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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-02-18 18:54:11
Author Roboclop
Title My First Trip To Africa
Category paid for sex or got paid to have sex
Where it happend Angola
Age then 22
Age now 60
Gender MALE
Viewed 123
Story Length 1541

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My First Trip To Africa


I caught the train from South Shields , and transferred to a London Bound train at Newcastle , with te intention of never returning to the grimy back streets again . the rows of terraced houses with the rear gates facing each other across a narrow cobbled lane , and te front door leading out onto the pavements . The houses lit by coal fires gave a sulphurous odour to the early morning mist , and even on a bright summers morning the journey to college became a trudge . I would miss Kitty and Kate though , I had become very fond of them , and as time proved we corresponded regularly on the old fashioned Airmail letter sheet, that thin Blue foolscap that folded into a single letter , to save the weight of envelope and letter .

The train windows were dirty and as we thundered through the industrial heartlands of the south Riding , through Doncaster and Sheffield the belching throbbing mills , cursed by locals and workers alike , until the day they died , killed by unions , global economics , and the modernisation plans that did not go beyond nineteen fifty five . I would soon be aboard a black hulled Cargo Liner , on the deepest oceans where the clear fresh air smelt of salt and iodine . To watch dolphins playing in the fifteen knot wake from the old vertical bow as it cut through the sea. To go on an aft deck in the evening with a lantern and watch Flying Fish land on the deck , as they jumped to the light , more knocking themselves out as they hit a lower barrier , colliding with the black painted hull , reminiscent of the Tarred wood of the ancient sailing ships , plying this trade for the last three hundred years .

We soon entered the historical relic of Kings Cross station , and a ride in the old London Austin FX3 taxi , with a drivers division and no front passenger door where the luggage sat , exposed to the dirt and grime of London’s streets . The engine a pre war design of cast Iron , designed to last forever thumped away as the meter ticked up a week’s wages for the journey .

Once aboard and my gear stowed in the Junior Engineers cabin , Uniforms hung , boiler suits clean my journey over the ship began , I familiarised every nook cranny and escape hatch , if it caught fire I wanted to know the way out . I walked to the Chief Stewards Office , a sulky Yorkshire man destined for a future as a manager of a New York Hotel , just off Central Park , he had mapped out his life , then one morning Uncle Sam , sent him an invite , to join the Army and fight for his adopted country . In those days that invitation was a free ticket to Vietnam . All of a sudden this wonderful country that he had abandoned to further his career , and better his life by leaving was seven hours away on the old British Overseas Airways VC10 , that he ran to before the American Army noticed he had gone . This left him with a huge chip on his shoulders and a distaste for his fellow man , especially the East Pakistanis ( Bangladeshis ) that worked for him . I signed the ships articles and prepared for sea .

We sailed from London and turned through Dover’s Straights and circled Spain as we headed to Las Palmas , for Fuel , Cheap Booze , cameras , binoculars , and behind a large imposing Green Door , just off the town Square young Spanish women who would for very little money relieve the pressure in your scrotum . We started to take the seven hundred tonnes of fuel that would get us back here after exploring Africa , and took an off duty walk ashore .

I opened the green door and there was a queue of seamen from all of Europe , waiting to enjoy the girls , with six girls working there were still over a dozen men here . I looked , like a Hogarth Painting there was a progression of humankind in downfall here . Several were sporting pitted faces , and a few looked as though their ships rationed soap and water , so I excused myself and fled . A large Bacardi , diluted with a very small splash of Coke , the glass padded with enough ice to scare Captain Smith of the Titanic into action . I ambled back on board , new Seiko watch , and two Bottles of the Lighter Fuel that was labelled Bacardi I passed my chance for erectile relief . Our next port was Dakar , and we were only there for less than half a day , so I was ready for action in Lobito in Angola , then a Portuguese territory . This was at the Trans African Railways Western Head . The end of the dock had a small cafe bar , there was a scattering of Seafarers , but the bar was bustling with Portuguese paratroops ,mainly Azorean . These guys had latched on to the bar’s whores , imported from Lisbon , and like all prized imports attracting a high price . They were getting several weeks wages to pleasure the soldiers , and I wasn’t in that league , of paying prices beyond my means . I would have to resort to that age old disease free technique and take myself in hand . The free ships issue industrial strength rubbers in my pocket would lay there until another opportunity . I downed the cold Beer ,and left the bar . With Alfie the fourth engineer .
AS we left , a Taxi driver asked , You want Girls ? . Yes we want girls . How much . he wanted a few pounds to take us , wait and return and the girls were very cheap . We made sure he knew . he would get paid when we return , and not before . The thought of abandonment in an African Village with no phone , and sleeping with a local girl was not a pleasant thought .
We arrived at the village and got out of the yellow Mercedes , The driver laid across the front bench seat for a sleep , whilst he waited . We were surrounded by local boys , they were chanting in Portuguese , abut on realising our heritage , changed to those , immortal words of English , You want to Fuck my sister Johnny .
We see the sister firs I said , and there was a flurry of bodies , and from nowhere about twelve girls stood in line . Now I am no expert in female development , especially across races but these were very young . These girls no tits I said , too young . Several of the girls understood and lifted their tops , to be followed by all the rest . Half the girls had a puffiness to their tiny but erect nipples no darker than their chests , and we dismissed those straight away . The rest had breasts ranging from half a lemon to half a grapefruit . I asked again , Bigger , and one boy disappeared , and returned with his sister , or someone else’s sister , he lifted her top , and offered her breasts to me to feel . She was still young but possibly fifteen , I took her by the hand and she led me to a large hut , she put a wooden bar against the door and slipped out of all the rest of her clothes , which consisted of a long colourful cloth . She stood totally naked and led me to a small single bed . She laid down and silently parted her legs , Her face , told it all , She was saying , without a word , Fuck me pay me and let’s get it over . I started to mount her , but this felt wrong . How old are you I asked , she pulled a face , she hadn’t got a clue what I wanted . Quantos anos você tem , I asked struggling in Portuguese . She understood , but I couldn’t grasp her answer . . She was saying Treze , which I took as thirteen , I was twenty two this wasn’t right . No I said , you too young for this . She understood and burst into tears . I gave her the agreed fee. And her face lit up . I l went to pull my trousers up , as I had contemplated sex , but as I did , she pounced on my cock and sucked for all she was worth . It didn’t take long to spurt into her eager mouth , but I thought that for the first time I had ejaculated without orgasm . She opened her mouth to show me she had captured what I had delivered to her . And swallowed with a smile . I had the taxi money safe , and a few escudos for a few more beers . I gave her half my beer money , which quadrupled her fee , and dressed, as I left the hut and got back into the taxi ,I felt cheap and not very nice . Had the search for a fuck stooped this low . Alfie , well he had two of te girls , and regaled the story all te way back to te bar . the Taxi driver said that income keeps those people from starvation . but it still did not make me feel any better . My Whoring for this trip was over , The mistake filed , the deed done .

I see the television pictures still forty years later of that abject poverty and think of that girl , with too much pride to take my money , without providing a service



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