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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-03-11 22:07:01
Author Lynridskinrid
Title Between Michaelmas and Hilary of year two
Category had a voyeur experience
Where it happend home
Age then 20
Age now 25
Viewed 153
Story Length 2873

(11 votes / 95 points)

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Between Michaelmas and Hilary of year two


Between Michaelmas and Hilary of year two

I was packing the Ford Ka to head home for Christmas , I had almost six weeks off , but knew that I had to write several papers for next term in advance and I had quite a few books and passages to read , so it was not going to be six weeks of fun .

I was in grey leggings and a short denim skirt , with a thick knitted top , when Guy one of the other students decided to go all Italian and pat my rear , as I was leaning over the boot arranging my clothes and bags . I turned around and slapped his face . Hey !, he said what was that for ? . Don’t touch what isn’t yours , I said . Well you haven’t got a bad looking rear , Skinner , he said . I suppose I get funny over compliments , I tend to think most are false , and a introduction to the age old process of trying to get into one’s knickers .

I was only admiring the view , he said . Well don’t , it isn’t there to admire , it is there for me to sit on !, I replied . What a stupid statement , I thought . He laughed , and I must admit the stupidity of the statement made me laugh to . Want a coffee before you vanish back to the ancestral pile , he asked . I saw no harm so accepted , his offer . It was an ice breaker to the situation , that would have otherwise become a stand off . I walked up to his room , Remembering to put the Ka Keys and phone in the huge Burberry Mega Check canvas tote bag , which I slung over my shoulder . I had never been in Guy’s room before , and was surprised how sparse it was . The rooms weren’t brilliant but most of us brightened them up a little . Guy had no posters , no family photographs , and very little of the day to day clutter that we seem to assemble about us throughout our lives . The room felt cold because of this .

You are the first girl I have ever invited up for a coffee , Skinny , he said . I glared and told him that I preferred Lynne ! as a name . Having suffered taunts throughout school . He apologised and corrected the error of his ways . The coffee was nice , instant , but one of the drinkable ones . I realised that Guy had very few friends , and was always a bit of a loner . I thought that his gentle approach to my rear was an attempt at communication , that had been unceremoniously squashed by me .

Build Bridges , I thought . Guy ! , I just dont like to be touched I said . I am sorry , he apologised . No It is lovely that you invited me in for a coffee , but .... . He interrupted , I am really sorry Lynne , I just am not that great on social skills , he said sadly . If you had my siblings you would find social skills hard , I said in trying to diffuse the situation , now of my making . No ! Lynne you are right , I will apologise , and can we start again . Apologies , read ! , I said , and he smiled .

Guy was a student from a children’s home . he was thrown in there as a baby b a mother who subsequently turned out to be a serial drunk , he had traced her at eighteen and she didn’t want o know him . He had found her quite quickly , she was still at the same flat that she had conceived him and delivered him in . It was a squalid hovel . When he had introduced himself she told him she had nothing for him so he could Fuck Off !! . What about my father he asked , How the Fuck do you expect me to know who he was , she asked , so Guy had been cut off from any ancestry at all . He had worked hard through school and six form college , and got a scholarship to get here .
He was staying in the rooms over Christmas . Guy’s existence had been Children’s homes , and the story wasn’t a pretty one . He had been buggered from ten onwards by the people charged with caring for him . He cited vengeance for his work ethic , he was training in law as a solicitor , here getting a good law degree . He had reported the abusers , but the local police had ignored his pleas for help , questioned the abusive carers , and he got battered for his trouble . He wanted to be a solicitor so he could prosecute his own case , and see justice .

