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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-02-10 17:32:09
Author Lynridskinrid
Title No more Reunions Please !!!
Category had a voyeur experience
Where it happend at home
Age then 24
Age now 25
Viewed 217
Story Length 2855

(10 votes / 67 points)

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No more Reunions Please !!!


We had a reunion for the last two year s in May for our little group , I ended up each time with Malmuira , a Scottish friend , who lived her life in Scotland , worked in Scotland , but as I remind her from time to time , by passed the famous St Andrews University to get educated in England . She did go home at the end though . The first year was a night to never forget , no matter how much I tried . Malmuira was attacked by a total loser , who thought he was Mr Wonderful Gift to Womankind . The annoying thing about that was the attitude of the Metropolitan Police , who didn’t seem bothered until we got a Lawyer involved , .

We , Malmuira especially got an apology , and the “Nitromors Fairy “ re-sprayed the BMW as retribution .I would have loved to have lifted it crushed it and returned him the cube of scrap steel , but I feel that about a lot of BMW’s . James , who was so full of bull shit that one good enema would have made him vanish , dropped out of society ,and no one ever heard of him again , it seems that the BMW being defrocked of its paint was the start of his downfall .He had huge debts including the car which had every conceivable extra . That got repossessed , in an attempt to save some cash flow the half wit had insured it third party only , so the damage was his to pay . Either money saving or an arrogance that thought as a perfect driver he would never do damage to the precious machine . He sold it at a huge loss and the Citroen Picasso that he replaced it with did not have the same charm level . Neither did he .

The second reunion again at the Goat & Boots and the small club over it was an out and out disaster , Malmuira got totally pissed on Vodka as did quite a few others , and it wasn’t my idea of a night out . I took a call about a month before the next planned one , and because the first two were absolute disasters , with too much drink for anyone’s good , the next one was to be a dinner . If this third attempt was a failure then we would ditch the idea of reunions totally . I was reluctant , but half way through the conversation with Jim the organiser I realised that Malmuira had assumed that she was stopping with me again , so I knew I was snookered as far as this one was concerned . One last chance . The organising committee had booked a Table at the Ashmolean dining room next to the Museum in Oxford . The last orders there are 10:00P.M. so we would be clear by midnight and then would face an hour drive home . Job for the 911 , I thought , it could do with a run . A night of Malmuira was about as welcome as a guy breaking wind in a high rise elevator car . Still the next day would be a working one , so I had to stay off the drink , drive home , park the car , It would be 2 A.M before I hit my pillows .Ideally I wanted to be out the door and on the road by eleven P.M. . The menu was impressive , Quail Eggs , or Cod Croquettes , with either Sea Bass or Roast Suckling Pig to follow , with Tarte Tatin and Crème Fraiche , with the coffee and cheese . The drink was limited to a Martini on Arrival and wine during the meal . These sort of do’s never flowed with drink so It wasn’t going to be too bad . . I could park in St Giles and take the side door to the fourth floor restaurant .

Malmuira had recently got engaged , so she should be on good behaviour . She was keeping the line pure and was engaged to a Scottish Marine Engineer from somewhere north on Inverness , called Dougie McDonald . She rang to arrange too stay with me , and could she stay until te Sunday night and Would it be alright as well as the Thursday , if Dougie joined her on te Friday and Saturday . Mental note , I live too near London and am a convenient but cheap hotel . Yes , yes , and yes , I said in despair , but they would have to be away early on Sunday , I was shooting with Peter my fiancé , his father had a weekend party and we were joining them to rid the world of a few pheasants and lunching at the family homestead . I thought about that and decided that I must clean the guns ready . The guns are twelve bore Purdy Sporter , over -under . Although Purdy they are not the bespoke made to measure variety that cost an eye watering amount , the Sporters are the price of a car , and they are made in Italy at that . One day I would like the handmade version but I think that is a distant dream . It was a great eighteenth Birthday present . The rest of the tribe seem to have a gun aversion , so It was left to me to go and help the old man kill clay saucers on a Saturday morning . I had done that since I was fourteen . I would look at the Clay appear , name it Anna or someone else who had irritated me and pull on the single trigger and watch it disintegrate . It was a therapeutic way to start the weekend .
I would be up and away by eight on the Sunday , and would throw them into the street with or without their kilts . That was no problem , they were always awake early , a brisk walk before breakfast . Oh my God !! I was not cooking porridge I thought . Malmuira was on the phone for ages , filling me in on her news . I was starting to think that all about me were treading the aisle to become a bride . I was under some parental pressure to reveal my plans . I had been going with Peter about a year , off and on , because of our life style . I was warming to Peter at the time . he was changing from the immature twit that I had met a few short years before . He seemed to change with the start of work and he has really turned out a great bloke . I think the drink driving conviction was the turning point , or the watershed in his life . He actually refers to that conviction as his Damascus road moment , and since then he changed from irritating to tolerable to likeable quite quickly . My mother now wants a date for the nuptials , she took me shopping a couple of Saturdays ago , and had the temerity to show me baby clothes in Harrods . I haven’t married him yet and she has me suckling brats at my breasts . I wondered why we were on the fourth floor , but she won’t catch me with that one again .

