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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-01-21 19:12:48
Author Roboclop
Title Times get even better
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend South Shields
Age then 18
Age now 59
Gender MALE
Viewed 154
Story Length 3016

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Times get even better


Times are really on the up and up
I felt like some clandestine agent , a secret serviceman , in a big action . The lunch Queue , the endless wait for the College produced Pasty . the wide ranging choice of flavours , Corned beef and potato , or Sausage . Coffee was already mixed with milk in a huge urn , the teaspoon had a hole in it and a chain to prevent theft , sugar was costly . But my highlights were the short hand written notes from Kitty normally as a secret meeting to facilitate wild sex between us , or it seemed in her role as my unpaid advertising executive and sole agent , to make arrangements for my expert services .

The only thing that , I ever did different , since my earlier back yard fumbles , was be patient , be gentle and care about the girl , her orgasm and her feelings . None of that was difficult , but my peer group had an attitude that I had forsaken , Prick up , Pants down , Poke it in , Pull it out , Oh ! and tell her she was a Cracking good fuck . The exchange of money was the only thing missing to upgrade this act from the back alleyway transaction with a cheap whore on a Friday after the public house chucked you out at closing time . I had discovered the magic ingredient , work at the girl’s pleasure and you get extra pleasure , she goes away happy , and all is good . I had found the magic button of the Clitoris to be the great breakthrough , as long as you treated it with care it worked almost every time , Relaxed girl , soft twiddle of her secret button , and she would explode with passion . Why didn’t the biology teacher tell us about this ? I had found the G-spot too that textured part of the inner lining that warmed her up , this was keeping me in man heaven , Great sex and no commitment , variety , and no risks . this was good !.

Well Kitty had succeeded in emptying my scrotum of any seed on Saturday so I didn’t expect a return offering for a couple of weeks . I had now deflowered her friend , who never acknowledged me at all , her secret was so safe between us , that I wondered if I had dreamed it . I had also at Kitty’s behest serviced a couple of her friends , one a rotund girl who thought she couldn’t get laid if she gave five pound notes with each date . Her double chin and liking for cake seemed to be an ever increasing barrier to happiness , she ( Kitty ) thought a good fuck would help confidence , and I had made clear that it was never going to be a boyfriend , girlfriend experience , but I ignored the roll of flesh that overhung her waistband , and found not only a hot sexy girl underneath , but one with great skin and a fantastic sense of humour , after three or four rolls in my gorgeous VW bang bus , she got a regular boyfriend , and lost over six stones in the year . The resulting girl was a real head turner . I am not offering myself as a sensual councillor , because there is nothing special in my techniques ,but the worked .

Kitty walked on the outside of the queue , hi she said , reached out and put a note in my hand as she waltzed off towards her little crowd , of fashion conscious females , who would gather each day to plan a Saturday shopping that was an exact repeat of the previous week . I took the last corned beef , onion , and potato pasty , and plunged the ketchup dispenser to smother it with the only known antidote to the soggy delight , these pasties remain a scarred line in my memories , the college pasty , the Onion and beef pie with a pint in the pub , they had a theme common in the North East of England at eh time , A little Bit Of Aft is Good For Yar ! he Sausage oozed its fat into the pastry as did the corned beef , this meant the first mouthful razed the top layer of skin from your palate , this was a safety device to numb and protect your taste buds from the following infliction of the pasty’s content on them . Why did Cornwall not dam the River Tamar and retain pasties within their own borders I will never know . The Cornish Pasty , well made is Great , its country wide variants are so often a disaster . I sat and unfolded the note .

Hi , it started , Can you do me a really BIG BIG favour , Please , Please , If you do this I promise I’ll make it up to you some way , Love K!. Well her last begging letter resulted in the defloration of a very attractive fellow hairdressing student , that would have caused a stampede , if she had advertised for a sexual partner , so Kitty’s request wa s on , of course I would !!. The note gave me a time and address to go to tonight . There are an upstairs and down floor flat , Knock at £$B the upstairs . My mind wa perverse , £$B upstairs doesn’t sound too bad ! , I chuckled and pocketed the note .

I parked around the corner , stood at the faded green doors , determined which was A and which B , then pressed the button , the familiar two tone Ding-Dong chime rang . And the door opened , are you Rob the woman asked , Yes , I replied , and with that she took my arm and whisked me in off the street into the a small hallway at the bottom of the stairway to the flat . The woman was blond well dressed cultured accent although the North-Eastern heritage was still strong and in her late thirties early forties . She was a great looker . Was this to be an excursion into the mature , but sexy , or was she someone’s mother that wanted to emasculate me in return for destroying her daughters Hymen and reputation . Follow , she said and led the way upstairs , legs are good I thought checking her out as she walked up the stairs , but the ass looks wonderful . She ushered me to the settee . Right Young Man !! where shall we start . I am Kitty’s Mam . Oh ! shit I thought , I hope she doesn’t hurt me too much .

