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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-01-18 19:34:29
Author robby2000UK
Title A summer of Val followed
Category experienced a threesome
Where it happend home by the river
Age then 15
Age now 59
Gender MALE
Viewed 175
Story Length 1954

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A summer of Val followed


I spent the whole hour and the £2 in that rowing boat with Val and her friend Susan , Never Sue she only liked the full version of her name . They had spent the hour directing my oarsman ship like a director in a “B” movie about Roman bireme . All I got was , faster , more left , more right , and by the time the boat hirer blew his whistle and shouted Fourteen IN !!! , I was totally knackered . I knew what Charlton Heston felt like in Ben Hur .

I was an enslaved captive to two of the three sirens those dangerous bird-women, the seductresses , who lived on the "flowery" Anthemessa , surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Sailors who sailed near were compelled by the Sirens' enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast.. As the laughter of these enchanted me , that and the promises from Val lead me to obedience , as my cock was on a sure thing , a chance to release its flow into the nice warm moist hole that women are gifted with for just that purpose
. They climbed out and we fell under the shade of a tree further along the river bank , at the bottom of a quiet water meadow , laying back soaking the afternoon sun . That was fun Susan announced , What’s next . ? . Val gave a really strange answer , Well before you came along I was Fucking him , and would like to finish before it gets dark . Wow , my face went scarlet !. Oh , Susan said , are you wanting me to go ? . Val obviously had liked the short lived experiment of cock bouncing too, so interrupted earlier , I was feeling not only Horny but greatly elated by what I took to be praise . Unless you want to stop and watch ? said Val . I noted the deep sarcasm in the air but it flew over Susan’s head , Wow that will be good , she said . This wasn’t in my plan . To a teenage boy, not yet grown to the full measure of a stud in full adult season is on its own enough to bear . This was not only a performance but one with an observer , my first real all the way till it squirts into the rubber go at shagging , but watched like a guy in a porno movie , this was a turn on in a big way !..

I didn’t know at the time but Val and Susan had performed sexual experiments in the past , I believe they once took Susan’s brother , a year older on. with a see how many times he could come trial , each girl gaining points for who could get him there quickest . My understanding was at the sixth attempt he went through the motions but his little cock hole blew kisses not juice . He was , by her account wanked without a rest for over three hours and had a sore cock for a week afterwards .
Val laughed , Okay she said you can start , I lay there amazed , I without choice was part of a threesome . I wouldn’t have said no ! , but would have liked the opportunity to say yes . Susan was relatively a stranger , I knew her , after all I knew most people in my age group , the town was small , in fact a large village . She rolled over in the grass and unzipped me , hauling my cock and Scrotum out of the zippered hole . Val rolled over. and kissed me fully on the lips . Hey Val , Susan cried , he Likes that, it’s started to get hard .Val unbuttoned her blouse . and I held the small firm mounds that in her later years would grow to hang like Watermelons imprisoned in potato sack bags
. After her marriage some one year later and six offspring before her thirtieth birthday she , aided by fast food and snacks grew to a massive thirty stones . all of it slob and still with tartish ideals , although fewer takers on her offers than before . The Husband disappeared about the time the sixth pregnancy became common knowledge. The sixth baby had a short gestation period , and it was decidedly tanned . The rumour mill laid the blame at Charlie the school caretaker , with Caribbean heritage as the likely cause of the addition of the pigmentation in the baby’s skin , but it was never proven

. I was rolling her nipples in my fingers enjoying them stiffening as I played . She was sat astride me , her skirt hitched up , the white cotton panties with the waistband threaded with a pink ribbon terminated in a silken bow was stretched across her crotch , a line of discolouration indicating her readiness to take me in her body and screw the hell out of me Susan was laid head to toe with me fondling my erect cock , and lightly kissing the now shining head . hey ! look he has pre cum , she boldly announced , and rubbed the clear lubricant around the slit . . Val lifted her skirt and bared Susan’s panties to me . Want to see her hole too ? Val asked . I tried not to sound too eager , but I was a teenage boy trying out the new found lust . of course I did . Val pulled the panties down , they were small dark blue , proper grown up women’s panties , where the white cotton of Val’s was more teenage girl .Val spread her friends lips , and gave me my first anatomical view of a woman’s sexual organs . Val jumped off my chest and took her white cotton ones off , pocketing them swiftly , She laid the other side and spread her legs . Brazenly she opened herself and Susan to my view . Whose is the prettiest ,? Val asked . Oh ! Bollocks , I was hoping to have two shags now , answer this wrong and I might get none . They didn’t look the same so that wasn’t the answer , Val had protruding pussy lips that were thicker and crinklier than her friend’s .Stall , I thought ,I’ll need to see them closer to judge , I said boldly . What was I to judge against , Shelia with the well worn path to her eager womb , her sister with a tight closed immature version , I hadn’t a clue . Whilst I was taking that Nanosecond as thinking time the warm smell of pussy clouded my brain , Val was back astride and her lips were in contact with mine .Albeit her labia to my mouth . Lick it then ! She commanded .As I gently and gingerly advanced my tongue unsure of what I was About to taste Susan asked , Where is your rubbers ? . Trouser pocket , I mumbled , and felt a hand dive in there , retrieve the Standard Durex , the only brand in the toilet slot machine at the park and roll it on my now throbbing tool .

