards the London Office where Sir Peter spent most of his time . Angela , popped her head through the heavy wooden panelled door , fancy some lunch she said . I accepted her offer and she had two places set in the kitchen with a fresh pasta and salad . it was delicious , and homemade , see we aren’t just food warmers she laughed . It is lovely I said . She was a nice person to chat with and had an interesting life jetting off all over the world . We even laughed about my chance meeting last year . She did say , that my father had arranged some building work as a surprise for her mother . She also said that her mother had asked for me as she was sure with personal papers that I was sure to be the soul of discretion . I did overhear that your father told you about who I was , last year , we do keep that discrete for some very private reasons , she looked embarrassed to be having this chat , but I said , oh I never take notice of anything daddy says and would have forgotten anything he said within seconds . She relaxed ,but I think she knew it was a lie .
I got back to work and ploughed through reams of data in the day , finishing about seven . Angela came in and I said that I was getting paid by the job so the more I did the quicker I got paid . She laughed and gave me a key to get into the office from the small side door which led into a tiny hallway and cloakroom .
There was coffee making equipment and all the things I would need in the office , so I bid her goodnight . I noticed the pale , rather scary grey eyes so icy in her mother had crossed the genetic barriers into Angela . There was a stare that could freeze the oceans lying under that pallid iris . I left by the side door and waved as I slipped into the cream leather of my new toy . I was looking forward to the quieter road to stretch its limits just a little . I turned the key and ventured out on to the roadway .
I was there early the next day and as Angela appeared I had already done two hours work and the coffee was sat in the warm pot , now about half way down . I was scanning like fury and tagging and filing the documents . Hey , said Angela what time did you get here . Just after seven I said , I want to go for a twelve hour day , as I want a couple of weeks chill out holiday at the end . She was going to Heathrow later and was off to Barbados , where she would spend a couple of days before flying back . Had breakfast ? she asked . I skipped breakfast most days , and had enough people on my case about eating habits , I smiled , she said Toast ? , I smiled again and she disappeared , returning ten minutes later with hot buttered toast spread thickly with homemade jam , It just tasted home made . mother is quite the cook , she said and they , weekend here . He gets allowed a few days off by the lady wife , she is only a total bitch for half a week . I thought this arrangement was a complex one . they are together , because she will sue the pants off him in a divorce court and he doesn’t want his life dragged out in open court , so they compromise . What difficulties hatred can lead to , the sour anguish of rejection festers until the aim becomes destruction of the other party . The toast was delicious and the fresh coffee a treat .
I have a friend coming this morning she said , but After he goes , do you fancy a light lunch , she asked . I accepted , this was good , but knowing she was to be away for a few days , I must ensure that I bought something with me tomorrow . I thought best approach , sweet talk mother into a sandwich or two .
I finished up and returned to the task in hand , The computer was a Dell XPS , and had masses of Memory and was connected to a raid hard drive array , as a storage unit , whatever you typed was saved in at least two places . the screen was a Flat screen , a wide one too , The side bar to one side and there were six CCTV mini screens to the left hand side , showing the front door , rear door , Entrance hall , Lounge , conservatory , and driveway .
I punched in data after data , the bases filling quickly making the records fly to hand at the push of a button . It was such a clever idea , scan , convert to pdf , file and have everything top hand again in seconds .
The doorbell rang , and I saw a very debonair looking guy in te screen ,. Looks like a pilot I thought . I got back to my job and punched the keyboard , I saw her standing in the lounge with him and snogging him as though it was her last snog . I thought , wow , that looks steamy . Once you notice something untoward your eye will keep returning to the spot and there she was , on her knees , unzipping his fly . His cock was huge , I had a full view as she leaned him back against the sofa , and pulled the foreskin back exposing a shiny purple head , which she took into her willing lips . She was sucking just the head , and was pulling on it to take only the head into her hot mouth . Each time she pulled it out she was pushing her tongue into his cock slit and teasing him . I shouldn’t be looking I thought and clicked the picture with te mouse to lose it . It had the opposite effect and gave me a hi-definition full screen picture . She now started a sword swallowing act and all the enormous cock slowly slid into her mouth whilst she massaged his balls . This was getting hot . I was wet watching it ,. She pulled the huge one eyed pink python out of her mouth and managed both of his balls into her mouth as she sucked on them . He was rock hard , you could almost see it throbbing . I knew you could zoom , but this was risqué enough for me . She stripped totally and lay back against te sofa back , He was twisting her tits quite forcefully , but he kicked her legs wider and slid into her .
I was remembering Colin , I thought that must hurt !. Colin could when he pushed too hard , and that must be about the same size . contrary to male opinion , big isn’t always best . Making your eyes water and your stomach ache because muscles that are designed to expand widthways are being shoved lengthways , isn’t the thrill that the big guys think it is . Give me girth every time . Think of the diameter of a baby’s head , I have never seen a man that well round yet , but still I am relatively young . Length hurts , take my word for it , and unless a girl likes pain with her pleasure , it doesn’t turn me on .
He was pounding her and from the way she was flopping around she was lost in sexual frenzy , He speeded up and I saw the muscles of his rear clench so hard you could have cracked a walnut in the crevice , There was no sound , but she was moaning well , you could see it . he withdrew and her thighs were running with the sticky residue of their activities . He pulled his trousers up , she was wearing tights , and pulled them up over the results of their activities . he pecked her cheek and headed for the door . I clicked the screen back to normal size , and tried to forget what I had seen .
About half an hour later , she walked in carrying two coffees and chocolate Balsen biscuits . How is it going she asked ,I was stood by the scanner . Okay , I replied , I have been pushing stuff through here for an hour building up a load so I can sit in front of the screen and process them later . That was a boyfriend , she said . I looked up , sorry who ? . I hadn’t blushed , that was good . The man at the door , she replied . Oh ! I heard the bell but knew you was expecting someone . he is married , she said with a hint of sadness in her voice . Must be genetic , she added . Like Mother , Like daughter . We finished the coffee , and she pushed an extra biscuit towards me , you need to put a little weight on she said . I smiled , I dont put weight on , I said . Lucky you the reply as she exited the room .


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