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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-01-26 22:41:58
Author Lynridskinrid
Title Home and hell breaks loose
Category tried bizar sex
Where it happend at home
Age then 25
Age now 25
Viewed 345
Story Length 3464

(11 votes / 84 points)

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Home and hell breaks loose


Why my sister is such a bitch
I flew in from Dubai , Xantha had picked me up at the airport and I had introduced her to Tim , never had I met to such alike people . They were perfect and although I avoid matchmaking these are both friends , and to introduce them , was a good deed of the day . The Saturday Xantha Was drifting around the kitchen in bra and undies looking for something healthy to eat . I smelt coffee and dragged myself out of bed . I threw a towelling robe on over the panties I had slept in , Small boobs don’t need that much support , so I tend to sleep topless . Once in a conversation over mummy’s home spun Sunday lunch after dear Anna announced that women who don’t sleep in full length nightwear are tartish in her opinion . Mummy blushed , I know she often sleeps in the nude . daddy says it is so she will scare the firemen off in case of a fire and he will make money on the house insurance . Anna glared and I said well I only sleep in panties , daddy made some remark , that if burgled they would probably say get dressed young man !. I don’t get downtrodden by comments .

Is that Coffee I asked as my first stupid question of the day . She laughed and poured a large strong black one . She then waffled on Tim this and Tin that , after about six hours she knew Tim better than his mother did . They had compared Outlook Diaries and on line this morning had a list of available dates for the next twelve weeks . He is a church Going Christian too ! , She enthused , and so fit . Xantha ! give it a rest , I pleaded. It has taken me this long to find you a virgin , if you screw it up , I’ll never find another one over ten years old . She was looking good in her undies , she was very tall over six foot and still a size twelve ( That’ s ten in USA sizes ) . Oh I could kiss you she said , I was thinking along those lines , but Kiss would have been a starter . She came over and hugged me and a kiss on each cheek , Mmm , she was tasty . Tim marry this girl I was thinking or I will have to sleep with her myself .
We crossed the river and ate at the Narrow. It is a Grade II listed building, located in the Limehouse area of East London, directly alongside the River Thames. The area, where the Grand Union Canal and the Regents Canal meet the Thames, was an industrial area for four hundred years and now it is the haunt of the nouvelle riches . The building itself was constructed in 1910 by British Waterways as a purpose-built customs / Dock Master’s house serving the Limehouse Basin .The building then became a public house, initially called The Barley Mow and later refurbished and re-named The Narrow Street Pub and Dining Room. It is a Gordon Ramsey Bistro bar , and the set lunch is about £20 a head . She had the Mushroom parcels , I had the game pie , and we both had treacle tarts with blood oranges .
After a chill out back at my place she set off early afternoon to the Kent Coast , she lives ay Deal where she has a nice three bedroom beachfront apartment , which is about half the price that you would pay to live here and works at Sandwich for an American Global Drugs giant . She loves doing research and can get boring about it if let loose .

Peter phoned and I was free for lunch so decided he could have a suffering Sunday at the ancestral pile , I was off Monday and Tuesday so I was driving him over to his parental palace of boredom , and bring the guns , we can kill some clay pigeons . Okay that looked good to me , and after the last few weeks , I had a desire to chalk a certain project manage’ s name on the clay discs to give me a tingle of pleasure as each one shattered and it was always time and a place to chill out . Sorted , I ran a hot bath , and slipped into the foam of the Clarins Relax , not cheap but worth every penny . I pressed the button and the water jets were hitting the spot as the compressor blew air in and the foam thickened . I don’t know how long I had =been there but the door bell rang . This is crazy , everyone calls from the lift no body walks up the stairs and presses the bell . I got out , and chucked the robe back on . Thinking it may be the missing uncle and Aunty Pam back from their world tour Honeymoon I opened the door . NO it was Anna’s eldest again , in tears , distraught , bollocks to this ! make coffee , no pour cold chardonnay , I barked , annoyed at the visit especially as I could see it was a set of complications again , and I could expect the bitch sister from Hell in the hour ! I am having my bath !!! . Rosie , sat in my bathroom and handed me the glass , Primrose , why are you here I asked in the stern way her mother always spoke , an affected accent that sounded like a Dickensian housekeeper rollocking the parlour maid . I was hoping for something mediocre like her horse had died or something and praying that Anna wasn’t involved . Auntie Lynne , she sobbed , Oh No it was connected to Anna I knew it . The last time was Rosie’s lack of decorum and ability to lock the door enabling Anna to witness the defloration of her eldest . Historic moment I thought how many mothers have bore witness to their pride and joys cherry going “ Pop” .What have you done this time Rosie , Fucked the stable hand ? . Aunty Lynne !!! if Mum hears you use that word she will be angry ., Rosie gasped . I was toying with the idea of pre warning the aged parents that I was about to sort out their eldest prodigy once and for all , but decided they didn’t need the stress.