There was a new sensation that followed , a warmer tighter one , and like a Knights Templar horse , I now had two riders sat one behind the other . Susan grabbing Val’s tiny mounds as hand holds , whilst she jumped on my bones arched my back and grunted as I filled the previously empty Durex with a new found pride , and a few grunts .he weight of one girl on my stomach and one on my chest was tiring
. My tongue stopped and Val was wanting her turn at the other end , it was like I was a new toy shared between two old friends . They thought shagging me great fun . The Machine issued contraceptives only held two , and I thought with two packets I had about a year’s supply , but as Susan dismounted , Val squeezed life back into my balls , a she massaged them rolling them around in their sac , As soon as I started to get hard she rubbered me and mounted , whilst the change of position gave me a slightly rubbery , well latex really , tasting pussy to lick To say Susan’s tight , but slightly gaping hole was hot was an understatement it was boiling , The friction of me in her had warmed her mound and love tunnel up . The Latex smell was tolerable , if slightly nauseating , . They had their time until as gave a few half hearted thrusts and shot about enough cum to moisten a postage stamp into the rubber . As Val rolled it off she seemed disappointed that my discharge was smaller a second time .
The meadow and its tree cover were quite deserted , and it was one of the few places that kids went skinny dipping . Girls over a certain age always wore their training bra and pants though , but the drying cotton of the pants used to outline what lay beneath so clearly .This time we went in the girls were devoid of all clothing , naked as the day they were born , we splashed for a whilst and huddled , I was groped more than I groped and Val conscious that my cock was hers for the day took me by the hard throbbing shaft and mounted me , I didn’t know you could do it in the water , but it was going fine . Susan was feeling my balls and nipples and her wet but still warm breasts were pressing on my back , I gave my third and slightly larger load to Val . This time unprotected , but reassured by Val that standing up sex was as good a contraceptive as any rubber , and the river water soon washed ant surplus away .

We never had a threesome after that m ever , and I enjoyed Val all summer , and as she turned sixteen she made broad hints about a long term set of arrangements , where I was to identify myself as serious to her parents . I know the ladies will scoff , but I had no knowledge of commitment , I hadn’t felt the special spark of love , I was just wanking using a convenient lubricated warm sheath , it happened to be attached to Val . I got the ultimatum , commit or back to Mrs Palm and her five daughters again . I took a full ten seconds , I was too young to be tied down , my free spirit had university written on it , not supermarket shelves to stack and a room at the mother-in-laws for twenty years . Wife Children No! . I reached above my head like a fighter pilot , pulled on the face shield and felt the ejector seat lift me clear of this dangerous situation . Whoosh , I landed back on earth , I kicked at the kitchen door and slumped at the table . The aged and grumpy male parent was fiddling with the crossword in the paper that late August balmy day . Girlfriend trouble , he asked . Premonition , or prediction , I thought , I knew the immortal words I told you so were assembling in his voice box , fighting the grunts and groans so they could emerge triumphant and mock me . Yes I finished with her , I added as a conversation blocker . Told you she was no good , he said , Her dad was always a useless bloke , I worked with him years ago . I bet she has been sent off to find a husband so there will be more money into their household kitty . If you spotted it lad , you have done well . I remained silent , even a slight chance of praise from old grumpy was tempting , but if I had picked up the laurel wreath of the clever winner , the hammer , of I told you so was still poised to strike . Early bed that night. I unfolded my hand and curled it around a now unfamiliar floppy organ . At least my hand had never demanded loyalty , or commitment , and if I held lightly enough , It got close to the velvet feel of a fresh girl hole . Lucky Escape ,!!


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