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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-01-29 22:11:09
Author Roboclop
Title Life went on from the halcyon days
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend South Shields
Age then 19
Age now 25
Gender MALE
Viewed 109
Story Length 2390

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Life went on from the halcyon days


I was on my first trip to sea , an old nineteen forties build steamship , The black hull and white superstructure identical to every other ship of the day . The Black cab had weaved its way from Lime street station to Bootle docks , and as I lugged the suitcases and paid off the Taxi driver two Pakistani ( Bangladesh was known then as East Pakistan ) seamen grabbed the cases and carried them up the gangway . I found my cabin and signed on . As I unpacked the case a Polaroid fell from within my underwear of a naked woman toes to neck . I looked and on the back , it was inscribed in biro , thanks the sex was great , Think a lot of you , K . I studied the picture , the cherry nipples , the flat stomach , firm tits , proud and arrogantly bouncy , but in truth couldn’t be sure whether it was Kate or Kitty . I hadn’t appreciated that a woman fast approaching forty could look as good as she did . Ii telephoned the next day , Kate answered , I told them what I knew about the journey and te ship and its cargo , to the extent of boring .

I reiterated my desire to return in fourteen months for the September turn and wished them both well . Was the picture alright , she asked , Mmm lovely I said , that will give me something to think about on a cold night . She laughed . You don’t know how hard that was to do . I had three seconds to pose before it took ,I had an hour of practice to get it right . Solved , what a good body though .
We wove our way south via Dublin and Avonmouth before turning to load at Hamburg and Amsterdam for the East African Coast . A whore in Hamburg was a 10DM to the pound , about £4 - £6 , although this rose as the pound fell and the exchange rate depleted .I think I was drained over the last week before joining the ship by both of those women . We discharged car parts along the Cape coast , machinery along the East African coast , and Scotch Whiskey everywhere . We turned east and found our way to Mauritius and back via Reunion . Mauritius was crawling with whores , but a bad boys ship was shipping soldiers from Vietnam , these guys were taking the long way home due to a nasty outbreak of a strain of Syphilis . Their MO’s were taking them te Scenic route so the Antibiotic would have eradicated the disease , before they sighted the little wife back home and gave it to her . Their next port was Mombasa on this tour , so the girls there were a non starter too . We loaded sugar for Genoa and passed ports along the way collecting general cargo for Mediterranean ports . Most ports from Cadiz to Genoa were overnight calls , and time was tight for a beer ashore . Genoa , meant over six months out from the UK , but the turning point , it was half of the trip . I hadn’t ventured out into the cheap sex of the African Coast or the Indian Ocean Islands . The threat of a sexually transmitted disease that if undiscovered could lead to madness , blindness and early death was sufficient to put me off .

We were planning a night ashore in Genoa , as an apprentice the wages weren’t great so this was my six month big night out . I had been day off a treat rarer than Christmas on this trip , and had posted cards to Kate and Kitty of Genoa , Whishing them well for the new year of 1968 and confirming that I would be back in September . I shopped a little , although at eighteen there was little I wanted , the standard replacement items such as socks and pants were available cheaply on board from the Slop Chest system , where an essential stock of essentials were on board . the shaving foam and shampoo were high on that list ,. Te company issued soap which stiffened your hair like cardboard . These as essentials were one brand and were not the greatest of choices , so I had done a little shopping and returned to te ship . We gathered after the evening meal and set off into town . the first and cheapest beers were at the old Seamen’s mission on te Via Venetia and then through the winding streets , stopping at bars to down a cold Nastro Azzuro beer , It was twice the price of beer at home , but it was going down well . we wound around these back streets and wandered into a club . As we sat very scantily dressed local girls with phenomenally long legs and phenomenally short skirts joined us . I knew my funds were limited but bought the girl perched on my knee a beer , she spoke very little English , and looked at the beer , Champagne , she said , I thought at the price you get beer . I was kissing her deeply , and from the corner of my eye saw that I was not alone we had all pulled a gorgeous , probably pay for it girl . I was looking down the cleavage of mine and she never objected when I stroked the firm pert breasts , gently rubbing her nipples . The pink flesh was stiffening in my hands , and I was ready to go . We stuck together and as the youngest I must have been quicker of te mark with my delight . I thought , in the dimly lit club that we may have a short time before we all left with a girl , or that there was a back room , rented by the hour . I slid along the smooth leg and was feeling pussy heat , so I reached past the tight silk panties , and found a very stiff cock . I was engaged in a serious snog here and I encircled it , it was a cock , this girl has a cock , I searched and found the wrinkled sac that appends this hard member and my brain froze , the tall leggy girl with large pert tits and full size nipples had a cock in her panties .

