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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-01-25 00:37:53
Author Lynridskinrid
Title I must be getting old
Category paid for sex or got paid to have sex
Where it happend dubai
Age then 25
Age now 25
Gender MALE
Viewed 191
Story Length 2509

(18 votes / 113 points)

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I must be getting old


I had not believed that I would ever see on street prostitution in a Muslim state such as Dubai , but they were there large as life , standing in doorways like the seedy sector of an old town in Northern Europe .

They seemed to have minders hanging back in the shadows . Judging by the accents they were Russian or eastern European from the former Soviet States . The pimps and people traffickers must have handpicked this lot because anyone of them , with a wash and comb through their hair they could have made the cover of Vogue , without hesitation .

They had the Barbie doll looks any fourteen year old girl would die for and any male with the slightest pulse , the long legs were bare toe to upper thigh . Breasts pushed up and in giving a cleavage that looked like it would hold a racing dinghy’s mast without further support . I was looking thinking the tits look real , and look like they would crush walnuts in them . I was thinking I wish mine could touch each other and these girls have breasts that look like they were designed by a perverted man in a wild sensual dream .

The girls appeared unkempt and unwashed , as though they were kept in insanitary conditions and had lost that spark of life that turns a plain Jane into super woman . I expect sex in car back seats and back alleys gives you an uncared for look especially five or six times in succession without the benefit of shower or wash . To my mind if I was a guy would I want to poke my prize possession in the same slush left by the previous half a dozen encounters . That always makes me think they had applied for a Dancer’s job or a hostess , found themselves raped and beaten , then threatened , so they were so scared that they had to obey their Russian masters .

My four man team had heard my views many times , since our discussion in Bangkok and the year before in Manila I was a champion of the exploited . Their arguments were always , that they were supporting the local economy and that the girls were sending money home , and that I was a spoilsport . I explained that every Bhatt handed over didn’t get to Mum at home it supported a criminal underclass , but the trouble with a man sporting an erection , there is a diversion of blood flow to maintain the member and this appears to me to be from the logical thinking part of the brain . They knew my opposition to this trade and knew that I was , as usual opinionated about such things , to explain my attitude if a Dutch girl wants to work the windows in Amsterdam , I believe that is her free will , although in the later years , with many girls from the Balkans reserve the right to alter that opinion . Two of team also knew that I had a distaste for adultery , so they kept all desires firmly in their trousers . I had seen how daddy’s adulterous nature had affected my childhood , and had seen mummy crying for no apparent reason as she reckoned with a replacement half her age being temporarily a substitute in the coitus . I had never “ shopped them to their partners at the corporate Christmas party , but they knew I would not lie for them . I actually never expected a wife to say , did my husband shag a tart in Bangkok , but my lot kept their other halves at a safe distance . They always gave the impression that I was a little snobby and stand offish , far from the truth , but safe .

I never totally understood the need for prostitution especially in the UK , the small amount of Night Clubbing that I do , has given me the impression that after three Black Russians , Two Budweiser’s , six shots , the average woman under thirty would shag a passing donkey if it could stand her breath . I despair that drunken girls , sick in the gutter , and carried off to press their rear’s against a lamp post , whilst they are impregnated by what amounts to a passing stranger . I am no angel , but at least I know the name of every partner .
The forced trade in foreign girls leaves me horror struck , and more than once on the search for late night food , I have passed these relics of humanity plying their wares . Parts of London have super attractive Romanian girls traded like sheep amongst their fellow countrymen to sell their selves to anyone with a twenty pound note .
I think my remarks as we passed these human miseries were something like put the tongue in boys , I don’t want your wives thinking that I have let you go astray . I don’t want to encourage the spread of STDs . Knowing that my deep sulks were likely to last for days , they would divert their attention and carry on the food search .
The hotel food was variable from tasteless international cuisine to bland , so we ate out a lot . The line of girls was just visible from the restaurant table .The short skirts exposing the buttock to leg roll of flesh and the plunging tops worn braless made them look cheap , and I understand , what with transport costs , the girls high wages , the pimp’s small profit the clothing allowances , that these girls were far from cheap . They had good business though , the girl at the end of the line had hair , dyed blonde past her waistline and in the time I took to order and eat three courses was on her fifth injection of vaginally introduced protein . Looking at the rate of trade she was making my day rate in under an hour and a half . There was the benefit of sterilisation by Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea , and regular health checks and anti biotic treatment courses . I m thinking that if a girl wants to do that let her , but the world trade is down to the Mafia like organisations that run the girls .
I must have been staring as one of the two heavily married , said is the girl annoying you boss ? . No I was just thinking how sad ,that she had a life somewhere and was probably kidnapped and raped and dragged here to service countless men , I supposed with foul breath and body odour . You are safe from handing out bollockings Boss , we are home by Friday to our wives . One mocked .

He has lost it , one of them said looking at Tim the IT specialist who was drooling at the sight of the girl . Tim is not only single but in the last three years has never shown any interest in either sex , to my knowledge . I had thought that he might be gay , but never pushed my thoughts . She is gorgeous , said Tim still opened mouthed . Hey after this week Lynne will get her for you on expenses , teased Jonathon , married and always flirting with anything in a skirt , or dress , or jeans , or trousers , in fact any female from fourteen to ninety four . In the presence of his wife , I often think of applying to the “ Guinness Book of Records “ for a world record for who can say “ Yes Dear “ the most times in an evening . Tim close your mouth , I pleaded, embarrassed for his obvious lust . He had won for us this week and I was half tempted to pay the girl for him , for a micro second . Jonathon and Richard , left at about one A.M. to ring their wives and report home for their evening debrief , Tony my misfit older person left to get an early night , he wanted to be in early at the site to check a theory . So Tim and I called for a bottle of St Pellegrino , sad but true . I tend not to drink when out , through work .