Wow , I just wanted a good job and money , this guy had a life’s mission . Once he had sorted out his own past , he was to go on to protect the innocent and human rights . He as an aside from this story actually made his dreams come true . I read in the paper’s a few months ago that he had won his case and the perpetrators were languishing at her Majesty’s Prison , sectioned off into te wing of a prison where sexual offenders are corralled to protect them from the upright citizens in te rest of te jail , who think that sexual abusers are a good target for boiling kettles of water and hot fat from the fryers . Good for Guy , he will never be the Jaguar driving , two homes lawyer that many of his counterparts aspire to , he will be a bicycle and a council flat , but he does a great job , for pro bono and legal aid cases . I sent him a card when he won his case , wrapped around a bottle of Krug . I got a reply thanking me for remembering him and his story , and a sweet note saying I am not used to expensive drink like this , there is a metal plate at the top where do I put the corkscrew ? .
I made an excuse and used the toilet , and Lugging the tote , rescued the phone . Mummy , I want to bring a friend home for Christmas , I said . I did a brief explain that in his nineteen years this man had never seen a family Christmas , the Church ,presents , Decorations , the central trappings of the season . Oh ! Darling he can stop in the Annex she said . I returned to the room . Okay Guy , Pack ! you are not stopping here alone for Christmas , you are going to join my dysfunctional family for the season , so pack quickly and lets go . He objected , I felt that all those with good things in the world needed to stop and share sometimes and this was that time .

As we headed South East towards the metropolis of Basingstoke and its complex roundabout system that is there solely to cause a dizziness and nausea to drivers , he unrolled more of his story . I was realizing that we had a charmed life , and this man was lucky to have survived , and his driver whether healthy or not had taken him from the realms of obscurity to a place at one of the best universities in te world , purely on hard work and an effort beyond my comprehension . He had worked at two part time jobs to get him through college and fund ,some of his studies , He studied at night , quite late and had a Saturday and a Sunday job to finance a few luxuries .

I had never imagined that a world existed like his , the Children’s home version of Christmas , gave them the Turkey and the Tinsel and a small present , but was devoid of love . My aged parents can drive me to distraction , but they are always there and abound with love . To have none was a concept that I had never thought about .

We pulled up at the services to top the Ka’s tank up . He was worrying about not having presents . I told him to share with us and be happy was present enough . I am not sure that he totally believed me , but by the journey home he would .

We pulled onto the gravel drive and Mummy came out to hug ,. Guy first and then me . She showed Guy to the granny Annex , which he was absolutely Gobsmacked at . he found the concept that we had a small extension that would house a family as a underused novelty . I am rather glad he didn’t suggest that we house refugees in it but I felt the idea had crossed his mind .

What was good was he gelled really well with the aged , and we managed to keep him amused with our detailed preparations for Christmas . The tree was a huge event and Daddy sent one of his builders to collect one on the small tipper truck that they used . The hallway was our main reception , the entrance hall leading into it and a galleried staircase and landing surrounding the three edges . The fourth side being a huge full height two story of windows . The tree was therefore about fourteen feet tall and mounted in a huge concrete pot for stability . It also had as part of it a good degree of root ball , as mummy in an ecological environmental friendly moment loved to save the tree and we had about twenty of them in various heights at the bottom of te p[paddock .

He had been with us about a week when I had to move into the Annex main bedroom , he had started in te guest room there . I thought about giving a try anything and you will die warning , but reflecting decided he was safe . I was laying in bed on the Saturday my first day in the annex when the front door opened , and a familiar voice shouted , stay still I am coming to shag you . Shit it was Jenny ! . I leapt out of bed to be greeted with Jenny , speechless looking at a bare chested Guy wearing just jeans . Oh Shit and double shit , she was saying , I , I ..... meant , no she thought about it , It was just a joke , we are old friends , Lynne and I , Lynne ! . Hi jenny I said .

I didn’t know that you were ... ,she stammered . No we aren’t , I barked . We are friends , I looked at guy who was tearful . I walked over , not sure what I had said , being a major suffer of putting my foot in my mouth . What is it Guy , I asked . You are the first person n my whole life who has ever called me friend and meant it , he said . Shit , I was now tearful to . jenny was still stammering apologies , as I pulled on jeans over panties and a fresh top . I caught Guy sneaking a glance at me , trying to appear nonchalant . Dirty bastard , I thought , but my undies are less revealing than my swimwear is , so I wasn’t much bothered .
I explained to jenny that Guy was spending Christmas with us as a family . I didn’t think that too much detail was important at this time . jenny asked though , Where are your Family Guy / and before I could shut her up , he told her he had been bought up in a children’s home and had no real family . Stop being nosey Jenny , I scolded her . I have heard of children’s homes , lots of the girls are always having sex , she announced . No said Guy in my case the warden had sex with me from twelve years old . Jenny!!! I was angry . Guy stopped me . No Lynne I have overcome it and an on a mission to fulfil my life , and to fight back those that sought to oppress me . With an Oxford law degree , and a good one , I will be able to choose my paths . He was self assured ,and dedicated .

