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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-01-29 22:13:54
Author Roboclop
Title The good times come to an end
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend South Shields
Age then 18
Age now 58
Gender MALE
Viewed 179
Story Length 1434

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The good times come to an end


Even the good times come to an end
Kitty and her mother had been a great place and time for me . Kate , as Mrs Hargreaves was now known and kitty had two very different styles of sex , Kitty was fast furious and fuck me , whilst her mother was slow seductive and slinky . I never achieved my ambition to share a bed with both together ,, it was so far away from their dreams that I never broached the subject , even in jest . It could get embarrassing though . I had returned from College a few times and one of Kate’s friends was in the kitchen slurping the endless tea , from the huge aluminium teapot , I often heard , I hope you watch him with Kitty , you know what young lads are like . Wow ! she would say .if I catch him with our Kitty , he will feel my hand . Nice her hand too , she had sat there one Saturday evening , me finishing another batch of the Homework that would prepare us for the examinations , Are you not going out , she said . No ! I can’t afford it , I replied . Kitty was in a foul mood her shopping Saturday had not gone to plan , I think her and a friend coveted the same top in Binn’s store and her friend got there first . I pushed the work back in the case , Had a good day? I asked . No I have not , she snapped , and her mother mouthed , time of the month you know . Thank YOU! Mam ! , she said . Well Kitty it isn’t as though he doesn’t know an awful lot about your intimate bits is it ? her mother teased . Well it’s no good looking at her for a bit either , Kitty scalded , she is always the same week ! . Kitty ! her mother glared , now bearing the same red face that her daughter was just clearing . I am off to be d, Headache , and with that , Kitty waltzed through her bedroom door which closed tight , she reappeared seconds later , Just changing me Tampax , in case you wanted to know , she was still flaring .

I packed the case away and sat on the Sofa . You poor dear , Kate said , Two willing women and nowhere to get rid of your man juice on a Saturday night Aww . She held my hand and led me to her room , I lay on the bed not I belt and levered my testicles as well as my cock out . pulling the trousers and pants to below my knees . My cock stirred , it like a giant waking from slumber started to stand . the floppy structure standing as she looked at it . Why hunny that looks like one hungry snake too me , she said in a soft caramel voice . I’ll have to get that bone out of that for you . With that I felt a hand cupping my balls , she shoved my shirt up and started licking my tits , I never realised how tender they can be but as her tongue slid over the tiny nipples I felt a deep tingle and felt the tiny nubs harden to epic strength . She slipped her bra , and slid her chest all over my genitals , my cock jumping as the hardened points of flesh dragged over them . Then she said , it is time we fixed this , and with one hand cupping my balls she pulled my skin down gripped , pulled her hand up and over at the top , slowly , I felt my balls tighten as they did she encircled them pulling the sac away from my body and twisting it ever so gently . she manoeuvred herself so her teeth were nipping my nipples , but her hand maintained the steady rhythm I jetted cum over my belly past the nipples with such force that sleep descended over me . It was Sunday morning , I heard Kitty laughing , I realised she was in the room . Mam , You can put it away she said I think it’s done , Her laughter was infectious , Kate had pulled bra and top back to cover herself but woke still grabbing a now soft shaft tell tale trails of dried evidence were laying like a snails trail across my chest . Well looks like you are sorted , Kitty said .Her mother sent her off for coffee , and we all sat there sipping a Sunday morning caffeine shot . There were not many times were we shared the moment but this was one .

July soon came and I was about to join my first ship . I would be back in twelve months , to do a final forty week course before joining a liner as a fifth Engineer Officer . I left the choices open as I sat late one Friday night , talking to them both about it , for in twelve months time they may have partners , or may have changed their stance on a cock in the spare room . Kitty was of with her friends in the morning so gave me a goodnight smile and headed to her bedroom . Kate smiled and we talked on , She had only had two lovers before , as a schoolgirl she had been impressed by a man in his early twenties , and finding she was pregnant , she found that he already had a wife , and denied Kate recognition . She thrown out by her father who branded her as a tramp . I was her first sex since Kitty’s birth eighteen years before . We laughed as that difference meant that she had never slept with a guy over twenty . It seemed a little crazy . You have been good for my confidence though , I did two jobs to buy this house and keep us with our heads above water , and you have helped , your money has lifted us a bit too . I wouldn’t want to do this as a regular venture but if circumstances are right for all of us we will do it again . Before you go though , as I don’t have to impress you I want to do something . I followed her into the bedroom , This was the mid sixties , and I had never heard the term Blow Job , but she wanted to suck me off , to just try it did I mind . I have only rarely refused to pop my cock into a waiting and willing mouth . We had a few tooth rakes and an odd nip , a bite too hard , but she got the method . She relaxed as her head approached my belly and clamped me tight in her lips . I was to tap her head when I felt it was time to cum , and whilst she sucked at me she slipped off her blouse , bra and skirt , she was in small Tanga panties , shiny and black against her pale skin I put my hands on my buttocks , but wanted to hold her head by the ears and fuck her mouth . I spread my legs a little and she massaged my balls . I felt it starting and tapped her head , She pushed down harder and sucked more on the way back I tapped ,and heard a muffled noise a s she slipped te full length as she reached the root of my cock and started the slow suck back to the tip as she pulled back I couldn’t hold off any more and as she felt me pulse she pushed forward and the jets of spunk hit her throat . She sucked with all my cock deep in her hot mouth , every drop swallowed . She pulled away and my limp cock dropped free . She smiled , was that Okay , she asked . Oh Yes , I answered .

The Saturday morning she helped me pack my uniform , newly acquired into the two large suitcases . Kitty spent the night with me , and told me what a great year she had had with a stud in residence . We lay there on my bed . her room was next to her mothers and she was self conscious of her mother hearing her cries of passion . Did she hear us , I asked , and she smiled . She slithered her naked firm beautiful body across , and flicked her tongue across my deflated cock . I hear everything she laughed , and started to suck at my cock , it responded and grew , she followed the same pattern as her mother and I soon exploded in her mouth .

Bags on train , train to Liverpool , Taxi to Bootle docks . had I dreamt the last year . I reached into the pocket of my heavy woollen overcoat , and felt the silky panties that Kitty had removed last night . I discretely bought these to my face , and could


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