So tell me before the wild mountain woman arrives , I said , quickly dressing . You have a nice bum , Aunty Lynne , she simpered , Normally flattery will get you anywhere but I had a weather warning about a storm on the way , and needed to batten down , Rosie’s story . Aunty Lynne ! , she smiled as she spoke so sweetly . No Rosie , I am doing nothing! , her eyes were making a shag me please pleading look , and the last thing she was getting right now was pussy . When did you get the Brazilian , she asked . Rosie !, do you mind , I grabbed fresh panties and tugged them on . The phone gurgles , It would be Anna , I thought , No it was Xantha , telling me she was home safe , and thanking me for Tim again !!! I apologised , I’ll ring you in the week Xantha I said . That’s a nice name said Rosie , who was busily trying to divert my question . her Mum is Greek I said . Great Grandma was Greek wasn’t she , bubbled Rosie . Yes ,! Now this isn’t going to work , what is the story !!! . Now !! before I have to tackle my sister . You aren’t frightened of her are you , Aunty Lynne ?, she asked . Yes I am she scares me shitless that’s why I need to know what I am up against , so get on with it before she gets here , and hell breaks loose . I pull on a new pair of DVB Jeans and a CK cut away tank top , I need to feel good to take on the sibling so I pull on a new pair of Miss L Fire boots , with a tassel hanging from the top , Xantha and I had spent a few moments on line with Asos Premier , on line and the delivery driver had produced the goods before ten A.M. on Saturday . I was ready for the impending fight .
Note to regular readers of my stories , this is where you need to unzip , and haul your tackle out , I am getting to a juicy part . but this is a little different even for me , so you may want to wait !!!