Jenny was a very red faced girl by now . I am sorry , guy she said in a little girl , forgive me voice . We walked into the village , and jenny vanished into the small local cafe , and ordered Coffees and muffins . I am sorry Guy , she apologised . jenny , I used to hide , now I am on a road to victory . I thought about writing to the bastards who assaulted me , but I want to see their faces , when I stand in court , assisting a barrister in their downfall , as a prosecuting solicitor .
Jenny is really a nosey bitch , and spent the whole afternoon talking about Children’s homes and Council Care , and as far as I could tell Guy was enjoying enlightening her . Anyhow the conversation got back to girlfriends . No ! I heard Guy say , I have never had a girlfriend . I cannot fail , I have to put the effort in , I cannot be distracted . But outside of term time my little lesbian past of a friend continued , no girls then ? . Jenny let up , I commanded . guy assured me that dealing with Jenny was a way to understand difficult clients . jenny wouldn’t let up though , she kept turning the questions about . He gathered what she was asking , in the end , and replied . jenny , if you must know , Not that it is any of your or anyone else’s business , I am a virgin and have never even kissed a girl . nor even a maiden aunt on te cheek , does that satisfy you Jenny , He said , in quite a masterful , solicitor in court mode .

We were sat at the breakfast bar in the Granny annex , and were three hours away from dining with the aged time . I’ll make a coffee , I said , before she thinks she is Inspector Wexford, or Kojack , and continues her investigations . they both laughed . Jenny was nearly at the point where she knew his shoe size and preferences for sock colour . because you were abuse do you ever think gay thoughts . She was in sociologist mode , and irritating . No have you ever had a cock rammed into your rear , guy asked , It hurts . Jenny , was on the defensive , not if it is lubed , she said , it doesn’t hurt as much . They had done a double embarrassed score there . Both sat red faced . Jenny , If you ask one more question about Guys sex life , I will personally strangle you with your own tits . I resumed the coffees .

Guy was bursting with laughter , and Jenny was bare fronted attempting to reach her neck with te very nice breasts she had on open show . Told you they won’t reach far enough to strangle , and hers , well they just won’t reach . jenny , my yellow card warning was issued . Would you like to feel them Guy , she asked ,. He had his eyes locked on her nipples harder than a Air force Pilot aiming at a hostile missile . He was speechless , but his hands were moving forwards , touching her ,. She was loving every moment and as he fondled her , guided with her own hands kneading at her chest and twiddling her nipples , she was soaking every moment of his virginity , and her jeans and panties slid from her leaving her slip on shoes at the bottom of the clothes pile .
She steered his fingers into her , and he took every change that she gave . Do you two have too, I asked . Guy was starting to apologise , But jenny put a finger to his lips , we will get to the bedroom soon , I just want o show her highness I sipped my coffee , and she slipped to the floor , Guy still sat now bare assed on the kitchen stool , but with his cock sucked deeply into Jenny’s cheeks . She slid her lips over him taking all of his quite large cock into her ample mouth . I was watching a porno live show here , and I glared at her . she stood and led him into the bedroom , laid him on the bed and like a cowgirl at a rodeo rode him until he filled her with his first ejaculation of his lost cherry , She grabbed him and they showered for what must have taken a second sexual act , thankfully out of sight . They returned to the kitchen breakfast bar after about an hour of absence . My coffee is cold Lynne any chance of another . He was about to speak . Guy if this is an apology , I will let her loose on you again . It was going to be , but with that thought it is going to be . , he said smiling . they had a fairly full relationship over Christmas , which as we saw the sun setting over Oxford on our return Journey , he turned to me and said , thank you for the best Christmas ever , and Jenny , well ! . I laughed , she is a randy cow , I said , realising that he had robbed me of my Christmas sex , albeit with te girl next door .

Guy , well he is still a great friend , and has walked the walk he promised himself . EH is a pro Bono lawyer , with an old Ford Mondeo , but he sleeps well each night with a clear conscience , now newly married to a fantastic red haired Scottish Lassie , who is a Pro Bono lawyer as well , whilst they practice there will be no underdog put down without a fight .




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