You have been having a casual relationship with my daughter ,? she asked . I was looking for words , but she didn’t pause , You I believe have been providing her with the needs she has due to some inadequacies , I believe ? . In fact you have references from several of her friends . Oh ! no the black pencil skirt and white crisp blouse , I hope she isn’t a cop ! Kitty is eighteen I managed to get out , but the lecture wasn’t designed to be interrupted . Pretty good in bed is what everyone says , and she is Seventeen by the way . I am thinking is Kitty’s dad out the kitchen with his mates and I am getting a kicking , id=s the boyfriend there with his associates . I was sweating . So what do you think , she stood and twirled . You look very nice Mrs Hargreaves , I said , very , I paused , sexy was the word , but the kicking might get harder . I was stuttering , I would never have thought that you had a daughter Kitty’s age , I said trying to flatter to lessen the impending suspected beating . Well will you then / she Asked , as though there was a parallel conversation at a pitch inaudible to me that required an answer . I looked puzzled . What are you thinking young man ? she said . I thought I was going to get a kicking or something .

Pillock , I want you to take me to bed , she said , is that plain enough for you or do you need it planer ?. Kitty’s dad left us years ago , and I cannot be bothered with relationships , and I have needs , I’ll understand if you don’t want to and if so I hope we can forget this conversation took place . I do , I said with the enthusiasm of a virgin bridegroom rushing his nuptials . Ok , are you sure , all these young girls , I am not going to be too wrinkly I hope . No the fat bird was wrinkly and she was fantastic in the sack , so she stood and walked to her bedroom door , I followed .

In those few short steps I was looking at a very neat bottom and my brain was sending the signals to reawaken my penis from what had been a state of fear to a full alertness , and onwards to attention . She sat on the edge of the bed . How do you want me , she asked . I will never forty years later fail to marvel at womankind’s reluctance to make a first move . As she sat I kneeled in front of her and pushed her skirt up , over smooth legs clad in sheer 10 denier stockings . I prised them gently apart and lifted her skirt from under her to be around her waist , Mmm nice legs , I commented , and as she stretched those long legs outwards I eased her panties off her and slid then past her ankles and off . I took a hold of her buttocks and positioned her nearer the edge . She was a mass of black thick wiry hair , curled over her sex obscuring it from view . I parted the hair with my fingers and pushed back wide but thin labia , her clit was a paler ping that the rest displayed in front of me , and I started to gently suck on it , flicking the end with my tongue . She held my head , and took a deep deep breath , I probed with my tongue as my lips and fingers teased the pale bump , I pushed back the short hood just a little to expose the clit fully . My lips and tongue were munching on the pink salad that lay before them .

I encircled her buttocks , and my fingers parted them as she opened her legs as far as they would humanly possibly go . My fingers accidently brushed her tight anal sphincter muscle , she jumped . I associated this with what was pleasurable to her so pushed my finger against her . The jump became a squirm and my head was locked in between her bare thighs .the stockings being at my chin . the lace scraping slightly . My index finger went in , first one then two knuckles , each time intensifying her reactions I pushed till all the finger was there and she pulled my face so hard against her pussy that I thought I would never breathe again . She was gasping , but released me , I fell backwards . You are good aren’t you? , she said . I need to get my breath back , She walked over to the dressing table , and poured a sherry , decanted and on a silver tray . She poured into a lead crystal glass , and sipped . Want one ? she asked , I declined . She unbuttoned her blouse , the front first revealing a silk cream bra with expensive lace , she struggled with the cuffs , but stood , shook off the skirt and blouse . I walked over and put my arms around her back , I unclasped her and let the straps fall from her shoulders . She had great tits , a few scattered stretch marks from pregnancy I suspect , but pretty near a perfect 36 D cup pair of breasts , still taut despite her age .