So what has she got that caught your eye Tim ? I asked . Eyes he said , I blinked to make sure I had some in case my lack of partners was due to missing parts . Eyes ? what was so special ? I still curiously pursued my line of questions , out of interest in fashion . Smoke grey , he said , Pale and lost. I was thinking of them as China eyes , my mother who has a liking for horses always avoided buying a horse with what she always described as “ China Eyes “ . As a family we were all brown Eyed . except me and mine in some genetic throw back have dark green like my maternal grandmother . I’ve never known you get an attraction like that before Tim , I said . You mean you have never seen me like a girl before don’t you , Lynne ? he smiled as he pinned me down in the conversation . So how “ jolly gay “ did you think I was , he carried on the push at my thoughts . Why do people have to blush when caught out , I was red faced , enough facial heat to toast bread . I fought for a way out , but words were not actually forming in my mouth . Tim for one of the first times ever was laughing at my predicament . Lynne ! you thought I took it in the rear , didn’t you . Tim was on a winning streak and he had me roasting over open coals , the facial heat was increasing . Well written of as a player of hide the sausage , Lynne , I am shocked ! , he was relentless in my torture . Tim ! , I pleaded , and his laughter was one of those unstoppable belly laughs , he had taken my prejudices and presuppositions and nailed them securely to the wall . Bastard ! I interjected . Lay off! , You have won ! , I was on a losing side here .

I actually thought that you was Asexual , I said , in truth . I never had you as a sexual predator of any persuasion at all . His laughter was subsiding into a smile . I don’t believe in promiscuity , he said , under any circumstances . I was hoping this wasn’t a second shot at me . I was reinventing my virginity since Peter had come into my life . I had even thought about asking Aunty Pam if a couple of well placed sutures could give a good repair , but knew she would take the piss forever if I did , so I had shelved the thought .
I was sat with a twenty seven year old virgin , who was proud of it . He had a strong faith and was concerned about life and love . He is deeply veined with a honest pure form of morality . We finished the water and I signed the bill off with the American Express , we went back to my room and I poured two large Irish Whiskeys , I do like the odd one and had found a bottle of Middleton Very rare at the shops , it is over a hundred pounds at Harrods each bottle , still it’s cheaper than the Jameson’s special reserve .
Was still apologising for silly assumptions , he was still smirking at his first attempt at knocking me of one’s self erected pedestal .

I kicked off the fantastic chic style ankle boot designed by Jaime Mascaro. This high heeled platformed ankle boot has a gathered leather design and oval toe. the flexible platform technology stops your feet getting tired. I normally wear a flat shoe but my guys are all tall and if I didn’t stick four inches of heel on I feel that I am the company dwarf . I actually wanted to strip off the hold ups as I was feeling sticky from the evening , but I held back , no wrong signals were coming from me .

We sipped the whisky neat , I had a tumbler of water from the fridge as a dilution , in a separate glass , I always remembered the old man’s advice , water and whiskey are great drinks , mixing them ruins both . I thought as we spoke of an old university friend with stunning pale blue eyes who was working for a research chemist at a facility in Kent . A good Christian Girl , no sex until a wedding ring is secured on her finger , in love , was her motto during some of my wilder years , and most important stunning powder blue eyes . Do they have to be grey Tim ? I asked . What ? he looked surprised . The Eyes / I affirmed . No just pale , he said , adding , you haven’t got pale contacts in your bag have you ? . No !!! I jumped . Thank goodness for that he said . When we got back to Heathrow , we were met by a friend of mine from university , Thought it w s time we caught up I said . The guys disappeared to report home to the deserted wives . Tony disappeared to feed his ferrets or whatever pursuit he was engaged in at the moment . Like a lift into town , Tim / I asked , I sat in the cramped back of Xantha’s car , her yellow blond hair streaming around her face as she drove with the windows down in the Toyota Celica , my luggage sharing the seat with me . She was staying the night with me as a girlie Friday night drink and catch up . Tim lived near me so we often shared a meal , after all we were both single and totally uninterested in each other so we made good friend s . Xantha turned the car down the A40 into London and we rolled slowly in the traffic , Tim , I asked , you don’t mind Vegetarian food do you ? Xantha is a Veggie ! . Not at all ,he said , I like vegetarian food . We turned to Manna’s in Primrose Hill , we all elected the Wanton dumplings and Chef’s special , which was superb . I presented the credit Card , This was in the company’s interest as far as I was concerned ,. Coffee at my place I suggested d. We dropped Tim’s cases off on the way , and all three went up to my apartment for a fresh coffee , I poured three whiskys , and Went to unpack , I don’t think they noticed my departure . Xantha called , hey Lynne Tim has a taxi outside and is saying goodbye . Tim said as he kissed my cheek , If that is your idea , Thanks ! , see you next Saturday Xantha,! He called . Xantha , turned and looked , Bitch she said how long have you been hiding him ? . He is gorgeous . We took a second whisky , impressed , I asked . Mmmm , she replied , he is gorgeous .
We chatted till the small hours , and as I went to bed I thought , I must write a paper on the domestication of IT Nerds , you just have to discover what their kink is , and fill the gap . Will it work ? I don’ t know , but they are comparing diaries for compatible dates , I expect Tim will automate it on Outlook and Xantha will fill in the detail . I hope it works , I thought both incompatible odd balls , but like a strangely cut jigsaw piece , they seem to fit .


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