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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-02-21 18:04:26
Author Roboclop
Title A night on the beach
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend on a cliff top
Age then 22
Age now 60
Viewed 254
Story Length 1628

(14 votes / 104 points)

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A night on the beach


About ten years ago my husband Peter and I were on a camping trip , and sat watching a beautiful sunset , from a cliff top overlooking the sea . We were chatting away when Peter said what are your sexual fantasies . I thought for a few minutes and said I would like to make love to another man whilst he watched . he seemed a little taken aback at this at first . And after a moment’s thought he smiled and said he would like that too .

This thought suddenly made me feel incredibly sexy because I dreamed of enjoying several men with their hard cocks too , I was sat quietly in the red sunset light thinking of being surrounded by men with hard cocks , all ready , with me sucking and the men taking me in both holes . I could feel myself getting wetter as I expanded on my thoughts . When I asked what his fantasy was he said he imagined us with another woman further heat up our sex life, he took me in his arms and the I saw the bulge in his pants . I took this as a massive gesture of his approval. I was very happy because at last it was clear that I mean we both liked the others thoughts . I had had experience with a woman before and was strongly bi sexual , although I had never been with another woman since we were together , the thoughts of another female joining us in bed was a great idea to me I was looking forward to finally, once again caressing a woman to drink her juices as she licked me to orgasm

Peter was always horny in the meantime, his tongue ran wildly around in my mouth and I felt like my nipples are horny as they straightened up and rubbed on my bikini top. Suddenly a large shadow fell on us! When we looked up, we realized Dave an old college friend was stood there next to us . Dave was holidaying in the same resort and had spotted us from the distant car park , after seeing my little Toyota MR2 . He stood smiling . I was conscious of my hard nipples and wet pussy , as well as the obvious erection that Peter had pushing the front of his swimming trunks outward .
Dave looked at Peters trunks . Was I disturbing something he said . Despite my earlier fantasy I was a little embarrassed , at our state of excitement . Still got a good erection then he said to Peter . Peter blushed .

Then Peter said to him: "Hey Dave what a way to introduce yourself , by admiring my hard cock Sit down with us." We made room our blanket and Dave sat down with us. "How do you know Peter's Hard Cock , ?" I asked Dave , laughing . As Peter told me already that they had great friendship as teenagers , and had often looked at each other’s cocks . I knew that as young teenagers they had also masturbated each other often fully , seeing who could make the other cum first .

As Dave said to my husband that he could always repeat the old games . What - was Dave also bi . I knew my husband had been before our marriage , but that was behind us . I laughed it off , I couldn’t Imagine that Dave was still bi . he was a handsome junior doctor , ? This cannot be true! Dave, the doctor, ever brave, handsome, and his Cock was the highlight of my secret dreams -! My lust was immeasurable.
I laughed and said half jokingly , “ oh I could get in the middle and enjoy both of you . as you are such good friends “. Peter looked shocked at first ,but turned to me smiled and nodded . . He was looking directly at the embarrassment of my panties wet spot, and the his stiff cock in was throbbing against the material of his swimwear.
"I am up for it ," said Dave "we have all known each other a long time and I know that you are Aids free," (We all work in the same hospital and we were often tested to check for Hepatitis and Aids), I see no problems. But at first you probably need a huge relaxation, he said to his piercing blue eyes melting my resistance to what after all had just been a fantasy a few moments before . I looked at Peter and could see he approved . " Oh yes, I moaned softly and already I was in Dave’s strong firm arms. My fingers groped for his cock, which had now blossomed to full size!
"Hey, but not here," whispered Peter to both of us . What should we do, We could not possible go all the way back to the car park , it was even more public than this cliff top . If boys had run I am sure they would have cum straight away as they were so hard . We walked down the cliff path into the small canoe , and paddled to a small but close offshore island . The island was deserted and we pulled the boat safely up the small beach , and disappeared behind the low rocks at the back of the beach .

On the way I pulled my bikini off completely, and sat down so that I could hang my legs over the two edges of the kayak into the water as we paddled across . Now, my pussy was completely open in front of my two men. Dave could not help it, took off his bathing suit, leaned forward and kissed me in a hot and passionate way !. Peter now took off his swimming trunks, and then threw them in the boat with my bikini . Finally, finally, we were undisturbed. Naked and horny, we lay on the warm sand . Peter embraced me from behind and squeezed my breasts and Dave kissed me passionately again. Behind me, Peter pushed his dick in my ass cheeks Peters dick nudging my tightest hole and to the front of me was the hard throbbing cock of Dave wet with pre cum as it rubbed against my pussy.

Finally my dreams came true. Dave pushed in to me with two fingers deep into my pussy and immediately found my G - spot. Only a little rubbing was enough, and I screamed out a mad orgasm came out of me. An orgasm shook me bodily like a lunatic in a spasm . I could feel my pussy juice flows out of me. Warm juices ran it into the hands of Dave. Peter pushed hard and entered my rear causing me to squeal as the slight burst of pain faded and passion took over . I felt Peter speed up and I felt his strong hard penis pulse inside me spraying my insides with his hat sperm .
Peter and lay down beside me and caressed me tenderly, until I had completely recovered. "Let us go further ," I said. I now wanted to see your cocks, feel, and drink your juice. Dave lay on his back, and I knelt over him so that he and I could lick my pussy whilst I took his cock. Peter knelt behind me and fucked me from behind in my arse for the second time . Well I first saw the huge cock that Dave sported , It was very fat , but not all that long. I slowly pulled back his foreskin, and enjoyed the beautiful sight of his glans. He was horny and when I stroked his balls with my fingers, I noticed that he was going to cum immediately. That was right, because Peter `s dick in my tight arse was about to cum, I already had felt the coming orgasm starting to build in Peter’s dick . Moreover I was having my pussy licked wildly by Dave . My body was feeling fantastic with all this attention from the two men .
.Dave’s tongue played around circling and stabbing at my clit. Peters thrusts into my rear were uneven. I knew and heard his groans, and sensed that his balls were ready to burst . "Let us all cum together ," I cried, and shoved fat rock hard cock that was Dave’s deep into my throat . With my right hand, I pressed on his scrotum and then pumped his semen with my mouth and my hands pumping upwards. I felt that I came, I heard loud orgasm scream coming from my mouth , and Dave and Peter winced loudly . My mouth went down all the way on Dave’s cock for the third or fourth time until his cock exploded filling my mouth with streams of hot spunk .

It was wonderful - I had an orgasm, a spurting cock in my mouth and Peter’s Cum pumping into my tight arse hole . Peters orgasm was huge as I felt it running from my gaping hole and still I gulped at the slowly dwindling stream of semen from Dave’s own eruption . He licks me even more and more. I felt like he sipped greedily as Peter’s seed ran between my cheeks and over my pussy into his mouth.
Peter knelt down beside me - and I still had a surprise for him. I had not swallowed all the semen from Dave’s. My mouth was still full! When Peter kissed me, I had this mouthful sperm which we shared as our tongues twisted together . He kissed me even wilder and now also eagerly swallowed the thick of love juice , warm from Dave’s hot balls Now I let myself fall to the side. Dave is now knelt beside me, he kissed me and gave me a drink of Peter’s seeds, which he had collected as it ran from me
We lay there for what seemed like hours , bathing in the warm sea , and eventually rowing back to shore .


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