I kissed them the suckled her The suspenders , normal wear in the mid sixties , matched the bra , and as I laid her on the bed she looked great . I released my trousers and pants , and they fell away . Mmm she said and encircled my erect cock . She sat up , leaned forward and planted a very wet kiss across the end . That threw my cock into a spasmodic twitch .I liked that I thought and filed it away in the part of the brain I labelled sexploits . I fell into her with my orally lubricated member and lifted her ankles , this seems to deepen the stroke , and I pounded past the point where she was panting in that way all women seem to do in delivering a child , short hard breaths , I had to cum , and sod her orgasm having past ,. Sod her vaginal sensitivity , sod the world , I was going like an ancient steam engine with no governor and limitless steam , until I felt the Pumping action heralding a huge discharge into her > I unhooked her ankles off my shoulders , and sat back , breathless but satisfied . I reached her bedside chest and took a tissue , to mop up the stream rolling from her . Wow you are good she said ,whilst still in a dazed cross eyed look .

I was stood by the bed size , and she reached out and tickled my balls , Not huge she said , with the poulterer measuring a Christmas chicken , but good enough , but you certainly know what to do with it , didn’t you . Tickling my balls made it spring back to life . Virile too , she commented . be a man I thought , I reached over and positioned her on all fours , I entered her from the rear , doggie fashion , another first , read about in books , seen in pictures , and now in the flesh . I slid my hands under her , nipples between thumb and forefinger squeezing and rolling as I pounded the squelchy wet tube . she was soaking to the extent of soggy . What the hell I thought , go for it , and I pulled back and hit my guard cock not against the soft yielding labia , but against the tight firm sphincter . It gave way with ease , and my cock liberally greased in our juices slid in . She let out a low growling roar , and her buttocks thrust against me , The exceptionally tight hole and her thrusts lessened the time it tool and a second burst , disappeared into her , I rolled of and she was still dazed from the session we had just had . Will you come again she asked . Fuck I thought she is demanding ! , she looked and guessed the misinterpretation . No ! another night ? I nodded , she stood and took me by the hand to the bathroom . She ran the bath and as she sat in I washed her , inside wherever I had invaded previously and out , She soaked and stepped out into fluffy white robe , I slipped into the warm fragrant suds . I'll make you a coffee she said and slid from view . I must have dozed , as I heard no bell , key or footsteps on the stairs , but I did hear Kitty .

Did he turn up Mam ? she asked . Yes , The quick reply . Did he ? kitty questioned further . None of your business miss , She was answered . Oh Mam , are you not telling me all about it , Kitty pushed the enquiry . I think some things in my life are private Miss ! , and I’ll not thank you for prying , If I did or didn’t is none of your business .
Kitty have you got homework , mum asked , Yes ! the reply . Well I’ll make you a coffee and you can do your work in your room whilst I watch the TV , Okay . Yes mum , she answered . I’ll just have to take a pee first , and she waltzed into the bathroom . hitched up her skirt , lowered her panties and sat down , she took what was evidently an urgent pee , Leaned back took paper and wiped herself , at this point she looked at the warm bath , and said nothing . She stood flushed recovered her glorious globes , turned looked back at the bath and screamed . It was a short excited scream as recognition took over . What are you doing in my bath ? she asked . The penny dropped slowly into the mechanism and the brain whirled into life , Her mother wa sat her side . Wow mum , Kitty squealed d, how long have you pair been at it its past ten o’clock , He got here at six !. I hadn’t realised how tempus fugit works when in pleasure .

None of your business , was the affirmed answer to Kitty’s questioning . Can he stay tonight then mum ? Kitty you are not having lads to stay with you , She was told in no uncertain terms . We sat sitting coffee , and Kitty burst into laughter . This is silly mum ! she said . You are a young attractive woman and who cares . She looked past her mother to a silent slightly red faced me . How was it for you honey , she said in laughter . Her mother’s glare caused more laughs . We all laughed . Each statement got more ridicules . Mum I am not going three in a bed to share though . Her mother lost the parental reserve and joined with laughter . We could put him in the spare room and have a roster , kitty suggested . What about the boyfriend , I asked . Gone , tonight , as it happens . No more being messed around , history , over . Okay ! . She closed the conversation . When would you like to come back Kitty asked , it must be my turn next ? . I can’t this week I am moving from the hostel and have to find digs before Monday .
How much do you pay digs money , Kitty’s mum asked , It was hard to call her Mrs Hargreaves , having shared her most intimate moments . £15 Bed , breakfast evening meal .I replied . That’s good she said , you want to stop here ? , she asked . So I moved in on the Sunday , warm bed , always a full breakfast , and great home cooked evening meals .

Sex was optional . ladies choice I called it , they booked me as required . Normally when the other one was out , I expect no one wants to hear their mother scream passion whilst a paramour of you acquaintance is hard at her . I suspect visa versa too , daughters are precious , and above things like that . I was there a year , and the sole stud of the two of them . All extra marital was stopped . Kitty’s introductions dried , my cock survived .


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