I was looking for an answer and remembered an old sea story about the women of the other kind the kathoeys of Thailand and Malaysia . This gorgeous specimen was a guy with tits , nice tits but a guy . I broke the kiss and the thing was smiling at me , it thought it had pulled , I was frozen and realised that I had a grip on a large erect cock . I yelled out of shock , it’s a fucking bloke , it’s a fucking bloke , Peter the fourth engineer was sat next to me , and said shut up everyone will want one , but as he saw the sickening expression on my face he realised this was not a joke , he ran his hand under the skirt of his conquest and with one move threw it off his knee and across te low table . There were six of us and three more of these followed . I let go of the cock on the one sat on me and it stood up and ran to the bar yelling at the owner . The others were saved from checking the credentials on their “women “ as they fled to the safety of the bar .
The owner walked across , he spoke very good English , did we not know this was a bar frequented by seafarers , he asked . We are seafarers , we said , but not stewards , we fled . Life holds those little surprises . I thought after that if I was ever challenged by a girl for crossing te elastic in her panties, I had a reasoned explanation . It never worked thought, I am groping you in case you are a man just could never sound right .

Once again to Africa and to return to the North East to share house with Kate and Kitty , that was fuel for my desires . We landed at Middlesbrough in mid August , and I tentatively made the call . I was welcome , they were still at the same address , Kitty had a boyfriend , but never mind . I signed off and soon was in the taxi and at the door , I settled quickly in my old room , but never made it to the bed there that night , Kate dragged me into her bed . Kitty was having a relationship with a college student and Kate had liberally allowed her to stay with him some nights . The sex was good , her body still fresh and firm , but I realised that the attraction had been the daughter and not the mother , and If I had had sense I would have committed to her two years ago . Water flows though as life under the bridges of fortune , and there was no return . Forty weeks later I packed , set forth to join a ship never to return.
This story was a rarity all that time ago , Tranny’s were unheard of in the UK unless you mixed in the more theatrical type of company , and then I had never heard of them , Cross dressers always seemed to appear like a pantomime dame , complete with stubble and size eleven feet . So the surprise in the story was dulled as time passed .
Kate and Kitty still communicate to this day , I went back about three years after this story is set to stop at Kate’s , where she was to be the Mother of the bride . I arrived the night before the night before the wedding and stayed . Kate grabbed me and we had a tumble in her room , Kitty arrived home and saw the battered twin suitcases , one for me one for my uniforms , white cotton boiler suits and boots listened at the doorway , and after hearing her mother squeal with delight as we gelled together after all this time . opened the door with a coffee in each hand . Her mother looked shocked , how did you know we were here she asked. Mam if you had shouted “ Fuck me harder ! any louder we would have had a queue to te market place . Kate reddened , and issued threats at her daughters confident chastisement and cheek . The night before we finished a bottle of Grand Moussec Vin Doux , from the Cape wineries , and Kate took to her bed early tired by the wine . Kitty was sin a playful mood , and was telling me all about her bridegroom , and how the loved each other and how as a married woman she was to remain faithful to him , then she took my hand and as we reached my door , she turned and whispered , I am not a married woman till tomorrow . She stripped and I took every advantage I could . The wedding went well ,I trusted the amount of time the bride had spent in the bath that morning had washed away any traces of our night before . I drank my breakfast coffee with Kate , desperate to relieve the pressure in my bladder . Kate knocked the bathroom door , hey pet , there is a man here bursting for a pee . Oh he can come in there is nothing here he hasn’t seen before , kitty laughed , I stood at the toilet , looking for my last eyeful .

The bridegroom was a nice guy and I am godfather to two of their three children , I was away when te middle one was born , I even stay there at weekends some times , and I have stayed with Kate since . She was over sixty when we last made love and still looked good naked , the few wrinkles paled away as she bloomed , still shouting fuck me harder as a crescendo , a woman who never swore at all other than then .
She died two years ago aged seventy five Loved by the grandchildren who she idolised . The grandchildren . are now all over thirty , and after the funeral I drove kitty to the solicitors office for te formal reading of the will . She had increased her property portfolio to six flats and two each to each child as an investment , She had a huge cash and share portfolio well into quarter of a million pounds for kitty and her husband and she left me a small silver cross and five thousand pounds , for the motorbike I had always wanted , he big noisy Harley Davidson , that and a letter written some months before , She knew that the cancer discovered then was too late , and she had time to prepare her affairs .
She in this letter had told me the story of Kitty’s dad and left it to me to decide whether to tell Kitty or not . What a job , Kate had been raped aged seventeen by her uncle , her mother’s brother , that’s why there was always a vagary about the identity . Her Uncle shocked at the fact she wouldn’t go to a back street abortionist , had broke the secret by swearing that the little tart had seduced him , and he wasn’t the first or only one . Her family disowned her and she had had nothing to do with them for fifty years . She left a list of addresses and a note of how she loved Kitty so much ,and had changed her name to give then a new start having moved from Scotswood in Newcastle years ago to a bed and breakfast in South Shields , two jobs a week had given her house deposit for her house , from there careful management had made her comfortable . I took Kitty and Geoff to lunch the next day , after refusing to show a very nosey Kitty the letter . The streams of tears was due to the fact that I was the only man Kate had ever loved , but our ages were too big a block so she had never told me . We could have had a great time , that we both missed out on because we had not communicated . I said you silly woman folded the note and cried . I broke the news to Kitty and handed over the family detail that filled in the gaps . Kitty read the notes I had written took a lighted candle that the Italians seem to always decorate the restaurant tables with and burned the note . I have been here all my life without them , why should I want them now , They didn’t want my mother , they don’t get me .


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