At twenty one years old Rosie had a sheltered life , sheltered to the point of restrictive , She had a degree in Equine management , which I always regarded as keeping a horse , to my narrow mind , it didn’t merit a degree . She was working for a local stud farm and her greatest management task seemed to be managing to shift manure from stables every morning . She had a second hand Citroen that was past its best and she had to report home for meals , back indoors before ten at night , and a few other rules thought up by a mother who makes the average control freak look like a pussycat .
She had been caught at her first sex with a man by her mother who unusually had been able to witness her prize daughter undergoing her defloration , now how many mothers witness that ! Rosie’s other sex life was with me , I am slightly ashamed to say . I had given her a first orgasm with my tongue and fingers , and we had had more experiences together but she was no Lesbian in transit , she wanted cock , and anything else was a poor substitute . She had not one single girl’s battery powered friend , no buzzing toys , no creams or tricks , her knickers drawer , the sacred repository of private things was inspected for neatness and content at random . Mt mother found mine once , aged seventeen it had dropped from my hand and was lying on the floor when my mother shook me out of sleep one Saturday to tell me noon had come and gone . She picked it up like it was a diseased limb , Put it next to my face and said no wonder you cannot get up Miss ! . Do you think that is the sort of thing to leave lying around ? what if your brothers had seen it ? . That was mothers severest rocket after my sixteenth birthday that I remember . I thought my brothers should understand masturbation , being a pair of wankers , but I considered my position and said as meekly as possible , sorry Mummy , won’t happen again mummy . She turned it the doorway and said , are those Rabbits that good Lynne ? . before I answered the door closed and I heard her laughter . My sister was another story , she would have probably spanked Rosie despite her being twenty one , the bitch spanked me once or twice as a child , and the bitch left marks . I cannot remember why she spanked me but after the last encounter a few months ago I revealed this one and the aged parents appeared shocked that Anna would have touched me . I derive no pleasure from pain , having experimented with it . !. Well it was like this Lynne ! , at last the story . I needed cock !. yes I understand that , and the boyfriend had dumped her faster than a hot potato after Anna and her husband had words . I just wanted to get myself off ! she said . Well I lay on the floor knowing mummy was out in the garden and I was nude , so I played with my nipples and I can just tip them with my tongue , She smiled as she talked , I had no chance of that or I think I would sleep nuzzling mine !. and I started to feel myself up , she nodded as she smiled . I understood so far . I was getting really wet and it was nice , so I was really going at it . I was going to cum , she said the smile growing . Then Cosmo sort of smelt me . Cosmo was a lazy golden retriever that followed her everywhere and was her true confidant . This wasn’t going well , I sensed the doom as it rolled over the horizon . He liked my smell and he sort of licked me . ! she had an even bigger smile , Aunty Lynne , Dogs have fantastic tongues , she got an even cheesier grin . Personally I don’t care if they look like Brad Pitt and are richer than a Russian Oligarch it is not my scene , He was licking me like crazy , his tongue is really rough ! . I knew what was coming , that had bought time , Anna and her husband wee at the vets before they came to me , time was short though . Well ! , she carried on , I got on all fours , to make it easier for him , and he was really going with his tongue he was great , then he did it . This wasn’t funny , well it was but I stopped myself laughing out of shock . Did it ? I stuttered , Did it ? . Yes she said he jumped me ! .she said as though getting mounted by ones pet was as normal as summer ice creams . He was really good ! she was convincing , and gave me an almost thrust by thrust description , which I won’t drag out here . Then he really did it , I thought I was going to explode , his thing really grew inside and I couldn’t get him off , and I screamed , she wasn’t laughing now . Then Mummy came in and caught us , she pulled him off and she couldn’t get him out . I had a belly laugh knotting my stomach , giving me a cramp that made a period pain pale into nothing . I pictured the big sister disengaging her daughter from the dog , It was a slapstick moment that should , despite the pornographic image have been recorded , She hauled the dog away and I ran ! She finished with her head in her hands .

My dear sister would expect her to run here but the despatch of a critter with carnal knowledge of her daughter was paramount , that dog was smouldering in a vet’s cremator by now as a pile of dog ash . I looked at the dishevelled mess , still creamy with the last seed of what I suspect was a dead dog . I wasn’t impressed . You wash ! now ! and wash my bath out afterwards . Find something to get dressed in my drawers ,and get back out here fast . doom is approaching , fast , the dog would have bought some time . Why ? she asked . The dog is dead , I said , I know my sister the dog is dead , the innocent have to suffer for the excesses of their masters , I thought . The tears flowed , but she turned and I heard running water .
I picked up the phone , Daddy answered . This was out of my league , big style . I related the story of his granddaughters demise , to peals of laughter , he was just overtaken by the scene , He was relating his source of laughter to mummy who was tutting and sighing . We will be over sweetheart he said , tell her not to worry , referring to his disgraced granddaughter , her mum has a bite worse than her bark , peals of laughter followed . I knew by the time they got here he would be in serious mode . I switched the CCTV to my LED screen and soon saw the sober Mercedes pull up . You Rosie , dressed here now ! I was soon greeted by an apparition fresh from a raid on my wardrobe . Clever I thought !, She had a red blue and purple Benetton diamond dress over new black leggings , good choice I thought , she looked innocent . I opened the door and sat down waiting . It didn’t take long .