Malmuira , was full of weddings , would I be a bridesmaid ? she asked , bring Peter . It was a true Highland Kilts and Tartans and Whiskey wedding . She then revealed it was six weeks away . Why the urgency ? I asked . The resultant smile told all , she after years of education forgot rule one cap it or chemically prevent it . She was delighted , so I assume it was planned by her . I quickly phoned Peter and he was free . Are you driving there ? he asked , or shall we fly ? . I knew Peter enough now , WHY ? I asked . I am taking flying lessons , he said . No ! I’ll drive us there , I affirmed . Not the bloody Porsche , he begged . Why not ? , I was insulted , I had lessons on how to drive that , and I was good with it . I have a MSA licence and spent a week at Donnington learning how to drive it , with my own car . Lynne it is uncomfortable on long Journeys ! , he pleaded . Okay the A5 , good enough for sir I asked . We compromised , and te A5 it was . Malmuira was having Tartan bridesmaids skirts and traditional blouses so all I had to do was E-mail sizes , we were all wearing Scott Green Tartan , except the Bride who had a white silk creation with a tartan sash . her parents had stumped up the costs , so all I had to do was measure and send . the dresses were at Selkirk on te Scottish Boarders so I would pass there on the way , with a slight diversion and any adjustments could be made , so we were travelling there on the Thursday . Hotels and everything else were already booked all I had to do was send my credit card number .

She caught the tube and met me at work so we set off at five o’clock towards Oxford , out onto Westway was easy and the A40 was great , The M40 quite clear , so foot down and we were soon in Oxford . I stick almost to the limits due to te amount of Cameras all over the motorway watching every excess of speed .I get really annoyed though when you get behind an aging Ford ( Or Nissan ) doing seventy miles an hour and not a ounce of speed more . The 911 just needs to get through those gaps , and the drivers of ancient ramshackle rust heaps , seem to think because they are ahead of a Porsche that they are beating you in an imaginary race in their otherwise empty heads .