I knew you would be involved ! , barked my sister . Shut the door please , I asked ever so politely . I am having you committed , she growled . Me or her I asked ? . I thought there is no need for this , we could solve it . All the girl needs is a good fucking I thought . I would have you locked up years ago . She was relentless , and my weekend was getting ruined , I had had enough shit in Dubai without coming home to this , and I was getting annoyed . Xantha and Tim had put me on a high and this was knocking the pedestal over .
No ! Anna , you could have been locked up for abuse of me as a child , and I don’t take it now , your arm hurt last time and I am taking no crap from you know so don’t even go there ! . Her face scowled , that was enough , I was winning . You don’t know what she has done ! she stormed . Dog dead yet , I asked ? , I can stay calm if I have to . The disgusting creature is no more , she was still scowling . That threw Rosie into hysteria , It wasn’t his fault she said between sobs . I seduced him ! she was presenting a case for the canine defence but in searching for words I kept thinking Cave canem, te necet lingendo , and was troubling myself to stop the laughter .
You ! car ! home ! was the order of the day . Big sister glared at her offspring , like a starving Anaconda looking for a goat to crush and swallow . Priory on the way home is it ? I asked . Expecting my niece’s incarceration at any moment . The Priory Clinic a convenient place to hide ones errors in life . None of your business ,! She snarled . I suggest you book a family room , I countered . You are the cause of this ! .

I was getting warmed up , I had a meeting Wednesday with the Dubai company board , to explain what I had , with my wonderful IT king dug out , unfortunately the Project manager would be there to defend his own corner . He did not call me Girly any more , He was on the same plane , as us homeward . I had managed to get my team in the business class , and My new friend , the project Manager was being sent home in disgrace on the earliest plane in economy . We met in the departure lounge , and I was no longer Girly , his outburst , introduced my name change to Fucking Bitch ! , Tim , Bless him had been phoning his mother to tell her he was on the plane , had recorded the lot on the mobile , and It was on my disc if I needed it as diversion on Wednesday .
I had taken enough and explained as firmly and clearly as possible that Primrose’s restrictive and oppressive upbringing was at the root of this . You haven’t a clue what I saw have you , you silly girl , she started to retaliate . Yes ! I said Rosie fucked the dog ! . Her gaze flew from her to me ,and back . Have I missed something I said . Proud of it you little bitch , Anna barked . I was thinking full grown mature bitch , but held back . My dearest sister sensed that I was ready to take her on and win , so reiterated Car! You ! now ! , to the dearest daughter . Stay , I said . I am sorry but Sit, Stay roll over was in my mind , I have a weird sense of humour . You I will see daddy about you she said and as she turned , she didn’t have far to go . Face to face with the old man who had walked in through the opened door .

He was always direct , he looked at Rosie , well Primrose , desperate was you ? He waited for an answer , as Rosie sat head hung down . Do you have an explanation Anna , That bitch , she said pointing to me is involved ... . He cut her off , did she talk her in to it from Dubai , he stopped , giving Anna chance to speak . No ! , Anna you and that idiot , he nodded towards Anna’s prized husband so far silent in this matter , are at the root of this . We are all going home and Rosie is moving in with us for a while , you need to get her out of your control and let her grow . She gathered up her clothes and stuffed them in a bag . Wardrobe raided sweetheart he said , looking at me . I smiled , Mummy will take you out with Primrose and sort it out ,Okay , . I had to agree , it was about lose one get two free time . Mummy escorted Rosie away , Anna and her husband slid away , daddy said If I had known how desperate she was ... . I looked and said , don’t you dare ! . Not me sweetheart , what kind of man do you take me for ? . But I have a nice young man works for me , He laughed , See you and Peter tomorrow , ? he asked . Yes , I said . Nice lad , Daddy nodded as he replied .
What a family !!

Love Lynne



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