The warm welcome was great and my taste for fizzy water catered for , The martini looked great , and was tempting but off my menu . The food was good and company excellent . I was bored with wedding talk and throughout the meal , I had flowers , hymns , readings , dresses , food , and was awash with a white satin . We left early as hoped and an hour of weddings later the car was cooling its Turbo back in its garage . She took a whiskey as a night cap , but failed to spot that the lead cut decanter was filled with Jameson’s , as she regaled me with tales of Scotch being the finest drink in the world . How this was not a bad dram at all . I never told her that it was Irish not Scottish Whiskey . I love experts falling on their own backsides . I got to work on time Friday , and left her snoring in the spare room .
I was home by five , We were preparing for a couple of jobs for te next week , both UK based . One was a Job for another major accountant , who didn’t have a team like mine . We were getting a reputation and work was coming in for us , we were booked five months into the future , a lot of it covert work , a snap audit , that was surreptitiously looking deeper into te books determining what at some stage had gone wrong .
I came up in eh lift , having caught the train home an walking to the apartment . I opened the door , and over the back of one of the sofas was a totally naked Malmuira , mounted by her paramour . His and her legs were spread , and it was obvious that he was taking her not only from behind , but in her arse . Grief , I hope they don’t stain my leather . I didn’t know where to go and stood silently by the cloakroom door , I opened it slightly and slipped in . Like a moth in the flame I was entranced . They both spread legged , and his balls were slapping against her slit . Her language was disgusting , Fuck My arse deeper , pull my fucking Tits , beat my fucking arse hard , He had his hands under her and was stretching her boobs at a odd angle and pulling on them like a sailor hauling on a rope to moor a ship . She could have written a script for a cheap porno movie . The only time I had ever heard this before was on one of those , what a huge Cock , let me suck your huge cock , put your huge cock in my arse badly produced films . He was on tip toe and he was ramming against her like a stag in the rut . I had done a little lovemaking in my life but this was rough sex . She reached between their legs and grabbed his sac , giving it a clench that would have caused a lesser man to pass out . As the balls were pulled and squeezed , he pounded faster , then he pulled out a huge cock , a ten inch prize specimen . It was the biggest that I had seen , I would not want that in me , I thought , anywhere . As he pulled out , she turned and dropped to her knees ,. I as anyone who has read my stories will know am not an anal fan , and one of my worst nightmares would be having a cock stuck into your bacteria laden rear hole and then putting the same now soiled and spoiled tool into your mouth . I know it is your own bacteria , but I don’t eat shit , not even mine , and I shit flowers . She took it like a music hall sword swallower , taking that pork sword all the way into her throat she slid it in and out like a professional . I wish I had a camera I thought . this was better than any movie I had seen , and I have seen a few , Abbie and Colin had a thing for them , and most left me cold , and not excited . This was turning me on . I felt a complete bad girl stood in my own cloakroom head peering around the door with my fingers probing the lace of my panties , I was getting wet watching this .

She pulled it right out and like the end of those movies pulled at the pink salami until he , jetted stream after stream of white cum into her open mouth . I discretely and quietly closed the bathroom door , slipping the dark blue silk undies off and into my wash basket , I plunged two fingers inside me , with my thumb hitting my clit . As I relived the scene I had just witnessed I was clenching my buttocks and taking deep breaths ,. It wasn’t long before the waves of relief descended on me ,and my fingers were covered in a translucent mucus , from my own vagina .I was in one of those moods , and tasted it , I don’t know why , it added a degree of naughtiness to my peeping tom act . I washed my hands and wiped my body , I needed a shower . I sneaked the door open they were dressed . I opened the front door , and slammed it , Hi guys , I’m home .Oh ! said Malmuira we didn’t expect you yet . There was a bra on the floor , and it wasn’t mine , not that size . I need a shower guys , what do you want to do about food , I asked . Take Away or pub ? , Make your mind up whilst I shower and dress .

I slipped into a pair of trousers and suit top from Dolce & Gabbana , wearing a cream silk blouse from Thailand I felt cool , I slipped into a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Sparkle open toe bootie . I had bought these at less than half price and they were cool . Let’s eat out they said , good I thought so we walked to the nearby Trafalgar Tavern ,This huge waterside pub was a favourite of Charles Dickens and so fond of it he was that it was a setting in his final Novel . So steeped in tradition it can be hard to get a table , but I was a fairly regular customer , and we were early , so there was no problem in getting seated. I wanted to start in the Duncan Bar , but had considered it better to get a table first . Malmuira took a Gin and Tonic , the large Bombay Sapphire having more lemon sliced into the glass than a Greek lamb . Me , well I love Guinness and after two pints of Extra Cold was ready to eat . The restaurant is overlooking the river . I had whitebait , delicious there , and a rib eye , cooked Blue .

We returned after a bottle of a delicious Chilean red wine , and sat back in the sofas sipping the Jameson’s , which Dougie spotted straight away . They vanished most of Saturday , I gave them a key , and showed them how to set the Alarm . I rang Peter , Any room at the ranch , I said . He suggested that I shared his , but took a second thought when silence fell out of the phone . I can always stop at Mummy’s if you want I reminded home, so he found somewhere . He has learned the error of his ways from before and I got a gorgeous guest bedroom . His mother apparently likes me . Well my stance is that I am unlikely to marry her , but a good relationship with her is a good start . I quite like Malmuira and Dougie , they have a permanent place in my memory after that show .


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